orangu slang easing car queasing kicked across space
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Orangu-slang, Easing Car Queasing, Kicked Across Space

Today, you’ll learn about how orangutans use slang a lot like we do, what causes and can alleviate everyday motion sickness, and how one black hole kicked another across the are dope

explorers club an interview steve elkins
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The Explorers Club - An Interview with Steve Elkins

Today, we’re hearing from an explorer and filmmaker named Steve Elkins. Steve spent decades searching for a legendary lost city deep in the jungles of Honduras. His search for the city was documented

drink brain shrink secret tree species lhc round
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Drink = Brain Shrink, Secret Tree Species, L.H.C. Round 3

Today, you’ll learn about how a single drink a day can add years to the age of your brain, how scientists figured out that thousands of tree species are yet to be discovered, and how the world’s bigge

nightlight plight cancer stinks literal green energy
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Nightlight Plight, Cancer Stinks, Literal Green Energy

Today, you’ll learn about how that light coming in through your window at night is in fact ruining your sleep, how some cancer—can be smelled by dogs and we’re on the verge of being

explorers club an interview peter tattersfield
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The Explorers Club - An Interview with Peter Tattersfield

Today we are speaking to another member of the Explorers Club, Peter Tattersfield. Peter has an awesome story for us today about his work finding the shipwreck of the Steamship Independence, which san

gray matter gabfest our pulsating earth smarty cats
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Gray Matter Gabfest, Our Pulsating Earth, Smarty Cats

Today, you’ll learn about how a man with advanced ALS, who can’t move a muscle, was able to communicate with his family using his thoughts, about a sixty-year-old mystery involving the earth and why i

hungry plants concussion confusion an alzheimers theory
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Hungry Plants, Concussion Confusion, An Alzheimer’s Theory

Today, you’ll learn about how carnivorous plants evolved from their more peaceful ancestors, how there’s an apparent difference in the frequency and severity of head injuries between male and female a

explorers club an interview george nield
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The Explorers Club - An Interview with George Nield

Today, we’re talking to Explorers Club member, Dr. George C. Nield. Dr. George C. Nield is currently the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation at the Federal Aviation Administrat

shoo shoes murmuration information nanoplastic particles
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Shoo Shoes!, Murmuration Information, Nanoplastic Particles

Today, you’ll learn about why it's best to leave your shoes at the door when you come inside, how animals form and maintain their mesmerizing murmurations, and how certain food storage products releas

fusion homeward bound last light show burnout blues
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Fusion: Homeward Bound, The Last Light Show, Burnout Blues

Today, you’ll learn about how the next step in nuclear fusion is actually a real estate question, how the death of our sun would be a beautiful thing to see if we were around to witness it, and how an

explorers club an interview nina lanza
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The Explorers Club - An Interview with Nina Lanza

Today for our Explorers Club series, we are about to be hit by a meteorite of space knowledge as we have a wildly accomplished scientist and researcher entering our atmosphere, Dr. Nina Lanza. She is

human venom car battery blues magic personalities
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Human Venom, Car Battery Blues, Magic and Personalities

Today, you’ll learn about how humans could potentially evolve to be venomous, the challenges of repurposing used electric car batteries, and how people who hate magic are more likely to have certain s

an eternal hug flea jump facts fitness feedback loops
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An Eternal Hug, Flea Jump Facts, Fitness Feedback Loops

Today, you’ll learn about an ancient couple found buried in an embrace, why it’s so darn hard to keep fleas off your beloved pets, and how your body’s natural chemistry can help you get a leg up on di

explorers club richard garriott
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Explorers Club - Richard Garriott

Today, you’ll hear our interview with Richard Garriott, the president of the Explorers Club. Garriott is not only the first American second generation astronaut, but also the first person to visit bot

amazons future sugar rush retcon study on studies
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The Amazon’s Future, Sugar Rush Retcon, A Study on Studies

Today, you’ll learn about the state of the Amazon rainforest, the truth behind the mythical sugar rush, and how studies involving MRI scans may have been too small to produce significant results, but

a clutterful mind heir to earth partnership
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A Clutterful Mind, Heir To The Earth, Partnership

Today, you’ll learn about why our ability to remember things seems to get worse with age—it’s not memory loss, which animals could become the new dominant species in the event of our extinction, and h

explorers club josh gates
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The Explorers Club: Josh Gates

