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After the 'success' of the Bottom episode, it seemed only right to do one about topping. The main thrust (lol) is to make the whole thing a team effort, not just a sprint for the finish. Of course, we

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Drama (with Mike Wessells)

How to make coming out harder than necessary: a guide to keeping things interesting from the host of My Best Friend's Journal. From family fights to under a literal spotlight, Mike talks us through so

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The pitfalls of putting D in the B and how to avoid them: It's a bit like dancing. Sort of. A quick and silly glance at some of the things about being gay that they don't put in the brochure. Also, us

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Tea (with Tom Hayes)

[CW: Substance abuse]Manners, men, and maybe don't listen to this at mealtime... When you're thinking with organs other than your brain, stupid stuff can happen. Cups of tea, for example. Paper towels

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'Tackling' the 'important' issues of queer lockdown. Or just talking about w*nking for a few minutes. Either way, this episode looks at via masturbation, strategies to avoid boner burn

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Poly (with Martin Harding)

Is it possible to be an ethical slut? How can one have multiple boyfriends at the same time? What happens when your Friends With Benefits want to become more than that? All these questions and several

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The postman sent me off on a bit of an existential spiral, there's stuff coming at my head, and I've got a wizard in my pants. Another normal week in lockdown. A wonky look at the basics of code-switc

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(with Max Appenroth)

Three different coming-outs, a traumatic experience in a sauna, and something that is DEFINITELY not a candle. Max Appenroth shares stories of transmasculine life, an part of the LGBT

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Drugs: Just say maybe. Stories of why it's not great to mix the funparts and funny stuff. All the filth you've come to expect, this week with a side order of Devil's Letteuce. Grab some snacks, put on

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Festive (with Jay Malsky)

Singer, Songwriter and TikTok star Jay Malsky shares a couple of stories to get you through the holiday season: One is a tale of strange vengeance served (very) cold; the other a he

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A dramatic interpretation of some of the things that might possibly have gone through my head during sex. Featuring the debut performance of My Squeaky Bed. Thanks to all the boys I've slept with who

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Positive (with Bryan, for World AIDS Day)

HIV is the best thing that's ever happened to me is not a phrase you'd expect to hear, but when listener Bryan contacted me with his story, World AIDS Day seemed the perfect time to share it. Someti

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Guilt (with Cody from Queeks)

When our own actions haunt us, who can we turn to for forgiveness? Queeks co-host Cody talks about a Trial By Dick, the unexpected weight of a panicked decision, and how, sometimes, we get a chance to

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A guide to DEFINITELY NOT having sex in public, because that's a NAUGHTY CRIME. And some thoughts on what to do if you decide you want to BREAK THE LAW, what it means to be when shagg

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Letter (with Leander)

What would your mum think? is one of those questions thrown at porn stars and sex-workers in general. Neuroscientist and Person of Porn Leander decided to find out. Stories of queer life and even qu

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Why the thrill of the chase stops being thrilling after a while. Planning messages to hot guys weeks in advance probably isn't healthy for a relationship; sometimes it's hard ot admit that he's just n


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