Surveillance Special: Telecom in 2019

Rich Greenfield, BTIG Managing Director & TMT Analyst, says SNAP is their single best buy on the long side. Walter Piecyk, BTIG Managing Director & TMT Analyst, says Sprint and T-Mobile want T


Thomas Lin Discusses Deep Science (Podcast)

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Thomas Lin, founding editor of the award-winning Quanta Magazine, which specializes in science and mathematics coverage. Lin is the editor of two


ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro's Plan to Take on Cord-Cutting

This week, ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss his plan to fight cord-cutting and why ESPN is staying out of the sports betting business. College Board CEO David


The Milkman Model Is Back

The world’s biggest brands want you to see those everyday household products in a different light. That's where Loop comes in. Alexis Benveniste speaks with Bloomberg's Sustainable Finance Editor Emil


Assange Indictment Raises First Amendment Questions

Fordham Law School Professor Andrew Kent discusses the new charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that allege he violated the espionage act by conspiring to obtain and disclose classified in


Housing is All About Boomers and Millennials (Podcast)

Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae, says demographics continue to drive the housing market. Bloomberg Radio’s Denise Pellegrini reports.


Surveillance: Market Gives Trump Slack With China, Marangi Says

Chris Marangi, Gabelli Funds Co-Chief Investment Officer, advises to be more cautious with companies that have exposure in China. Sonia Meskin, Standard Chartered U.S. Economist, says this Fed underst


Gift Cards for Your DNA Data

On our latest episode of Prognosis, reporter Kristen V. Brown sells her DNA data to the highest bidder. Health data has turned into big business, but Brown quickly realized she wasn’t about to get ric


Amazon Device May Be Able to Read Your Emotions

Amazon is working on a device aimed at recognizing your emotions. The wrist-worn gadget is described as a health and wellness product, but could very well help the e-commerce behemoth


The Streak Down Under

The longest economic expansion in the developed world may not be much longer for this world -- and that fear helped drive the shock election result in Australia last week. In the country where GDP has

All You Need To Know On May 24, 2019

All You Need To Know On May 24, 2019


Episode 16 - Miguel McKelvey, Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork

In this discussion about workplace culture, Miguel McKelvey talks about the shifting perspectives of what an office should be, as well as WeWork’s ambition, expansion and valuation. Send in a voice me


Democrats Second Court Win on Trump Financial Records

Robert Mintz, head of the white collar criminal investigations practice at McCarter & English spoke about a federal judge’s decision in New York to reject President Donald Trump’s request to keep


U.S. Disease Chief, Dr. Anthony Fauci (Audio)

Hosts June Grasso and Ed Baxter feature the best stories of the day from Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg Television, and over 120 Bloomberg News bureaus around the world on Bloomberg Radio’s Bloomberg Best


Milk Mustache, Ninja Turtle Backpack and the Indy 500

Brazilian auto racing driver Helio Castroneves joins Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including his participation in t


Sit and Wait the Volatility Out, Says Russell’s Eibel (Podcast)

Mark Eibel, director of client investment strategies at Russell Investments, says investors in real estate and other assets should stay the course even amid any market volatility. Bloomberg Radio's De


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