ep public lands bills national park service oyster recover
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EP 419: Public Lands Bills, National Park Service, Oyster Recover

In Episode 419 of District of Conservation, Gabriella has a roundup on the latest conservation news you may have glossed over: two federal public lands bills, 2023 National Park Service lands visitor

ep nyc tide pod ban refuting climate anxiety
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EP 418: NYC Tide Pod Ban & Refuting Climate Anxiety

In Episode 418 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses NYC City Council mulling a tide pod ban under the guise of curbing microplastic pollution and how climate activists are inducing anxiety

ep natural gas aint going anywhere apgas stuart saulters
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EP 417: Natural Gas Ain't Going Anywhere with APGA's Stuart Saulters

In Episode 417 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Stuart Saulters of the American Public Gas Association. Stuart discusses his career in energy policy, what APGA does and how it differ

ep virginia is for roadkill catfish elk lovers
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EP 416: Virginia is for Roadkill, Catfish, & Elk Lovers

In Episode 416 of District of Conservation, Gabriella does a roundup focusing on the following: a House of Delegates bill to liberalize wildlife roadkill pickup, the first recipient of

ep revisiting va right to retrieve houndsman andrew pullen
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EP 415: Revisiting VA Right to Retrieve with Houndsman Andrew Pullen

In Episode 415 of District of Conservation, Gabriella revisits with Virginia houndsman Andrew Pullen and the latest with Virginia right to retrieve. SHOW NOTESEP 274: Virginia Right to Retrieve Law an

sky hopinka on what we pass on
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SKY HOPINKA on What We Pass On /364

This week, Ayana is joined by Sky Hopinka in a conversation that dives deep into the meaning of art and film and the stories and emotions we share between generations. Sky grounds the conversation in

chris nelder on energy transitions
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Chris Nelder on Energy Transitions

The transition from fossil fuels to a cleaner energy future is perhaps the most important human adaptation of our lifetime. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with Chris Nelder about his mission

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Illan hämärtyessä taivaalta voi havaita tuikkivia tähtiä. Mitä kaikkea taivas tarjoaa nähtäväksi juuri nyt? Millainen harrastus tähtien katselu on? Entä pääsevätkö yhä harvemmat meistä näkemään tähtiö

ep western solar plan threatens m public land acres
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EP 414: Western Solar Plan Threatens 22M Public Land Acres

In Episode 414 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the updated DOI/BLM Western Solar Plan and its six proposals - including one to raze down 22 million public land acres across 11 states

ep wild times at safari club international convention
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EP 413: Wild Times at Safari Club International Convention

In Episode 413 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recaps her recent to Safari Club annual convention, now held in Nashville, Tennessees, and what she observed there. Listeners

revisiting conspiring plants
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Revisiting: Conspiring with Plants

To help celebrate the end of a brutal coldsnap here on the Canadian prairies, this week's episode features an archive that is all about green and growing things! We'll hear Terra Informer Amanda Roone

othering belonging udi raz yasmeen daher cecilie surasky
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Othering and Belonging with Udi Raz, Yasmeen Daher, and Cecilie Surasky

This week we are excited to continue our collaboration with UC Othering and Belonging Institute to bring you a conversation from The Othering and Belonging Conference in Berlin, German

jacob vigdor college admissions quandries
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Jacob Vigdor: College Admissions Quandries

Whether it be standardized testing, grades, activities or personal essays, the question of how to level the playing field in education is quite a challenge. This week on Sea Change Rad

luonto suomen talvi
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Luonto-Suomen talvi

Talvi tarjoaa upeita kokemuksia ja hienoja maisemia parhaimmillaan usean kuukauden ajan. pohditaan talven merkitystä meille suomalaisille. Kuuntelijoiden kanssa talvisia havaintoja suo

ep duck ranchin keeping florida wild ft travis thompson
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EP 412: Duck Ranchin & Keeping Florida Wild ft. Travis Thompson

In Episode 412 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes back Travis Thompson— a Florida involved in Duck Ranchin, All Florida, and efforts to protect the Sunshine State's ri

revisiting seeds
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Revisiting: Seeds!

