Vom Leben der Natur (24.05.2019) Gebäudebrüter Wiens 5

Vom Leben der Natur (24.05.2019)

Gebäudebrüter Wiens 5


Frog Watch

Monitoring amphibian populations by listening to them.


Saving West African Rainforests, Global Warming Poor Tax, Grammy’s Dandelion Feast, and mor

Global Warming Poor Tax / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote®: Recycle Your Egg Shells to Help Nesting Birds / Saving West Africa's Last Rainforest / Grammy Goes A-Gatherin' When an oil palm developmen


Skogssanningar – granbarkborren

Avsnittet ägnas åt granbarkborren som skapar omfattande skador i skogarna just nu. Vi fårbland annat lära oss om insekten; hur de lever, fortplantar sig och angriper träd. Men här ges också tips och t


183: Reusing and recycling are tactical. Reducing is strategic.

I finally saw how to see reducing versus reusing and recycling. The distinction is subtle until you get it. Then you see that missing it leads people to behavior and, egregiously, fe


Living Planet: Life and Death

This week on the show, we're talking about the environmental impacts of being born, as well as dying. What strain does our current population of over 7.6 billion people put on the earth? How much is o


Why Banning Plastic Grocery Bags Could Be A Bad Move

Plastic bags are not biodegradable and can do great harms to wildlife. Cities and states across the country are banning plastic bags, but those bans may be having unintended consequences.

Vom Leben der Natur (23.05.2019) Gebäudebrüter Wiens 4

Vom Leben der Natur (23.05.2019)

Gebäudebrüter Wiens 4


Get Stuffed

It's a tough life for male paper wasps.


Miksi harrastaisin lintuja?

Tunnetko satakielen, luhtahuitin ja järripeipon? Onko kapustarinta, heinätavi ja kaulushaikara tuttuja? Lintuja voi harrastaa monella tapaa: seurata muuttoa, valokuvata, ruokkia tai rakennella pönttöj


Jakso 20: Mikko Moilanen

Mikko Moilanen on arkeologi, filosofian tohtori ja miekkoihin erikoistunut seppä. Moilanen on takonut omin käsin kymmeniä miekkoja noudattaen viikinkiajan menetelmiä ja tyyliä. Hänen

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker /120 On Cosmological Re-inheritance

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker /120

On Cosmological Re-inheritance


Collateral Damage Of The Trade War, Farmers Want Chinese Market Reopened

American farmers rely heavily on selling their goods overseas. As the trade war heats up again, many Midwest soybean farmers have huge surpluses and are receiving government aid.

Vom Leben der Natur (22.05.2019) Gebäudebrüter Wiens 3

Vom Leben der Natur (22.05.2019)

Gebäudebrüter Wiens 3


A Good Strategy for Wasps

Usurpers, foundresses, abandoned nests - welcome to the world of the paper wasp.


Indian Impact

As India votes Navin Singh Khadka travels the sub-continent to find out if environmental issues are rising up the agenda.Amongst nations India is the third highest emitter of carbon dioxide. Its rapid


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