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398 - Chasing dreams & mastering languages with Dustin Luke and Ruben Adery

In this episode, I speak with Ruben Adery, a linguist, polyglot, dialect coach, and Fulbright Scholar, and Dustin Luke, a content creator, travel show host, and a YouTuber with over half a million sub

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Changing Names

Michael Rosen and BBC presenter Ben Boulos talk about how we change namesProduced by Sally Heaven for BBC Audio in Bristol

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The Invisible Complexities of Translation

A single word—take self, for the thorny nature of literary Plus members get a bonus segment on Lexicon Valley each week, and no ads.Sign up nowto listen and support

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The Black Dog (Rebroadcast) - 12 April 2021

Books were rare treasures in the Middle Ages, painstakingly copied out by hand. So how to protect them from theft? Scribes sometimes added a curse to the first page of those books that was supposed to

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134. Lacuna

If you were in Brazil during the military dictatorship of 1964-1985, tried to bake a cake from a recipe in the newspaper, and were served with a sorry mess that tasted disgustingly salty, it wasn't yo

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tegnspråk i språkloven, talesyntese for blinde og svaksynte

00,43: har skapt utfordringer for både myndighetene som avsender og oss borgere som mottakere av viktig informasjon.I panelet: Språkforskerne Heidi Gilstad og Torill Ringsø

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397 - How to get booked solid as an online language teacher

In this episode, Olly speaks with Wesley Swanson about becoming a successful online language decided he wanted to move to China, and was looking for ways to earn an income while he w

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Alphabetical Order

Michael Rosen and historian Judith Flanders talk about how we categorise things, using alphabetical order and more.Produced by Sally Heaven for BBC Audio in Bristol

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Conlangery 148: Interview with Lauren Gawne

George interviews Lauren Gawne of Superlinguo and Lingthusiasm about her work on Aramteskan for the Shadowscent book series as well as her other work with authors. Top of Show Greeting: Swedish (Umeå

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No Cap, No Lie - 5 April 2021

We take our voices for granted, but it's truly miraculous that we communicate complex thoughts simply by moving our mouths while exhaling. A fascinating new book reveals the science, history, and ling

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24: Higher Ed Discrimination (with Gail Clements, Marnie Jo Petray, and Fabio Trecca)

For many students, university opens up new frontiers of learning —and new ways to be marginalised for their language use. A new book explores the problem of linguistic discrimination in higher educati

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Endringer i bønnespråket og påskenavnenes opprinnelse

01,00: Endringer i ble det truet om evig straff og pine, nå handler forbønnen om å hjelpe sognebarna.I panelet: Pensjonert språkforsker Astrid Ramsfjell, Mere

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396 - The music-lover's guide to becoming fluent in Spanish with Tamara Marie

In this episode, I speak with Tamara Marie, the founder of Spanish con Salsa, where Spanish learners can get fluent faster through the fun of Latin music. In the conversation, she shares the many adva

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English Is Plain Weird

Don't be fooled into thinking that English is a typical language. It's not.Slate Plus members get a bonus segment on Lexicon Valley each week, and no ads.Sign up nowto listen and support our show.Twit

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Beside Myself (Rebroadcast) - 29 March 2021

The new Downton Abbey movie is a luscious treat for fans of the period piece, but how accurate is the script when it comes to the vocabulary of the early 20th century? It may be jarr

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133. Cake is Mighter than the Sword

What to do to stick it to the powers that be? Send your message through something they really care about: cake.In Buenos Aires, local tour guides Madi Lang and Juan Palacios introduce me to priest's b


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