government is too slow on its environmental ambitions says oep report lamma show
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18/01/24 Government is too slow on its environmental ambitions, says OEP report; LAMMA Show

The Government is doing too little, too slowly, to meet its own environmental ambitions and statutory commitments, according to a report published today. We hear from the Office for Environmental Prot

no reason to subsidise agriculture cuts to woodland creation in scotland methane
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16/01/24 No reason to subsidise agriculture? Cuts to woodland creation in Scotland. Methane

A member of the Welsh Senedd Mike Hedges suggests that subsidies for farmers could be used elsewhere. We hear reaction from farmers.The Scottish Government's admitted it won't be able to plant enough

cost flooding bluetongue meeting machinery week
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15/01/2024 Cost of flooding, bluetongue meeting, machinery week

The floodwater may have receded from much of the countryside - but now farmers are counting the cost. Over the past few months its been wet - and farmers across the country have been telling us what t

german farmer protests fairness in supply chain soy insects in animal feed
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13/01/24 German farmer protests; Fairness in supply chain; Soy and insects in animal feed;

Farmers in Germany have been protesting about plans to cut subsidies on diesel. The cuts were introduced to fix a budget row after the German's government's budget was ruled illegal. The proposal has

farm to fork education for elementary students
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Farm-to-fork education for elementary students

“Society has gotten so far disconnected from where their food comes from, that if we can begin with the students, start with children, teaching them how to grow food, they will be much more interested

footpaths soy in animal feed three generations female farmers
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12/01/24 Footpaths; Soy in animal feed; Three generations of female farmers.

Walkers in England and Wales are being blocked or obstructed in nearly 32,000 places - and face what access campaigners call 'a shocking and growing abuse and neglect of footpaths'. A BBC investigatio

insects for animal feed scientists behind research
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11/01/24 Insects for animal feed and the scientists behind the research

Behind the scenes at the Food and Environment Research Agency or FERA where scientists are researching ways of using insects as an alternative source of protein in animal feed. We find out what the cu

managing flood water starlings animal feed cost cheap food
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09/01/2024 Managing flood water; Starlings and animal feed; The cost of cheap food

As farmers contemplate thousands of hectares under water, the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology reports that Autumn rainfall, between September and November for the UK last year was 22% above averag

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The latest news about food, farming and the countryside

when library includes teaching kitchen community connections multiply
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When a library includes a teaching kitchen, community connections multiply

“When you think of literacy and you think of what does that mean and what are all the parts of it– think about reading a recipe. Think about measuring the ingredients. Think about learning how to cook

oxford farming conferences politics agri spin
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05/01/24 Oxford farming conferences: politics and agri-spin

From the Oxford Farming Conference, we hear from the Environment Secretary and his Labour shadow on food and farming in England.And from the Oxford Real Farming Conference, how big ag influences food

oxford farming conferences diversity food supply chains
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04/01/23 Oxford farming conferences: diversity and food supply chains

On the first day of the Oxford Farming Conference and the Oxford Real Farming Conference, we talk about problems in the food supply chain and diversity in by Charlotte Smith and prod

blind farmer wet weather new rules on bottling wine upland farmers
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03/01/24 Blind farmer; Wet weather; New rules on bottling wine; Upland farmers.

The Oxford Real Farming Conference and the Oxford Farming Conference take place this week. They attract hundreds of people, connected to farming, conservation and rural policy-making. This year, the O

girls studying agriculture decarbonising pork production tweed
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02/01/24 Girls studying agriculture, Decarbonising pork production, Tweed

Labour shortages have long been a problem for agricultural businesses, but there may be some light at the end of the tunnel - with an unexpected rise in the number of teenage girls opting for farming

pull plough
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30/12/2023 The Pull of the Plough

The art of ploughing the land and keeping a straight furrow has been a way of life in the British Isles for thousands of years, so much so that ploughing terms have become embedded in our language and

make pizza like proat home
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Make pizza like a pro–at home

“Double zero refers to the fineness of the grind–so it’s super fine because of that designation, which also helps make it be as smooth and glutenous as possible in the final dough. I buy it in these 5

rare white deer
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29/12/2023 - Rare White Deer

Deer specialist John Fletcher and his wife Nichola reflect on a life spent trying to educate the public on the merits of venison. Now working with a breeding herd of rare white-coloured red deer, they

middleton north from to
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28/12/2023 Middleton North. From 2023 to 1805.

