The Absence of Stuff (EP.83)

On this week's show we discuss why dividends are underrated, the billionaire paying off student loans, Goldman Sachs buying United Capital, the curious case of WeWork, ETFs that pay you, struggling t


Priya Parker – The Art of Gathering - [Invest Like the Best, EP.132]

This week I’m hosting an investor retreat and so thought it fitting to release this conversation with Priya Parker on the art of gathering. I’ve been interested in the topic of community and gathering


Talk Your Book: Jeremy Schwartz of WisdomTree

On today's Talk Your Book we had Jeremy Schwartz of WisdomTree on the show to discuss the firm's dividend strategies, the rise of tax-deferred accounts, currency hedging, improving the 60/40 portfoli


Michael's Fitness Pal (EP.82)

On this week's show we discuss are the tech companies going to make us all fat and lazy, some good news for once in retirement saving data, the huge growth in tax-deferred accounts, how the S&P 500 h


[REPLAY] Tim Urban - Grand Theft Life - [Invest Like the Best, EP.59]

This week’s conversation is about artificial intelligence and interplanetary travel. Its about content creation, thinking from first principles, and death progress units. Its about brain machine inter


The Rorschach Test (EP.81)

On this week's episode we discuss why Berkshire Hathway is the market's Rorschach test, Charlie Munger is still going strong at age 95, how many companies have avoided bankruptcy because of VC money,


Stephanie Cohen – The Evolution of M&A and Corporate Strategy - [Invest Like the Best, EP.1

My guest this week is Stephanie Cohen, who is the chief strategy officer for Goldman Sachs and a member of their management committee. Prior to her current role, she spent the majority of her career i


Re-Kindled: The Big Short (EP.80)

Re-Kindled is a show where Michael and Ben discuss some of the best finance books ever written. On this episode, they dig into The Big Short by Michael Lewis to talk about the lessons of the financia


Remember Gchat? (EP.79)

On this week's show we discuss Tesla's huge drawdown, why making your stock bets public makes it harder to have an open mind, how our perceptions about retirement change over time, why does Uber lose


[REPLAY] Will Thorndike - How Skilled Capital Allocators Compound Capital - [Invest Like th

This week’s guest is Will Thorndike, an author and investor whose bookThe Outsidersis an all-time favorite of mine. Our conversation is in two parts. First, we dive deep into the lessons of his 8-year


The Re-Readables (EP.78)

On this week's show we discuss is inflation dead, what should we call our new podcast where we discuss classic finance books. what if the government eliminated all student loan debt, why eliminating


Josh Wolfe – The Tech Imperative - [Invest Like the Best, EP.130]

My guest this week is Josh Wolfe, co-founder and managing partner at Lux Capital. I had Josh on the podcast last year which was one of the most popular episodes in the shows history. This is a continu


Money Made By Chance (EP.77)

On this week's show we discuss the guy who bet $85k to win $1.2 million on Tiger winning the Masters, Ray Dalio's plan to save capitalism, are we really worse off than previous generations, investing


Katherine Collins – Impact and ESG Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.129]

My guest this week is Katherine Collins, who is the head of sustainable investing at Putnam Investments, a portfolio manager on two of Putnam’s sustainable investing funds,and the author of the book T


Money Makes Money (EP.76)

On this week's show we discuss the or lack thereof, average savings rates by generation, the biggest expense super savers cut back on, the Barron's cover curse, how much longer the b


Geoffrey Batt – The Nature of Returns - [Invest Like the Best, EP.128]

My guest this week Geoffrey Batt and the topic of our conversation is how to earn returns in very hard markets. In his case, that means Iraqi equities which we cover in detail. He now


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