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160 - Sentient Podcast

Hilary is fresh from raising capital and Roger thinks they should start a TikTok account. Show Notes: Support us on Patreon Roger on Twitter Hilary on Twitter List of NSSD Fellows Get the Not So Stand

sds narrative ai hilary mason
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SDS 589: Narrative A.I. with Hilary Mason

Hilary Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of Hidden Door, joins Jon Krohn for a live discussion that explores narrative A.I., emerging ML techniques, and how her OSEMN data science process developed.In this ep

developing an enterprise data strategy right way dora boussias stryker
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Developing an Enterprise Data Strategy the Right Way - with Dora Boussias of Stryker

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing a topic that applies across industries for AI projects: where is the data coming from? Our guest is Dora Boussias, Senior Director for Data Strategy and Archit

privacy preference signals
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Privacy Preference Signals

Have you ever wondered what goes on under the hood when you accept a website’s cookies? Today, Maximilian Hils, a PhD student in Computer Science, at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, dissects the

sds artificial general intelligence is not nigh
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SDS 588: Artificial General Intelligence is Not Nigh

In this episode, Jon kicks off a two-part series that sees him explore the popular topic of artificial general intelligence and why it might–or might not–be only a few years away. Listen in as Jon exp

ai is here ai in defense use cases adoption diu ai leader jared dunnmon
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[AI is Here] AI in Defense, Use-Cases and Adoption - DIU AI Leader Jared Dunnmon

This is another episode in our AI is Here series. We’ve covered all sorts of industries in this recent series, from financial services to oil and gas, but we’ve yet to touch on defense. Our guest toda

sds data engineering for data scientists
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SDS 587: Data Engineering for Data Scientists

Mark Freeman, Senior Data Scientist at Humu, joins Jon Krohn to talk about all things data engineering and offers listeners some critical tips for their data science career journey – from what it take

leveling up software tools ai capabilities matt berseth nlp logix
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Leveling Up Software Tools with AI Capabilities - with Matt Berseth of NLP Logix

Today we’re discussing the topic of leveling up software tools with AI capabilities. Our guest is Matt Berseth. Matt is the CIO and one of the co-founders of NLP Logix, an AI services firm. A few week

offline customer data in connected world angela bassa
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#196: Offline Customer Data in a Connected World with Angela Bassa

Every consumer is now aware, at some level, that they are constantly generating data simply by moving through the world. And, every organization that puts physical devices or digital experiences into

neural architecture search for ctr prediction
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Neural Architecture Search for CTR Prediction

Ravi Krishna joins us today to talk about his recent work on a differentiable NAS framework for ads CTR prediction. He discussed what CTR prediction is about and why his NAS framework helps in buildin

ai strategy five elements an enterprise ai strategy richard benjamins telef
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[AI Strategy] Five Elements of an Enterprise AI Strategy - with Richard Benjamins of Telefó

Today’s episode is the fifth and final part of our series on building an enterprise AI strategy. Our guest is Richard Benjamins, Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefónica and author of “Data-Driven Com

sds daily habit limit social media use
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SDS 586: Daily Habit #10: Limit Social Media Use

In this episode, Jon dives into the popular topic of social media and its impact on his productivity. Tune in to hear how minimizing the use of social media can positively impact your days, mental hea

ai strategy strategy determines what you dont do adam bonnifield konux
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[AI Strategy] Strategy Determines What You Don't Do - with Adam Bonnifield of Konux

Today is episode four of five in our series, where we’re focusing on enterprise AI strategy. Our guest today is Adam Bonnifield. Adam is the CEO of Konux, an AI firm based in Germany. One of the key t

ai strategy strategy means keeping end user in mind sankar narayanan fracta
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[AI Strategy] Strategy Means Keeping the End User in Mind - with Sankar Narayanan of Fracta

Today we dive back into our series on AI strategy and have two more days of episodes coming this week. Today’s guest is Sankar Narayanan, Chief Practice Officer at Fractal. Fractal is a unicorn compan

unlocking predictive value erp data anand mahurkar findability sciences
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Unlocking the Predictive Value of ERP Data - with Anand Mahurkar of Findability Sciences

Today’s guest is Anand Mahurkar, CEO and Founder of Findability Sciences. Based in Boston, Findability Sciences has done a lot of work in the ERP space across different sectors. In this episode, Anand

algorithmic ppc management
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Algorithmic PPC Management

Effectively managing a large budget of pay per click advertising demands software solutions. When spending multi-million dollar budgets on hundreds of thousands of keywords, an effective algorithmic s

sds pymc for bayesian statistics in python
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SDS 585: PyMC for Bayesian Statistics in Python

