130. Michael Wann in “Grand Fire Trine” // The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, Atmospheric Trans

Michael Wann is the founder of the independent research project Susquehanna Alchemy. He returns to the show for the fourth time to discuss symbolism and synchronicity found in the recent fire at the N


Ep084: Carlo Alvite

Carlo Alvite on the Toltecs, Carlos Castaneda, hidden knowledge, Samael Aun Weor, experience, energy, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, conscious sexuality, tantra, and sexual transmutation.


WT: In A Jar

If there was a civilization before humans, how would we know? Where would it be and what signs should we expect? Can we turn a brain back on–and how should we? Got something weird? Email neshcom


Gender in Game of Thrones: Its Legacy

What will Game of Thrones be remembered for? I would argue it's not its supposed character realism, nor it's moral ambiguity. Rather, it will be its depiction of unusual gender identities in fantasy.


RAW 12: Peter Bebergal on the Work & Legacy of Sci-fi’s Difficult Genius Gene Wolfe, Religi

Peter Bebergal drops by the show to chat about sci-fi's difficult genius Gene Wolfe in the wake of his death last month. We talk sci-fi, fantasy, religion in literature, literary tropes (including m


21.19 – MU Podcast

MKUltra cat listening bugs, bat bombs, mummification time warps, and when the US tried to create der On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss some of the most outrageous


129. Carl Abrahamsson in “Magick Lantern Cycle” // Cinemagician: Conversations With Kenneth

Hopefully you’ve got your creativity caps on, because our guest this time around is Carl Abrahamsson. He’s making his third appearance on the show, and much like the previous two, this one is rooted i


WT: Bezos Mons

Andrew's CONVINCED we're living in a simulation. Breaking down Blue Origin's big moon presentation. Home-building innovation coming to places of poverty. Got something weird? Email


21.18 – MU Podcast

Whether it’s giant snakes, human-faced horses or smoke beings you can be sure that the supernatural is super strange! On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss some of the most unusual cases o


RAW 11: Derek Hunter on Terry Gilliam & Imagination vs Reality in The Man Who Killed Don Qu

Derek Hunter from Love Chaos talks with us about Terry Gilliam’s recent film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Get more by upgrading to the $5 tier at


Essay: Deciphering A Symbol

A breakdown of the podcast's logo and the reason for each element. For visual aid, the written version of this essay is HERE.


WT: Robot Clown and Satellite Man

An avian conspiracy sparks the question, what fringe conspiracy theory could you believe? The Drake equation and how likely we are to be in a simulation universe. A theory of bots consuming content an


21.17 – MU Podcast

Dr. Jill Blakeway is a woman of impressive and varied talents. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at her almost paranormal healing abilities and discover her experiences with Japane


How To Start A Podcast

Toby gives some tips in this little extra episode on how to start a podcast.He's not going to be the best source, but hopefully you'll find some of these tips software called Audacit


WT: Endgame of Throngers (Spoilercast)

It was a big week between Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones and we're here to give our spoiler-filled reactions. Spoilers for each are kept in their respective portions. Avengers: Endgame discussi


128. Jeremy Johnson in “Mutations” // Jean Gebser, Structures of Consciousness & the Three

Jeremy Johnson is the author of Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness. Seeing Through the World introduces the reader to the work of German-Swiss philosopher, poet, and inte


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