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Infrastructure Plan May Help Women Hurt Economically By The Pandemic

A political debate has become a debate over word choice: the question of what infrastructure even means. The answer could mean a lot for women in the economy.

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Top Republicans Work To Rebrand GOP As Party Of Working Class

Donald Trump drew more working-class voters in to the GOP than any president since Ronald Reagan. Now Republicans are trying to maintain that Trump appeal, without Trump on the ballot in 2022.

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Workers At Amazon Warehouse In Alabama Reject Bid To Unionize

Those who hoped workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama would vote to unionize are trying to figure out where to go from here, now that workers rejected a union drive.

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Robinhood: Vlad Tenev

Before Robinhood became one of the most loved and most hated stock trading platforms in the U.S., it was just another tech startup, launched by two mathematicians with an audacious idea: make stock tr

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About Your Extended Warranty

Calls about extended auto warranties blow up our phones over and over. But what are these robocalls actually offering? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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Vaccine Passports: 'Scarlet Letter' Or Just The Ticket?

Americans are deeply divided on the idea of vaccine passports, but it's not a red-blue divide. A range of voices across the spectrum are both for and against.

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'Lost On The Front Line': Tracks Health Workers Who Died Of COVID-19

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to investigative reporter Christina Jewett of Kaiser Health News about a yearlong project that revealed more than 3,600 U.S. health care workers died of COVID-19.

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How I Built Resilience: Ethan Diamond of Bandcamp

In the early 2000s, the online music community was defined by MySpace, illegally downloaded music, and poorly made band websites. Then came Bandcamp – a music marketplace where fans can directly and e

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How Jacob Loud's Land Was Lost

Today's show: the arcane laws that have cost Black landowners their property, and the lawyer who is trying to fix those laws. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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California May Reopen By Mid-June, Contingent On Public Health Metrics

Gov. Gavin Newsom says he wants the state to fully reopen for business on June 15. But it will have to meet vaccination goals and keep low for that to work.

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Biden Economist Plans To Tackle Economic Disparities Caused By COVID-19

The economic fallout from COVID-19 hit communities of color hard. One official leading the federal response is Labor Department Chief Economist Janelle Jones, the first Black woman in that post.

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Food52: Amanda Hesser

In the early 1990s, as Amanda Hesser's college friends were interviewing for their first cubicle jobs, she chose a different path: one that led straight into the kitchens of Europe, where she cooked t

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People Working From Home Permanently Could Transform Rural America

Rural New Hampshire was a big destination for people fleeing cities early on in the coronavirus pandemic. If those urbanites make the move permanent, it could help revitalize the region.

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Two Indicators: Boomtown & Bye Bye

We look at housing prices in Montana, an oil market milestone, and give a fond farewell. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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Breaking Down U.S. Spending During The Pandemic

Noel King speaks with author Zachary Carter about economic policy in the COVID-19 era.

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Batch Ruined At Baltimore Factory, Drug Giant Says

The COVID-19 vaccine by Johnson and Johnson has hit a snag. One the facilities making a key ingredient didn't pass quality inspection — possibly impacting 15 million doses.


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