Four Went Home by Escape

Relic Radio Thrillers features a story from Escape this week. From December 14, 1952, here's Four Went Home. Download Thriller581


Dragnet and Philo Vance

Dragnet opens this week's Case Closed with its episode from March 2, 1954, titled, The Big TV. Philo Vance follows that with The Deep Sea Murder Case, his story from August 9, 1949. Download CaseClose


Columbia Workshop and Suspense

This week on The Relic Radio Show, The Columbia Workshop starts us off with Out Of The Air, their story from March 23, 1941. Suspense follows that with their June 29, 1944, broadcast titled, The Walls


Garden Of The Moon by CBS Radio Mystery Theater

This week's Relic Radio Science Fiction features a story from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater titled, Garden Of The Moon. This episode was originally heard May 4, 1981. Download SciFi568 If you enjoy th


The Dead Candidate by The Lives Of Harry Lime

It's The Lives Of Harry Lime on this episode of Orson Welles On The Air. Here's his story from February 15, 1952, The Dead Candidate. Download owota265


The Marvelous Barastro by Mystery In The Air

Strange Tales features Peter Lorre in The Marvelous Barastro this week. This episode from Mystery In The Air was originally broadcast on August 7, 1947. Download


The Leech by Nightmare

This time on The Horror, we join Peter Lorre in The Leech, by Nightmare. This story originally aired April 7, 1954. Download TheHorror915


The Loophole by Crisis

On this week's Relic Radio Thrillers, we'll hear from Crisis with their story titled, The Loophole. This first episode of the series aired November 22, 1973. Download Thriller580


Nero Wolfe and The Fat Man

This week on Case Closed, The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe brings us The Deadly Sell-Out, his case from January 5, 1951. The Fat Man follows with The Nineteenth Pearl, his story from January 21, 1946.


Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen and Theater Five

This week's Relic Radio Show begins with The Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen and their story from August 21, 1947, The Story Of The Eight Historic Periods. After that, Theater Five brings us The Forgotten


Another Galaxy by The Challenge Of Space

We'll hear from The Challenge Of Space on this episode of Relic Radio Science Fiction. Here's their story from December 1, 1969, Another Galaxy. Download SciFi567


The Velvet Claws by CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Strange Tales features a story from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater this week. We'll hear The Velvet Claws, their broadcast from March 27, 1975. Download


Stranger In The House by The Sealed Book

This week on The Horror, The Sealed Book opens to its story from May 6, 1945, Stranger In The House. Download TheHorror914


Direct Line To Bombers by Cloak And Dagger

Relic Radio Thrillers features a story by Cloak And Dagger this week. From June 25, 1950, here's Direct Line To Bombers. Download Thriller579


Let George Do It and Rogue’s Gallery

This week's Case Closed begins with Too Near The Sky, from Let George Do It. That story first aired December 5, 1949. Rogue's Gallery follows with the October 4, 1945, episode titled, Blondes Prefer G


Frontier Gentleman and The Whistler

This week's Relic Radio Show begins with School Days, from Frontier Gentleman. That story originally aired June 1, 1958. The Whistler follows that with the June 9, 1947, broadcast titled, Juggernaut.


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