false memory logic in toddlers cake cutting math
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False Memory, Logic in Toddlers, Cake Cutting Math

Today, you’ll learn about why our memories are so bad, the amazing logical reasoning of toddlers, and why mathematicians want to have their cake and slice it, Memory &

microbot tumor killer keto pcos do opposites attract
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Microbot Tumor Killer, Keto & PCOS, Do Opposites Attract?

Today, you’ll learn about a tiny device that could have a huge impact on brain cancer, some news about keto and fertility, and the truth about the old saying opposites

embryo model breathing ball end dynasty
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Embryo Model, Breathing Ball, End of a Dynasty

Today, you’ll learn about a breakthrough in embryo modeling, a breathing ball that could take the edge off anxiety, and the fall of a

depression penguin chicks peeing in cold
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Depression, Penguin Chicks, Peeing In The Cold

Today, you’ll find yet another reason to avoid sugary sodas, why we might pee more in the winter, and the plight of the Drinks study links suga

iceman y chromosome puzzle planets
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The Iceman, Y Chromosome Puzzle, Planets

Today, you’ll hear the truth about the chromosome that determines the male sex, new secrets from an old iceman, and an exoplanet denser than Chromosome

climate change group fitness online dating
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Climate Change, Group Fitness, Online Dating

Today, you’ll learn about the colors of climate change, the benefits of exercising with your pals, and the science behind the highs and lows of online Change Color&nbs

indian moon landing love or money giant sea lizard
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Indian Moon Landing, Love or Money?, Giant Sea Lizard

Today, you’ll learn about a successful moon landing that could launch another space race, an answer to the age-old debate about whether you should marry for love or money, and a 250 million year old h

pink eye cause seven year itch andes dance floor
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Pink Eye Cause, Seven Year Itch, Andes Dance Floor

Today, you’ll learn the truth about farts and pink eye, about studies showing the seven year itch might just be a thing, and about an ancient dance floor you could play like a

mh barnacles polar bear town dino discovery
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MH370 Barnacles, Polar Bear Town, Dino Discovery

Today, you’ll learn about how barnacles could lead researchers to the site of a lost plane crash, a record breaking polar bear party up north, and a new dinosaur discovery that could shed light on the

urban greening power crystals darwins paradox
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Urban Greening, Power Crystals, Darwin’s Paradox

Today, you’ll learn about urban greening, a new sci-fi like crystal that’ll make things move without electricity, and Darwin’s positive ecolo

carbon plants healthy walking self esteem in kids
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Carbon & Plants, Healthy Walking, Self Esteem in Kids

Today, you’ll learn about a new twist with carbon and plants, some good news for all you walkers out there, and a new study on kids and & Deca

pink floyd brain activity superhero science bathroom germs
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Pink Floyd Brain Activity, Superhero Science, Bathroom Germs

Today, you’ll learn about a breakthrough in decoding brain activity using Pink Floyd, an anatomy class that would be a hit at Gotham University, and an everyday germ-blowing F

comatose consciousness glowing frogs race car blinks
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Comatose Consciousness, Glowing Frogs, Race Car Blinks

Today, you’ll learn about hidden consciousness in comatose patients, the eerie secret glowing language of frogs, and the mysterious blinking of race car Consciousnes

dirty fog to clean water hookworms paranoia memory
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Dirty Fog to Clean Water, Hookworms, Paranoia & Memory

Today, you’ll learn about turning dirty fog into clean drinking water, how hookworms might help stave off diabetes, and a surprising link between memory and Fog to Cle

teenage activism sleep apnea danger aggressive driving
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Teenage Activism, Sleep Apnea Danger, Aggressive Driving

Today, you’ll learn about a surprising link between youth activism and critical thinking, a new discovery related to sleep apnea, and how aggressive driving adds more CO2 to the

chronic pain treatment tree planting nose pickers
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Chronic Pain Treatment, Tree Planting, Nose Pickers

Today, you’ll learn about a possible new treatment for chronic pain, a major obstacle to the world’s tree-planting plans, and some bad news for nose Pain Treatment&nb

early breakfast nanotech blindness crocodile crying
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Early Breakfast, Nanotech & Blindness, Crocodile Crying

