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Byte of Jam

Slightly shorter, just as Jam packed! Will it be Voltswagen or Volkswagen? Is this another marketing stunt like ihob? The Jam lads also take Amazon to task over their delivery driver policies, reveal

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Joscha Bach and Anthony Aguirre on Digital Physics and Moving Towards Beneficial Futures

Joscha Bach, Cognitive Scientist and AI researcher, as well as Anthony Aguirre, UCSC Professor of Physics, join us to explore the world through the lens of computation and the difficulties we face on

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#331: Multi-Robot Learning, with Amanda Prorok Amanda Prorok on multi-robot systems, learned coordination policies, and
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#331: Multi-Robot Learning, with Amanda Prorok

Amanda Prorok on multi-robot systems, learned coordination policies, and

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Jam in the Wind

Bizarre and Dumb tech of the Week Coca-Cola is launching vending machine subscriptions in Japan Listener submitted- Read the Pentagon’s 20-Page Report on Its Own Meme YOUNG FEMALE TWITTER STAR TURNS O

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Episode 98: Creating AI Avatars

Peter and Dan explore the technology of AI avatars. Diving into a fun conversation about intelligent digital humans that are now surfacing in certain industries, Peter and Dan envision how these AI av

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Roman Yampolskiy on the and of AI

Roman Yampolskiy, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Louisville, joins us to discuss whether we can control, comprehend, and explain AI systems, and how this constrains the project of

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Buy a Jam NFT

The Jam talks deepfakes, NFTs, teddy bears strapped to cars for science, Tinder background checks and so much more. Added bonus: new 2 minute timer rule for the tech byte stories. Dumb and Bizarre Tec

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#330: Construction Site Automation by Dusty Robotics, with Tessa Lau

Tessa Lau discusses the robot from Dusty Robotics that automates the laying of floor plans on the floors in construction sites.

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Worse Jam Parents

Is the 4 day work week on the horizon or will you be able to visit a space hotel first? Maybe people having less kids is causing you anxiety over earth's future? Cheer up, we may have solved the mask

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Sweating Jam

New Nerf guns, defending satellites, new age dine and dash and so much more!!! Dumb tech of the week: Gatorade’s new Gx Sweat Patch tests your sweat for smarter hydration Tech News Bytes 'Next-gen' US

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Episode 97: The New Commercial Space Age

Peter and Dan discuss recent breakthroughs in the commercial space industry, highlighting a slew of new startups entering the marketplace, whether in analytics or rocket engineering. As we witness the

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Stuart Russell and Zachary Kallenborn on Drone Swarms and the Riskiest Aspects of Autonomou

Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and Zachary Kallenborn, WMD and drone swarms expert, join us to discuss the highest risk and most destabilizing aspects of lethal autonomo


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