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truecrime sub of the day


Episode 378: Mormonism Part I - When You’re Here You’re Family

On this, the first part of our gigantic series on Mormonism, we cover the early life of its founder, Joseph Smith, including his early career as a grave robber and his first revelations involving God,


E082 - Listener Quickie: Nebraska Nudist

In Episode 82 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Nebraska woman channels her inner Florida Man and removes her outer clothing. News Sources: Topless Woman Hits Officer In The Face During Disturbance 1011n


183 - Here We Back Are

Karen and Georgia cover Jacob Wetterling and the Mothman legend & Silver Bridge collapse.


Side Stories: Epstein

Ben 'n' Henry break down this week's true crime news: Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide, and TV Santa gifts the world televisions.

space sub of the day


Recycling Water and Air

Laura Shaw, the International Space Station Program Lead for Exploration Life Support Systems, discusses the systems on the station that create a livable and comfortable space for astronauts and cosmo


549-Weirdest Star

Recently the Kepler Spacecraft found that a catalogue star HD 139139 now nicknamed the Random Transiter had 28 apparently random sharp narrow dips in brightness in only 87 days. What it is remains a


37E-49-Earth Approaching Wannabees

During a recent 6 night observing run with the NASA funded Catalina Sky Survey 60 inch telescope on Mt. Lemmon, I found 29 Earth Approaching Asteroid candidates. With further observations, sixteen of


Episode 223: DOWNLINK--Ella Atkins

Ella Atkins is an aerospace engineering professor who has a rich history studying and designing automated systems in space and in the air.

occult sub of the day


22.07 – MU Podcast

An astronomer has no business believing in UFOs but sometimes they have no choice. Especially when the phenomenon so blatantly shows itself. This is exactly what happened to Marian Rudnyk on a fateful


LOFW #25: Lust and 6 other Sins signs of Low Self Esteem

Lectures of Fallen Wisdom #25: 7 DeadlySins all SymptomsofLow Self EsteemThey are;pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth (or chastity,c


WT: Batteries!

The Groundhogs Day effects of news feeds and being locked in a content cage. Would you sign up for a radical blue pill escapism lifestyle? A new competitor in the reusable rocketry gam


136. Bob Frissell in “Strikes & Gutters, Ups & Downs” // Redefining Humanity, Breath Alchem

Bob Frissell is the author of, among other things, “Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are”, which was just re-released with a 25th anniversary edition. Bob’s work is something

crypto sub of the day


Tales from the Crypt #91: Tuur Demeester

Join Marty as he sits down with Tuur Demeester, Founder of Adamant Capital, to discuss Tuur's journey to Bitcoin, the founding of Adamant Research then Adamant Capital, how to leverage Bitcoin to shor


Ep. 3 of The Weekly Fire

What’s burning, CryptNation? In The Weekly Fire, Bryce and PizzaMind recap the most important events of the week, and give you a piece of their mind. As always, we cover this week’s hottest topics, cr


Ep. 77 | Coinbase ban ZCash, NZ allow salary paid in crypto and DeFi deep dive!

This week in the news: - Coinbase ban UK citizens from purchasing, holding or selling ZCash. Has the UK government has taken a dim view to privacy coins? - You can now get paid your salary in Bitcoin


Mike Slagh, Navy Veteran and CEO of Shift.org: Military Veterans and the Economy

Mike Slagh is a military veteran and the CEO of Shift.org, a company powering successful career shifts for veterans. In this conversation, Mike and Anthony Pompliano discuss how Shift is disrupting th

futurology sub of the day


AIAP: China's AI Superpower Dream with Jeffrey Ding

In July 2017, The State Council of China released the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.This policy outlines China’s strategy to build a domestic AI industry worth nearly US$150


135. AJ Jacobs on Happiness, Helping Tim Ferriss and Answering the Age Old Question of Reli

AJ is an author, journalist, lecturer and human guinea pig and at Esquire. He has written four New York Times bestsellers, including Thanks a Thousand--the secret to


Cory Doctorow on Walkaway: This will all be so great if we don’t screw it up

Cory Doctorow is probably my all time most favorite science fiction writer. The reason for that is simple – Doctorow is not only a great story-teller but also an activist. To paraphrase Karl Mar


134. Augmented Reality, Automation and Life After Move Fast and Break Things | Galit Ariel

Galit is a creative and strategic thinker and self-defined Digital Hippie, very focused on augmented reality and experiential tech. Her book Augmenting Alice – The