ep al grime
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EP 155 – A.L. GRIME

Producing and directing a large scale mural festival while simultaneously being one of the featured muralist in the festival is […]

ep dvate
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EP 154 – DVATE

A legend in the Australian graffiti scene for nearly three decades, Jimmy DVATE is a master with a spray can. […]

ep tayla broekman
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“It all starts with a pencil, a piece of paper, and a feeling.” So it is said by Melbourne based […]

ep george rose
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Is it the sweet sweet fades’ that lure you in first, or the mesmerizing botanical patterns? Maybe it’s the explosion of color or catchy word play that she integrates into some of her work. Regardless

ep rone
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EP 151 – RONE

It would be nearly impossible to overstate the level of thought, commitment and detail that goes into Rone’s work. The Australian artist has been levelling up’ project by project the past 5-10 years a

ep tes one
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EP 151 – TES ONE

For 30 years TesOne has been cultivating an impressive body of work that spans the worlds of graffiti, fine art, murals, and graphic design. His ability to seamlessly blend these different aesthetics

ep graffiti egypt
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Believing in oneself and fully committing to one’s own artistic impulses without regard to outside opinions is the unattainable goal of countless artists. Others however settle quite naturally into th

ep palehorse
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Chris Parks, better known as 'Palehorse' has been producing personal and commercial art for nearly two decades with a level of output that is almost unbelievable. He has designed imagery for some of t

ep ben johnston
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Aside from his brilliance as a designer, Ben Johnston’s real talent lies in his ability to offer a creative, sometimes alternative meaning to a word or phrase simply based on it’s presentation on a pa

ep reginald oneal
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VantagePoint listeners first met Reginald O’Neal back in 2014 on episode 023 with artists Axel Void. At the time, Reginald (known then as L.E.O.) was as apprentice to Axel and traveling through Europe

ep klan
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EP 146 – 123KLAN

Few could have predicted the enormous global ripple effects that the meeting of two young artists in the early 90’s would have on the world of graffiti, design, and branding, but 30 years later we sho

ep shine festival
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In it's 8thyear of operation, the Shine Mural Festival in St. Petersburg Florida continues to be one of the leaders in the pack of well respected, heavy hitting mural festivals around the globe. The r

ep georgia hill
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Georgia Hill's background in graphic design is immediately obvious by her abilityto communicate felling and tone so powerfully with a rather minimal amount of artistic black and white

ep nafir
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EP 143 – NAFIR

Iranian artist Nafir creates work that combines traditional hand crafts from around the world with modern street art painting techniques to create works that are both beautiful and subversive at the s

ep goldie
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Goldie needs no introduction… that is to say, it is nearly impossible to give a proper introduction to such a prolific and successful cultural shapeshifter as Goldie. From his early days in the 80s as

ep mr june
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EP 141 – MR JUNE

Mr. June has been painting on walls since 1985 and in the nearly 40 years since then much has changed but his core love of graffiti and painting has not. After graduating with a Graphic Design degree

ep drez
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EP 140 – DREZ

DREZ is making big waves with his bold colorful murals across his native Australia and beyond. Monumental bands of gradient color, which the artist calls “Chromatic Pulse”, designed to mirror the exis

ep phibs
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EP 139 – PHIBS

Widely considered one of the seminal figures in the Australian graffiti scene, Phibs has enjoyed a crossover career spanning decades and artistic borders from graffiti, to corporate

ep yanoe x zoueh
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Artists Ryan 'Yanoe’Sarfati and joined forces a few years ago and have quietly established themselves as one of the most respected muralpainting duos on the scene. Together they’ve c

ep tati
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EP 137 – TATI

The world of Tatiana Suarez is inhabited by exotic figures that float somewhere in the realm between human, animal, and plant life. Their oversized eyes concealing truths while emitting emotion. Wethe

ep atomik
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Few artists if any are more synonymous with the city in which they live than Miami’s Atomik. His iconic Orange character is visible in every corner of the city, from walls to street signs to tee-shirt

ep alex yanes
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Miami native Alex Yanes has developed a unique blend of painting and sculpture that combines urban art aesthetics with pop imagery and a sunshiny tropical vibe. His imagery, featuring a mix of abstrac

ep ox king
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EP 134 – OX KING

Sydney based artist The Ox King has positioned himself as a leading mural painter in Australia through his stylized pop imagery influenced heavily by his obsession with manga as a kid. His strong emph

ep allison sommers
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The paintings and drawings of Berlin based American artist Allison Sommers act as a portal to a universe very similar to our own but in which some evil genius has altered a few lines of the code. Grot

ep lady aiko
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Lady Aiko has been a hugely influential force in the urban art” scene for significantly longer than there has even been an “urban art” scene. Since moving from Tokyo to New York in the early 90s Aiko

ep mr paradox paradise
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It is not at all an over exaggeration to say that Paradox (Mr. isone of themost prolific, most unique, and most visible graffiti writer in Berlin, a city full of prolific and unique g

ep raws
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EP 129 – RAWS

For some people, turning your hobby into your career can suck all of the fun and passion out of it. For others, it allows them to do what they love every day and adds an extra level of excitement and

ep kkade
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EP 128 – KKADE

Kkade discovered his love of letters while writing graffiti in his youth. His love became an obsession when studying graphic design at school and realizing that the middle point between letter styles

ep scott nagy krimsone
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Krimsone and Scott Nagy formed a friendship as kids and dove headfirst into the local graffiti scene together. Years later they casually joined forces and have spent most of the past few years paintin

ep hoxxoh
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I am driving with windows down late at night through the sticky Miami heat to meet an artist who has the name of a sci-fi creature and who’s work deals with portals and dimensions of time and space… I

ep li hill
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EP 125 – LI-HILL

Li-Hill was born and raised in Canada but it was while living in Brooklyn that he made his bones in the art world. His rare ability to translate his work across mediums and scale and from 2D to 3D set


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