ADU 01072: Are Part 107 Pilots Required to Pass the Aeronautical Knowledge and Safety Test?

All You Wanted to Know About the Aeronautical Knowledge and Safety TestToday's question is about the aeronautical knowledge and safety test. As a Part 107 pilot, do you need to clear this test if you


Serving Enterprise Drone Operations: Uzayr Siddiqui, CEO Drone Entry

How can enterprise companies better manage their drone operations? Uzayr Siddiqui id founder and CEO of Drone Entry. Drone Entry is a ventured backed drone startup, that provides an online platform So


BONUS: Drone News – Drone Remote ID NPRM Updates, Atti Mode for Mavic 2 Enterprise, Drone D

FAA's Remote ID NPRM, Atti Mode for Mavic 2 Enterprise, Drones to be used for delivering marijuana in Seattle, Google Wing to conduct test flights in the UKOur biggest story this week is about FAA's R


314 Remote ID Reactions

Initial reactions to the FAA Remote ID NPRM, a high-accuracy photogrammetry solution, Apple hires a familiar face to lobby in Washington, an anti-drone system for Heathrow, a stealthy new target drone


LDO 228 - Whoops...

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ADU 01071: What are the Rules for Flying your Drone over Roads and Vehicles?

FAA's Rules for Flying Over Roads and question is about flying your drone over roads and vehicles. Our caller for today, Greg has come up with a question that has considerable ambiguit


Where is The Drone Industry Headed (Part III) - Miriam McNabb, DroneLife

The Drone Industry in 2020 Miraim McNabb is Editor In Chief of DroneLife, the online source for the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents on the drone industry. Miri


313 Uber-Hyundai Air Taxi Concept

Uber and Hyundai team up on an air taxi, mystery drones still flying in the U.S. midwest, UK investigations of drone crashes leads to safety a drone that can see dead people, and a dr


BONUS: Drone News – Autel Evo 2 Review (view 8k raw), V-Coptr Falcon from CES 2020

Comprehensive Autel Evo 2 Drone Review, the bi-copter drone - V-Coptr Falcon and much more from CES 2020In today's special show, Paul and Haye join us from CES 2020 to share the latest and most exciti


BONUS: Keys to Drone Pilot Success with MTV Drone Pilot Jake Levesque

In today's special show, Paul interviews Jake Levesque, freelance and commercial drone pilot.In the first segment of the show, Jake reveals how he got into commercial drone flying. Wha


ADU 01069: Tips and Tricks for Delivering Drone Panoramas

How to Print, Share Drone show is about drone panoramas. What is the best way to deliver drone panos to your clients?Our caller, John has a question about delivering drone panoramas.


Where Is The Drone Industry Headed (Part II) - Christopher Korody, Drone Business Center

What's In The Cards For The Drone Industry in 2020? Christopher Korody is a 45 year marketing veteran with deep experience in the technology, aerospace and automotive sectors. He launched DroneBusines


LDO 227 - LDO Live IRL!

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#097 - Impossible Aerospace

Impossible Aerospace is a US startup that manufactures an all-electric, high-endurance multirotor drone called US-1. The drone platform is marketed mainly towards first responders—law enforcement, fir


312 Drone Remote ID NPRM

An NPRM for drone remote ID was published by the FAA, drones used by the NYPD for event security, public agencies contracting for UAS services, drones, a mystery swarm of drones, and


BONUS: Drone News – Autel Evo 2 Updates, Insta360 for Mavic, Skydio 2, CES 2020

Autel Robotics gears up for the Autel Evo 2, Insta360 camera for the Mavic 2 Pro, CES 2020 Updates, Skydio 2 vs Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro Production Updates and Much, Much More...We are back with a


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