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E437: Piñata of Lies

In this special, live-streamed episode, Jeff and Rebecca continue to argue about/refine a “Should I Read This?” episode series, are a little surprised at the Mike Pence book deal, perf

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Blake Bailey on Writing His Life of Philip Roth

Blake Bailey’s long-awaited biography of Philip Roth has generated renewed conversation about the life and work of the towering American novelist who died at 85 in 2018. Bailey visits the podcast this

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E436: Georgia Sunrise

Jeff and Rebecca note the passing of Beverly Cleary and Larry McMurtry, talk more Amazon/Big 5 anti-trust litigation, a Tennessee law that breaks new ground in terribleness, and much more.Discussed in

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Carl Zimmer on Defining Life

In his new book, “Life’s Edge,” Carl Zimmer asks the modest questions: What is life? How did it begin? And by what criteria can we define things as “living”? On this week’s podcast, Zimmer, a science

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BFRH 2021 04 02: David Weber on The Apocalypse Troll, now available in a new trade paperbac

David Weber talks about his science fiction novel The Apocalypse Troll, now available in a new trade paperback edition. And David Weber’s Uncompromising Honor, part 60. View the podcast in video form

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#132 - Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

On this episode, we discuss our March 2021 book club pick, Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan, an Asian inspired taking about Lei, an independent girl whos been taken from

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E435: Klara & the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Jeff and Rebecca discuss Klara & the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro.This post contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, Book Riot may earn a commission.See for privacy

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Tillie Olsen and the Barriers to Creativity

A.O. Scott, The Times’s co-chief film critic, returns to the Book Review’s podcast this week to discuss the work of Tillie Olsen, the latest subject in his essay series The Americans, about writers wh

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View on Nature by Torahiko TERADA

In Soseki's heart, nature and people are interwoven with. Torahiko observes.

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BFRH 2021 03 26: Wil McCarthy on Rich Man’s Sky; and David Weber's Uncompromising Honor Par

Wil McCarthy discusses near-future science fiction novel Rich Man’s Sky. And David Weber's Uncompromising Honor Part 58. View the podcast in video form at

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E434: Vox Biblioi

Jeff and Rebecca have their minds boggled at the sales of Seuss titles, pay fealty to the queen of book clubs, survey a few recent book challenges, and look forward to Klara and the Sun.Discussed in t

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Four Decades of Downs and Ups in New York City

There’s nothing wrong with your eyes: The title of Thomas Dyja’s new book is “New York, New York, New York.” (The triplicate is inspired by the urbanist Holly Whyte’s answer when he was asked to name

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#131 - March 2021 Book News

We check in on the latest book and publishing news in Asian American literature for our March 2021 mid-month the podcast by purchasing books at our bookshop *---The Asian American co

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BFRH 2021 03 19: Tim Powers, D.J. Butler, and Christopher Ruocchio on a

Tim Powers (Alternate Routes, Forced Perspectives), D.J. Butler (Serpent Daughter, The Jupiter Knife), and Christopher Ruocchio (Empire of Silence, Demon in White) discuss their an

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E433: Emotional Senioritis

Jeff and Rebecca do some Seuss follow-up, evaluate upcoming adaptations that should be in their wheelhouse, talk about a particularly graphic effort to get some books out of a school classroom, and mu


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