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How Travis Jamison Went from an 8-Figure Exit to Starting an Online Investing Community wit

We had Travis Jamison back on the podcast recently to talk about Investing.io. We cover Travis's 13-year background, which includes: Ecommerce companies An SEO agency A domain flipping

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How Rich Howard 301 Redirected His Way To 140,000 In Organic Traffic!

It's great to have Richmond Howard on the podcast this week. Rich has found a way to successfully grow his niche sites all while working full time as a pastor, studying for a master's degree, and bein

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How Travis Jamison Went from an 8-Figure Exit to Starting an Online Investing Community wit On March 11th, 2011 I quit the corporate world and I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. Quitting my job was scary.
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How I Quit My Job Building Micro Niche Sites 10 Years Ago! Online Business Lessons Learned

On March 11th, 2011 I quit the corporate world and I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. Quitting my job was scary.

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The $6 million Affiliate Site Exit! How Larry Ludwig Used SEO to Grow and Sell InvestorJunk

I'm excited to have Larry Ludwig on the podcast! Larry has been building websites for decades. He was doing web development and web hosting in the 90s. However, he eventually started building his own

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How Gharav Dhir Scaled a Website from $70 to $6,000 a Month in Just 10 Months

How would you like to buy a site making $70 a month and then 10 months later its making $6,000 a month? Well, that's the exact story we are going to tell with Gharav Dhir. Gharav has been building nic

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How Colin Ma Sold 2 Affiliate Sites for Six Figures in a Single Year

I'm excited to have Colin Ma on the podcast! I've known Colin for a couple of years and actually had the pleasure of meeting him in person a few years ago at a conference. Colin has been building nich

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How Yoyao Shea Bought and Quickly Grew a Content Website from $20 to $6,800 a Month in 6 Mo

Yoyao Shea bought a site for just $2,000 in mid-2020. The site was making less than $100 a month. After about 7 months, the site was making $6,800 a month! He also bought a second website around the s

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EFP 213: After The Exit

With stocks, you could be looking at a 10-12% ROI, whereas with websites you could be looking at 100% returns This is just one of the many golden nuggets you'll hear from this episod

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SEO since 1999?! Learn Steve Wiideman's SEO Strategies for eCommerce and Affiliate Marketin

Today, I'm excited to share with you an interview I did with Steve Wiideman from Wiideman.com. Steve has been in the SEO industry since 1999...a dinosaur in internet years! His first job out of colleg

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4 Unique Link Building Strategies Using Email Outreach with Jeff Oxford

Jeff Oxford is the founder of Link Hunter and has been in the SEO industry since 2010. He shares 4 really unique link building strategies that get results. Listen in to hear Jeff's story and to get so

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How to Perform SEO Tests with Matt Diggity

How can you know when you make a change to your website that it’s not hurting your rankings in Google? Well, you can set up SEO tests. Today, I’m excited to share my recent interview with Matt Diggity

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How Azedine Djedid Used Aged Domains from ODYS Global to Grow a Site to 13,000 Visitors a D

Listen in to hear how Azedine Djedid tested out multiple aged domain services and why he now only buys through ODYS Global. Azendine was able to start a new site with an aged domain and grow it quickl

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How Saud Juman Used the Creative Well and Content Marketing to Start, Grow, and Exit Policy

How do you constantly come up with good ideas? How can you know what direction you should go in your business when you have a busy schedule and very little time to just think? In my interview today wi

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How to Analyze Links from Agencies Before You Buy: Interview with Sujan Surkar from One Lit

One Little Web is a SEO & content services owned by Sujan Sarker. Today, I'm sharing an interview that I recently did with Sujan. As you know, backlinks can be a big help to your sit

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EFP 212: Introducing EF Capital

The industry of online businesses is still a growing niche. We hear a lot of people who want a piece of this pie as well. Joe and I are joined by Mike Vranjkovic to explain what the EF Capital program

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Why Tom Drake is Deleting 1,000s of Blog Posts: SEO Strategies + How to Revive Old Blogs

Why is updating website and content auditing popular right now? Well, 10 years ago, people didn't need to audit their websites. It wasn't a thing. Generally speaking, websites we're pretty new. Now th


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