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LDO 293 - Aces High - FPV Combat

After literal *years* of development, we're excited be joined by a few of the FPV Combat group showing us the latest design, currently in production to be released May 2021.Analogue:

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ADU 01180: Powerful Branding Strategies for Your Drone Business

Branding and Marketing Strategies to Grow a Drone show is about business strategy and branding.Our caller for today, Bob is building out a website for his drone business. And while he

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Drone Deliveries for National Retailers: Anthony Vittone, DroneUp

Are big commercial entities ready for drone delivery? Anthony Vittone is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DroneUp. DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data collection services fo

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ADU 01179: How Can I Make My Drone “Remote ID Compatible”?

Today's question is about drone remote-id. How can you make your drone remote-id compatible? Is this something that you should be even worrying about right now?Our caller for today, Jack has a quest

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370 Detect and Avoid

Detect and avoid capability for unpiloted aircraft is discussed with the CEO of Iris Automation.

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LDO 292 - I Flew Responsibly And The Law Won

Please don’t forget to watch the show live every Thursday at 8 pm UK time on and join the chat.Follow us on Facebook: us:

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LDO 291 - Paweł Surprise

Please don’t forget to watch the show live every Thursday at 8 pm UK time on and join the chat.Paweł's channel: us on Facebook: fb.c

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ADU 01178: What is the Best Software for Mapping the Interiors of a Building?

Today's show is about using software for mapping the interiors of a building.Our caller for today, Gary is a long-time ADU listener. He just happened to tune in to one of our older shows where we talk

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Power Companies and Drones in the Time of Covid-19: Kevin O'Donovan, Technology Evangelist

How have power companies used drones during Covid-19? For that question, we head to Nice, France to speak with Kevin O’Donovan, founder of the boutique technology consultant company, A Bit of This & T

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369 A Rescue Drone That Talks

Rescue drone with 2-way voice, bees and drones find landmines, telehealth drones, delivery quadcopters for large packages, lifejackets for water rescues.

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ADU 01177: Can you Legally Fly Drones In National Parks?

Today's show is about flying drones in National Parks.Back in January, US Filmmaker Gordon Price sued U.S. Attorney General William Barr. The contentious issue was the fees that Gordon had to pay to s

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Drone Industry Insights from Academia: Christian Janke, Assistant Professor at Embry Riddle

What are the current trends in academia related to drones? Christian Janke is Assistant Professor in the College of Aeronautics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Embry Riddle Aeronautical Unive

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368 Mesh Network Drone Delivery

AI-based mesh network drone delivery, Navy swarmed by drones, Amazon double-coupon deal, attritable Bell UAV, first amendment drone case, target drone on the beach, drones replace fireworks.

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ADU 01176: How Can I Fly The Same Shot on Multiple Days?

Today's question is about flying the same shot on multiple days and seasons.Our caller for today, Ryan from Indiana is a landscape photographer who has come up with a great question about flying the s

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Bringing Down A Rogue Drone With One Shot: Sharone Aloni, Smart Shooter

How many tries does it take to bring down a rogue drone? Sharone Aloni is vice-president of research and development of Smart Shooter, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative

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LDO 290 - Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Please don’t forget to watch the show live every Thursday at 8 pm UK time on and join the chat.Follow us on Facebook: us:


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