dold on body
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Dold on the Body Dold on the Body
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Dold on the Body

Dold on the Body

wt flappy bear back
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WT: Flappy Bear Back

Bear or Nah? Training goldfish. LK-99 is not a The latest race to the South Pole. Got something weird? Email subject line Weird

wt edumper breaks internet
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WT: eDumper Breaks The Internet

Wading through the uncertainty surrounding research on a What are the benefits if it's true and how much validity do we see in the progress so far? Riddle me this, ali

wt lionless in kleinmachnow
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WT: Lionless in Kleinmachnow

Do not panic: there wasn't even a lioness to begin with! The new bisexual kings of the jungle. NASA goes Plus. Got something weird? Email subject line Weird Things. Picks: Justin: O

wt universe manifest destiny
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WT: Universe Manifest Destiny?

Let's say technology keeps do we make a Starfleet? Spreading humanity across the universe and how we might deal with life (especially compared to terrestrial l

wt never fooled w dr daniel simons
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WT: Never Fooled w/ Dr. Daniel Simons

We're joined with Dr. Daniel Simons to talk about his viral Invisible Gorilla experiment, errors and data fraud in scientific studies, and his new book Nobody's Fool. The line between misinformation a

mu saurians auyn tepui
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30.01 - MU Podcast - The Saurians of Auyán-tepui

We return for Season 30 of Mysterious Universe with a blast, traveling to the remote Venezuelan wilderness in search of hidden cities and dinosaurs. Could reports of sightings of a strange, dinosaur-l

how i killed beatoffking lectures fallen wisdom
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How I killed Beatoffking: Lectures of Fallen Wisdom #95

Sugar is Lectures of Fallen Wisdom #94How I lost 15 pounds of far & gained 50 tons of swagger.Short answer:Do not eats ANY carbs except for a tiny bit of fruit every day and a small cu

wt gianni bravo
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WT: Gianni Bravo

We pull at the new Threads app and pick apart the maybe next big thing or maybe not who knows! UFOs/UAPs are still a present idea, but we're short on meaningful evidence to analyze. Got something weir

structuring socioeconomic hierarchy
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Structuring Socioeconomic Hierarchy Structuring Socioeconomic Hierarchy
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Structuring Socioeconomic Hierarchy

Structuring Socioeconomic Hierarchy

wt cereal entrepreneur
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WT: Cereal Entrepreneur

Virgin Galactic finally took their first across the Karman line, even if they're behind competitors. The new Indy movie sparks a conversation about how sequels should build and explore

mu flaming plasma
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29.25 - MU Podcast - Flaming Plasma

Encounters with UFOs and their occupants can be terrifying and experiences. However, for many, after the initial horror, further close encounters can lead witnesses to believe that the

wt deep c
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WT: Deep C

A high-tech face-off may happen in a very low-tech way. We talk about the tragedy of the Titan submersible, what is and isn't okay to comment on, and the culture around real-life epics compared to the

mu paul schatzkin
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29.24 - MU Podcast - Paul Schatzkin

Paul Schatzkin joins us in this episode to explore his remarkable research on the obscure historical figures of Philo T. Farnsworth and Thomas Townsend Brown. We delve deeply into the narratives of th

wt pork barrel flying objects
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WT: Pork-Barrel Flying Objects

Coded conspiracy theories and a UFO cold war raging on for decades? Are we in a simulation or not? Got something weird? Email subject line Weird Things. Picks: Andrew: and WWDC 23 S

mu south pole secrets
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29.23 - MU Podcast - South Pole Secrets

Former military contractors, soldiers, pilots, and more have come forward with shocking claims of Antarctic space weapons facilities, cloaking, and even teleportation technologies that are in the hand

wt big dumb googly eyes
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WT: Big, Dumb Googly Eyes

Apple's Vision Pro was announced this week. What does the first product look like and how do we feel about this vision for the future? Googly eyes, resolution, field of view, and more speculation. . G

mu access denied
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29.22 - MU Podcast - Access Denied

Explosive UFO revelations have dominated the mainstream and social media platforms this week with the stunning testimony of a former intelligence officer whistleblower. Commentators throughout the fie

mass psychology sexual repression
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The Mass Psychology of Sexual Repression The Mass Psychology Of Sexual Repression
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The Mass Psychology of Sexual Repression

The Mass Psychology Of Sexual Repression

wt fatty dog dog kibbletmtmtmtm
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WT: Fatty Dog-Dog KibbleTMTMTMTM

You show this thing some respect! A neat idea for invasive species. Blue Origin is tapped to make the second-next lunar lander and we debate the worthiness of doing that now. pando pan

mu morlac vortex
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29.21 - MU Podcast - Morlac Vortex

Prepare for an electrifying exploration of spirit possession and entity attachment, a controversial yet captivating topic in our modern society. Discover the intriguing experiences of individuals who

mu god chaos
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29.20 - MU Podcast - The God of Chaos

On this episode we explore the emergence of a peculiar force that shaped a series of significant events throughout the 20th century, aiming to introduce a new eon and transform humanity. This enigmati

mu sky abductions
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29.19 - MU Podcast - Sky Abductions

Alien abduction scenarios usually occur in people's homes or cars. However, in a few unusual reports, it seems that those traveling in aircraft are not safe from non-human kidnappers either. In this e

wt moo get it over with
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WT: Moo And Get It Over With

In a follow-up to last week, we talk a bit about the idea behind hypnosis (stage and therapeutic) and what, if any, effects someone could feel and why. Suggestion, mesmerism, altered states, mesmerism

arriving in waves
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Arriving In Waves Arriving In Waves
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Arriving In Waves

Arriving In Waves

mu paul wallis
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29.18 - MU Podcast - Paul Wallis

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Paul Wallis, best selling author of the acclaimed 'Eden Series'. He explores humanity's ancestral stories and the true nature of the Bible before its associat

wt oh i remember
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WT: Oh, I Remember

A memory test for the guys and a discussion on memory. How people like the late Harry Lorayne and others keep memories and some discussion on the differences between photographic memory, autobiographi

mu past life trysts
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29.17 - MU Podcast - Past-Life Trysts

Have you ever experienced an intense feeling of déjà vu? What about feeling like you know someone you've never met, or being able to navigate an unfamiliar place with an inexplicable sense of familiar

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Starship is likely to miss the end-of-April deadline for the 2-pies bet. What ever happened to Boeing Starliner? Ghostwriting (when the ghost is an artificial intelligence). Got something weird? Email

mu le serpent rouge
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29.16 - MU Podcast - Le Serpent Rouge

Situated amongst the supernaturally inclined and beautiful hills of the Pyrenees sits potentially one of the greatest mysteries of recent times. A tiny village in the south of France holds a mystery r

mu feng shui fail
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29.15 - MU Podcast - Feng Shui Fail

Encounters with spirits that have not passed on can be frightening and upsetting. For those of us with little experience dealing with such entities, the intrusion of a spirit in our homes or workpla

wt revenge cyst
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WT: The Revenge of the Cyst

Wading through the uncertainty surrounding research on a What are the benefits if it's true and how much validity do we see in the progress so far? Riddle me this, ali3


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