first steps happen once if we miss them together we dont share journeys
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First steps happen once/ If we miss them together/ We don't share journeys Haiku Show Notes:First steps happen once/If we miss them together/We don't share available at  
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First steps happen once/ If we miss them together/ We don't share journeys

Haiku Show Notes:First steps happen once/If we miss them together/We don't share available at  

this season is rough customized care will improve opening new minds
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This season is rough/ Customized care will improve/ Opening new minds

Emo Dojo | Haiku Show Notes:This season is care will new mindsVisit for a full transcription of this episode. 

science moves faster than doctors care to embrace because drugs pay bills
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Science moves faster/ Than doctors care to embrace/ Because drugs pay bills

I talk more about the LiftID tDCS (Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation) device, and how I feel the developers got framed negatively on Shark Tank (Season 12, Ep. 5) Haiku Show Notes:Science m

new kid or stray dog novelty wears off soon now i am nothing
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New kid or stray dog/ The novelty wears off soon/ Now I am nothing

Since my new podcast host ( ) transcribes the entire show anyway, my new epsiode will be in Haiku ... just because. New kid or stray dog/The novelty wears off soon/Now I

another good reason not to try suicide youll feel different tomorrow anyway
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Another good reason not to try suicide? You'll feel different tomorrow anyway.

My mood has improved from yesterday, and I give a quick update on the LiftId tDCS (trnascranial direct-current stimulation) I've been using now for 5 days. Hang in there. This holiday is almost over.

why no livestream avoiding mission creep preventing cinestance
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Why No Livestream? Avoiding Mission Creep and Preventing Cinestance

I'm talking about Mission Creep, the Observer Effect. and Cinestance. Sounds pretty weird. It's not that weird. It's not that important anyway. Just another in my daily podcasting workout. Please cons

im starving for attention what becomes hungry ghosts
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I'm Starving For Attention! What Becomes Of The Hungry Ghosts?

I’m doing my best not to lose it today. I talk about what I think loneliness is, compared to being alone.Our “soul” is the space between our thoughts … but what happens when your soul can’t communicat

pandemic needed better messaging all about safetynet app
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The Pandemic Needed Better Messaging | All About The SafetyNet App

I rant a little on the ill-conceived, and wildly disorganized messaging of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Then, I explain what I learned about nets in general, safety nets in particular, and a

john emotions talks christian lovrecich at pixlfeed radio
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John Emotions talks with Christian Lovrecich at PixlFeed Radio

Christian had me on his radio show and we talk about how I started the Emo Dojo project, and how having more open conversation about mental health will help everyone over time. This is a short segment

lost legacy wilhelm reich brain zapper device im testing
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The Lost Legacy of Wilhelm Reich and The Brain-Zapper Device I'm Testing

I talk a little bit about one of my favorite, controversial scientists that history has largely forgotten; Wilhelm Reich ... discoverer of Orgone. Also, I'm trying out the TDCS device tonight after th

im feeling especially lonely misunderstood today
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I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today. I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.
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I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.

I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.

i hear music in running water is oxytocin cure for tinnitus
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I Hear Music in Running Water: Is Oxytocin a Cure for Tinnitus?

I’m talking about ringing in the ears today. It’s a condition called tinnitus that starts as some kind of physical damage to the hearing mechanism, then trains the brain to continually recreate the ri

let them grieve loss their shtty little brat its still grief
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Let them grieve the loss of their sh*tty little brat. It's still grief.

Day 10 in a row — I'm starting to get the hang of things. On today's show I get into stuff like:We’re changing the podcast introI need a description for the showCan you please review this podcast?Wome

its just another manic monday
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It's just another manic Monday ...

I'm feeling pretty agitated today. Not sad ... kind of a fast melancholy. * ADHD is acting up, stressing me out* Opted out of the medication* The pressure of being a creative* When ADHD starts feeling

aphantasia hyperphantasia problem labeling
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Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia and The Problem With Labeling

I talk about this thing I discovered called “aphantasia” where I can't actually see anything in my mind when I close my eyes. I have no visual imagery. I can imagine it in a way I can describe to othe

during challenger disaster i was up in tree
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During the Challenger disaster, I was up in a tree ...

