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truecrime sub of the day


The Family Business (Doug Pielsticker)

A successful trucking company is destroyed after it is inherited by the boss' greedy son. Prelude: Hundreds of Falcon Transport employees are blindsided by the company's sudden closure. Support the sh


141: Alligator Neck Looping and A Casual Last Minute Seance

Remember to wear your motion sickness bracelets this week because our stories are full of twists and turns! Christine is currently buying souvenirs for Em in Canada so we're bringing you one of our fa


Episode 124: A Bucket, a Mop, and a Sledgehammer

After a crime occurs, or when someone dies, the police aren’t responsible for cleaning up. That’s not their job. The coroner takes the body, the police conduct their investigation, and then everyone l


E098 - Listener Quickie: Drunken Dragon-napper

In Episode 97 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Joel and Phil discuss a Maryland man who became a dragon thief. Thanks to listener Roxanne for sending us this story. News Sources:

space sub of the day


This Week @NASA, October 11, 2019

Power Upgrade Spacewalks Outside the Space Station, Administrator Bridenstine Checks Out Commercial Crew Progress ...


557-Back On The Sky

In the American southwest we welcome the Monsoon rainy season during which the Earth receives much needed moisture. However, after six weeks of clouds, thunder, rain, hail, and lightning asteroid hunt


'The Invisible Network' Podcast - 2019 Interns

Every summer, fresh faces flood NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. They are the interns. Each new face comes with an idea to share — a contribution to make to the agency. Space Communications and Nav

Season Two, Episode 1 - The Sky Is Falling On February 15, 2003, the sky exploded in Russia.

Season Two, Episode 1 - The Sky Is Falling

On February 15, 2003, the sky exploded in Russia.

occult sub of the day


Ep090: Hazel Mandala

Hazel Mandala on inspiration from natural architecture, gateways into the mind, traveling to sacred sites, personal mandalic art, and in the exclusive extension for patrons, ancient Earth maps and dee


RAW 15: Nichole Hamilton on the Current State of the Horror Genre // Jordan Peele, Ari Aste

Nichole Hamilton is the mind and voice behind the Chiaroscuro Horror blog and podcast. She joins the show to rap about the current state of the horror genre, including riffing on the rise of writer-di


22.15 – MU Podcast

Venturing into the remote jungles of the Amazon, a small group of friends seek out the secret of a fabled hallucinogenic substance yet they something ever more surreal and reality shattering. Ancient


WT: Skid Mars

Boston Dynamics released an ad for their new Spot robot. Is the Spot (or the Spot spot) any good? generated 100,000 free-to-use stock model. A radical new idea for microbiology on Mar

crypto sub of the day


Let's Talk Bitcoin! #416 - Why?

'œIt just keeps getting kicked up to the next level and at some point it'll be the dollar. That's the last thing that got us out of the last emergency and then people will finally realize they g


Bitcoin, Finance & Global News - Market Update October 13th 2019

In this week's cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, US, Trump, ECB, China, Hong Kong, Australia, currency wars, Libra, stock markets &


Ep. 85 | PayPal quits Libra, more Quadriga drama, Tether lawsuit and Sacramento Kings Crypt

This week in the news: - PayPal quit the Libra association citing their need to focus on their core business. - The potentially dead Quadriga CEO's widow pledges to use some of her estate to pay bac


Episode 208 - How is Gods Unchained standing up to China? What did the IRS just do for US I

Rapid Fire UNICEF launches crypto fund UNICEF can now receive, hold, and disperse donations of ether and bitcoin Funding open source technology benefiting children and young people

futurology sub of the day


151. Tackling Climate Change With Economic Incentives and Circular Economics | Andrew Winst

Andrew is the founder of Winston author of The Big Pivot and Green Recovery, and coauthored Green to Gold, the best-selling guide to what works — and what doesn


Not Cool Ep 13: Val Kapos on adaptation

What is adaptation, and why should we be implementing it? The thirteenth episode of Not Cool explores how we can conserve, restore, and manage natural ecosystems in ways that also help


AIAP: Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control with Stuart Russ

Stuart Russell is one of AI's true pioneers and has been at the forefront of the field for decades. His expertise and forward thinking have culminated in his newest work, Human Compatible: Artificial


150. Delivery Drones and Our Robot Future | Tessa Lau

Dr. Tessa Lau (@tessalau) is the founder and CEO of Dusty Robotics, a startup whose mission is to address construction industry labor shortages by introducing robotic automation on the