Fooling Computer Vision

Wiebe van Ranst joins us to talk about a project in which specially designed printed images can fool a computer vision system, preventing it from identifying a person. Their attack targets the popular


SDS 333: BERT and NLP in 2020 and Beyond

Sinan Ozdemir is back again, this time talking about his work since his company Kylie.ai was acquired by Directly. We discuss his work, the way he is creating human and AI synergy and the future of NL


98 - Moka Pot Giveaway

Hilary and Roger discuss recent results of Moka pot coffee. Show notes: Support us through our Patreon page Roger on Twitter: Hilary on Twitter: Get the Not So St


Demos, Pilots, and Social Proof for Buying AI Solutions - With Gaurav Srivastava of Fareye

Our guest this week is Gaurav Srivastava, CTO at Fareye, an AI company in the logistics space. Gaurav talks about which elements of the existing procurement procedures in the enterprise can stick arou


SDS 332: Go through the Motions

I discuss the concept of putting yourself on autopilot and powering through getting work done when you feel like giving up.Additional materials:


SDS 331: Hacking Data Science Interviews for Graduates

Harshal Sanap talks about how he took himself from a data science student and graduate to a full time professional in data science and shares mistakes to avoid to get started in your career.In this ep


Algorithmic Fairness

This episode includes an interview with Aaron Roth author of The Ethical Algorithm.


#132: Reporting vs. Analysis

Who would have thought that we'd get to 2020 and still be debating whether recurring reports should include insights? As it turns out, Tim did an ad hoc analysis back in 2015 where he predicted exac


Practical AI Procurement Advice - With Shane Zabel of Raytheon

We continue our theme this month on buying and procuring AI in the enterprise with this week's guest: Shane Zabel, Head of AI at Raytheon. Shane has seen plenty of internal AI applications and heard p


97 - Don’t Do What You Like

Hilary and Roger follow up on the future of R, then talk about versus systems, the proliferation of text-based formats and implications for statistical modeling, and why open source de


SDS 330: Good!

I discuss finding the good in something that is objectively not so good and how you can take setbacks as a learning experience and materials:


SDS 329: Telling a Story Right with Data

Isaac Reyes talks about his approach to data visualization. We dive into the science behind it, the psychology, and the needs in businesses for proper and informed data storytelling.• Catching up with


Machine learning has shown a rapid expansion into every sector and industry. With increasing reliance on models and increasing stakes for the decisions of models, questions of how mod


How to Buy Enterprise AI the Right Way - With Pranay Agrawal of Fractal Analytics

It's our first AI in Industry episode of the decade. January's theme is on buying and procuring AI in the enterprise. Many of our readers at Emerj want to know which vendors and use-cases are legitima


SDS 328: Look for the Horse

In this week’s I wish you all a happy New Year with an interesting story about having the choice to see the best in situations or see the worst in them. Additional materials: www.sup


96 - R in 10 Years

Where will R be in 10 years and what might replace it? Show notes: Support us through our Patreon page Roger on Twitter: Hilary on Twitter: Get the Not So Standar


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