Live Longer by Appreciating Art, Betelgeuse Might Go Supernova, and Birds’ Freaky-Fast Visi

Learn about how being a patron of the arts could help you live longer; an upcoming supernova we may be able to see with the naked eye; and the superhuman speed of bird vision.Live Longer by Appreciati


Saving the Ozone Layer Slowed Climate Change, the Largest Lifeforms on Earth, and Tips for

Learn about how the 1987 Montreal Protocol inadvertently slowed global warming; where you can find giant Sequoias, the biggest lifeforms on the planet; and some pro tips from the Harvard Business Revi


The All-Upgrades Episode

Alice and Melissa revisit their Upgrades of the Week from past episodes and see how they’ve held up. There’s a little bit of pride, a little bit of shame, and a whole lot of improvement. You’ll be so


Real Effects of Paying it Forward, Gorillas Humming Food Songs, and New Crowdsourced Exopla

Learn about why paying it forward has very real effects; musical animals that could help us understand how speech evolved in humans; and newly announced names for exoplanets that were crowdsourced fro


Why Pets Get the Zoomies, How to Avoid Giving Up After a Mistake, and Why Vision Is Importa

Learn about cat and dog and why pets sprint around the house; how to avoid the abstinence violation effect that makes you give up after a mistake; and why vision is surprisingly


2 Forces Determine What a Group Can Accomplish (w/ Safi Bahcall) and the Taste Receptors Be

Learn about why your taste buds aren’t the only part of your body that help you enjoy the flavor of food. Then, learn about the two major forces that determine what a group of people can accompl


How to Get a Divorce, With Divorce Lawyer Jacqueline Newman

January is unofficially “Divorce Month” in the legal world, and to celebrate this not-so-joyous occasion, we’re bringing you an episode breaking down the complicated world of divorce. To help us under


The 3-Encounter Rule, Why Weak Passwords Survive, and Saturn’s Rings Aren’t as Old as We Th

Learn about how your weak passwords can get approved even when they why Saturn’s rings might not be as old as we thought; and how much time you should spend with someone to know


Positive vs. Negative Goal-Setting, Kids Read More with Dogs, and Why Teleportation Is (Pro

Learn about why we’ll probably never be able to teleport; how to set goals” so you’re more likely to achieve your dreams; and how dogs can help improve kids’ re


What if Earth Stopped Turning, Why We Blurt Things Out, and the Little Black Dots on Your W

Learn about why we blurt things out at inappropriate times; what would happen if Earth stopped turning; and what those little black dots are around your windshield.In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashl


Why Women Started Shaving, Universal Features of Music, and “Split-Brain” Studies

Learn about why music really is universal to humans; what studying patients taught scientists about the brain; and when in human history society decided that women should sha


Why Good Teams Kill Great Ideas (w/ Safi Bahcall) and the Medieval History of Almond Milk

Learn about the surprising Medieval history of almond milk. Then, learn how some basic physics principles can help us understand why good teams kill great ideas, with physicist and entrepreneur Safi B


The Germs Lurking in Your Makeup, Why Progress Feels Better Than Achieving a Goal, and What

Learn about why you’re happier before achieving a goal than you are after; why horsepower probably doesn’t mean what you think it means; and how to keep your skin safe from the potentially


How Cats Land on Their Feet (w/ Greg Gbur) and Why Most People’s Favorite Color Is Blue

Learn about why most peoples’ favorite color is blue. Then, you’ll learn why the mystery of how how cats always land on their feet puzzled scientists for centuries, with help from author G


How to Deal With Work Stress, With Ask A Manager's Alison Green (RECAST)

Whether you’re dealing with a bad boss or disgruntled employees (or a great boss and enthusiastic employees) you’ve got an opinion on the dynamic. This week we heard from the Lifehac


Financial Infidelity, Saving Coral Reefs with Sounds, and Weird Winter Weather Phenomena Ex

Learn about how to avoid committing how scientists are fighting the effects of climate change by playing sounds underwater; and the science between weird winter wea


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