mid year report
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# 351: 2022: The mid-year report

Luke joins Matt to look back at the first 7 months of 2022. They discuss the third season of Barry, As We See It, The Responder and more.

jif i could turn back time
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#348 Jif I Could Turn Back Time

The Ad Council takes over this week with a new stunt from Arby's, a storied Portland pitchman, and a whole lot of peanut butter. Plus, an Arby's competitor tried to market what may be the worst sandwi

mixed promotions
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#347 Mixed Promotions

A Top Gun product tie-in that threatens Vieves' safe space inspires a show about incongruous movie licensing deals. Plus, a vintage air freshener commercial ignites a debate, and a cookie commercial f

only murders in building superpumped man who fell to earth loot man vs b
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#350: Only Murders in the Building, SuperPumped, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Loot & Man Vs B

Matt is joined by site contributors Sarah Kennedy and Sophie Davies to review the return of Only Murders in The Building on Disney+. As Paramount Plus launches they look at new dramas SuperPumped and

its dad dad dad dad world
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#346 It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Who is your daddy, and what does he sell? Andrew and Vieves are most definitely NOT doing a show about Father Day's as they look at daddy-forward ads. Plus, Vieves wins an eBay auction, and a Chicag

relax its all part plan farscape se
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734: Relax, It's All Part of the Plan (Farscape S2E19-20)

Eric and Jason review the first two parts of Farscape’s second ever three part storyline, “Liars, Guns and Money”. And during all that, wander off on tangents about Star Wars, the A-Team and past epis

custard tv suspect lazarus project blocco
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The Custard TV Podcast #349: Suspect, The Lazarus Project and Blocco 181

Matt and Sarah are joined by Si Hampton of the Coastal News Podcast to review new Channel 4 Crime Drama Suspect, sci-fi thriller The Lazarus Project on Sky Max, Sky Atlantic's Italian drama Blocco 181

sherwood my name is leon avoidance abbott elementary
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#348: Sherwood, My Name is Leon, Avoidance, Abbott Elementary

Matt is joined by Gary Redrup and site contributor Dawn Glen to review BBC One drama Sherwood, Single drama My Name is Leon. US comedy Abbott Elementary which is available on Disney+ and new BBC One c

game brands
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#345 Game Brands

Andrew and Vieves are pleased to discover that game nights provide a rich vein of commercial comedy. Plus, Vieves tries to promote some fake news, Smokey Bear is a prince of lies, and two Ad Councilor

no more mr price guy
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#345 No More Mr. Price Guy

In these days of rampant inflation, Andrew and Vieves revisit the bargains of yesteryear with a quiz that underscores the deranged value Americans once placed on talking dolls. Plus, a Jingle duet for

we own this city borgen power glory everything i know about love girlseva
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#347: We Own This City, Borgen: Power & Glory, Everything I Know About Love, Girls5eva

Matt is joined by site Editor Luke and contributor Sarah Kennedy to review David Simon's return to Baltimore for We Own This City on HBO and Sky Atlantic. The Danish political drama Borgen returns for

ideas marketplace
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#343 The Ideas Of Marketplace

Andrew and Vieves look at virtual products being metaphorically sold in a physical space, while also falling in love with a couple doing online banking and Jon Hamm (again). Plus, the thrilling conclu

stranger things obi wan kenobi pistol midwich cuckoos
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#346: Stranger Things, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pistol and The Midwich Cuckoos

Matt is joined by our old podcast pal Gary and site fan Suky Khakh to review the long-awaited return of Stranger Things on Netflix. Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ as well as the Danny Boyle directed Sex Pi

im nobodys puppet farscape se
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733: I'm Nobody's Puppet (Farscape S2E17-18)

Eric and Jason have been gone for a little while due to real life, but we’re back with two above average episodes to make up for it. First up, “The Ugly Truth”, where Crais tries to get Moya’s crew to

now then life beth spreadsheet big boys
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#345: Now & Then, Life & Beth, Spreadsheet and Big Boys

Matt is joined by site contributors Mo Walker and Dawn Glenn to review Now and Then from Apple TV+, Life and Beth on Disney+ and Channel 4 comedies Spreadsheet and Big Boys. They also bid a fond farew

ads these days
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#342 Ads These Days

