barbenheimer special
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The Barbenheimer Special

We’ve got a super sized Cyber for you today that’s all about the two hottest movies in theaters. One is a mythological take on the creation of the modern world and the devastating weapons that ushered

adam conover on hollywood strike
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Adam Conover On the Hollywood Strike

It’s a brutally hot summer, a great time to cool off in an air conditioned movie theater or to catch up on some of those TV shows you’ve had on your list forever. But did you know the people who make

false claims behind an groups hollywood moment
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The False Claims Behind an Group’s Hollywood Moment

A movie about a Mormon activist made headlines when it beat Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny at the box office. But Sound of Freedom’s box office numbers aren’t all they’re crack

how microsoft changed cyberspace one decision cpradio
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How Microsoft Changed Cyberspace With One Decision [CPRadio]

Between corporations, governments, and the rest of us, billions are spent every year trying to secure cyberspace. Which makes it almost unbelievable to think that just one, simple policy change from o

celebrating end usable internet
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Celebrating the End of the Usable Internet

It feels like the old internet is breaking apart and no one is sure where to go. The first three pages of search results on Google are dreck. Reddit is shutting down the third party apps that make it

hunting warhead introduces banned teacher
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Hunting Warhead Introduces: The Banned Teacher

From the host that brought you The Band Played On, The Banned Teacher is a new investigation, in a different city. He says it was consensual sex. She says it was rape. He was her music teacher. She wa

kia boys
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Kia Boys

The story of a wave of car theft for internet clout on Tik Tok and the security vulnerability that made it possible.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

increasingly violent discord servers where kids flaunt their crimes
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The Increasingly Violent Discord Servers Where Kids Flaunt Their Crimes

Discord and Minecraft servers are part of an ecosystem where young people brag about crimes. SIM swapping, extortion, and are all part of an disparate online communit

big tech wants you to think ai will kill us all
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Big Tech Wants You to Think AI Will Kill Us All

Did you know that AI is set to automate as many as a third of your tasks? In the future we’re all going to be saving a lot of time. That’s as long as no one invents artificial general intelligence tha

ai lawyers are hallucinating hacktivists are ransomwaring apple is augmenting rea
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AI Lawyers Are Hallucinating, Hacktivists are Ransomwaring, and the Apple is Augmenting Rea

In this chat episode we discuss a routine personal injury lawsuit derailed by AI, a new strain of ransomware called Malas Locker being used by hacktivists to make a political statement, rehabilitation

ad fraud part
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Ad Fraud, Part 2

In the last episode of our show, we heard the story of Methbot: an army of hundreds of thousands of bots, viewing thousands of advertisements on thousands of made-up websites in order

dhs is reading travelers posts at border
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The DHS Is Reading Travelers' Posts at the Border

Customs and Border Protection is scanning people’s social media, the feds have arrested some swatters, and the FTC has ordered Ring to cough up a fine. This week on Cyber, Motherboard’s premier cyber

cursed maiden voyage ms satoshi
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The Cursed Maiden Voyage of the MS Satoshi

The story of the MS Satoshi and the quest to start a libertarian crypto nation on the high seas in the shell of an old cruise ship.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

ad fraud part
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Ad Fraud, Part 1

Right now, a man named Aleksandr Zhukov is sitting in jail for one of the most financially ruinous schemes ever invented for the internet. Zhukov is guilty. He was caught and convicted under a mountai

ai can read your dreams collect your debts whats next
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AI Can Read Your Dreams and Collect Your Debts. What’s Next?

Is there anything artificial intelligence can’t do?Debt collectors want AI to push people into coughing up what’s owed. An AI created photo of an attack on the Pentagon generated a minor panic. There’

cyber crime crypto cory doctorow
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CYBER: Crime and Crypto with Cory Doctorow

Crypto and crime, crime and crypto. They go together like spreadsheets and tax evasion. When cryptocurrency hit the scene it was, according to its evangelists, going to usher in a world of decentraliz

ethical space hackers cryptoprogram juice jacking revisited
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Ethical Space Hackers, CryptoProgram, and Juice Jacking Revisited.

