survivor michael roberts
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Survivor (with Michael Roberts)

[CONTENT WARNING: Sexual and emotional abuse; thoughts of tells how his local priest insinuated his way into the lives of his devout family, before manipulating and abusing him over m

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The continuing non-binary adventures! A story that involves Mario Lopez, broken zippers, and the kindness of strangers. Or, how a vulnerable moment led to something beautiful. And slinky. And SWISHY.

mug demitri wylde
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Mug (with Demitri Wylde)

When the sex is that good, you can forgive them for almost anything... But is it good enough to keep going back, despite theft, armed robbery, and... a man asleep in a chair...? Demitri Wylde thinks s

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The Probably True guide to Gay Saunas: What to expect, good etiquette, and some basic hot-tub on up for slime, sex and a sad story of a slippery mobile phone. Some say it's still ther

virgin matthew hodson
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Virgin (with Matthew Hodson)

From wandering into Heaven as a 15-year-old to living, loving, (and shagging) under the shadow of HIV in the 80s and 90s, Matthew Hodson, HIV activist and underwear model (or so he says), has plenty o

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Join the Probably True Discord chat thing: important to know whose rules we're playing by, and whether or not they work for us. The joy of queerness is that if they don't wo

elder george hodson
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Elder (with George Hodson)

Boarding school shenanigans, first love, and overflowing pens: Elder Queer George shares some of his many adventures as a Good Boy turned badass.Enjoyed George's tales of debauchery and decadence? Dro

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The final part of the Love Languages miniseries, brought to you from my mum's spare room, in the grand tradition of it's buying my way into relationships, compensating for my company

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The next episode in the Love Languages miniseries looks at Quality Time: If you care about people, spend time with them. (There's a bit more to it than that but, admittedly, not much.)Also: Why it's n

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Part 3 of the Love Languages miniseries looks at Words of Affirmation: How to craft a compliment, how to make it all about them, and how to take (a compliment) like a Jurassic World, A

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Good cuddles don't have to mean adequate diddling. Physically touching another human is extremely good for your mental health. It's got something to do with sea creatures. on non-sex

snog redux
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Snog [Redux]

My brain is a bit mushy, so here's an episode from the archives on how to be a better Bad breath. A tongue like a malfunctioning blender. Drawing on my depressingly wide experienc

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Love languages: What are they? How do we use them? Can I have some cake? If I do it like this, will you be finished before the next episode starts? These and other questions will be answered in the fi

adopt richard orchard rowe
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Adopt (with Richard Orchard-Rowe)

Love, laughter and lobbing shoes: The story of a gay couple's journey to start a family, including temper tantrums, sneaky social workers, and a LOT of wine. Paul's podcast, Adoption Adventures, is av

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Do you come out as Non-Binary? How do you know if you are, or not? Can I get a sponsorship deal after mentioning talking about my genitals so much? All these questions and more, answered with a r

hero peter tatchell
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Hero (with Peter Tatchell)

What makes a hero? Spaceships? Unattainable moral superiority? A goatee? I consider this while speaking to fearless activist Peter Tatchell about the documentary of his life and work. You're welcome t

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Time to rest, relax, and breathe in. With the usual amazing planning that means this is happening during Pride Month. Support Probably True on Patreon: One-off, no strings lum

fungus jason decker
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Fungus (with Jason Decker)

[CONTENT WARNING: Hallucinogens & other drugs] After hearing my experiences in Smoke, filmmaker, avid listener and Sexual Adventurer Jason Decker wanted to share his experiences. Those experiences

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What it means to be visibly queer when you're surrounded by boring people: Creating a Queer Nation, having fun at the Olympics and a potted history of The X-Men. Sort of.  See

pink nevo zisin
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Pink (with Nevo Zisin)

Navigating a life beyond the gender binary can be long and hard. But then, so's my d*ck.Author and Trans Activist Nevo Zisin shares their stories of coming out (often, just to keep people on their toe

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As lockdown restrictions start to ease, social anxieties and a lack of conversation materials cause awkwardness and general confusion. Can you lose your flirting mojo? What happens when you send an aw

spectacle dr brynley pearlstone
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Spectacle (with Dr. Brynley Pearlstone)

A dodgy pickup line, a heavy prescription and an unexpected career in porn: It all started with some unusual glasses and some fairly innocent photos, but ended up learning to love your disability, exp

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After the 'success' of the Bottom episode, it seemed only right to do one about topping. The main thrust (lol) is to make the whole thing a team effort, not just a sprint for the finish. Of course, we

drama mike wessells
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Drama (with Mike Wessells)

How to make coming out harder than necessary: a guide to keeping things interesting from the host of My Best Friend's Journal. From family fights to under a literal spotlight, Mike talks us through so

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The pitfalls of putting D in the B and how to avoid them: It's a bit like dancing. Sort of. A quick and silly glance at some of the things about being gay that they don't put in the brochure. Also, us

tea tom hayes
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Tea (with Tom Hayes)

[CW: Substance abuse]Manners, men, and maybe don't listen to this at mealtime... When you're thinking with organs other than your brain, stupid stuff can happen. Cups of tea, for example. Paper towels

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'Tackling' the 'important' issues of queer lockdown. Or just talking about w*nking for a few minutes. Either way, this episode looks at via masturbation, strategies to avoid boner burn

poly martin harding
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Poly (with Martin Harding)

Is it possible to be an ethical slut? How can one have multiple boyfriends at the same time? What happens when your Friends With Benefits want to become more than that? All these questions and several

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The postman sent me off on a bit of an existential spiral, there's stuff coming at my head, and I've got a wizard in my pants. Another normal week in lockdown. A wonky look at the basics of code-switc

with max appenroth
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(with Max Appenroth)

Three different coming-outs, a traumatic experience in a sauna, and something that is DEFINITELY not a candle. Max Appenroth shares stories of transmasculine life, an part of the LGBT

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Drugs: Just say maybe. Stories of why it's not great to mix the funparts and funny stuff. All the filth you've come to expect, this week with a side order of Devil's Letteuce. Grab some snacks, put on

festive jay malsky
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Festive (with Jay Malsky)

When the sex is that good, you can forgive them for almost anything... But is it good enough to keep going back, despite theft, armed robbery, and... a man asleep in a chair...? Demitri Wylde thinks s3


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