Verbs on the Move

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Episode 133: Breaking Bread With Companions

In this episode, we explore words associated with mealtime in the Middle Ages. We also examine the important role of bread in medieval meals and impact of bread-related terms on the English language.



Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright talk to Professor Dawn Archer about her work in evaluating deception: is it possible to tell when someone might be lying and what are the clues? Dawn shares her analy


351: Can I apply periodisation from athletics to language learning?

In This Episode:Elliot asks: Does the concept of periodisation from athletics apply to language learning? Blog post: When is taking a break from languages a good thing? Interview with Barbara Oakley


Tiger Tail - 20 January 2020

You may have a favorite word in English, but what about your favorite in another language? The Spanish term ojala is especially handy for expressing hopefulness and derives from Arabic for God willin


How to Find Fantastic Language Tutors in Your Network Right Now

SURVEY TIME: Please take 5 minutes and participate in the annual Fluent Show survey. Click here to start. you looking for a new language tutor, but you can't find one


350: What to expect from Olly in 2020

In This Episode:What you can expect from Olly Richards in 2020!Key links: Spanish Experience Summit Language Business workshop with Olly Browse the new short story Speaking Today:I’d


40: Making machines learn language - Interview with Janelle Shane

If you feed a computer enough ice cream flavours or pictures annotated with whether they contain giraffes, the hope is that the computer may eventually learn how to do these things for itself: to gene


Communicating Climate Change

Michael Rosen talks to George Marshall about how best to communicate climate change.


Gee and Haw (Rebroadcast) - 13 January 2020

The highly specialized vocabulary of people who work outdoors, like farmers and fishermen, can bring us closer to the natural world. Also, a woman who trains sled dogs discusses the words she uses to


What Did You Learn in 2019? (with Shannon Kennedy)

Shannon Kennedy is back!! It's been a whole year since we recorded our review of 2019 and this year it's time to do the same procedure, if you get my Dinner for One is an accomplis


Episode 81: Idioms (General Overview)

This episode begins a new series on the etymology of English idioms. In this general overview of idioms, we discuss why idioms are syntactically and semantically peculiar, how idioms emerge, how idiom


Does PROCESSES Rhyme with KNEES?

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Michael Rosen returns to explore how metaphors shape our lives with author James Geary. We live, breathe and think in metaphors and communication would be impossible without them. In a far-reaching co


Gung Ho (Rebroadcast) - 6 January 2020

The stories behind symbols and expressions around the world. The peace symbol popular during 1960's antiwar demonstrations had been around for decades.It originated in the antinuclear movement in the


My 2020 Language Plan

In this episode I share my own review of language learning in the year 2019 and what's next for me in 2020. It's like an audio #clearthelist article on my goals and what matters most in the upcoming y


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