tournament style retreat
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Tournament Style Retreat

It's the first episode of the Tournament Style Retreat! Buckle up because it's a wild 7 week ride that is about to happen. Guillermo and Austin locked in a room for 9+ hours and this is the

little women
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Little Women

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tournament Style. We're talking ACL again this episode and instead of headliners, we're talking the best non headliners from ACL 2023. We also discuss

horny animals
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Horny Animals

Heavy Guillermo episode in this one! He's dressed like a German with a cute fedora and won't stop talking about it. We also discuss ACL, talk Animal Corner, and tournament Horn facts. Please

mini problems
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Mini Problems

We definitely needed the rain that's blessed us! Guillermo goes on and on about his boring job in this episode, so if you're into him being nice or whatever please enjoy this episode. We seg

animal planet
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Animal Planet Our best episode yet!
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Animal Planet

Our best episode yet!

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Our best friend Mat is here to discuss all things Mat. Honestly one of our best episodes yet. Please enjoy.Door MatGymnastics MatBar MatGuys Named MatPlace MatShower Mat

jake amir
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Jake and Amir

Our good friend Parker joins us in Auguest to tournament the best Jake and Amir sketch. Please enjoy.

womens world cup
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Women's World Cup

Special guest Caroline joins us on this Auguest episode of Tournament Style to talk all things Women's Soccer World Cup. We tournament the best nicknames for the teams as well as talk about Harry

rrr at acl
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We're not late, you're just early. Time is relative who cares. What are you going to do? Narc on us? Ok please don't tell Guillermo this is late I swear I'll be better!

myers briggs
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Myers Briggs

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tournament Style. The tournament today is Best Trunk but before we get into all of that, we also discuss seeing the movie RRR, as well as why Austin is recordin

npc vibes
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NPC Vibes

We tournament trucks today and learn that Guillermo is an NPC. That's

ethan slater
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Ethan Slater

It's Shark Week! We love Shark Week and we love talking about Ethan Slater leaving his wife. We also get into billionaire talk and discuss the move from Twitter to X. Hope you enjoy this episode.

how does it feel
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How Does It Feel?

That's a spicy ravioli. A new month and a new us! How does it feel? And what song is that? So many questions and so little time. Today we do best shapes and that's it.

check out chocolate
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Check Out Chocolate 3

The new and improved 2023 version of Check Out Chocolate is here! And THIS TIME, we actually eat the chocolate. Have you ever been at the check out isle and wondered what chocolate is objectively just

an apple day
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An Apple A Day

Thank you for still LadyRuby FrostGranny Zealand Lemonade

pencil neck
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Pencil Neck

A little late but a lot great! We've been a little busy but we should be back on track with episode uploads. Please enjoy our Rejunevenated Best TV Show Dad.

redoing reverse in rejunevenate
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Redoing the Reverse in Rejunevenate

Another rejunevenated episode here with the reverse tournament we did in April. Best timey wimey movie created by us. We talk about many things and have lots of segments just listen instead of reading

persistence is key
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Persistence Is Key

Guillermo is in a wacky goofy mood in this one and I hope you're ready for the key episode. Honestly, this episode is a load of nothing until the tournament so we don't blame you if you just

kiss me baby one more time
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Kiss Me Baby One More Time

Kiss me I'm dreaming! Spring is almost over and we are already on our last May episode. No theme month here, but we decided to round out a month of K's with another K tournament. Best kiss!

gettin lucky in kentucky
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Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky

This weeks episode, we are having good fortune in the ol' Bluegrass state. Our tournament is anything that originated or is associated with the great state of parents also

three strikes youre sprout
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Three Strikes and you're Sprout!

Despite bossy appearance, tyranny has triumphed and Austin is back in the Host seat at Tournament Style Inc. Naturally that means only one thing: Guillermo is going on strike! We also

dr whom last fool
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dR. Whom - The Last Fool

It's time to say goodbye to the April Fool for now. I'll see you all in 2 years! For this episode, I paid Austin a visit at his apartment on ****** ****** ******** drive.We talked about ice

nifty united states part
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50 Nifty United States part 4

This weeks tournament takes us from sea to shinning sea. That's right! Back by popular demand: it's another 50 states tournament! Find out which 7 states have a cardinal as their state bird.

nmnot v t
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ɈnɘmɒnɿυoT ɘƨɿɘvɘЯ ɘʜT

Today's Tournament happens in reverse, just like all of our favorite Christopher Nolan movies! Before we get into that, we talk about the ending of one of our favorite podcasts and my new car. Or

april fool returns
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The April Fool Returns

Hello and welcome to the second best theme month we've ever thought of, The April Fool theme month. This month I, Guillermo, host all of the tournaments, and this year I'm surprising Austin

run on bank
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Run on the Bank

The tournament today is best bank where we break down everything about all the banks to fins the best one. This episode is immediately off the rails as Guillermo eats the biggest food plate of all tim

kiss me im patrick
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Kiss Me, I'm Patrick

Happy St Patrick's Day! We're in the full swing of mid March and the tournaments are flowing. We talk March Madness, Women's History month, and the No Joke podcast. Our segment today is

i think you should leave
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I Think You Should Leave

We're all trying to find the guy who did this. This episode we're doing a tournament on best I Think You Should Leave sketch and it was also the night that the skeletons came to life because

year anniversary
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3 Year Anniversary

And we're back with another episode of Tournament Style where the tournament today is a fun one. We are doing Best Movie of the 2023 Best Picture Nominees. We also discuss techno

smith smythe blindfold guitar shoot out
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Smith & Smythe Blindfold Guitar Shoot Out

Dino joins us for our last episode in Blindfold February. He and Austin blindfold up and listen to me serenade them with 8 different guitars for a very long and complex Tournament. We also chat about

apples to oranges
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Apples to Oranges

Buckle up because this is a contentious one folks. We got grumpy Guillermo on the pod today and he's complaining about dust. After the complaining about the dust is done with, we also discuss tak

artificial intelligence generated this title smells like candles
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Artificial Intelligence Generated this Title: Smells like Candles

Heavy Guillermo episode in this one! He's dressed like a German with a cute fedora and won't stop talking about it. We also discuss ACL, talk Animal Corner, and tournament Horn facts. Please3


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