jessica wilson talks about what we get wrong when we focus on weight replay
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Jessica Wilson talks about what we get wrong when we focus on weight [replay]

“Speaking directly to Black women and wanting Black women to know that their bodies are not the problem. The way that our bodies are treated and problematized and pathologized, we’re often taught that

alicia kennedy considers cultural history vegetarian cuisine
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Alicia Kennedy considers the cultural history of vegetarian cuisine

“I just wanted to provide context for folks because I do think that the conversation around plant-based food for the last eight years or so has been pushed toward a more corporate, vertical, lab meat,

farm bill isnt just about farming replay
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The farm bill isn’t just about farming [replay]

“In terms of what is being discussed right now, I would say the $1.2 trillion dollar elephant in the room is SNAP. And so, the 2023 Farm Bill is estimated to be the most expensive farm bill in US hist

make time for coffee
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Make time for coffee

“The goal with the collective is to bridge that gap–so then there is a lot more equity and a lot more opportunity. Because these coffees are incredible and most of the time when they’re coming from pe

a beehive contains multitudes
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A beehive contains multitudes

“So, I like to say that bees are just like us. So bees have a society, and they live in a built environment, [they have a] little house, just like we have a little house, and they communicate through

cakes by yenni turning passion into business replay
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Cakes by Yenni: turning a passion into a business [replay]

“She looked at my husband and she was like, Jennifer, translate what I’m about to say’ (she doesn’t speak English). She’s like, Tell Derek that I said to please start a website for you and help you sp

take them outside
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Take them outside

“For me it feels like we live in an age where you look on the news and it just feels like everything is going wrong. And so gardening feels like a small way we can have an actual, tangible, positive i

ftc try that in small town
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FTC Episode 261: Try That in a Small Town

“Try that in a small town.” That phrase and the lyrics to a song have caused quite a buzz in small towns and big cities alike. Is it much ado about nothing or is it a larger conversation about what’s

europas landsbygdspakt en kraftsamling fr vlmende landsbygder dr allt hnger iho
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#163 Europas landsbygdspakt - en kraftsamling för välmående landsbygder där allt hänger iho

År 2040 ska Europas landsbygder vara starkare, uppkopplade, och ännu mer välmående. För att nå den visionen lanserar EU nu en landsbygdspakt som olika aktörer kan ansluta sig till –

ftc where are land values headed is it time to buy or sell
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FTC Episode 260: Where are Land Values Headed? Is It Time To Buy or Sell?

Over the past few years we’ve continued to hear of farm land sales in many parts of the nation. Are higher interest rates and rising input prices putting a lid on the market, or is the

back to school farm to fork
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Back-to-school with farm-to-fork

“Society has gotten so far disconnected from where their food comes from, that if we can begin with the students, start with children, teaching them how to grow food, they will be much more interested

ftc how is us supreme court impacting way we farm
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FTC Episode 259: How is the U.S. Supreme Court Impacting the Way We Farm?

There have been several important ag issues finding their way to the U.S. Supreme Court recently. What do those rulings mean for farmers and ranchers? Whether it’s Waters of the U.S. or hog crates in

wet weather harvest recruiting retaining rural gps turning chicken manur
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02/08/23 Wet weather and harvest; recruiting and retaining rural GPs; turning chicken manur

Last month was the sixth wettest July on record according to the Met Office. But just how has the weather impacted farmers trying to harvest?Plus, the challenges of recruiting and retaining GPs in rur

wild camping on dartmoor community shops new tech
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01/08/23 Wild camping on Dartmoor; community shops; new tech

The Court of Appeal allows wild camping to come back to Dartmoor. How community shops can take place of village shops.And Anna discovers what a spornado is at a tech tent at the Norfolk Show.Presented

imported eggs up rural services in crisis sea temperature rises
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31/07/23 Imported eggs up, rural services in crisis, sea temperature rises

Imports of eggs are up 276%. The latest figures from the Government show that just under 7 million dozens of eggs were brought into the UK in May, giving that massive year-on-year increase. British eg

farming today this week panel debate from royal welsh show
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Farming Today This Week: Panel debate from the Royal Welsh Show

Anna Hill hosts a special panel debate on the subject of land use in Wales, in front of an audience at the Royal Welsh Show.Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Rhiannon Fitz-Gerald.

workforce crisis in forestry welsh food drink exports up edinburgh community
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28/07/23 Workforce crisis in forestry, Welsh food and drink exports up, Edinburgh community

Forestry industry leaders say a workforce crisis threatens the UK's ambitious tree-planting targets. Young people with a passion for the environment are being urged to train as foresters and told th

ftc can you define your bottom line may depend on it
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FTC Episode 258: Can You Define Your Bottom Line May Depend On It.

