encore waco day
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Encore: Waco | Day 51 | 6

The Branch Davidians prepare to surrender. But their plan unravels when they face the FBI, which is under intense pressure to get quick results.Please Support us by supporting our Jour

troubadour mark leonard
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The Troubadour (Mark Leonard)

A former exotic dancer and his girlfriend are questioned when a house explodes in the Richmond Hill subdivision in Indianapolis. Prelude: A massive explosion in downtown Richmond, Indiana, kills 41 pe

e sleep zoo big gay bathroom
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E282 A Sleep Zoo and a Big Gay Bathroom

It's episode 282, a perfectly chaotic episode, and let's just not reject Em in their own gay bathroom, OK? First Em covers the Maringa Abduction aka the AGRIPO Experiment. Then, she made Xiinön and sh

relaxed fit mythological sex beasts
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Relaxed Fit: Mythological Sex Beasts

Over the centuries there's been countless sightings of unknown creatures spotted all around the world... amongst these unexplainable sightings lie a particularly sexy category of creature... Mythologi

listener stories vol
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Listener Stories: Vol. 69

Are we holding a grudge against July? Maybe! Can Leona sense Em's sandwich vibes from across the country? Definitely! Has Evil Eva redeemed herself from her month full of scorpios? We'll see! What we

side stories ragdoll husband
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Side Stories: The Ragdoll Husband

Ben 'n' Henry bringyou this week's weirdest true crime stories including the woman who married a ragdoll and claims to have conceivedit's child, Jeremy Corbell'snew UFO footage, a South African nightc

encore waco broken promises
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Encore: Waco | Broken Promises | 5

The Branch Davidians remain locked in a tense standoff with the federal government. And with the FBI now in charge, negotiators try to secure a peaceful surrender. But the FBI—and the Davidians—face a

episode picture perfect murder harry uzoka
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Episode 247: Picture Perfect Murder: Harry Uzoka

Harry Uzoka was a rising star who’d broken into the world of high-end modeling against all odds.But another model envious of his success began a rivalry which lead to a violent showdown that no one sa

e gossip corner dinner trap facts served up on celery dish
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E281 A Gossip Corner Dinner Trap and Facts Served Up on a Celery Dish

It's episode 281 and celery vases are so out but celery plates are in! First Em dishes it out with their story on the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May, adding a personal twist as well as a deep dive i

episode leopold loeb part iii what about birds
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Episode 497: Leopold and Loeb Part III - What About The Birds?

To conclude the story of Leopold and Loeb, the boys discuss the murder trial and we learn how, with the help of Darrow a.k.a. The Attorney of the Damned, the murderous duo was able

episode sailors teeth
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Episode 191: The Sailor's Teeth

In 1982, forensic dentists examined the teeth of thousands of sailors stationed on an aircraft carrier called the USS Carl Vinson in Newport News, Virginia. It’s been called “the largest dental dragne

side stories rise frog army
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Side Stories: Rise of the Frog Army

Ben 'n' Henry bringyou this week's weirdest true crime stories including the hunt for the Australian Master of Disguise, Bill Clinton talkin' Area 51, Bloody Chairs on Amazon, TikTok user Thinfrog'sma

encore waco raid
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Encore: Waco | The Raid | 4

The federal government prepares for a raid at Mount Carmel. But a chance encounter eliminates the element of surprise—and sets the course for a massive battle between federal forces and David Koresh's

perfect trigger remington arms
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The Perfect Trigger (Remington Arms)

America's oldest gun manufacturer denies that its most popular product is defective and dangerous. Prelude: A deadly toy gun is recalled by Family

episode real life heroes foiled deanza college shooting
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Episode 246: Real Life Heroes: The Foiled DeAnza College Shooting

In light of the ongoing tragedies of frequent mass shootings in America, I’ve decided to make this week’s episode one of hope and heroism.In this story, a young girl becomes an unlikely hero when she

e emothy phantom walt disney ghosts
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E280 Emothy Phantom and the Walt Disney of Ghosts

