listen to disney characters talk about targeted advertising
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Listen to Disney Characters Talk About Targeted Advertising

You can’t scroll 1 inch on the internet these days without someone trying to sell you something. Facebook and Google rake in millions of dollars on advertising alone. When we talk about Ad Tech, those

supreme court doesnt care about what americans want
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The Supreme Court Doesn't Care About What Americans Want

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that will have far reaching consequences about the power of the federal government to fight climate change. How did the landmark ruling even end up i

how supreme courts abortion decision effects tech privacy
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How the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision Effects Tech and Privacy

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, upsetting decades of precedent and ushering in a weird new world of conflicting laws and a lack of bodily autonomy for many women in the

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120: Voulnet

This is the story about when Mohammed Aldoub, AKA Voulnet, found a vulnerability on Virus Total and Tweeted about for this podcast comes from Cybereason. Cyber

raising rents at landlord convention
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Raising Rents at a Landlord Convention

What do landlords talk about behind closed doors, among other landlords? Motherboard staff writer and Cyber host Matthew Gault attended in St. Louis recently. Landlords traded gossip, talked about rai

reply guy from hell
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The Reply Guy From Hell

Reply guys. Maybe you’ve got one, maybe you are one. If you’re a public person online, and especially if you’re a woman, you tend to attract a few fans or detractors who respond to every single thing

youre afraid ai for all wrong reasons
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You’re Afraid of AI For All the Wrong Reasons

Artificial intelligence. It’s in your headlines and on your social media feed. AIs like Midjourney and DALL-E have filled my Twitter feed with generated nightmare images of Tony Sopran

hot wallets
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119: Hot Wallets

In this episode we interview journalist Geoff White to discuss some of the recent crypto currency heists that have been happening recently. Geoff has been tracking a certain group of thieves for some

this vigilante keeps crypto safe from thieves by hacking it first
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This Vigilante Keeps Crypto Safe From Thieves by Hacking it First

Crypto is the wild west. Decentralized finance is the purview of the rich and the risk-taker. There’s millions to be had, but it’s easy—often too easy—to lose everything. If you read Motherboard you k

why does everything in tech feel like scam
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Why Does Everything in Tech Feel Like a Scam?

The future is here, if you can pay for it. From NFTs, to web3, to virtual worlds, it seems like everyone has a pitch about what the future looks like and how we get there. For those involved, it’s a f

discord is center crypto world thats problem
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Discord Is The Center of the Crypto World and That’s a Problem

Discord. The popular chat app was once the humble home of gamers who were tired of paying for Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers. Now, it’s so much more. The crypto people have come and it doesn’t look li

hot swaps
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118: Hot Swaps

This is the story of Joseph Harris When he was a young teen he got involved with stealing video game accounts and selling them for money. This set him on a course where he flew h

theres housing boom in california town that burned down years ago
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There’s a Housing Boom in a California Town that Burned Down 4 Years Ago

In 2018, the Camp Fire swept through California. It was the deadliest in the state’s history, destroying more than 18,000 buildings and killing 85 people. The town of Paradise all but burned to the gr

how journalists work hacktivists
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How Journalists Work With Hacktivists

On May 24, several news outlets reported on the internal workings of a Chinese run Uyghur internment camp in Xinjiang. The reports included detailed blueprints of the camp’s interiors, classified spee

americas complicated relationship nuclear power
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America’s Complicated Relationship With Nuclear Power

The atom. For a few brief years in the middle of the 20th century, America and the world was cowed by the awesome possibility and terrifying reality of nuclear energy. Nuclear power had the potential

fired by starbucks union organizer wears fursuit to rallies
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Fired By Starbucks, Union Organizer Wears Fursuit to Rallies

The image is now iconic. An arctic wolf fursona in a Starbucks smock. Stance set wide. A sign in his hand held high that reads “UNION YES!”This was Michael Vestigo dressed in his Fursona as Apollo, a

bonus surprising origins ransomware
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BONUS: The Surprising Origins of Ransomware

This bonus episode of Cyber is sponsored by Command Line Heroes. If you like Cyber, you’re going to like Command Line Heroes. It’s an original podcast from Red Hat where listeners hear epic true tales

crypto is collapsing for now
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Crypto is Collapsing (For Now)

Some days I think that maybe we’re not all gonna make it. It’s been a bad week for cryptocurrency and, as of this recording, it’s only Tuesday. Bitcoin is down. Ethereum down. Stablecoin seems not so

facebook doesnt know what its doing your data
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Facebook Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing With your Data

Facebook’s biggest strength is quickly becoming its largest headache. For years, Facebook has survived by tracking every little thing its users do and selling that on to everyone. But now a slew of re

data broker tracking abortion clinic visits is also selling to cdc
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The Data Broker Tracking Abortion Clinic Visits Is Also Selling to the CDC

Your data is valuable. Everything you do online and everywhere you go with your phone is tracked. And there’s a robust market for that data, a market that lets governments and private individuals purc

mad dog
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116: Mad Dog

Jim Lawler, aka “Mad Dog”, was a CIA case officer for 25 years. In this episode we hear some of the stories he has and things he did while working in the CIA.Jim has two books out. Affiliate links bel

hostile takeovers poison pills week elon musk came for twitter
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Hostile Takeovers and Poison Pills: The Week Elon Musk Came for Twitter

Elon Musk’s attempts to buy Twitter have sent ripples through the social media platform. There is a story here about panic, the limited reach of social media, and the increasingly fuzzy nature of the

cozy relationship between cops drone manufacturer
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The Cozy Relationship Between Cops and a Drone Manufacturer

Drones are here to stay. The U.S. Military may have pioneered the art of using drones in a war zone, but America’s cops are pushing the tech on the homefront. From the Boston Dynamics dogs taking temp

how criminals use apple pay to abuse credit cards
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How Criminals Use Apple Pay to Abuse Credit Cards

Are you using two-factor authentication for all your accounts? Do you have Apple Pay or another service hooked up to a bank card? Well, so do the growth of a scheme Cyber first re

americas freight train drivers are exhausted overworked
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America’s Freight Train Drivers Are Exhausted and Overworked

Trains, trains, trains. You might not think of them very often but they make America run. Getting stuff from point A to Point B is more than a full time job. Our world runs on logistical supply chains

player cheater developer spy
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115: Player Cheater Developer Spy

Some video game players buy cheats to win. Let’s take a look at this game cheating industry to see who the players for this show comes from Axonius. Securing assets — whether manag

raidforums illegal club penguin servers blockchain in dprk
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The RaidForums, Illegal Club Penguin’ Servers, and the Blockchain in the DPRK

Every week we publish multiple incredible stories on Motherboard. This week there were so many that we couldn’t decide which one we wanted to focus on. So. We’re gonna do something a little different

apple airtags are being used for stalking
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Apple AirTags Are Being Used for Stalking

Police records reviewed by Motherboard show that, as security experts immediately predicted when the product launched, this technology has been used as a tool to stalk and harass women.Of the 150 tota

meet father son team breaking into crypto wallets
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Meet the Father and Son Team Breaking Into Crypto Wallets

Close your eyes. Imagine it's 2010. You’ve just learned about something called Bitcoin, a You spend $50 and get 50 of the coins, thinking the whole thing is funny. Cut to 2022. What yo

digital colonizers axie infinity
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The Digital Colonizers of Axie Infinity’

For many, playing video games for a living is a dream come true. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or doing speedruns for charity, there are viable ways to earn a living playing video games. But get

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114: HD

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, upsetting decades of precedent and ushering in a weird new world of conflicting laws and a lack of bodily autonomy for many women in the3


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