Over the course of an Adcolades and Admonishments, Andrew and Vieves realize just how much they are products of their generation and just how much they can't relate to pop culture today, no matter how

conversations friends time travellers wife floodlights essex serpent
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#344: Conversations with Friends, The Time Traveller's Wife, Floodlights, The Essex Serpent

Matt is joined by site contributors to review Sally Rooney adaptation Conversations with Friends from BBC Three and HULU. HBO's The Time Traveller's Wife on Sky Atlantic. The Essex Serpent from Apple

our most popular episode
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#341 Our Most Popular Episode

Andrew and Vieves turn in the most popular episode of the podcast to date.

hot fathered
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#340 Hot And Fathered

Vieves' high horse gets a workout this week as she and Andrew talk about commercials that rely on the overprotective dad trope. Plus, the Ad Council talks durability, and TV Guide enters the digital a

staircase clark pentaverate bafta predictions
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#343: The Staircase, Clark, The Pentaverate, BAFTA Predictions

Matt and Luke are joined by site contributor Dawn Glenn to review The Staircase from HBO Max and Sky Atlantic, The Pentaverate and Clark on Netflix. On the eve of the BAFTA TV Awards, they offer their

hush money
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#339 Hush Money

It's all whispers and secrets this week as Andrew and Vieves look at commercials that take place in hushed tones, with occasionally terrifying results. Plus, it's a total jingle fest from the Ad Counc

barry shining girls ten percent here we go
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#342: Barry, Shining Girls, Ten Percent, Here We Go

Luke returns to the podcast to join Matt and site contributor Sophie Davies to review the return of Barry on Sky Comedy. Amazon's UK remake of Call my Agent Ten Percent, Shining Girls on Apple TV+ and

durable goods
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#338 Durable Goods

Andrew and Vieves look at the time-honored tradition of stress-testing products in a collection of ads that smash, soak and stain everything from engine oil to pantyhose. Plus, two excellent jingles o

russian doll inside no chivalry sex lives college girls
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#341: Russian Doll, Inside No.9, Chivalry, The Sex Lives of College Girls

Matt is joined by site contributors Sophie Davies and Mo Walker to review the return of Russian Doll on Netflix. The return of Inside No.9 on BBC Two. New comedy from Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani t

custard tv thief his wife canoe anatomy scandal roar and
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Custard TV Podcast #340: The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe, Anatomy of a Scandal, Roar and

On this week's podcast; Matt, Sarah and Gary celebrate someone's big birthday before reviewing ITV's The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe; Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal, Apple TV's Roar and new Saturday

boogie or die farscape se
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732: Boogie or Die! (Farscape S2E15-16)

This time we review two really amazing episodes. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, they didn’t really happen but they’re still amazing. First up, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, where Crichton is back

compromising positions
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#337 Compromising Positions

In life, we must learn to compromise, unless we're buying anything from beer to breath mints, in which case compromising can go to hell! Andrew and Vieves look at the commercial world's war on comprom

domestic diss
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#336 Domestic Diss

A new campaign with a surprisingly anti-family bent has Andrew and Vieves looking at ads that focus on the darker side of family life. Plus, an Ad Councilor claps back, literally, and a shampoo jingle

julia derry girls hullraisers single drunk female freeze fear wim ho
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# 339: Julia, Derry Girls, Hullraisers, Single Drunk Female and Freeze the Fear with Wim Ho

Matt is joined by site contributors Sophie Davies and Dawn Glenn to review Julia on HBO and Sky Atlantic, the welcome return of Derry Girls on Channel 4, new comedy Hullraisers on Channel 4, Single Dr

slow horses hacks gordons future food stars deadline
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# 338: Slow Horses, Hacks, Gordon's Future Food Stars and Deadline

Matt and Sarah are joined by Gary who makes his triumphant return to review Slow Horses on Apple TV+, Hacks on Prime Video, Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars on BBC One and the latest Channel 5 drama

stuff films
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#335 Stuff Films

A Top Gun product tie-in that threatens Vieves' safe space inspires a show about incongruous movie licensing deals. Plus, a vintage air freshener commercial ignites a debate, and a cookie commercial f3


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