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25.14 – MU Podcast – The Lure of Darkness

The world over people are said to have encountered disembodied voices; luring them into the darkness for potentially sinister outcomes. We discuss some of the most unusual cases of strange voices inte

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WT: Black Bear Sun

Alaska shoppers are bedeviled by ravens! NASA says we're safe for 100 years (kinda). Bears: sickly friendly. Black holes, sharper than ever! Got something weird? Email subject line

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25.13 – MU Podcast – Time Mirror

Could the Earth be surrounded by an unknown grid of energy that could revolutionise our society if we recognised its existence? We discuss the theory of the world harmonic grid and how it could be ass

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111: Chris Ryan - Happiness in Natural Simplicity

Chris Ryan on having a biological, and context to look at authentic human society and community, paying into social accounts, mobility, and in the exclusive extension f

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25.12 – MU Podcast – The Dragon Lines

Stone monuments and earthworks are not randomly strewn around the world but rather have been carefully and precisely placed in their locations according to an ancient lost science. In this episode we

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25.11 – MU Podcast – Green Thumb Raga

This week we kicks things off with a look at a series of experiments in the late 1960s that revealed the unique musical tastes of plants. This then leads into deeper questions on the nature of our tho

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WT: Verifiable Baseball Cards

SpaceX's Falcon 9 has been re-used a historic number of times. How much re-using a rocket would be acceptable? NFTs: what are they, what is their value, and what could you do with this technology? Got

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25.10 – MU Podcast – The Flux Capacitor

Once in a generation, a person of extraordinary psychic powers comes along. We discuss the groundbreaking work “Miracles and Other Realities” that tells the true story of Thomaz Green Morton, a gifted

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WT: Oh, Rings

Let's creep out Bryce! Allan Mcdonald, who refused to sign off on the Challenger launch, has passed away. A look back on his heroic stand, the context around the tragic launch, and the various risks i

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Essay: American Brain Fog Essay: American Brain Fog
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Essay: American Brain Fog

Essay: American Brain Fog

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25.09 – MU Podcast – The Astral Meadow

The concept of life after death is often confronting and alluring at the same time. While many hope there is life after this existence we find ourselves wandering the darkness looking for any clue tha

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110: Rebecca Bihr - Merging Ideas Through Venus Rising

Rebecca Bihr on astrological insights on current societal and technological themes, the merging of ideas, and in the exclusive second half for patrons, giving an epilogue conversation a solid birth da

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WT: Half an Egg

What makes Andrew's new friend Elizabeth Ann so special? The oldest DNA ever sequenced. Deepfakes are taking over the world. Got something weird? Email subject line Weird Things. Li

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25.08 – MU Podcast – Trey Hudson

In a secret location deep in the south of the United States sits “The Meadow”, a location so unusual that it rivals the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. Oxford Paranormal’s Trey Hudson joins us to discuss h

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WT: Back to the Past

The Texas cold storm has us looking back and forward 100 years. How has life progressed and what might happen in another century? Eyes and ears are now on Mars! See the sights and hear the rumble of t


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