On Consciousness, Qualia, and Meaning with Mike Johnson and Andrés Gómez Emilsson

Consciousness is a concept which is at the forefront of much scientific and philosophical thinking. At the same time, there is large disagreement over what consciousness exactly is and whether it can


48: Canceling PTSD with MDMA (part one) | Rick Doblin

The drug known as Molly, Ecstasy and MDMA may soon get regulatory approved for therapeutic use, thanks to a 34-year campaign waged by Rick Doblin. Rick and I discuss all of this, plus his own unique s


110. A Biotech Solution to Pesticide-Free Food to Feed the World, and Mars Colonies | Fatma

Dr. Fatma Kaplan is the co-founder and CEO/CSO of Pheronym, a company trying to help solve world food crisis and feed the growing world population, farmers need for a non-toxic way t


Exploration - Origin of Religion & Thought

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Dr Dan Dennet and Dr. Steve Pinker on the topics ofOrigin of Religion & Thought


Episode 87: A Conversation with Sameer Maskey

In this episode Byron speaks with Sameer Maskey of Fusemachines about the development of machine learning, languages and AI capabilities.


108. A Deeper Diver into UBI, Automation and the Economy of Tomorrow | Martin Ford

Martin Ford (@MFordFuture) is a futurist and the author of the bestselling, award-winning Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, Architects of Intelligence: The Truth About


Exploration - Space Travel

Host Dr Michio Kaku speaks with Dr. Tom Jones on the topic of Space Travel

#286: Halodi Robotic’s EVEr3: A Full-size Humanoid Robot, with Bernt Børnich Bernt Børnich on Eve, including it's motors, direct force control, and how they plan to work with researchers.

#286: Halodi Robotic’s EVEr3: A Full-size Humanoid Robot, with Bernt Børnich

Bernt Børnich on Eve, including it's motors, direct force control, and how they plan to work with researchers.


107. AI – A Societal Transformation like No Other and How We Can Handle 50% Automation | St

Steve Brown is a speaker, author, strategist, advisor with over 30 years of experience in high tech and is the former futurist and chief evangelist at Intel Corporation. Steve's been f


Exploration - Einstein's FBI File

Host Dr Michio Kaku speaks with Fred Gerome on the topic of Einstein's FBI File


#097: Offshore and onshore: The future of the salmon industry - Dr. Oyvind Fylling-Jensen

Can we provide the engineering solutions to meet the challenges of the open ocean? And can we realistically produce five-kilo salmon onshore in closed systems? We take a deep-dive into the future of s


106. Education Inflation, a New Aristocracy and Peak Employment and Equality | Bryan Alexan

Bryan Alexander is a futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher with an unconventional background in English and Romantic-era literature working in the field of h


Episode 70: The Future of Higher Education

Peter and Dan continue their hiring discussion with a focus on higher education and the ongoing debate of versus business school. As millennials represent more and more of the job mark


#096: Breeding success at Darby Dan Farm - John Phillips

What does it take to raise a champion Thoroughbred? As the owner and operator of Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, John Philips applies lessons of the past to passionately advocate for the future


Episode 86: A Conversation with Amir Husain

In this episode Byron talks to fellow author Amir Husain about the nature of Artificial Intelligence and Amir's book 'The Sentient Machine'


#285: On Storytelling Robots for Children, with Hae Won Park

Dr. Hae Won Park on educational robots for children, and how they can be personalized for long-term use.


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