stephen jenkinson on lucid reckoning
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STEPHEN JENKINSON on a Lucid Reckoning /349

“We’re not trying to be right. We’re trying to see if we can see clearly.” In this agile and authentic episode, returning guest Stephen Jenkinson offers a lucid view of the world. How might our unders

ep antiquities act needs congressional oversight
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EP 384: The Antiquities Act Needs Congressional Oversight

In Episode 384 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a new Congressional bill to reform the Antiquities Act- a law in need of Congressional oversight and modernization since its enactment i

ep great smokies vacation western caucus stop by summit
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EP 383: Great Smokies Vacation, Western Caucus, Stop 30 by 30 Summit

In Episode 383 of District of Conservation, Gabriella debriefs listeners on her Great Smoky Mountains vacation and conservation nuggets she learned; 30 years of the Western Caucus and her participatio

csl documentary from petri dish to our plate cellular agriculture
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CSL Documentary: From Petri Dish to Our Plate - Cellular Agriculture

This week on Terra Informa, we explore the industry of cellular agriculture (cell-ag), and its impacts on farming, the environment, and people. Megan Posyluzny and Jenny Kim interview Dr. Yadira Tejed

abdoumaliq simone on urban entanglements
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ABDOUMALIQ SIMONE on Urban Entanglements /348

What does it mean to settle, to be in a settled place? This week’s guest, AbdouMaliq Simone has dedicated his work to investigating the specifics of urban organization as they are created by people. I

ep power future rick whitbeck
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EP 382: Power the Future with Rick Whitbeck

In Episode 382 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Rick Whitbeck of Power the Future. They recount and preview Alaska film projects, discuss Rick and his involvement with

ep save school archery hunting programs ft rep mark green
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EP 381: Save School Archery & Hunting Programs ft. Rep. Mark Green

In Episode 381 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks exclusively with Rep. Mark Green of 7th Congressional District. Rep. Mark Green, along with Rpe. Rich Hudson, introduced th

machine learning environment
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Machine Learning and the Environment

This week on Terra Informa we unpack how artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, and mesh. In the episode, Terra Informer Lizzy Barron interviews Dr. Martha White to l

andrea gibson on blessings wound
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ANDREA GIBSON on The Blessings of the Wound /347

In an episode that cuts straight to the soul, this week’s guest Andrea Gibson joins Ayana in a conversation that asks what it means to truly live. Andrea contemplates the ways we cope with loneliness

ep blm recreation blueprint feral hog management
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EP 380: BLM Recreation Blueprint & Feral Hog Management

In Episode 380 of District of Conservation, Gabriella kicks off Season 6 of the podcast discussing two new stories: the Bureau of Land Management unveiling its for 21st Century Outdoor

revisiting reject teck part all my relations
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Revisiting: Reject Teck Part 2 - All of My Relations

This episode originally aired on March 2, 2020: This week on Terra Informa we share the second part of an interview with Eriel Deranger, co-founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action,

katrina spade on new life from death
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KATRINA SPADE on New Life from Death /346

Death is a process of decomposition, how can we come to embrace this reality? This week, guest Katrina Spade joins Ayana for a fascinating conversation on the possibilities of burial practices, ways t

ep connecticut oks bear self defense law
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EP 379: Connecticut OKs Bear Self-Defense Law

In Episode 379 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses Connecticut passing a bear self-defense law that allows residents to shoot bears in self-defense cases and discourages feeding the burge

revisiting reject teck part who is teck
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Revisiting: Reject Teck Part 1 - Who is Teck?!

This episode originally aired on February 24, 2020: This week on Terra Informa we share the first part of an interview with Eriel Deranger, Executive Director and co-founder of Indigenous Climate Acti

is biden going to declare climate emergency
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Is Biden Going to Declare a Climate Emergency?

The other day, H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., the director of The Heartland Institute's Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy, was a guest on the Cardle & Woolley program on T

kurt russo on people under sea encore
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KURT RUSSO on the People Under the Sea [ENCORE] / 345

It is with a heavy heart that we share that Tokitae, a Southern Resident Orca held unjustly in captivity for 53 years, has passed away. To honor her memory, this week we are rebroadcasting our episode

ep new grand canyon national monument apache trout delisting
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EP 378: New Grand Canyon National Monument & Apache Trout Delisting

In Episode 378 of District of Conservation, Gabriella focuses on two important stories from Arizona that have national relevance. These include the designation of the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni-Ancest

ep patrick brenner president southwest public policy institute
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EP 377: Patrick Brenner, President of Southwest Public Policy Institute

In Episode 377 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Patrick Brenner - president and co-founder of the Southwestern Public Policy Institute. The New Mexico-based organization is a research

revisiting did we save ozone layer can we save climate too
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Revisiting: Did we save the ozone layer? And can we save the climate too?

