Are you man enough to get wet? Man enough to wear War Paint, look tough and never recycle? Do you like it when it hurts? An exasperated look at all things MAN-related, from the stupid to the deadly, a


Gogo (with Ryan Logan)

The importance of getting the last word, not checking your phone during sex, and remembering where you left your pants. Join comedian and writer Ryan Logan and me on a seri



From scanning your nethers to a cupboard full of dicks, here's a collection of thoughts about technology, sex, and the messy space where the two overlap. There's talk of vibrators, Alexa arranging boo


Awkward (with David Morgan)

Hot guys, horny boyfriends and a chance to shag a porn star: David Morgan talks about the time he got everything he wanted, and why it was a bit crap.Stories of queer life and even queer-er sexAlways



What to do when the flesh isn't as willing as you'd like? OR: Dong diabetes, racing your food delivery, and a list of things it's a bad idea to try. [NOTE: contains brief reference to


No episode this week

My laptop is struggling with the heat (same, TBH) and I'm not well. SO! This week isn't a good week for podcasting. Sozzles. Back to normal next week. For information regarding your data privacy, visi


Random (with Heezy Yang)

The power of embracing the random: South Korean artist and drag activist Heezy Yang explains how *not* having sex with people he met in bars on on the apps has changed his life for the better. Always



I am not Iron Man. OR: The transformative effects of Berlin, hugging strangers and the debt I owe an unnamed Swede.Stories of queer life and even queer-er interesting, definitely amus


Twister (with Orson Deane)

Adult Entertainment star Orson Deane talks us through his adventures into and out of (and then back into) the world of 'Gentleman's Asides', the that come after taking too much Viagr



Let's talk red flags. And butter. And Thundercats. What're the warning signs that let you know it's time to grab your coat and get the hell out of Dodge? More importantly, what's the deeper, underlyin



Writer and podcaster Huw Lemmey talks about that time a late-night Grindr hookup went sideways, and what happened next. Sometimes, relying on the kindness of strangers is exatly what you need. Other t



Back to school: Hidden trauma, horny teens, and hope.I try to inspire young minds, but actually just travel through time and eat biscuits. Always interesting, definitely amusing, Probably True. &



Checking in means more than just Was it good for you? I'm joined by writer, podcaster and all round nice guy Adam to talk about sex, submission and, strangely, spreadsheets. We discuss voyeurism, th



Who were Marsha P. Johnson and Storme Delaverie? Why are they important? A trip through LGBTQ history, sort of. Another Pride-themed episode, for Pride month.Always interesting, definitely amusing, Pr



When your God wants you to have gay sex, it's best not to argue. This week YouTuber, writer, and activist Bradley Birkholz tells the story of his horny teenage subconscious and the infinite power of C



In this year's Pride episode, I get a bit defensive of the flag, a bit hungry for glitter, and a bit greasy from an orgy in Marks & Spencer's. Probably. Happy Pride, everyone! Remember to ask the comp


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