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Bitcoin v The Banks with Simon Dixon & Bill Barhydt - WBD334

Location: Remotely Date: Tuesday 13th April Company: Abra Role: Co-Founder, CEO The banking system is a regulated Ponzi scheme driven by leverage and debt with onerous rules and power

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Ep. 369 - The Power of Decentralized Real-time Data w/ Henri Pihkala from Streamr

In this episode of CRYPTO 101, brought to you by Bryce begins chatting with Henri Pihkala from Streamr about the industry landscape in Switzerland. But the real story is real-time da

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#534: MetaKovan on the Metaverse

MetaKovan is a blockchain entrepreneur, coder and angel investor. He holds one of the largest digital art and NFT collections in the world, including the winner of $69 million purchase

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Could Bitcoin Shatter $1,000,000 This Year?

Macro guru Raoul Pal is suggesting that a seven figure price tag on Bitcoin this bull run is not as unrealistic as investors might think. BITBLOCKBOOM The great Bitcoin Conference in Dallas, Texas Bit

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#565 ZUFALL?? BITCOIN ALL TIME HIGH & COINBASE IPO!! ► Hier gehts zum Blogpost: ► Hier kannst du ganz einfach DFI ► Wenn du Cash
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► Hier gehts zum Blogpost: ► Hier kannst du ganz einfach DFI ► Wenn du Cash

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#533: JP Richardson on Tokenizing His Equity

JP Richardson is the founder and CEO of Exodus, one of the most popular crypto applications and blockchain wallets.In this conversation, we discuss the idea of tokenizing equity, benefits to a corpora

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SLP267 Joe Burnett How Big Is The Market For Bitcoin?

Joe Burnett of Mimesis Capital joins me to talk about just how big the market for Bitcoin could really be. Hint: It might be bigger than just the market for gold. We talk through valuation in a post h

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Bitcoin Is Now Worth More Than Half Of the Entire US Banking System

The popular pseudonymous Bitcoin influencer DocumentingBTC compiled data from Bloomberg and the S&P and itshows 1,500 US banks boast a total market capitalization of $1.9 trillion, while Bitcoin alone

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Bitcoin Rehab: BitcoinTINA Yells at Everyone with American HODL & BitcoinTINA - WBD333

Location: Remotely Date: Sunday 11th April Company: N/A Role: N/A With bitcoin currently sat at ~$60,000 and looking likely to break its previous all-time highs, the bull market is in full swing. Afte

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#532: Zach Goldstein on Building The Best Pants

Zach Goldstein is the founder and CEO of Public Rec, which makes the most comfortable leisure apparel. He has an unique solo founder story and has now grown Public Rec into 8 figures in revenue annual

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What is Sound Money - Fight Night

CK and David discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum and what makes sound money Follow David Follow ck @ck_SNARKs

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Riot Blockchain Is Set To Acquire A Texas Data Facility For $650M

Riot Blockchain is continuing its Bitcoin mining expansion efforts and eports suggest that the US based miner is set to purchase Whinstone US Inc. BITBLOCKBOOM The great Bitcoin Conference in Dallas,

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Will Ethereum 2.0 Make ETH a Security? #144

In 2018, when William Hinman was the Director of the Division of Corporation Finance within the SEC, he stated that it was felt that ETH (Ethereum) was initially offered through a securities offering,

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SLP266 Croesus_BTC - Bitcoin: Stake Your Claim Before Everyone Else

Croesus_BTC joins me to talk about why the yuppie elite do not like Bitcoin, making simplified bitcoin content, adoption and cycles, speculative attacks on fiat, and staking your claim on your fair sh

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COVID Lockdowns: One Year On with Zuby - WBD332

Location: Remotely Date: Wednesday 7th April Company: zubymusic.com Role: Rapper, Podcaster and Author With the emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19 in early 2020, governments worldwide opted to loc

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#531: Michael Lastoria on Pizza and Workplace Innovation

Michael Lastoria is the co-founder and ceo at &pizza.In this conversation, we discuss mobile kitchens, pizza cubes, sharing the CEO’s cell phone number, balance between innovation and product, and how


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