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Wiecki, Core Developer of the PyMC Library and CEO of PyMC Labs, joins Jon for a masterclass in Bayesian statistics. Tune in to hear about PyMC, and discover why Bayesian s

ai strategy approaching strategy top down bottom up bret greenstein partner a
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[AI Strategy] Approaching Strategy Top-Down and Bottom-Up - with Bret Greenstein, Partner a

This is episode two of five in our series on AI strategy, and today, our guest is Bret Greenstein, Partner at PwC. Bret has worked at many of the largest consulting companies in the world, and he now

ai strategy how microsoft leveled up ai fluency to build strategy david carmona
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[AI Strategy] How Microsoft Leveled Up AI Fluency to Build a Strategy - with David Carmona

This week we are diving into the topic of AI strategy with a new series devoted to exploring how to build an AI strategy and align company efforts to optimize long-term ROI while still

data skeptic ad tech
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Data Skeptic: Ad Tech

Increasingly, people get most if not all of the information they consume online. Alongside the web sites, videos, apps, and other destinations, we’re consistently served advertisements alongside the o

sds openai codex
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SDS 584: OpenAI Codex

In this episode, Jon reviews the remarkable natural language model Codex by OpenAI. Learn why it has amassed a waitlist and how you can leverage its practical applications in your work. Additional mat

ecosystems vs platforms
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159 - Ecosystems vs. Platforms

Hilary and Roger discuss deprecated packages, the tidyverse ecosystem, the end of fashion, creators and platforms, and whether certain people understand data science. Show Notes: Paper that Roger Mean

ai is here ai for guiding patient journey kostas leeds tea
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[AI is Here] AI for Guiding the Patient Journey - with Kostas of Leeds Tea

This is another episode in our AI is Here series, and today, we’re focusing on AI in the hospital setting. In this episode, we discuss patient data and being able to guide a patient’s treatment journe

sds state natural language processing
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SDS 583: The State of Natural Language Processing

In this episode, natural language processing (NLP) expert and Lead Data Scientist at CB Insights, Rongyao Huang, joins Jon Krohn to discuss NLP. Listen in for a thorough review of the field over the p

successfully adopting ai in manufacturing scott everett eigen innovations inc
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Successfully Adopting AI in Manufacturing - with Scott Everett of Eigen Innovations Inc.

In this episode, we’re focusing on the theme of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry. Today’s guest is Scott Everett, CEO and Co-Founder at Eigen Innovations Inc. Scott discusses a va

web web whatever it nftakes anthony mandelli
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#195: Web3, Web4... Whatever it NFTakes with Anthony Mandelli

The Web3 NFTs, and more—seems to be everywhere these days. And, as analysts, how could we not salivate at the idea of a data set that is just one flat, immutable, eve

reliability mobile phone data
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The Reliability of Mobile Phone Data

Our mobile phones generate an incredible amount of data inbound and outbound. In today’s episode, Nishant Kishore, a PhD graduate of Harvard University in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, explains how

sds model speed vs model accuracy
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SDS 582: Model Speed vs Model Accuracy

In this episode, Jon wraps up his three-part series on business value and machine learning. Listen in as he explains why starting with simple models is best, and why speed is likely more important to

ai is here unlocking nlps potential in banking christophe makni migros bank
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[AI is Here] Unlocking NLP's Potential in Banking - with Christophe Makni of Migros Bank

Today’s guest is Christophe Makni, Head of Business Operations at Migros Bank. Christophe shares a few key insights in this episode, starting with where natural language processing is finding a fit in

sds bayesian frequentist fiduciary statistics in data science
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SDS 581: Bayesian, Frequentist, and Fiduciary Statistics in Data Science

In this episode founding of the Harvard Data Science Review and Professor of Statistics at Harvard University, Prof. Xiao-Li Meng, joins Jon Krohn to dive into data trade-offs that abo

drone ml applications in clean energy nicholas pilkington dronedeploy
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Drone and ML Applications in Clean Energy - with Nicholas Pilkington of DroneDeploy

Today’s guest is Nick Pilkington, CTO of DroneDeploy. We’re focusing on clean energy in this episode, and Nick walks us through how AI is becoming more relevant in cleantech. He goes in-depth about wh

haywire algorithms
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Haywire Algorithms

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing a topic that applies across industries for AI projects: where is the data coming from? Our guest is Dora Boussias, Senior Director for Data Strategy and Archit3


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