2 Reasons Why Bitcoin May Hit $20,000 in 2020

The market is serving more bullish narratives for 2020, many of them predicting the Bitcoin rate to close above its historical high of $20,000. Let’s take a look at 2 reasons that could send Bitcoin t


Bitcoin Fund Now Allows 300k Australians to Invest

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has granted approval for Raiz to offer its Bitcoin investment retail fund. Raiz can now go ahead with its planned launch of the product before the e


A Tesla Becomes a Full Bitcoin Node

Some Bitcoin fans have used a Tesla’s onboard computer system to turn the electric vehicle into a Bitcoin full node. As unlikely as it sounds, the attempt was actually successful, and its success was


Tom Lee Calls For 100% Bitcoin Returns

Lee claims that Bitcoin will shine largely in part to increase geopolitical risk, notably a potential war looming between the US and Iran, and the fact that nearly all global economies are hanging by


Putin Causes Russian Cabinet to Resign, Bitcoin Prices Spike

Russin President Putin has proposed constitutional changes that would allow more power to shift to the State Duma. Skeptics viewed this move as Putin’s bid to extend his twenty year run as both Presid


Analyst Believes Bitcoin is Primed for Massive Gains

2020 has been a great year for Bitcoin so far, with Bitcoin climbing significantly from its year to date low of $6.800. Bitcoin’s bullish price seems to confirm one prominent analyst’s belief that Bit


Is Bitcoin Is Becoming More Valuable to Iranians?

The overall value of Bitcoin is already up by around fifteen percent this year, but since President Trump recently down played the situation in Iran, saying that the Middle Eastern power is ready to s


A Rapper Accepts Bitcoin Payments and HODLs

Rapper Zuby announced earlier that he not only accepts Bitcoin payments, but that he doesn’t intend to convert them immediately to fiat currency. Demonstrating that he has at least done a little homew


10M Bitcoins Haven’t Moved in More Than a Year

About 10.7 million bitcoin haven’t moved in more than 12 months, according to Digital Assets Data. Considering that the total number of Bitcoin in circulation is 18.14 million, this means nearly 60% o


Litecoin's Miner Capitulation Great News for Bitcoin

Noted statistician Willy Woo has forecast Bitcoin could have its bull market induced by Litecoin as the Litecoin enters a bullish renaissance. ✅MY WEBSITES ✅ ► ►


Millennials to Inherit $70 Trillion From Boomers

With Boomers now set to retire in mass, those more sympathetic to Bitcoin will have more options than ever to invest in it. In total, Coinshares suggests, over 68 trillion dollars will transfer to Gen


How Bitcoin in 2019 by Rising 85%

2019 was only really positive for a handful of digital assets, namely bitcoin. While it ended up 85% for the year, it was the worst positive year on record which could be a sign that things are slowin


Bitcoin Nodes Exceed that of Ethereum’s by Thousands

According to Trustnodes the Ethereum network was the largest when it came to the number of nodes, and the blockchain dominated the industry in terms of size. However, the number started falling in 201


Bitcoins Hash Rate Now 7x The Size It Was During 2017 ATH

As pointed out in a tweet by the trader known only as Rhythm, the hash rate currently securing the Bitcoin network is almost seven times as large as it was during Bitcoins all time high price. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬


Start 2020 with Proof of Keys Day

The crypto sector is preparing for the second Proof of Keys day on January 3rd, 2020. The idea of Proof of Keys day is to withdraw your funds from exchanges to a wallet where your private key is fully


Ethereum Co-founder Sold 90,000 ETH

Ethereum co founder Jeff Wilcke admitted he has sold 90,000 ETH. The transfer, which carried the large stash of ETH to the Kraken exchange, sparked fears the coin may slide in the coming days, erasing


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