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A symbol, a strap, and the true meaning of the only flag I care about.Or: How struggling to buy a Pride flag helped me realise that it’s definitely not for me.Also: Naked morning routines, shaved cats

trek sen ferrick
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Trek (with Seán Ferrick)

[CW: Alcohol abuse and suicidal ideation]The life-changing effects of Star Trek-themed sex.Check out Sean's filth at of queer life and even queer-er sex. The rep

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A how-to guide to group shenanigans. What's the best etiquette for multiplayer funtimes? Cheap lube, parasols, and Pickled Onion Monster Munch.Come see me do my first ever 'proper' standup gig, as par

sniff adam zmith
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Sniff (with Adam Zmith)

Poppers: All the answers, none of the headache. Where did they come from? Are they illegal? Why are there so many videos about them on 'adult' sites? Which drugs should you avoid while using them? (Sp

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It's Mental Health Awareness week, so here's a queer look at being diagnosed with ADHD & Autism in my late 30s, how to use your powers for good, and why therapy is a good thing.(Or: How Star Trek

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Warrior-Queen and star of the Elder episode, George Hodson, passed away this week at the age of 74. Here's me saying a few nice words, and a repeat of Elder, his story of love, sex, queerness, and abs

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The fun (and irritating) experience of changing your name to something with less chest hair; advice for anyone thinking about doing something (anything!); and what they'd say about me if I were in a d

perform charles quittner
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Perform (with Charles Quittner)

Would you say I love you to a stranger in the middle of sex? Join Theatre Director Charles, myself, and a considerable amount of Whiskey as we talk about those Three Little Words, and how they can i

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How honest should you be with your partner? Is there anything sexier than the naked truth? Should Death By Powerpoint be illegal under the Geneva naughty storytime to drunken shag-maps

pop ray
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Pop (with Ray)

Boys, boners, and... Balloons? Listener Ray 'pops' in to share the thing that gets him in the mood, whether it's in the privacy of his bedroom, a public street in Istanbul, or a bar with a particularl

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What it means to turn 39a: Embracing my Golden Girls era, thoroughly disappointing and a long ramble about how things were different When I Were since you ask.---St

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This isn't a podcast episode. There are no jokes, no fun stories, and no theme music. It's just me, being angry and sad about Brianna Ghey. I had a lot of feelings and, in true I have a podcast fash

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Getting jiggy on a bouncy castle ends in blood, marshmallows aren't conducive to good sex, and metronomes aren't sex toys. Not even at 120bpm. The last episode of Probably True in the current season a

match michael kaye
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Match (with Michael Kaye)

From closeted relationship to proud LGBTQ advocate: Michael's story involves playing it straight, getting relationship advice from a hookup, and crying in the toilets. We've all been

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On your marks, get wet, go! From sexy time to finish line, featuring various flavours of several tortured metaphors, and the wisdom of the ages. Possibly.A story of people too pretty

parent marley conte
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Parent (with Marley Conte)

How do you tell your child you're non-binary? With food. And ice cream. And lots of books. Coming out as bi, non-binary, and grey-ace later (but not *late*) in life means there might be awkward conver

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Constantly beset and bedevilled by the feeling you're Not Doing Gay Right? (Or trans, or non-binary, or bi, etc, etc) Me too! A little look at what it means to be visible, who decides if we're do

pray george azar
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Pray (with George Azar)

[TRIGGER WARNING: CONVERSION THERAPY] Ex-outreach pastor for notorious Ex-Gay religious organisation Exodus Ministries, George, shares his story of how, when he tried to 'pray away the gay', he ended

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Is it worse to work in a boring 9-5 or get someone off in ten minutes and go back to bed? It's called a blow job for a reason, Stephanie. Stories of an amateur tart trading Gentleman's Services for a

survivor michael roberts
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Survivor (with Michael Roberts)

[CONTENT WARNING: Sexual and emotional abuse; thoughts of tells how his local priest insinuated his way into the lives of his devout family, before manipulating and abusing him over m

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The continuing non-binary adventures! A story that involves Mario Lopez, broken zippers, and the kindness of strangers. Or, how a vulnerable moment led to something beautiful. And slinky. And SWISHY.

mug demitri wylde
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Mug (with Demitri Wylde)

When the sex is that good, you can forgive them for almost anything... But is it good enough to keep going back, despite theft, armed robbery, and... a man asleep in a chair...? Demitri Wylde thinks s

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The Probably True guide to Gay Saunas: What to expect, good etiquette, and some basic hot-tub on up for slime, sex and a sad story of a slippery mobile phone. Some say it's still ther

virgin matthew hodson
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Virgin (with Matthew Hodson)

From wandering into Heaven as a 15-year-old to living, loving, (and shagging) under the shadow of HIV in the 80s and 90s, Matthew Hodson, HIV activist and underwear model (or so he says), has plenty o

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Join the Probably True Discord chat thing: It's important to know whose rules we're playing by, and whether or not they work for us. The joy of queerness is that if they don't w

elder george hodson
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Elder (with George Hodson)

Boarding school shenanigans, first love, and overflowing pens: Elder Queer George shares some of his many adventures as a Good Boy turned badass.Enjoyed George's tales of debauchery and decadence? Dro

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The final part of the Love Languages miniseries, brought to you from my mum's spare room, in the grand tradition of it's buying my way into relationships, compensating for my company

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The next episode in the Love Languages miniseries looks at Quality Time: If you care about people, spend time with them. (There's a bit more to it than that but, admittedly, not much.)Also: Why it's n

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Part 3 of the Love Languages miniseries looks at Words of Affirmation: How to craft a compliment, how to make it all about them, and how to take (a compliment) like a Jurassic World, A

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Good cuddles don't have to mean adequate diddling. Physically touching another human is extremely good for your mental health. It's got something to do with sea creatures. on non-sex

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Love languages: What are they? How do we use them? Can I have some cake? If I do it like this, will you be finished before the next episode starts? These and other questions will be answered in the fi

adopt richard orchard rowe
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Adopt (with Richard Orchard-Rowe)

A how-to guide to group shenanigans. What's the best etiquette for multiplayer funtimes? Cheap lube, parasols, and Pickled Onion Monster Munch.Come see me do my first ever 'proper' standup gig, as par3


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