Charlotte and Charlie Bennett are on a mission. Over the last four years they’ve been converting their ancient estate in Northumberland to how it would have been farmed in 1805. It’s all thanks to a l

welsh grand national
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27/12/2023 The Welsh Grand National

The Welsh Grand National is one of the biggest dates in the racing calendar and a favourite with those in rural communities. Many of its winners have gone on to success in the Aintree Grand National a

rainforest barge
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26/12/2023 - The Rainforest Barge

Saving the rainforest is great in principle - but what if to do it, you face driving a 10-mile road through the very forest you're trying to save? That was the dilemma facing at Loch

christmas trees
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25/12/23 - Christmas Trees

This year about eight million real Christmas trees have been sold in the UK. It’s impossible to imagine the festive season without the sight of a handsome Nordmann Fir or Norway Spruce covered in shin

farming today this week welsh scottish rural budget cuts dental deserts agr
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23/12/23 Farming Today This Week: Welsh and Scottish rural budget cuts, Dental deserts, Agr

Rural affairs budgets for next year are being cut by both the Scottish and Welsh governments. In Wales spending will fall by around 10% in comparison with this year's budget, while in Scotland agricul

winter holiday foods
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Winter holiday foods

“I love cookies. They’re hands-on, there’s a lot of technique involved in them, they’re really fun and easy to do with kids, they bake perfect for gift giving any time of year, and the

cuts to agriculture budgets in scotland wales archers comedy night oper
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21/12/23 Cuts to agriculture budgets in Scotland and Wales, The Archers' comedy night, Oper

Rural affairs budgets for next year are being cut by both the Scottish and Welsh governments. In Wales spending will fall by around 10% in comparison with this year's budget, while in Scotland agricul

rural dentists swede harvest mistletoe auction
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20/12/23 Rural dentists, swede harvest, mistletoe auction

The Nuffield Trust has published a damning report saying that NHS dentistry was in 'perilous decline' across England, particularly in rural and coastal areas, with many people struggling to enrol with

welsh magpie row christmas farm experience review into fresh produce sector
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18/12/23 Welsh magpie row, Christmas farm experience, review into fresh produce sector

Come the new year, it'll be an offence for farmers in Wales to kill or take a magpie. The change in the rules has been introduced after the bird moved onto the amber list of endangered birds, meaning

farming today this week dartmoor review community deer stalking rare breeds dr
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16/12/23 Farming Today This Week: Dartmoor review; Community deer stalking; Rare breeds; Dr

An independent review has told Natural England it needs to completely change the way it engages with farmers on Dartmoor. It also says more cattle are needed for conservation grazing to help tackle

making local food system that works for everyone
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Making a local food system that works for everyone

“And that’s why we call it a food value chain.You know, it’s a supply chain but it’s based on the values that you have as far as how the land is treated, how people are treated, what kind of nutrition

farmers concerns over by community deer stalking rare welsh pigs
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15/12/2023 Farmers' concerns over 30by30, community deer stalking, rare Welsh pigs

The Government launches its plan to protect 30% of land in England for the environment by 2030, but the NFU is concerned about the impact on farmers.A community deer-stalking scheme in Scotland could

dartmoor review winter veg small abattoir fund rare breeds farm
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14/12/2023 Dartmoor review; Winter veg; Small abattoir fund; Rare breeds farm

The government's published an independent review into the management of protected sites on Dartmoor. Earlier this year, there was an almost complete breakdown in the relationship between farmers and c

food farming at cop ecology out kilter suffolk punch horses
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13/12/23 Food and farming at COP28; Ecology out of kilter; Suffolk Punch horses

For the first time, agriculture and its impact on climate change, was on the official agenda at the COP28 Summit in Dubai, which has just ended. While much of the debate about the final statement from

bluetongue treetop nematodes rare breed sheep
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12/12/23 Bluetongue; Treetop nematodes; Rare breed sheep

The floodwater may have receded from much of the countryside - but now farmers are counting the cost. Over the past few months its been wet - and farmers across the country have been telling us what t3


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