This episode originally aired on May 24, 2021: It's spring, which means you may have started your own garden, or maybe you know someone who started bringing up little seedlings months ago. Seeds are w

ep tayor swift guilted into buying carbon offsets
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EP 411: Tayor Swift Guilted Into Buying Carbon Offsets

In Episode 411 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses the revelation that Taylor Swift reportedly bought carbon offsets ahead of her Era Tour last year. Carbon offsets, however, have come un

sylvia v linsteadt on motherline
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SYLVIA V. LINSTEADT on The Motherline /363

Tracing ancestry through the motherline, this week’s guest Sylvia V. Linsteadt introduces listeners to the world of matrilineal myth and wisdom. For Sylvia, story and myth are very much alive and can

daniel kammen perils deep sea mining
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Daniel Kammen: The Perils of Deep-Sea Mining

Most of us have never been there but according to a quick Google search, some of the things you might see at the bottom of the ocean include sea spiders, tube worms, and something called a blob sculpi

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Pyöräily on hyvä tapa liikkua talvella. Työmatka taittuu kivasti, jos väylät ovat kunnossa. Metsäpolulle tai uralle voi puolestaan lähteä läskipyörällä pienelle retkelle luontoon. Talvipyöräily on kun

ep natural asset companies chevron doctrine wa right to hunt fish
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EP 410: Natural Asset Companies, Chevron Doctrine, WA Right to Hunt & Fish

In Episode 410 of District of Conservation, Gabriella has a roundup of the latest in energy and conservation news. She discusses the SEC rule to list natural asset companies in the NYSE being pulled b

revisiting exploring unseen environment
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Revisiting: Exploring the Unseen Environment

This week on Terra Informa, we revisit a beloved episode from our archives that originally aired on March 18, 2019. This episode's format is a round-table discussion, in which the each member of the t

tyson yunkaporta on inviolable lore
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TYSON YUNKAPORTA on Inviolable Lore /362

What beckons us, calls to us from beyond? Tuning into a magic that flows from the universe, not from an individualized self, Tyson Yunkaporta offers lucid insight into the current state of the world i

darren samuelsohn untangling trumps trials
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Darren Samuelsohn: Untangling Trump’s Trials

The greatest country on earth is in an unfathomable position. Heavily favored to win the Republican Party's nomination for president is a man found guilty of rape and fraud in civil co

ep fighting esg natural asset companies ft treasurer marlo oaks
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EP 409: Fighting ESG & Natural Asset Companies ft. Treasurer Marlo Oaks

In Episode 409 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks. Treasurer Oaks was first appointed to the position in July 2021 and then elected in November 2022. He and 21

from archives revisiting indigenous resistance
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From the Archives: Revisiting Indigenous Resistance

In a 2012 piece, Annie Banks speaks with Erin Konsmo of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works within the full spectrum of sexual and reproducti

layla k feghali on land in our bones
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LAYLA K. FEGHALI on The Land in Our Bones /361

In a timely and episode, returning guest Layla K. Feghali shares the power and perseverance of homeland, even in the face of colonial violence. As the genocide in Palestine continues a

bob berwyn inside climate news on cop
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Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News on COP28

COP28, or the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, took place recently in the United Arab Emirates. With representation from nearly every coun

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Rotta on levinnyt ihmisen mukana lähes kaikkialle maapallolla. Luulisi, että rotan on oltava erityisen sopeutuvainen ja lahjakas kaikessa, muuten se ei voisi menestyä erilaisissa olosuhteissa. Toisaal

ep outdoor aaron schmaus
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EP 408: Outdoor with Aaron Schmaus

In Episode 408 of District of Conservation, Gabriella sits down with her friend Aaron Schmaus, serial outdoor entrepreneur and host of the Primitive Republic Podcast. He discusses his time in the Mari

revisiting more than game
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Revisiting: More Than a Game

In this archive episode from October 2020, Terra Informer Elizabeth Dowdell interviews alumnus Sofia Osborne about the popular video game The Sims and a newly released expansion pack

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In Episode 417 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Stuart Saulters of the American Public Gas Association. Stuart discusses his career in energy policy, what APGA does and how it differ3


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