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Wondery Presents: Secret Sauce

In Wondery’s newest series, Secret Sauce, hosts John Frye and Sam Donner explore the stories and successes behind some of the most inspiring businesses, creative innovators and intrepid entrepreneurs.

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The Red Scare | The Power of Fear | 5

Joseph McCarthy was one of the most consequential politicians in American history. He upended Washington, and even influenced foreign policy for years to come. In this interview, Lindsay chats with La

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Episode 201: Artful Crimes, Volume 2: The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer

A contemporary artist is murdered in broad daylight in Washington D.C. Conspiracy theories about who was responsible begin to swirl after her close connection to John F. Kennedy is revealed. Resources

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MFM Minisode 222

This week’s hometowns include a Night Stalker story and an earthquake tale.See for privacy information.

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E218 A Skeleton's Waiting Room and Christine's New Screen Name

Is that the voice of the wise owl in the woods? Is it the ghost of a grandma who wants to cremate her cares? Or is it Chrisitne in her old elementary school play costume trying to infiltrate a secret

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61: The Atheist (Madalyn Murray O'Hair)

An infamous First Amendment activist becomes the most hated woman in America then mysteriously The of prayer in public schools is challenged in

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Episode 162: I Fought the Law

The song “I Fought the Law” by the Bobby Fuller Four reached number 9 on the Billboard Charts in the week of March 12, 1966. Just months later, Bobby Fuller was found dead. The mystery of what happene

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269 - Big Hot C'mon

On this week's episode, Karen and Georgia cover spontaneous human combustion and the Paris Is Burning murders.See for privacy information.

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The Red Scare | McCarthy on Trial | 4

Accusations emerge that Joseph McCarthy blackmailed the military. He faces investigations in the Senate, and a potentially devastating outcome. Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes

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MFM Minisode 221

This week’s hometowns include an explosion story and a school murder.See for privacy information.

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E217 A Mantis Manifesto and a Serial Killer's Dentist

If you see a praying mantis while listening to this episode, cover it's ears! Because this week in episode 217, Em takes us on a deep and disturbing dive into the world of praying mantis aliens (segoo

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163 - We're Back!

In Episode 163 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, the guys get back in the studio and let you know what they've been up to all this time.News Sources:Where we've been for the 10 mont

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268 - All-Stars of 7th Grade

On this week’s episode, Karen and Georgia cover The Poet of Wichita and the true story of the Cocaine Bear.’See for privacy information.

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Listener Stories: Vol. 54

Does this melodious voice sound familiar? Maybe even like it was cursed by a witch in order to achieve paranormal radio stardom? That's right, we have the one and only Terry Carnation from Dark Air as

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The Red Scare | Fighting an Army | 3

Joseph McCarthy searches for communist infiltrators in the U.S. government. He lands on a big target, one that earns him a formidable enemy.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad f

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MFM Minisode 220

This week’s hometowns include a nudist colony and a bathroom mirror design update.See for privacy information.


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