new world game director scot lane
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New World Game Director, Scot Lane

Ted Price chats with New World Game Director, Scot Lane. Together they discuss how he and Amazon Games Studios designed the various systems from crafting to combat; lessons they learned from building

leon kuperman cto castai ep
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Leon Kuperman | CTO @ Cast.AI | Ep 36

Episode 36 features Leon Kuperman, who gets his gamedev cred from text based Zork style adventures, and is a Co-founder and CTO at CAST AI. Formerly Vice President of Security Products OCI at Oracle,

hollywood publicist dan harary
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Hollywood Publicist Dan Harary

Dan Harary, founder of the Asbury PR agency, calls in to discuss his new book, Flirting with Fame, his experiences working and networking with practically everyone in Hollywood, and his no-nonsense ap

roger reichardt gamerheads pure nintendo
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Roger Reichardt of Gamerheads and Pure Nintendo

Fellow games podcaster and journalist Roger Reichardt drops in to talk shop and share some laughs. We discuss the highs and lows of writing game reviews, designing games that facilitate learning, how

onsen master derrick fields
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0308: Onsen Master with Derrick Fields

About this Fields is an artist, professor, and game designer based in Chicago, Illinois where they advocate for increasing the visibility of BIPOC individuals involved in games and the

designer notes chris delay part
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Designer Notes 68: Chris DeLay - Part 1

In this episode, Soren and Leyla interview independent game developer Chris DeLay, co-founder of Introversion Software and best known for his work on Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon, and Prison Architect. Th

sable gregorios kythreotis martin kvale
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Sable with Gregorios Kythreotis and Martin Kvale

Trent Kusters chats with Gregorios Kythreotis (Creative Director, Shedworks) and Martin Kvale (Sound Designer) about their 2021 game collaboration, Sable. Together they discuss how Gregorios and his b

habibis in half shell
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Habibis In A Half-Shell Osama & Fawzi talk about
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Habibis In A Half-Shell

Osama & Fawzi talk about

jordan mauriello moreyellow
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Jordan Mauriello of MoreYellow

MoreYellow CEO, Jordan Mauriello, joins to discuss corporate and personal brand management, what it takes to turn heads at game launch time, and what generating buzz may look like with the game indust

roundtable news hiring freezes summerfest review
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0307: Roundtable News | Hiring Freezes and Summerfest Review

About this episode:The tech industry are freezing hires, it feels like we are going into a recession, and overall everyone is taking less risk. What does this all mean for game devs? Find out in this

shiva deonarine project lead at offworld industries
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Shiva Deonarine – Project Lead at Offworld Industries

Today I’m joined by Shiva Deonarine – Project Lead at Offworld IndustriesWe discuss the importance of addressing burnout, how to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, and why game remakes are so

shawn alexander allen founder nuchallenger ep
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Shawn Alexander Allen | Founder @ NuChallenger | Ep 35

Episode 35 of Out of Play Area the game developer's podcast, we sit down with the creator of Treachery in Beatdown City and discuss founding his company NuChallenger, alongside his time working in the

jason l blair writing in game development
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Jason L Blair - Writing in Game Development

Jason L Blair – Writing in Game is back to talk about his career in writing across various mediums, including Tabletop and Video Games. We discuss why story is important, how games ta

tokyo nice
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Tokyo Nice

Osama and Fawzi talk about their week.

developer streamer chris gardner
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Developer and Streamer Chris Gardner

The freestyle coder himself drops in to discuss the ups and downs of live coding, presenting at and organizing conferences, navigating the world of non-game commercial software development, and more.

exploring destiny universe bungies luke smith
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Exploring the Destiny Universe with Bungie's Luke Smith

Ted Price chats with Bungie's Luke Smith. Together they discuss the Destiny Universe; designing repeatable gameplay for live services; balancing a massive experience like Destinyfor veterans and new p

i wasnt young i was child
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I Wasn't Young, I Was A Child

Rami posted this for the wrong date so it's a few days late. Fawzi & Rami talk about being old and having mentioned:- Switch Dock Dongle- Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard- Mango Wireles

ted dinola developer relations engineer meta
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Ted DiNola - Developer Relations Engineer @ Meta

Today I’m joined by Ted DiNola – Developer Relations Engineer at MetaWe discuss when he got a Handshake job offer over drinks, Advice for getting your first job in the industry, and A LOT about ADHD a

henry golding principal software engineering lead xbox game studios ep
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Henry Golding | Principal Software Engineering Lead @ Xbox Game Studios | Ep 34

Henry Golding is a Principal Software Engineering Lead at Xbox Game Studios currently spreading the significance of Test Driven Development and Automated Testing in Game Development. He's a native of

exploring tunic andrew shouldice
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Exploring Tunic with Andrew Shouldice

Chris Charla chats with Andrew Shouldice, the game developer and designer behind Tunic. Together they discuss his journey into game development and the decision to go indie; the influences behind Tuni

difference between dubai abu dhabi
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The Difference Between Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Rami talks about too many gadgets, and Osama ponders what the difference between Dubai & Abu Dhabi is.

writer content creator alanah pearce
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Writer and Content Creator, Alanah Pearce

Xalavier Nelson Jr. chats with writer and content creator Alanah Pearce. Together they discuss how her love of writing and video games began; creating content across a variety of mediums; getting her

some wasabi
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Some Wasabi

Fawzi and Rami talk about aviation, live performances, and Fawzi's love for The Wire's writers' new series, We Own This City.

kent hudson designer director brass lion entertainment ep
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Kent Hudson | Designer Director @ Brass Lion Entertainment | Ep 33

Kent Hudson is a fellow Midway Austin colleague who now serves as a Design Director for Brass Lion talk about his start at Ion Storm on Deus Ex in Austin TX, then his jump to 2K Marin

rainbow billy christopher chancey
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Rainbow Billy with Christopher Chancey

Trent Kusters chats with ManaVoid Christopher Chancey. Together they discuss designing an RPG without traditional combat in Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan; tackling difficul

were going to put slurpee on it
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We're Going To Put A Slurpee On It
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We're Going To Put A Slurpee On It

art boost environment art in unreal daniel martinger
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0306: Art Boost | Environment Art in Unreal 5 with Daniel Martinger

About this art with Daniel Martinger. Breaking down his project for the Carpenter's Cellar. with us:• 🖥 gam

designer notes old world
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Designer Notes 67: Old World

In this episode, Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk interview Soren and Leyla Johnson about their new historical 4X, Old World. They discuss whether the Old World timeline really makes sense, how they approach

before your eyes oliver lewin graham parkes
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Before Your Eyes with Oliver Lewin and Graham Parkes

Corey May speaks with the Oliver Lewin and Graham Parkes, two of the developers behind Before Your Eyes. Together they discuss how they created the blinking mechanic in game jams; the process of lear

sprite wont fix that
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Sprite Won't Fix That

The Habibis and guest Nazih Fares consider what Sprite, the most magical medicine, won't fix.Guest link: Nazih Faris -

roundtable news unionization everybody going back to office
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0305: Roundtable News | Unionization and Everybody Going back to the office

About this episode:Watch the live video here: is becoming a fast reality. Tech companies are retracing from their pandemic growth to pre-Covid levels. Game

unpacking composer sound designer jeff van dyck
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Unpacking Composer and Sound Designer, Jeff van Dyck

Dan Harary, founder of the Asbury PR agency, calls in to discuss his new book, Flirting with Fame, his experiences working and networking with practically everyone in Hollywood, and his no-nonsense ap3


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