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5G Might Impair Weather Forecasts

Learn about how 5G may impair weather forecasts, and how the first confirmed exoplanet was discovered a lot more recently than you may realize. Plus, science writer John Tierney is back to explore how

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How to Make the Most of Your Negativity Bias (w/ John Tierney)

Learn about two new neuroscience studies that show why birds are so dang smart. Then science writer John Tierney will talk negativity bias and how you can use it to your own Daily is

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Can a Selfie Screen You for Heart Disease?

Learn about whether it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond, a mysterious, ancient city called Cahokia that’s, weirdly, just outside St. Louis, and how AI might be a

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The Door to Hell Is a Fiery Pit That’s Been Burning Since 1971

Learn about a new theory for the uncanny valley effect and the Door to Hell, a giant fiery pit that’s been burning since 1971. We’ll also answer a listener question about how drug and alcohol toleranc

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Baby Tortoises Love Faces, and That’s a Big Deal for Science

Learn how deliberate practice makes perfect, what the New England Vampire Panic is, and how baby tortoises are attracted to faces from Daily is a finalist in the 2020 Discover Pods Awa

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Einstein Worried That Science Can't Explain The Now

Learn why Einstein worried that science can’t explain “the now,” how high-impact exercise is actually good for your bones, and why in Haiti, zombies are more than Daily is a finalist

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How Hollywood Gets Seances Wrong

Learn about how bacteria in your gut can produce electricity. Then, performer and lecturer Thom Britton will tell us about the origins of seances and how Hollywood gets them wrong.Some Bacteria in You

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How 19th-Century Body-Snatchers Contributed to Medical Science

Learn how calling loved ones builds stronger social connections than texting does, why the return of wolves improved life for every animal in Yellowstone, and how body snatchers of the 19th century co

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Could Parasites Turn Us into Zombies?

Learn about whether parasites can turn us into zombies, why awkward silences are so awkward, and why bubbles form in boiling water.Could parasites turn us into zombies? By Cameron DukeAhmed, I. (2019,

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The Martian Moon Phobos Creates a Yearly Solar Eclipse

Learn about how eclipses on Mars can tell scientists more about the planet’s interior, why we behave irrationally when our freedom is threatened, and how an 80s video game was at the center of a consp

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Viking Was a Job Description, Not Heredity

Learn about how being a “Viking” was actually a career choice, not an ethnicity, why it’s easy to plant false memories, and how the pandemic has made birdsong more complex.Viking was a job descripti

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Why Don’t Predators Hunt Their Prey into Extinction?

Learn about why predators don’t hunt their prey into extinction, then discover the history of crossword puzzles from author Adrienne Raphel!Why Don’t Predators Hunt Their Prey Into Extinction? By Came

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Why Social Isolation Could Breed Conspiracy Theorists

Learn about what it would be like to travel through a wormhole, how the pumpkin became North America’s Halloween mascot, and how social isolation can fuel conspiracy theories.What Would It Be Like to

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How Romantic Partners Influence Each Other's Relationship Goals

Learn about why officials in Idaho once dropped beavers from parachutes, how your romantic partner might be influencing your goals (and vice versa), and test your podcast knowledge with this month’s C

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Our Ability to Drink Milk Evolved Way Faster Than Scientists Thought

Learn about the disturbing original plots of five beloved fairy tales, how the HALT method can help control your impulses, and why our ability to drink milk evolved way faster than we thought!Here Are

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How Superstitions Can Reduce Anxiety

Learn how superstitions can actually reduce anxiety, why rebooting can often fix computer problems, and why the first full dinosaur skeleton ever found is finally being studied 160 years later.How Sup


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