Calli and Nate interview members of The Explorer’s Club, and today you’re going to hear from a man who largely represents what The Explorers Club is all about - Josh Gates. Josh Gates is a fearless ex

seeing stars seagull staredown itsy bitsy microdrones
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Seeing Stars, Seagull Staredown, Itsy Bitsy Microdrones

Today, you’ll learn about how cultures across the world often make constellations from the same groups of stars due to the nature of vision and perception, what to do when an animal tries to steal you

whiff victory bones be chattin desalination innovation
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Whiff of Victory, Bones be Chattin’, Desalination Innovation

Today, you’ll learn about how the human sense of smell may be much better than we ever thought, how the bones inside your body are having interesting conversations with your organs, and a new innovati

solar salads cursed caffeine webbs first photo
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Solar Salads, Cursed Caffeine, Webb’s First Photo

Today, you’ll learn about the benefits of shading rooftop gardens with solar panels, caffeine’s dark secrets, and how the first image from the James Webb telescope promises a great run for Hubble’s su

de agin sensation indiana jones needs ai rapid est test
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De-agin’ Sensation, Indiana Jones Needs A.I., Rapid-est Test

Today, you’ll learn about a new process that can make cells younger by up to thirty years, the incredible artificial intelligence that is helping piece together the puzzles of ancient texts, and how r

stoked tech weve got beef success against ms
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Stoked Tech, We’ve Got Beef?, Success Against M.S.

Today, you’ll learn about some incredible new surfing technology that makes the sport possible even if you don’t live near the ocean, why the lab-grown meat industry needs to be beefed up to solve foo

true cavity culprit modular meds enzymes vs plastic
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The True Cavity Culprit, Modular Meds, Enzymes vs Plastic

Today, you’ll learn about how your brushing routine may not be the biggest factor in whether or not you get cavities, how a new method of building pharmaceutical production facilities may bring medica

fading into memories music for mind air diamonds
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Fading into Memories, Music for the Mind, Air Diamonds

Today, you’ll learn about how doctors may have accidentally confirmed that our lives do flash before our eyes just before death, the scientists aiming to legitimize art and music therapy as treatment

zero g romance our sixth sense oinking at ai
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Zero G Romance, Our Sixth Sense, Oinking at A.I.

Today, you’ll learn about why studying human intimacy in space is necessary for humanity, the mysterious sixth sense human beings have, which is not seeing dead people, and how researchers used artifi

a pill made from poop universal organs soothing baby pain
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A Pill Made from Poop, Universal Organs, Soothing Baby Pain

Today, you’ll learn about an interesting way pills made from poop could help millions of people with allergies, how researchers edited the contents of a pair of donor lungs to better match the recipie

burn them cals magic mushrooms flying at mach
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Burn Them Cals, Magic of Mushrooms, Flying at Mach 16

Today, you’ll learn about some new, emerging data that is giving us surprising insight into human metabolism, how magic mushrooms are on the forefront of mental health treatment and new jet technology

seconds to sick animal spidey sense upset pterosaur tummies
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5 Seconds to Sick, Animal Spidey Sense, Upset Pterosaur Tummies

Today, you’ll learn about the real science behind the five second rule and why you may wanna reconsider eating that candy off the ground, why researchers are looking to our furry friends to build bett

fabric ears dreaming et fast evolution
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Fabric with Ears, Dreaming of E.T., Fast Evolution

Today, you’ll learn about how researchers at MIT created an incredible new type of fabric that can save thousands of lives, how sleep scientists are explaining alien abductions, and how evolution is b

death to skeeters swapping saliva messing lightspeed
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Death to Skeeters, Swapping Saliva, Messing with Lightspeed

Today, you’ll learn about a brilliant biotechnology that is turning mosquitoes against themselves, how babies use a slimy indicator to figure out who can be trusted and the freaky things that would ha

otterly amazing lets go bananas blingy mayan grills
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Otterly Amazing, Let’s Go Bananas, Blingy Mayan Grills

Today, you’ll learn about the cutest warriors helping humans on the front lines in the fight against climate change, an important new study that reveals how you can add years to your life, yes… years,

to moon artemis oh snap skunky funk cannabis
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To the Moon Artemis, Oh Snap!, The Skunky Funk of Cannabis

Today, you’ll learn about how a single drink a day can add years to the age of your brain, how scientists figured out that thousands of tree species are yet to be discovered, and how the world’s bigge3


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