you insure about that
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#411 You Insure About That?

Andrew and Vieves review a crop of recent ads that have them feeling the full spectrum of human emotions, and predictably, there are a lot of insurance commercials in the mix. Plus, an astute Ad Counc

nils to pay bills
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#410 The NILs to Pay the Bills

Andrew and Vieves look at ads that are venturing into the new frontier of licensing in college athletics. Who says you can’t shoot a commercial for Irish nachos in under an hour? A

ads incredible
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#409 Ads Incredible!

A late night viewing of an American TV classic with original ads proves to be a priceless snapshot of early 80s commercials that sends Andrew and Vieves on a full-blown nostalgia trip. From weird alt

you can myth me that
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#408 You Can Myth Me With That

Andrew and Vieves look at commercials that invoke the very gods themselves to sell yogurt, luxury cars and tax prep. Plus, the Ad Council provides all the gory details about the Van Damme Go Daddy cam

lets make heel
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#407 Let’s Make a Heel

Andrew and Vieves consider commercials that rely on the dubious acting chops of professional wrestlers to sell everything from candy bars to canned pasta. Plus, a lottery commercial gets a little too

roof purchase
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#406 Roof of Purchase

A clever slogan sends Andrew on a mission to see if Vieves can tell real roofing wordplay from the made-up slogans. Plus, grocery store ads from the 90s were really their own thing, and Andrew tries t

buy low sell spy
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#405 Buy Low, Sell Spy

Corporate espionage takes on a whole different meaning when Andrew and Vieves look at ads that rely on the well-worn tropes of secret agents and spycraft. Plus, the future of vitamin purchasing has co

neighbor pains
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#404 Neighbor Pains

From overstaying their welcome to seeking out a surrogate parent, the neighbor’s kid is a rich vein of commercial comedy. Andrew and Vieves look at ads that rely on the boy or girl next door to make t

crime fashion
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#403 Crime of Fashion

Using the catwalk to sell clothes might be old hat, but Vieves and Andrew look at ads that send everything from gummy vitamins to cheeseburgers down the runway in search of a sale. Plus, a drug compan

faster pussycat shill shill
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#402 Faster Pussycat! Shill! Shill!

Andrew and Vieves feel the need for speed this week in a look at commercials predicated on the promise of time savings. Plus, a 90s internet company makes a bold claim, and an Ad Councilor recognizes

doggy swag
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#401 Doggy Swag

Vieves tests Andrew’s knowledge of Snoop Dogg’s wide-ranging sponsorship empire to find out just how well he really knows the Doggfather. Plus, the city of Reno was once reduced to abducting Seattlite

four sale
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#400 Four Sale

When the show’s 400th episode converges with the 4th of July holiday, the numerological portents are too significant for Andrew and Vieves to ignore. one Ad Councilor i

whats so funny bout peace love and
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#399 What’s So Funny bout Peace, Love and

Andrew and Vieves look at ads that rely on the time-honored device of comedic Plus, a Sweeps Week gambit of yesteryear is still spicy as hell, and a classic candy ad just keeps on g

test time
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#398 The Test of Time

Andrew and Vieves journey through commercial history with a creatively repurposed quiz. Plus a 90s steakhouse commercial is too scary to sell surf and turf, and the Ad Councilors continue to have prob

funny business
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#397 Funny Business

Andrew and Vieves rely on their executive functions to consider commercials that are set in corporate boardrooms. Plus, Disney has some harsh words for a soulless entertainment company, and the Ad Cou

commander in beef
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#396 Commander in Beef

Andrew and Vieves consider whether our brawniest celebrities also have the brains to sell milk, dog food and Mountain Dew. They also consider what it would take to get them inside a local Jack In the

stars they just like trucks
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#395 Stars, They Just Like Trucks

Despite the mind-numbing sameness of car and truck ad copy, Andrew injects some fun into the genre with a quiz on the gravel-voiced celebrities who perform them. Plus. a vintage milk commercial sparks

tv pre upfront announcements fall schedules what im streaming tv rewind
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TV389 – Pre-Upfront Announcements and Fall Schedules, What I’m Streaming – TV Rewind
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TV389 – Pre-Upfront Announcements and Fall Schedules, What I’m Streaming – TV Rewind

stress guest
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#394 Stress Guest

Appropriately enough, guest producer Mike puts together an episode all about the anxiety caused by unexpected guests. Plus, Andrew and Vieves may once again be the victims of an

weve got problems
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#393 We’ve Got Problems

Adventures in suburban wildlife inspire Andrew and Vieves to invent a game based on a popular commercial campaign. Plus, a cadre of 90s appliance salesmen accidentally strikes comedy gold, and poor Te

she branded me science
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#392 She Branded Me With Science

Andrew and Vieves look at ads that rely on science (or “science”) to make their case. They also wipe some major egg off their faces (and bald spots) after last week’s show. And a big time podcast goes

rhyme bandits
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#391 Rhyme Bandits

The persuasive power of rhyme has Andrew and Vieves looking at commercials that put in the time to make it rhyme. Plus, a 90s camera commercial has Andrew wondering what he’s missing, and a bit player

tvr news catch up what im watching tv rewind
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TVR388 – News Catch-Up, What I’m Watching – TV Rewind
♪ mp3 m3u

TVR388 – News Catch-Up, What I’m Watching – TV Rewind

i love you just way you bar
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#390 I Love You Just The Way You Bar

Andrew and Vieves examine commercials that feature bartenders in their natural habitat while reflecting on the many excellent bartenders they have known. Plus a candy company gets horny enough to scan

pants raves
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#389 Pants and Raves

Andrew and Vieves look at a collection of ads that have mostly tickled their fancy (and one that ticked them off), including a bathroom dance number for the ages and grudging respect for a retail behe

big fang theory
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#388 The Big Fang Theory

The upcoming release of Renfield means Andrew and Vieves have bloodsuckers on the brain, and it seems that there’s really nothing that vampires can’t sell. Plus, Shaq’s mom got game (or a talented pro

multiversed case scenarios
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#387 Multiversed Case Scenarios

Andrew and Vieves look at commercials that rely on alternate dimensions, parallel universes and augmented realities to sell soda pop, potato chips and foreign cars. Plus, a new campaign featuring two

springs sales event
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#386 Springs Sales Event

Andrew and Vieves have a case of spring fever from looking at commercials that go boing in the night. Plus, Newt Gingrich tries to take away seniors’ Medicare, and Vieves ponders a car token heist.Her

uncle bucks
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#385 Uncle Bucks

Vieves and Andrew look at commercials that feature aunts and uncles and all the attendant stereotypes that entails. Plus, Peter Gabriel grudgingly welcomes the Disney public into his “

mappy endings
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#384 Mappy Endings

Andrew decides to produce a show about commercials that feature maps and also commercials that don’t feature maps! Plus, a baseball man is adorable, and Vieves falls down a Teri Garr and Dean Winters

for whom bell sold
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#383 For Whom the Bell Sold

Vieves is intrigued by Kristen Bell’s newest commercials, leading her and Andrew to explore the masterclass in branding that is Kristen’s advertising career. Plus, a car safety engineer gets his day i

never vending story
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#382 The Never Vending Story

A late night viewing of an American TV classic with original ads proves to be a priceless snapshot of early 80s commercials that sends Andrew and Vieves on a full-blown nostalgia trip. From weird alt3


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