Correction; those actors in Come As You Are were not disabledWhere were you when the Challenger shuttle exploded?Bones Brigade: An Vs. NinjasWhy some people aren’t wearing

meet shock my cohost from shock emotions
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Meet Shock — My cohost from Shock and Emotions

I was talking about my sleep hygiene and Shock changes the subject to his dick chafing from jerking off too much ... possibly with a fake vagina. Real-life pandemic lockdown problems on today's Daily

more my favorite obscure documentaries pandemic
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More of My Favorite Obscure Documentaries of the Pandemic ...

Today I talk about some more interesting documentaries I've watched during the pandemic, including: 'Will Work For Clicks,' 'Burt's Buzz,' and 'The Pollinators.'

my favorite obscure documentaries pandemic so far
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My Favorite Obscure Documentaries of the Pandemic ... So Far

I've found a bunch of really decent documentaries over the past year. Today, I'm talking about 'Three Identical Strangers,' 'Come As You Are,' and 'Carts of Darkness.'

is systemic racism product inherited memories
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Is Systemic Racism A Product Of Inherited Memories?

I wonder if the electrical signals in our cells can carry the racism in some of our souls. Can science eliminate racism through cellular manipulation? Have you heard about the worm that can grow its h

persistence is key dont let bastards get you down
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Persistence is key; Don't let the bastards get you down.

I talk about why I change the podcast name/artwork so much lately, and how hard it really is for me to make a cool show.

post election emotions sympathy for fans not team
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Post-Election Emotions: Sympathy for The Fans, Not The Team

I meant to talk what I'm doing with the new podcast format. But, realizing I'm short on time, I try to explain how we should consider having sympathy for Trump voters.

how come there are no grumpy old chimps
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How come there are no grumpy old chimps?

Chimpanzees stay happy until the day they die because they are not aware of the concept of death or dying. Gary and John talk about happiness and growing old ... and grumpy.

happy freedom day songs about america good bad
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Happy Freedom Day | Songs About America; Good and Bad

John talks with Nick and Gary about songs that have America, or USA in the title. When one of us can't tolerate a song, the safe word is Bless The U.S.A.American GunsAmeri

destination unknown past future john emotions bipolar style
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Destination Unknown: The Past and Future of John Emotions and Bipolar Style

John talks about the future of Bipolar Style after plenty of time to consider all the things during the covid-19 pandemic and recent protests across America caused by homicidal police forces. Call 1(4

quarantine hit parade something is in air
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Quarantine Hit Parade | Something Is In The Air

John Emotions enjoys some herbal therapy and plays a selection of songs and stories during a state lockdown due to the Covid-19 / Coronavirus fiasco.Follow John @signaljams for his new show featuring

how are you doing peak covid update from john emotions
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How are you doing? Peak Covid-19 Update from John Emotions

John Emotions checks in from the pandemic in SW Louisiana. Things are sketchy, but looking up! Not infected, but feeling the affects of the media. Looking to nature for answers.

narcissistic personality disorder
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

John, Jack, and Nick have a casual conversation about living with family members who have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

neophobia vs neophilia
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Neophobia Vs. Neophilia

John's boys come to stay with him in Louisiana; quick review of the Cajun Rodeo Championship; then an interesting conversation about neophobia vs. neophilia.

intrusive thoughts
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Intrusive Thoughts

This is just a short episode to talk about intrusive thoughts.

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That’s right, I’m back! In this episode, I talk a bit about where I’ve been and the Intensive Outpatient Program I took part in recently. In news, what else is there but the coronavirus? I talk a litt

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I talk more about the LiftID tDCS (Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation) device, and how I feel the developers got framed negatively on Shark Tank (Season 12, Ep. 5) Haiku Show Notes:Science m3


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