This episode originally aired on June 27, 2022: In this week's episode, Sonak Patel and Hannah Cunningham discuss the Montreal Protocol and the environmental crisis that was the discovery of the deple

biden montana maui climate emergency madness continues special guest dr judith
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Biden, Montana, Maui - 'Climate Emergency' Madness Continues With Special Guest Dr. Judith

It has been a crazy week in the climo-sphere. Fires in Maui were blamed on “climate change” by the media, only for them to find out that this wasn’t the case at all!President Joe Biden, after having a

keiara wade on generations black cowboys
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KEIARA WADE on Generations of Black Cowboys /344

Introducing listeners to her fierce devotion to community and care for the animal world, Keiara Wade, the Compton Cowgirl, considers the ways care work includes the human and Though t

humans to blame for hawaii fires but not how you think
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Humans to Blame for Hawaii Fires, but Not How You Think

The other day, Heartland's H. Sterling Burnett was a guest on the John Steigerwald Show on AM1250 The Answer in Pittsburgh. Sterling was on at the top of the program to talk about how climate alarmist

breaking analysis chinas august green certificate policy anders hove
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Breaking: Analysis of China's August Green Certificate Policy - with Anders Hove

Last week, China came out with a dramatic new policy on green certificates, radically reforming what had been a sleepy aspect of the clean energy transition in China. We don't usually do breaking news

ep tom kubiniec secureit tactical ceo
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EP 376: Tom Kubiniec, SecureIt Tactical CEO

In Episode 376 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Tom Kubiniec - chief operating officer of SecureIt Tactical. Tune in to learn more!SHOW NOTESConnect with Tom on Secure

revisiting queerness environment
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Revisiting: Queerness and the Environment

This epsiode originally aired on June 22, 2020: We are exploring the relationship between queer people and the natural environment. This week we are going to share with you an interview that Terra Inf

climate emergency declaration here come climate lockdowns climate change roundtable
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Climate Emergency Declaration? Here Come Climate Lockdowns - Climate Change Roundtable #75

President Joe Biden and the UN are likely to declare an “official” global climate emergency next week. All the signs are there. The chatter, and the behind the scenes maneuvering. The UN’s website now

young professionals in sustainability minjie lu sp global chinese
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Young Professionals in Sustainability - with Minjie Lu, S&P Global [Chinese]

In this latest installment in our Young Professionals in Sustainability series, we talk with Minjie LU, Energy Advisory Consultant at S&P Global Commodity Insights consulting group. He has six years o

james bridle on modes intelligence
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JAMES BRIDLE on Modes of Intelligence /343

What is intelligence beyond, preceding, and following human intelligence? This week, Ayana is joined by guest James Bridle in a conversation that considers multiple forms of intelligence and ways of b

ep biden defunds school archery programs arlington county deer wars
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EP 375: Biden Defunds School Archery Programs & Arlington County Deer Wars

In Episode 375 of District of Conservation, Gabriella analyzes two stories. First, the Department of latest policy defunding school archery and hunting programs using the "Biparti

revisiting pacific salmon sequel salmon health aquaculture
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Revisiting - Pacific Salmon the Sequel: Salmon Health & Aquaculture

This episode originally aired on December 13, 2021: This week, we're plunging back into the world of Pacific salmon! In this episode, our salmon friends, Francis and Finley, join us again to teach us

climate lockdowns british change their stance
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Climate Lockdowns: The British Change Their Stance

In this episode of Climate Change Roundtable, we head across the pond to the UK to look at the results of a joint poll conducted by YouGov, CAR26, and The Heartland Institute. According to the most re

toko pa turner on dreams belonging
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TOKO-PA TURNER on Dreams of Belonging /342

In Episode 383 of District of Conservation, Gabriella debriefs listeners on her Great Smoky Mountains vacation and conservation nuggets she learned; 30 years of the Western Caucus and her participatio3


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