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Bortført: Kidnapping, ørken og IS på norsk

TV 2 klinker til med storslått fra Midtøsten, men det spørs om de når helt opp til som Fauda og Homeland. Er det faktisk sånn at norsk drama ikke kan bli skikkelig bra

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#284 A Whole Lotto Opinions

Vieves's TV watching habits have resulted in a hefty backlog of ads in dire need of opinionating, which she and Andrew are glad to deliver in this week's installment of Adcollades and Admonishments. P

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#305: Line of Duty, Unforgotten, I Can See Your Voice, Too Close

Luke and Matt are joined by site contributor Sarah Kennedy to review ITV's psychological drama 'Too Close', The BBC's answer to The Masked Singer - 'I Can See Your Voice' as well as Channel 5's 'Intru

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704: Supergirl S6E01 Review: Rebirth

We Discuss: Whether this is a finale or premier. So much plot. All the personal moments. Lex being his own worst enemy. The ephemeral nature of comic book deaths. Our hopes and dreams for the final se

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703: For All Mankind S2E8 Review: And Here's To You

Things keep getting more tense! This week Karen owns her ability to make terrible decisions, Gordo vanquishes an old nemesis, Sally Ride is not amused, there’s a meet-cute in a mock-up, and Kelly trie

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GUEST POD: The Leap Home: A Look Bakula - 8 1/2 Months

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special podcast reunion of The Leap Home: A Look Bakula! Join hosts Aaron Mason and Nick Ahlers as they discuss an episode of Quantum L

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#283 Ad Hair Day

A profusion of commercials set in barbershops have Andrew and Vieves contemplating the qualities of this great American institution. Plus, the Ad Councilors take everyone on a nosta

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Justice League: Verdt 700 millioner?

Filmskaper Zack Snyder fikk aldri fullføre filmen slik han ville. Nå er Justice League klippet om til en fire timers HBO-serie. Én i gjengen blir så revet med at han føler vekten av selve tyngdekrafte

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702: For All Mankind S2E7 Review: Don't Be Cruel

As the season builds to its climax, there’s an awful lot to process. A real-life tragedy intervenes in Ellen’s story. Margo needs to communicate information from another tragic event that didn’t happe

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#282 March Adness

Friend of the show Nick Jarin pops in to explain what basketball players are to Andrew and Vieves. Plus a beloved icon is dragged from the grave to shill for soda, so... that's great. And the Ad Counc

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701: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1E1 Review: New World Order

Like any good (comic book) character, we're back! It was simply too much fun to recap WandaVision, so Lisa Schmeiser, Don Melton, and Kelly Guimont have returned to dig into the first episode of The F

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700: For All Mankind S2E6 Review: Best-Laid Plans

At last, the Soviets. We loved this whole episode, from the pointed conversation about Laika to the docking system designed out of coasters. Who makes Houston’s best borscht? Who cares! Let’s have bur

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Small Axe: Opprørende og dansbart om strukturell rasisme

Steve McQueen fortsetter der han slapp med «12 Years a Slave». Antologien «Small Axe» (NRK) byr på fem heftige historier om strukturell rasisme i England. Det blir mye dansegulv – for denne serien kan

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#281 Guess For Success

Andrew adapts a classic game show to test Vieves' knowledge of commercials past, and a listener email almost makes Andrew cry. Plus, what's going on with Airbnb? Do their ad wizards need therapy or wh

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# 304: Line Of Duty, The Flight Attendant, Grace and Unforgotten

The original podcast trio reunites as Gary returns to the podcast to help review HBO's The Flight Attendant, ITV's Grace and a little BBC show called Line Of Duty!.

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699: For All Mankind S2E5 Review: The Weight

Wake up Elvis and get The Band back together—we’re here to take a load for free and talk about the latest episode of “For All Mankind.” We cover Tracy’s rough introduction to Jamestown, Gordo’s pool a


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