The word is used a lot these days. Some companies are even willing to pay you for using certain sustainable practices. This sometimes causes confusion in farm country as we try to kee

pies novels poetry replay
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Pies, novels, poetry and a podcast [replay]

“Preserved they don’t burn, the bitterness has been burning for years. When I livedin LA, I drank water pumped from Colorado. Lemonsfrom my grandmother’s tree—two orbs, turning in m

costs squeezing strawberry growers welsh language in agriculture last ammonia pl
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27/07/23 Costs squeezing strawberry growers, Welsh language in agriculture, last ammonia pl

Berry growers are warning that what they say is a lack of support from retailers will mean fewer British strawberries, raspberries and blueberries next year. Growers say that while prices for consumer

royal welsh show part
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26/07/23 - The Royal Welsh Show, Part 2

There are 7,000 livestock entries at this year's Royal Welsh Show - from rare breed sheep to huge commercial beef cattle. Anna Hill meets the farmers with a passion for showing their animals including

royal welsh show part
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25/07/23 - The Royal Welsh Show, Part 1

250,000 people are expected to attend this year's Royal Welsh Show. After several years of disruption because of the pandemic, the show is well and truly back.Anna Hill visits Builth Wells, to speak t

countryside stewardship application woes listening for earthworms farming issues
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24/07/23 Countryside Stewardship application woes; listening for earthworms; farming issues

Farmers say too many applications for environmental payments in England are being turned down.How listening instead of digging for earthworms could help farmers.As the Royal Welsh Show gets underway,

farming today this week government drops plans to add animal welfare to labels f
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22/07/23 Farming Today This Week: Government drops plans to add animal welfare to labels, f

Defra has dropped its plans add animal welfare to food labels. Farming and food industry figures say it’s just too complex to do, but others disagree.Good news for short snouted seahorses, the endange

how to build better local food system
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How to build a better local food system

“And that’s why we call it a food value chain.You know, it’s a supply chain but it’s based on the values that you have as far as how the land is treated, how people are treated, what kind of nutrition

animal welfare labelling on food packaging scottish co ops british tomatoes
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21/07/23 Animal welfare labelling on food packaging; Scottish co-ops; British tomatoes.

Defra drops its plans to consult on putting information about animal welfare on food labels.How daffodil bulbs grown in Scotland as part of a co-operative are sold globally.And what it's like to suppl

ftc how high can this cattle market go
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FTC Episode 257: How High Can This Cattle Market Go?

The cattle market is making all-time highs right now and some analysts believe it still has plenty of room to move higher. What’s driving the market? How long might it continue? Are the key drivers of

europes hot weather food production six more nature recovery projects small
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20/07/23 Europe's hot weather and food production; six more nature recovery projects; small

With temperatures reaching the 40s in some European countries, crop yields and quality look likely to suffer.Natural England and the government announce six new nature recovery projects.And what it's

fertiliser suppliers increased profits national adaptation programme gra
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19/07/23 Fertiliser suppliers and increased profits; the National Adaptation Programme; gra

Increased profits for companies supplying fertiliser in the UK.The government releases the third National Adaptation Plan for England,And what's it like to be part of a national co-operative for the g

fisheries management plans farm safety milk processing co operatives
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18/07/23 Fisheries management plans; farm safety; milk processing co-operatives

The government announces details of its Fisheries Management Plans.A North Yorkshire farmer who's also an A&E consultant shares his unique perspective on farming safety.What it's like to play a role i

bovine tb badgers farming co operatives vineyards
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17/07/23 Bovine TB and badgers; Farming co-operatives; Vineyards.

All week we're looking at co-operatives. They're a big part of farming networks on the continent, so are English and Welsh farmers missing out a trick?The rise and rise of English and Welsh wine. New

farming today this week great yorkshire show calls for rethink on beavers fai
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15/07/23 Farming Today This Week: Great Yorkshire Show, calls for a rethink on beavers, fai

“In terms of what is being discussed right now, I would say the $1.2 trillion dollar elephant in the room is SNAP. And so, the 2023 Farm Bill is estimated to be the most expensive farm bill in US hist3


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