Episode 434 : Twenty Below.

On tonight's show, a follow up with the Nessa wig debacle, more Fruits Basket, ASMR Charmander to help you sleep, and Aoi Yuuki hands out a slap as a prize! Also, more Love Live! School Idol Project,


Best Anime of 2019 Deliberations Part 1

It’s finally time to close the book on the fantastic 2019 year of anime. Join the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast as they run through a 4 part deliberation series of podcast and give their take on


FLCL Alternative

Ace Comicals' Leon Everett returns for the third part of the FLCL trilogy – FLCL Alternative. Plus the Anime Ranking Game appears for the first time in ages.The post FLCL Alternative appeared fi


Pauta Secreta #087 – O Retorno de Oden – Capítulo 968

Heya \o Hoje temos um convidado aqui no Pauta! Matheus do All Blue veio agregar aqui na nossa conversa sobre o capítulo 968. É bem legal quando temos mais alguém para discutir o capítulo, vamos convid


Episode 376 : Schools in Session, Break it Down!

On show, grab  your schoolbooks, it's back to school time! But tonight, Detective  Conan to  go on a hiatus, dub cast for Osomatsu-san, Funimation picks  up the Dea


105 - IRS x Robot x Baby x Cupid [Hunter x Hunter 103 - 108]

Has the King met his match? Time to play board games forever to find out! Plus, Knov sets some portals - but at what cost? And Morel gets to have not one, but two Links!Website: getju


Episode 391 : Upgrades and Smooth Moves

On tonight's show... We discuss the Vic Mignogna issue, a rumored father and son project at Studio Ghibli, and Rumiko Takahashi wins a prestigious award! Netflix is at it again, with Resident Evil, up


Episode 604, “FehFehFeh Tale” (with @CrystalynH)

On this episode ofThe One Piece Podcast we have hostsZach,Ed & Steve on the show along with special Editor for Anime News Network), our Kelly and Patr


Episode 411 : It's It and That's That.

On tonight's show... A sad moment in Pokémon, with a plush! Also, is the anime industry in crisis mode? New visuals for Netflix's Ghost In The Shell, reveals for the Dr. STONE anime, and what is Yuasa

ガンプラジオ #206「最近の目標は?」

ガンプラジオ #206「最近の目標は?」




Episode 635: And The Award For Best Brother In Anime Goes To…

Feeling a dozen times better than he did last week, Joseph returns to bring you another episode of Anime Pulse. Joined as always by his faithful cohost, the two talk about their resolutions for 2020,


Fall 2019 Anime Season Review Part 2

The hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast continue their reviews for the Fall 2019 Anime Season with a list of mixed reviews. Some contenders of Anime of the Year, and some… not so much.Anime Reviewed i


ANNCast - Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Weathering Over Here

Zac and Lynzee tackle Makoto Shinkai's two biggest films - Your Name and Weathering With You, plus our favorite premieres of the Winter 2020 season and more!


Newscast #55 - 1/17/20

This week we talk about some DC movies, Doom Eternal, FE Three Houses DLC, and the new Smash Bros Ultimate chars.  In Anime news new phone games for Symphogear and Black Clover, some mangas endin


AAA 506: Flowing Robes and Magic Flutes

The Anime Addicts launch their Twitch Channel. Follow us at Anime Addicts launch their Twitch Channel. Follow us at Anime Addicts give their predictions


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