Today, you’ll learn about how when we eat might influence our risks for type 2 diabetes, a new use for nanotech in treating age-related blindness, and how crocodiles respond to the cries of human babi

tss bacto battles why we walk saber tooth cat party
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TSS Bacto-Battles, Why We Walk, Saber-Tooth Cat Party

Today, you’ll learn about a new weapon in the war against toxic shock syndrome, how scientists used AI to understand how humans evolved to walk upright, and a new discovery that changes what we know a

korean rockfish power machu picchu dna breastfed benefits
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Korean Rockfish Power, Machu Picchu DNA, Breastfed Benefits

Today, you’ll learn about a toxic fish that could help save lives, new secrets about the people who once lived in Machu Picchu, and a study that looked at the benefits of Ro

ovarian failure cure honeypot ants ai insomnia
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Ovarian Failure Cure, Honeypot Ants, AI Insomnia

Today, you’ll learn about how researchers are using stem cells to cure infertility in mice, the health benefits of honey made by ants, and the potential emotional toll of using AI at

genetic eye drops kimberlite explosion creative bots
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Genetic Eye Drops, Kimberlite Explosion, Creative Bots

Today, you’ll learn about gene therapy eye drops, a diamond’s journey to the surface, and the growing creativity of AI.Genetic Eye drops restore teen’s vision after genetic disease

healing electronics grocery cart sensors large telescopes
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Healing Electronics, Grocery Cart Sensors, Large Telescopes

Today, you’ll learn about self-healing robots, Afib detection in the produce aisle, and hurricanes on worlds orbiting distant stars.Find episode transcripts here:

pain uncertainty doctors join forces
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Pain of Uncertainty, Doctors Join Forces

Today, you’ll learn about the pain people will endure to avoid uncertainty, a possible link between and education, and a social media app that is helping improve the accuracy of doctor

locked in syndrome anxiety nostalgia continental shift
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Locked-in Syndrome, Anxiety & Nostalgia, Continental Shift

Today, you’ll learn about Locked-in Syndrome, the connection between social anxiety and nostalgia, and how continental shift is knocking GPS out of whack.Find episode transcripts here:

healing metals sensitive teeth sports supplements
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Healing Metals, Sensitive Teeth, Sports Supplements

Today, you’ll learn about how metal was discovered to be able to heal itself, a potential cure for sensitive teeth, and the truth about sports episode transcripts here: curiosity-dail

time perception heart in box flying ticks
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Time Perception, Heart in a Box, Flying Ticks

Today, you’ll learn about a new study on our perception of time, a breakthrough in the tech behind heart transplants, and about the crazy way ticks fly.Find episode transcripts here:

partner look alikes crispr wood aggressive self control
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Partner Look-alikes, CRISPR Wood, Aggressive Self-Control

Today, you’ll learn about a new study that gives us a hint at who we might be attracted to, scientists growing new trees from the genes up, and how aggressive people might actually have more self-cont

mars organics cognitive flexibility copper age leadership
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Mars Organics, Cognitive Flexibility, Copper Age Leadership

Today, you’ll learn about some tantalizing molecules found on Mars, a new study that shows how cognitive flexibility can help teachers keep their cool, and how a new scientific method revealed an unex

pine tree painkiller cell spitting creature manifestation
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Pine Tree Painkiller, Cell Spitting Creature, Manifestation

Today, you’ll learn about painkillers made from pine trees, a creature that spits out its old cells, and how the power of positive thinking might not be all that powerful.Find episode transcripts here

smart drugs frozen organ transplant curly hair cool
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Smart Drugs, Frozen Organ Transplant, Curly Hair Cool

Today, you’ll learn about a new study that shows drugs like Ritalin aren’t so smart after all, how frozen rat kidneys could lead to a medical revolution, and a new study that shows how people with cur

high voice gene egyptian art x ray finding fresh water
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High Voice Gene, Egyptian Art X-Ray, Finding Fresh Water

Today, you’ll learn about a newly discovered genetic link between high voices and high blood pressure, a mysterious new discovery behind some ancient Egyptian art, and about freshwater lying underneat

octopus death frenzy wildlife tracking fungi to rescue
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Octopus Death Frenzy, Wildlife Tracking, Fungi to the Rescue

Today, you’ll learn about a breakthrough in embryo modeling, a breathing ball that could take the edge off anxiety, and the fall of a3


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