era producer wcl interviews mike vincent fisher
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The Era of the Producer: WCL interviews Mike Vincent Fisher

Welcome back everyone! Season 3 starts with a fantastic musician, Mike Vincent Fisher! His tracks are tight, really refreshing, and lyrically solid. I really enjoyed talking to him about the direction

piano man
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Piano Man

We are so lucky to have two experts of music on this episode of Tournament Style. Guillermo has a master's degree in voice and Austin played the saxophone in middle school band class. So when you

glizzys in germany
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Glizzys In Germany

Glizzy Glizzy Glizzy Glizzy rocking everywhere! We're back and we're talking glizzys. More specifically we're talking about where the best place to eat them is. Honestly, no place is a

guillermos in thunder gnome
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Guillermo's In The Thunder Gnome

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there listening and everyone who has a mom. In this episode we have a fun tournament discussing the best tv show moms and basically how funny they are. This

kentucky derby
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Kentucky Derby

We are finally back where we're supposed to be with Austin hosting and Guillermo hosting too but less so. I hope you keep us in mind in the way we are and give us some besos during your midnight

house fool
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House Fool

The April Fool, last episode of hosting is here. Everybody can rejoice that the day is here and we no longer have to hear hosting. In this episode we kind of have a

no joke podcast
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No Joke Podcast

Another episode of The April Fools theme month continues as Guillermo continues to steer the ship. This week contains no jokes as we dive into a very serious topic and take inspiration from some of ou

intern rene
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Intern Rene

Another week of The April Fool theme month means another week of Guillermo killing the hosting duties. In this episode we have our intern Rene on for the first time and have an absolute blast discussi

april fool
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The April Fool

Look behind you we're right there. April Fools! We totally got you. Anyway here's Wonderwall. Just kidding you can't play songs in a sentence we got you again didn't we? If you lik

give me some real live music wcl interviews tony zamora from droplift
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Give me some REAL Live Music! WCL interviews Tony Zamora from Droplift

Droplift was created by Tony Zamora. The sound Droplift has created brings out a Grunge Rock style with a touch of an Indie vibe. The music has barreling vocal harmonies, buzzsaw lea

mascot madness iii
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Mascot Madness III

That's right it's time for madness! March Madness! Our tournament baby brother the NCAA March Madness tournament is happening right now and we had to do our little spin on it. And by our spi

king guillermo
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King Guillermo

Ever risk it all on a pair of 9's with the flop showing no face cards, and you're just waiting for the checks to come in so you can see the river card for free, but the big blind goes all in

vibey est on network wcl interviews bedfashion
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The Vibey-est Podcast on the network! WCL interviews bedfashion

WCL interviews the piano player, songwriter, local boy and all-around good hang, bedfashion. A fun interview that reflects the nature of his songs. I enjoyed nerding out about music in this episode. E

happy anniversary
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Happy Anniversary

We can't thank you enough for listening to us after doing this a whole year. It has been an absolute blast to just talk into mics and try and be funny. It's been an interesting year and I ho

sultry vocals songwriting wcl interviews roxi copland
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Sultry Vocals and Songwriting: WCL interviews Roxi Copland

Roxi Copland forges her innovative sound at the crossroads of Americana, blues, and jazz. The Austin, TX-based, multi-award winning music is described in the words of one revi

guillermos flu game
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Guillermo's Flu Game

This is sort of a crazy one so strap in folks. If you've never seen The Room then after this episode you'll basically be able to say you have. We talk about Austin's haircut, we dive de

its all in theatre wcl interviews sierra vernon
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It's all in the Theatre: WCL interviews Sierra Vernon

Sierra Vernon is a from Austin, Texas - born and raised. Singing about anything, everything, and all of it in between. Performed for unofficial SXSW showcases, small throngs in even

must have super powers
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Must Have Super Powers

Yeah, I go on and on can't understand how I last so long. I must have the super powers last 223 thousand hours. If you've ever wanted to know which super power is definitively the best then

heart texas wcl interviews stephen castillio from western express
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The Heart of Texas: WCL interviews Stephen Castillio from the Western Express

Phill and Stephen connected in 2018 and met for a beer at the Continental Club in Austin. Shortly after hitting it off they set out to play and write country music for folks in Central Texas. Not only

i love college
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I Love College

Take one down and pass it around. Beer that is. In this episode we blindfold taste tournament the best cheap beer. We also go over our snow week in Texas and tell stories of our beer drinking college

wcl no interview this week winter storm delay updates episode
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WCL: No interview this week: Winter storm delay and updates Episode

No interview this week. Episodes will resume next week! Check out this quick episode for some more info, updates, and some ways that you can help out people in Texas/Austin if you feel moved to do so!

burgers galore
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Burgers Galore

Blindfold month continues as we eat our hearts out and our words this episode. Oh and we also eat burgers from fast food places. In this episode is also special guest Dino. Please enjoy listening to u

lessons from dj its never too late wcl interviews yi
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Lessons from a DJ (it's never too late) WCL interviews Yi

Los Angeles-born and Texas-raised artist YI is an music producer and DJ. YI has expanded his growth throughout Texas and beyond, starring in the show “Polaris Primetime (2017

is oat milk goat milk
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Is Oat Milk the Goat Milk?

We went full vegan this episode and tried some milk substitutes for this tournament. This was a fun episode as Austin was blindfolded and Guillermo fed him milk straight from the almond's nipples

ghost dwayne barry wcl interviews squiggly finesse from bourgeois mystics
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The Ghost of Dwayne Barry: WCL Interviews Squiggly Finesse from Bourgeois Mystics

Bourgeois Mystics is a for-profit, personal growth cult and “genre-defying dance party waiting to explode,” headquartered in Austin, TX. Founded in late 2014 by four acquisitive ascetics, they quickly

blindfolded water tasting
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Blindfolded Water Tasting

This is the episode everyone has been waiting for. In this new theme month we will be doing things blindfolded starting with drinking water. We will bring you the best water according to Tournament St

is silent wcl interviews stacy bell
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The 3 is Silent: WCL interviews Stac3y Bell

Stac3y Bell is an Austin-based country singer and songwriter. With a cry and quaver in her voice that hearkens back to the golden age of country music, her songs blend vintage country sound in the vei

tree shanty
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Tree Shanty

Ever hear 2 grown men talk about trees for an hour? Well no should ever do that, BUT if you wanted to here is that episode for you. We discuss childhood memories of Guillermo never climbing a tree as

define rock wcl interviews tony trejo daniel clute from dead for now
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Define Rock WCL Interviews Tony Trejo and Daniel Clute from Dead for Now

Dead for Now is a hard rock band based in Austin. The music of spans a few genres, including rock, blues, and metal. They've been playing together for about 2 years, but Tony and Daniel have been

diets are for quitters
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Diets Are For Quitters

In this episode we discuss diets and find out which diet is the best of all. Along the way we bring up the Snyder cut, Austin's hate for fish, and why everyone who diets is a quitter. If any of t

you always got here too late wcl interviews bear ryan from red on yellow
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You always got here too late WCL Interviews Bear Ryan from Red on Yellow

Singer and Founder of the 5 piece rock n roll band, Red On Yellow, in Austin, Texas. Bear started Red On Yellow in 2017 with Emanuele Pistucchia, from a love of Hill Country Delta Blues as well as hea

more mascots
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More Mascots

Glizzy Glizzy Glizzy Glizzy rocking everywhere! We're back and we're talking glizzys. More specifically we're talking about where the best place to eat them is. Honestly, no place is a3


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