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The Blue Beetle and The Zero Hour

The Relic Radio Show begins with The Blue Beetle this week. We hear The Invisible Ghost, their story from May 29, 1940. (25:

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The First Men On The Moon by Exploring Tomorrow

This week on Relic Radio Science Fiction, we hear The First Men On The Moon, from Exploring Tomorrow. This episode originally air

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Dead Heat by Inner Sanctum

Strange Tales features a story from Inner Sanctum this week. From August 15, 1949, we'll hear their story Dead Heat. Downl

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The Specter Bridegroom by CBS Radio Mystery Theater

This week on The Horror, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater brings us their story, The Specter Bridegroom. This episode originall

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Murder Is A Knock-Out by The Adventures Of The Falcon

We hear from The Adventures Of The Falcon on this week's Relic Radio Thrillers. Murder Is a Knock-Out first aired February 20,

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Barrie Craig and Richard Diamond

This week on Case Closed, we begin with The Sneak Assassin, from Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator. That story aired N

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Cavalcade Of America and Damon Runyon Theatre

The Relic Radio Show begins with Breakfast At Nancy's, the March 25, 1952, episode from Cavalcade Of America. (27:30) The Da

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The Seventh Victim by X Minus One

We hear from X Minus One on Relic Radio Science Fiction this week. From March 6, 1957, here's their story, The Seventh Victim. Do

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Drury’s Bones by Suspense

This week on Strange Tales, we'll hear Boris Karloff in Drury's Bones. This episode from Suspense originally aired January

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The Projective Mr. Drogan by Lights Out

We hear a story from Lights Out on this week's episode of The Horror. It's their broadcast from January 26, 1943, titled, Th

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Turtle Island Vacation by The Man Called X

This week on Relic Radio Thrillers, The Man Called X brings us his episode from July 30, 1946, Turtle Island Vacation. Downloa

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Spade and Marlowe

Case Closed begins with The Calcutta Truck Caper, from The Adventures Of Sam Spade this week. That story aired June 8, 1947.

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Sears Radio Theatre and Have Gun Will Travel

The Sears Radio Theatre opens this week's Relic Radio Show with The Tough Guy, their episode from March 9, 1979. (51:18) Our

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The Man From Earth by Mindwebs

This week on Relic Radio Science Fiction, we hear The Man From Earth, from Mindwebs. Download SciFi665

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The Man In The Lift by The Creaking Door

This week on Strange Tales, it's a trip beyond The Creaking Door for their story, The Man In The Lift. This episode origin

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Violets, Sweet Violets by The Lives Of Harry Lime

More from The Lives Of Harry Lime on this episode. We'll hear Violets, Sweet Violets, his story from March 14, 1952. Download owo


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