31 - 97% Of The Dick

Is this podcast just an excuse for Bella to plug the nasty anime smut she's seen? No, definitely not. It's purely professional. This episode, Bella and Russell get into the current season, Case Closed



Em um futuro não tão distante, é onde nossos animes de Sci-fi favoritos se passam, sejam em naves, mechas, pela internet, o tema futurista é o carros chefes dos melhores animes desse episódio. Partici


Episode 104

Birthday Episode! In honor of 25 years of life, Mary and Thomas go back through the last 25 years of anime, starting from the year they were born to present day. It really puts things into perspective


Popcorn Pulse 104: Denzel Vu

Wouldn’t it be crazy if everything was a simulation and we were all just programs in it? Not really as it wouldn’t change your day to day goings on. Thankfully that’s not the question asked by the nin


200th Special! Meet the Hosts w/ Games and QA

 Episode 200:  Here is a fun special episode for you guys. Celebrating 200 episodes of the Anime Summit Podcast.  We talk about how we got into anime, where we are going from here, and


Episode 407 : A Spike in the Weather.

On tonight's show, new anime in the get a credit when you and on up, and we




AAA 473: Most Dangerous Kazuo

The Anime Addicts bring it back to where it all seemingly began, with a drinking game to the legendarily bad anime OVA, MD Geist 2: Death Force.We also conclude our impressions from the Spring 2019 se


Pauta Secreta #060 – O que vai acontecer em Wano – Pedrinhas

Hey!!! Não teve capítulo, mas dessa vez, resolvemos gravar um Pauta Extra =33 Nosso primeiro Pauta Secreta lendo comentários! Todo o conteúdo deste episódio foi criado por vocês! MUUUUITO obrigado a t


Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba Preview

With 2019s most generic anime title, Demon Slayer would probably have to exceed expectations to even garner a modicum of interest from an old jaded anime watcher. As both of us will probably be watchi


Strange Quirk For Anime Podcast 006 - Spring 2019 Draft Selections

Strange and Quirky select their top three picks from the Spring 2019 Draft selections and review the show W'z from the winter 2019 season. Special thanks to White Dave (@White_Dave) for providing our


Episode 570, “The TENacious OPP”

On this week’s episode ofThe One Piece Podcast we have Alex on the show to talk about our tenth anniversary and our upcoming trip to Japan! We are excited to announce our next adve


Manga Pulse 399: Jesus Ladies

Weltall and Tim, once again, can never seem to agree on the varying pronunciation of the term for comics depending on the source. There may be an official and sanctioned way to pronounce the subtle di



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そこあに「甲鉄城のカバネリ 海門決戦」特集 #583 海門決戦』特集です。

そこあに「甲鉄城のカバネリ 海門決戦」特集 #583



Literally Fan Service

After a lot of random rants about the state of anime service, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast take a moment to really dig deep on what it means to really service the fans of anime.Topics this


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