The Biggest Influencers in The World Do This (And What You Can Learn From Them) | Ep. #1270

In episode #1270, we share the most important lessons you can learn from the biggest influences in the world. Collaborating with other people who are on the same level as you can be super helpful in c


6 Proven Hacks to Increase Your Organic CTRs | Ep. #1269

In episode #1269, we share six proven hacks to improve your organic CTRs. Adding the date in your title tag, using Google Search Console to see which of the keywords your page is ranking for, and usin


How Brands Can Leverage Pinterest To Make Sales

Did you know: Pinterest is such a key part of the buying journey for its users that over 90 percent of weekly active Pinners use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.Talk about buying power!Pinteres


5 Easy Ways to Find Keywords That Convert Into Sales | Ep. #1268

In episode #1268, we share five easy ways to discover those keywords that lead to sales. Use keywords to capture an audience that is ready to make a purchase. Tune in to hear all abou


186: Don't Make These Common Google Ads Mistakes That We See During Audits

Please support our sponsors because they make the show possible!Free Opteo trial -     Get a custom proposal from Directive Consulting - Show Not


7 Underrated Marketing Lessons | Ep. #1267

In episode #1267, we share seven marketing lessons you may have overlooked. Despite being a fast-moving industry, you want to keep a long-term perspective and avoid cutting corners in your pursuit of


5 Ways to Find And Connect With Other Talented Marketers | Ep. #1266

In episode #1266, we share some strategies for connecting with and learning from other like-minded people. Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Slack, and Facebook are still the most recommended for enga


7 Marketing Lessons Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk | Ep. #1265

In episode #1265, we share seven important lessons you can learn from Gary Vaynerchuk. Being aware of your weaknesses, connecting with your ideal customers, experimenting with new things, and showing


5 Underrated Hacks to Rank a Brand New Website | Ep. #1264

In episode #1264, we share the secrets of boosting the rankings of your new website. Increase your brand queries, submit your site to index, and offer a free tool on your website to up your discoverab


The Biggest Marketing Mistake Neil Made When He Started Off | Ep. #1263

In episode #1263, we share the biggest mistakes Neil made early in his career. Having a long-term perspective on success and doing the brand work yourself rather than handing it to someone else are tw


The Biggest Marketing Mistake Eric Made When He Started Off | Ep. #1262

In episode #1262, we disclose the biggest mistake Eric made in his early days in marketing. Opting for quality and impact is always going to be more sustainable and rewarding than trying to make quick


185: A Discussion About Quality Score, Broad Match Modified, Campaign Groups, And Exact Mat

Please support our sponsors, they make the show possible!Free Opteo trial -   Notes:Welcome back to the Paid Search Podcast. This week the guys go over two Go


How to Build Multiple Income Streams at Once | Ep. #1261

In episode #1261, we discuss why and how you should go about building different income streams within your business. It’s not about having multiple businesses, but about knowing how to monetize the va


7 Ways SEO Will Change in The Next Decade | Ep. #1260

In episode #1260, we share our take on how SEO will change in the next ten years. Imagine being able to search by simply thinking about it – this is the direction Neuralink seems to be taking consumer


The Best Ways to Build Wealth as a Digital Marketer | Ep. #1259

In episode #1259, we share the most effective ways of building your wealth as a new digital marketer. Doing tons of freelance work and making sure that your pitches are concise and wil


This 8-Year-Old Makes $26M A Year From YouTube - Here's What You Can Learn | Ep. #1258

In episode #1258, we discuss the runaway success of an eight-year-old YouTube star, Ryan Kaji. Together with his parents, he has created the most lucrative YouTube channel on the internet. Tune in to


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