Poddl is a side-project that lets you organize podcast niches (called subpoddl) where you can listen to your favorite podcasts without an app, directly in your browser, tablet or phone.
Is is very easy to access the MP3 files by clicking on the thumbnail.
The original idea was to be a reddit for podcasts, and it complements a subreddit well if you are the moderator of a subreddit.
New: Each sub now has a m3u playlist corresponding to the subreddit of the same name. You can play this playlist with SMPlayer (better for videos) or VLC Media Player (better for still images).

Here is a selection of active subs:
16bits 3menandmicrophone 4minutecrypto agriculture amalfi anime arttalk audio audiodarkfiction audiodrama audiofiction basketball bbjmmapodcasts bigheadsmedia bitcoin bloomberg books brandnewview brandonmusclepowa brooklyn business celebritysexstories collapse comedy craftbeer creativelyexposed crypto cults darknet datascience digitalmarketing disciplinasalternativas dissociativeidentitydisorder distributeddialogues dramapod dramatic drones dsoy ennanbanpodcast entrepreneur environment faketruecrime fiction film finance fitness fodmap freexagentsmedia futurology gamedevelopment gameofthrones gardening golf gprojectpods graffiti guitar h2g2 hacking hangingwiththehomies heavyhitternetwork history holgersgeschichten intense interestingasfuck investing joerogan laagentertainment language leatherworking lgbtq lifehack linguistics medicine mentalhealth mma mongoteachespunk muchtalknetwork music name occult oldtimeradio paranormal personalfinance philosophy phonograph podcasting poddl podfixnetwork podiant politics potentiallypoliticsandindianfoodcost powercouplesrock powercouplesrockcommunity prison psychology revivedthoughts scams science scifi seattle seo sleep society space strangenews swishbros technology techreviews television teritruecrime thephotoshow thisillonlyhurtalittle traveling truecrime ufos urbanism websites welcometothedogspodcast whiskey wildlife woodworking wrestling yoga

Creating your own community (subpoddl) is free and easy.

Once signed up you can create your own community