57: MS08-067

Hear what goes on internally when Microsoft discovers a major vulnerability within to John Lambert for sharing this story with for this episode comes from ProCir


56: Jordan

This is the story of Jordan Harbinger. A bit of a misfit teenager, who was always on the edge of trouble. In this story we hear what happened that lead to a visit from the to Jordan Ha


54: NotPetya

The story of NotPetya, seems to be the first time, we see what a cyber war looks like. In the summer of 2017 Ukraine suffered a serious and catastrophic cyber attack on their whole country. Hear how i


55: NoirNet

A holiday special episode. A private pen tester takes on a job that involves him with another eccentric pen tester, a mischievious smile, and his quest to gain access to the to Tin


53: Shadow Brokers

The NSA has some pretty advanced, super secret, hacking tools. What if these secret hacking tools were to end up in the wrong person’s hands? Well, that to Jake Williams from Rend


Ep 52: Magecart

Credit card skimming is growing in popularity. Gas pumps all over are seeing skimmers attached to them. It’s growing in popularity because it’s really effective. Hackers have noticed how effective it


Ep 51: The Indo-Pak Conflict

Kashmir is a region right in between India, Pakistan, and China. For the last 70 years Pakistan and India have fought over this region of the world, both wanting to take control of it. Tensions someti


Ep 50: Operation Glowing Symphony

Operation Inherent Resolve was started in 2016 which aimed to combat ISIS. It was a combined joint task force lead by the US military. Operation Inherent Resolve sent troops, ships, and air strikes to


Hackable? Presents: Phreaks and Geeks

This week while Jack is busy working on a new episode of Darknet Diaries, we'll play another podcast for you. It's called Hackable? an original podcast from McAffee. This is an episode from their show


Ep 49: Elliot

In this episode we meet Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) from Twitter. Who is this strange masked person? What adventures have they gotten themselves into? Many stories will be told. The mask will be lifte


Ep 48: Operation Socialist

This is the story about when a nation state hacks into a company within another episode was sponsored by IT Pro TV. Get 65 hours of free training by visiting And


Ep 47: Project Raven

This is the story about an ex-NSA agent who went to work for a secret hacking group in the episode was sponsored by Thinkst Canary. Their canaries attract malicious actors in your net


Ep 46: XBox Underground (Part 2)

This is the story about the XBox hacking scene and how a group of guys pushed their luck a little too far.This is part 2 of a 2 part episode was sponsored by IT Pro TV. Get 65 hour


Ep 45: XBox Underground (Part 1)

This is the story about the XBox hacking scene and how a group of guys pushed the hacking a little too far.This is part 1 of a 2 part episode was sponsored by Nord VPN. Visit nordv


Ep 44: Zain

Ransomware is ugly. It infects your machine and locks all the the data and to unlock you have to pay a fee. In this episode we dive into some of the people behind episode was sponsored


Ep 43: PPP

This is the story about how I acquired a black badge from DEFCON (pictured above).We also hear the story about who PPP is, and their CTF journey at DEFCON.This episode was sponsored by Nord VPN. Visit


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