288 Recreational Drone Restrictions

New recreational drone restrictions, drones identify polluting ships, data security fears for Chinese drones, professional sports leagues weigh-in on drones, UAS that measure environmental conditions,


ADU 0985: How to Avoid Personal Liabilities in a Drone Business LLC

Can you Get into Trouble for Using your Personal Funds in Your Drone question is about limiting liability in a drone business. Are you risking liability if you use your personal funds


ADU 0984: Drone Roof Inspections | Showcasing Models in Pix4D

How to Showcase your Drone Roof Inspection ModelToday's question is about drone roof inspections. Which tools can you use for showcasing a drone model to your client?Our caller, Scott from Denver is a


#089 - Indoor Drone Inspections with Patrick Thevoz

Indoor drone inspections have become an enormous ROI booster for energy companies who own and operate industrial assets. Patrick Thevoz is CEO of Flyability, a Swiss company who specializes in buildin


ADU 0982: DJI Phantom 4 RTK | Is the Drone Mapping Workflow Significantly Different?

In today's show, we discuss the mapping workflow for DJI Phantom 4 RTK. How does the drone mapping workflow differ from non-RTK drones like the Phantom 4 Pro?Our caller, Lorenz from Wisconsin is using


Federal Policy Initiatives and Drones: Shawn Bullard, Duetto Group

What are Washington insiders saying about drones? For that question, we turn to Shawn Bullard, president of the Duetto Group, a Capitol Hill based government relations firm. Shawn has long career in f


LDO 194 - I Survived MA5!

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287 Embry-Riddle UAS Program

Embry-Riddle UAS degree, delivery drone noise, Uber Eats UAS specialist hiring, AUVSI humanitarian award winners, autonomous BVLOS patrol drones for the Australian coastline.


BONUS: Drone News | DJI Spark 2, New FAA Drone Hobby Rules, Osmo Action Camera, US-China Tr

Our Biggest drone news story this week is about the DJI Spark 2. According to our reports, we can expect an updated DJI Spark 2 as early as July 2019. The new and improved Spark will allow you to shoo


ADU 0980: How Do You Acquire the Most Accurate Data for Drone Mapping?

Today, we discuss workflow for acquiring the most accurate drone mapping data. We also compare DroneDeploy and Pix4D to reveal the best mapping software for professional drone mappers.Our caller Chris


ADU 0979: Best Websites and Other Tips for Selling Your Drone Footage

What is the BEST and SAFEST way to sell my Drone Footage Online?In today's show, we share some of the best websites for selling your drone footage. You will also learn how to set up a completely auton


How Public Safety Organizations Can Prepare for UAS Threats: Guy Nelson, redUAS

Guy Nelson, Operations Director for redUAS, a consulting firm that focuses on solutions and training to mitigate UAS threats. The company is made up of combat-proven drone professi


LDO 193 - The Sound Of The Shape Of A Cat

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ADU 0978: Should I Form Business Partnerships to Grow My Drone Business?

Drone Business | How to Form Business question is about the Pros & Cons of forming business partnerships in your drone business. How do you protect yourself, especially if a busine


BONUS: Drone News | Drone Delivery, DJI News, DJI Rumors, DJI Phantom 4 RTK, Drones in Holl

In today's drone news show, we discuss drone delivery services, the latest DJI news, DJI rumors, Drones in films and much, much more. Will we see a new DJI drone on May 15th? Tune in to find out!Will


ADU 0977: What Happens After You Pass Your Part 107 Recurrent Test? Should I Even Bother Ta

Part 107 License RenewalToday's question is about the Part 107 recurrent knowledge test. With FAA's utter lack of enforcement, why should you even bother renewing your Part 107 license? Check out our


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