how to spend million dollars
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How to Spend a Million Dollars

It’s our season finale, and we’re closing out the year with a look at one of the most quietly radical movements gaining momentum in Bushwick, and across the city: a program that allows members of the

gradient wants you
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The Gradient Wants You

One of the key trends to emerge as Bushwick changes is the importance of space; who has it, who’s welcome in it, and what they can use it for. With rents increasing across the neighborhood, spaces whe

battle bushwick
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The Battle 4 Bushwick

Few things are as consequential to the changes happening across Bushwick as zoning laws—the rules that say what can be built and where, here in the neighborhood. Today, Bushwick is being considered fo

niche nostalgia novelty
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Niche, Nostalgia, and Novelty

Here in Bushwick, it’s that time of year again: Bodegas have stocked up on pumpkins, clubs are full of costumes even more spectacular than usual, and a certain spookiness fills the air. Halloween is n

improving world through lens food
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Improving the World Through the Lens of Food

Before each episode of Bushwick Podcast, you hear a message from an organization called Heritage Radio Network, or HRN. Even if that name is new for you, the organization is anything but. HRN has spen

quality goods
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Quality Goods

Small business owners play a unique role in Bushwick. As we’ve heard throughout the community, many entrepreneurs view their shops as opportunities to serve the neighborhood outside the scope of busin

cooperative crisis management
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Cooperative Crisis Management

As the summer comes to an end across the city, it’s the start of a new season here at Bushwick Podcast. That means we have the continued privilege of sharing more of the remarkable stories happening i

everyone store
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The Everyone Store

We’re hard at work getting the new season of Bushwick Podcast ready to be the best one yet, and we can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve got in store. In the meantime, we wanted to share an update on

disco era bushwick
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Disco Era Bushwick

"It’s our season finale, and we’re thrilled to close out a summer of Bushwick stories by partnering with our friends at the new community media project, This Bushwick Life. Together, we sat down

going for sock drawer
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Going for the Sock Drawer

We’ve heard in previous episodes about how Bushwick has become one of Brooklyn’s most dynamic communities for everything from food to art. Take a walk around the neighborhood, and you’re sure to notic

new dish everyone talks about
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The New Dish Everyone Talks About

This week, we finish our two-part run on Vietnamese restaurants in the neighborhood by sitting down with Falansai’s Henry Trieu, one of Bushwick’s most thoughtful business owners, to better understand

alchemy bunker
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The Alchemy of Bunker

As we’ve heard in previous episodes, Bushwick is one of Brooklyn’s rising culinary epicenters. One of the things that makes the scene here so dynamic is that Bushwick’s restaurants don’t just serve go

a path toward something better
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A Path Toward Something Better

"Spend enough time around Bushwick’s artists, activists, and entrepreneurs, and you’ll start to hear the same name over and over again: Mayday Space. This week, we visit Mayday, Bushwick’s home f

an action at bushwick block party
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An Action at the Bushwick Block Party

Earlier this month, Bushwick hosted one of the neighborhood’s largest annual events: a daylong celebration of street art, food, and music called the Bushwick Block Party. Of the thousands of visitors

word made flesh
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Word Made Flesh

June is Pride Month, which means that people around the world are gathering to honor the LGBTQ community with parades, parties, and celebrations of all kinds. Bushwick is home to one of New York’s mos

r e g i o n e s sud
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r e g i o n (e s): SUD

Later this summer, spaces throughout Bushwick will be taken over by r e g i o n (e s), a radical new art series using the power of performance to explore complicated topics like community and Latin Am

garbage situation
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Garbage Situation

Summer is fast approaching in Bushwick, and as the streets fill with people emerging from our cool, rainy Spring, they're also filling with something else: trash. This week, we sit down with the leade

locals brooklyn
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The Locals Brooklyn

Bushwick is home to what may be the world's only real estate brokerage where you can simultaneously rent an apartment smokable hemp? This week, we look at the story behind The Locals Laborat

bones deep
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Bones Deep

Scott has worked in the kitchens of some of the world's best restaurants. But after nearly 20 years of helping to turn other people's spaces into culinary destinations, he's opened an unforgettable re

big humble
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Big Humble

A first-time restaurateur looks back on a year of life, love, and business in Bushwick.AFTER THE EPISODE:You can try 191 global comfort food for yourself at 191 Knickerbocker Avenue, j

bushwick trailer
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Bushwick Podcast: Trailer

Coming this May from Heritage Radio Network: the stories of how artists, activists, and entrepreneurs collide in on special Brooklyn neighborhood that's changing faster by the day. Bushwick Podcast is

everyone store
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The Everyone Store

Tucked away in one of the furthest corners of Bushwick, an unusual grocery store has quietly been pioneering access to healthy, high quality food in the neighborhood for nearly a decade. This week, we

who heals healer
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Who Heals the Healer?

This week, we dive into the world of and meet the Bushwick-based organizer bringing together clinicians, counselors, doulas, DJs, and more to ask the question, "Who Heals the He

life changing magic doing other peoples taxes
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The Life-Changing Magic of Doing Other People's Taxes

This week, communities around the country enter the home stretch of tax season. But here in Bushwick, tax season means more than just squaring up with the government. For some people, it's a gateway t

mil mundos pt
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Mil Mundos, Pt. 2

Mil Mundos is an ambitious new business in Bushwick: an bilingual bookstore and a space for visitors to "find empowerment through literature, workshops, events, and various servic

mil mundos pt
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Mil Mundos, Pt. 1

Mil Mundos is an ambitious new business in Bushwick: an bilingual bookstore and a space for visitors to "find empowerment through literature, workshops, events, and various servic

start operate grow
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Start. Operate. Grow.

There are more than 230,000 small businesses throughout New York City, and here in Bushwick, the small business scene is more competitive than ever. What can new and longtime business owners do to get

parents hold power
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Parents Hold the Power

Public education is one of the most important issues in Bushwick today. But it's also one of the most complex, with numerous agencies, organizations, and individuals all playing different roles in sha

rafael espinal wants to be your public advocate
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Rafael Espinal Wants to Be Your Public Advocate

On Tuesday, February 26th, New York City will elect our next Public Advocate. But what is the Public Advocate, and why is it so important that you get out and vote? We sat down with one of the race’s

fine raw
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Growing up in South Africa, Daniel Sklaar dreamed of one day living in New York City. Now, he reflects on the remarkable journey that brought him here, and led him to become the surprising founder of

sol sips
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Sol Sips

There's a growing number of healthy food options in Bushwick, but for many residents these options can feel inaccessible or alienating. How can we make healthy food, and healthy living in general, mor

she is maria
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She Is Maria

Few things are as consequential to the changes happening across Bushwick as zoning laws—the rules that say what can be built and where, here in the neighborhood. Today, Bushwick is being considered fo3


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