A chat episode about the world's first ethical satellite hacking exercise, a much deeper look at Juice Jacking and whether (and when) it's actually a thing, and a remarkable crypto themed money making

economics cybersecurity
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The Economics Of Cybersecurity

The numbers can’t be any clearer: a DDoS attack costs less than a hundred dollars, while the price tag for mitigating it might reach tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. A single well crafted

fakecalls spam calls that really work cpradio
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FakeCalls: the Spam Calls that Really Work [CPRadio]

For all the ridiculous spam calls in the world, but a small percentage of them are actually, legitimately, convincing. According to the Korean government, “voice phishing” compromises nearly 200 Korea

cyber inside italian mafias encrypted phone choice
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CYBER: Inside the Italian Mafia’s Encrypted Phone of Choice

We talk a lot about encrypted phones on Cyber. Everyone loves a secure communication channel that no one can peer into. But some companies, well, if there’s criminal activity going on they’re gonna se

apple ii how computer became personal
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Apple II and How the Computer Became Personal

If you’re watching or listening to this show you’re probably doing it on a device that owes its very existence to the Apple II. But these days we remember the iPhone, 90s era Windows, and even the Mac

wondery presents flipping bird elon vs twitter
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Wondery Presents - Flipping The Bird: Elon vs Twitter

When Elon Musk posted a video of himself arriving at Twitter HQ carrying a white sink along with the message “let that sink in!” it marked the end of a dramatic takeover. Musk had gone from Twitter cr

reason you dont have data privacy
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The Reason You Don’t Have Data Privacy

We’ve all experienced the creepiness of modern data trafficking, but that kind of daily annoyance is the surface of a much bigger issue: Big Tech companies such as Amazon & Microsoft are lobbying poli

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The Bibliophile

The story of a manuscript hacker who scammed the publishing industry for years with increasingly elaborate social engineering schemes and an unclear motive. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit pod

thieves are stealing cars using old nokia phones
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Thieves are Stealing Cars Using Old Nokia Phones

It looks like a bluetooth speaker or an old Nokia cellphone. But that’s a disguise. Inside these small devices is everything car thieves need to break into your vehicle. There are telegram channels no

operation silent watch cpradio
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Operation Silent Watch [CPRadio]

In July 2021, several prominent human rights activists in Azerbaijan received the same phishing email that delivered them spyware, capable of causing significant harm to their personal and professiona

how entire countries can lose internet
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How Entire Countries Can Lose the Internet

Disruptions to the world’s internet cables happen more often than you think: Whether it be ship anchors or animals or saboteurs, cut a few wires in the right places and at nearly the speed of light yo

operation cookie monster russian hackathon vpn mac bitcoin whitepaper mystery
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Operation Cookie Monster, The Russian Hackathon VPN, and the Mac Bitcoin Whitepaper Mystery

A chat episode about the brilliantly named international operation to take down Genesis Market, an FBI warning against juice jacking, Amnezia the open source VPN that's become a surprise Russian expor

someone is selling computer generated swatting services
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Someone Is Selling Computer Generated Swatting Services

Automation is making everyone’s lives easier, including people who call in fake bomb threats on crowded public locations. We live in a world where pranksters and criminals can summon a massive police

what we know about pentagon leaks
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What We Know about the Pentagon Leaks

Top Secret classified Pentagon documents leaked on a Minecraft Discord server. The pages of documents contain sensitive information about troop placements in Ukraine, rumors about allies, and—weirdly—

ubers april fools glitch
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Uber's April Fools Glitch

A terrible April Fool’s day glitch screws over Uber drivers, tenants in California are striking back against landlords, and private banks: do we need them?Today’s episode of Cyber is a cypher, that in

how russia uses facial recognition to stop protestors
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How Russia Uses Facial Recognition to Stop Protestors

A movie about a Mormon activist made headlines when it beat Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny at the box office. But Sound of Freedom’s box office numbers aren’t all they’re crack3


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