An exorcist, a medium and a priest walk into a bar... it's episode 280 and we've got the paranormal goods for ya! This week, Em dives back into their story on the Becker family and the first televised

episode leopold loeb part ii spirit adventure
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Episode 496: Leopold and Loeb Part II - A Spirit of Adventure

In part two of the story of Leopold and Loeb, news of the dead boy's body begins to circulate and we learn how a simple pair of tortoise shell eyeglasses would seal the fate of the villainous duo.

side stories near death by chocolate
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Side Stories: Near Death By Chocolate

Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's true crime stories including two M&M's factory workers rescued after falling into a vat of melted chocolate, the story of Nancy Brophy - the romance author who may

encore waco ranch apocalypse
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Encore: Waco | Ranch Apocalypse | 3

The Branch Davidians are accused of child abuse and stashing illegal firearms. With a federal investigation now underway, paranoia grows at Mount Carmel. And a government raid appears

episode madman in woods life next door to unabomber author jamie gehring
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Episode 245: Madman in the Woods: Life Next Door to the Unabomber with Author Jamie Gehring

In 1996, the longest and most expensive investigation in the FBI’s history was successfully solved when Theodore Kaczynski was identified as “The Unabomber” 18 years after he began building and planti

e burnt microphones hauntland
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E279 Burnt Microphones and the Hauntland

No AC? No worries! This week, in episode 279, the ghosts will keep you cold. Today Em brings us the tale of the Becker family haunting aka the first televised exorcism. Then Christine covers a big one

episode leopold loeb part i bermensch
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Episode 495: Leopold and Loeb Part I - The Übermensch

This week the boys delve into one of the most notorious tales in true crime history, the story of Leopold and Loeb,two wealthy students from the University of Chicago who formulated a haphazard plan t

episode day in day out
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Episode 190: Day In, Day Out

When Laura Coates decided to become a prosecutor in Washington, D.C., she was told that the job would be “human misery.” She says she remembers thinking, “If there's one person in the justice system w

side stories phantom hums
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Side Stories: Phantom Hums

Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week’s side-iest of stories: a Family Update, French Nightclub Needle Attacks, a bottomless Restaurant Window Smasher in Queens, the Mystery of Phantom Hum

encore waco betrayal
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Encore: Waco | The Betrayal | 2

Vernon Howell faces criminal charges in court. And soon, his followers begin to turn against him—fueling his paranoia, and setting the stage for his fateful standoff against the U.S.

episode picture perfect murder beauty queen killer
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Episode 244: Picture Perfect Murder: The Beauty Queen Killer

Christopher Wilder posed as a photographer to lure beautiful young women with the promise of modeling work.Those who take him up on his offer - and even those that didn’t - found themselves victims of

wondery presents persona french deception
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Wondery Presents Persona: The French Deception

Introducing the true crime podcast Persona: The French Deception— the story of Gilbert Chikli, one of the greatest con artists of all time.What does it feel like to pick up the phone and scam someone

crusader nicholas alahverdian
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The Crusader (Nicholas Alahverdian)

The untimely death of an outspoken advocate for foster children reveals his despicable double life. Prelude: A tragedy occurs after a woman in Rhode Island adopts eight children with developmental iss

e birthday demon lunar lemon
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E278 A Birthday Demon and a Lunar Lemon

It's our birthday episode and Christine's podcast room might be turning into Jumanji?! Please hold for Blaise to come save us from multiple bugs. First Em covers a ghost story with a feminist twist, A

encore waco new messiah
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Encore: Waco | The New Messiah | 1

In 1993, a massive conflict erupts in rural Texas. The federal government launches a siege against the Branch Davidians, a religious group based in the outskirts of Waco. What follows is the longest f

episode nannie doss worst babysitter all time
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Episode 494: Nannie Doss - The Worst Babysitter of All Time

This week the boys are back and were talking about one of the most prolific black widow killers of the early 20th century, Nannie Doss aka The Giggling Granny, who in her lifelong pursuit for true r

side stories chinese zodiac killer
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Side Stories: Chinese Zodiac Killer

It's episode 282, a perfectly chaotic episode, and let's just not reject Em in their own gay bathroom, OK? First Em covers the Maringa Abduction aka the AGRIPO Experiment. Then, she made Xiinön and sh3


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