podcast ads repetition or reach
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Podcast ads: repetition or reach?

In Podnews today: People hear the same ads more often. People hear the same ads more often. People hear the same ads more oftenVisit for all the podcasting news,

visualising your audience
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Visualising your podcast audience

In Podnews today: What kind of prep would you do in front of an audience of 5,000 people? And The Bugle celebrates its fifteenthVisit for all the podcasting news

time to look beyond big cities
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Time to look beyond the big cities?

In Podnews today: The shows turning into TV, and EarBuds highlights true crime showsVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

rodecaster pro ii things i like about it things i dont
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Rodecaster Pro II: 11 Things I Like About it and 6 Things I Don't

The Rodecaster Pro II is the new device from Rode. Today I compare it to the Rodecaster Pro I along with some other devices. This device is $700 and (IMHO) not for someone who is just doing some casua

mid year goal checkup
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Mid Year Podcast Goal Checkup

Holy Cow it's July! It just seemed like yesterday it was January and we were looking at the new year with new hope and determination. Life has happened the last six months, how are you doing? SPONSOR:

canada overtakes us for weekly listening
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Canada overtakes US for weekly podcast listening

In Podnews today: The People's Choice Podcast Awards are openVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

are you living someone elses dream
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685 - Are You Living Someone Else's Dream?

In this episode, I share a special offer that I'm making for up to 10 new clients who want to take me up on a special coaching offer for $3,500 for either three months or six months of

cate stillman ayurvedic medicine yoga healing urine therapy
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297 Cate Stillman - Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga Healing & Urine Therapy

Episode SummaryFounder & CEO of YogaHealer & Yoga Health Coaching, Cate Stillman joins the show to discuss her work as an innovative Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and health coach. Cate

two monetization strategies that arent worth customer causing headaches
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Two Monetization Strategies That Aren't Worth The Customer Causing Headaches

We all love customers, but there are some people who are NOT your target audience, and yet we create strategies that cause unrealistic expectations in your customers, or we get a great customer who ca

a bigger sample size for edison metrics
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A bigger sample size for Edison Podcast Metrics

In Podnews today: Dame Deborah James dies, at 40Visit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

creators creators are diverse but male
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The Creators - podcast creators are diverse, but male

In Podnews today: Male, young, but diverse: podcast creators profiled. And Aussie podcast listening goes upVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily

apple podcasts search youtube for podcasts faqs
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221 Apple Podcasts Search and YouTube For Podcasts FAQs

Search in Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music contest follow up! Best practices for podcasters in YouTube, stopping podcasts from downloading onto you computer, from reluctant listener to podcast fan, Podca

video podcasts are on rise
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Video podcasts are on the rise

In Podnews today: They've increased by more than a quarter in seven monthsVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

has spotifys bet paid off
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Has Spotify's podcast bet paid off?

In Podnews today: And, what podcasters can do about Rode vs WadeVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

podcasts so good your audience cant unhear them wtamsen webster
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Podcasts So Good Your Audience Can't Unhear Them w/Tamsen Webster

I LOVE people who make methink and when I started reading the book Find Your Red Thread: Make Your Big Ideas Irresistible, I couldn't put it down (and it's now available on Audible). It helps you unde

am i destined to be poor podcaster
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Am I Destined to Be a Poor Podcaster?

Our lead question today is, I do an entertainment show. I don't teach how to make money, etc. I talk 70's and 90's movies. Am I destined to be a poor podcast? SPONSOR: If you need

a new chapter for julie shapiro
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A new chapter for Julie Shapiro

In Podnews today: She turns the page to a new role; what to put on your website, and Reply All bows outVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our d

announced another season batman unburied
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Announced: another season of Batman Unburied

In Podnews today: The latest from the beaches and yachts in Cannes, plus an Acast+ Facebook integration and a huuuge billboardVisit for all the podcasting news, and t

donna loughlin manifesting up desire to tell stories that arent being told
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296 Donna Loughlin - Manifesting Up: The Desire to Tell Stories That Aren’t Being Told

Episode storyteller, PR influencer and podcast host, Donna Loughlin, joins the show to talk about the insatiable need for human-to-human connection, manifesting what you want in l

fountain now rewards listeners creators bitcoin
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Fountain now rewards listeners and creators with Bitcoin

In Podnews today: Spotify tries something far, far away, Twitter readies something to do with podcasts, and show us your for all the p

british awards announces nominees
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British Podcast Awards announces nominees

In Podnews today: Half of UK podcast listeners only started listening last year, says the research. And Podcastle moves into videoVisit for all the podcasting news, an

biggest opportunity in my business i couldnt afford it
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684 - The Biggest Opportunity In My Business And I Couldn’t Afford it!

This episode contains just one incredibly powerful story how how my participation within a mastermind group has made my dreams, personally and become here to

youtube share tips for posting podcasts
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YouTube share tips for posting podcasts

In Podnews today: YouTube suggest making playlists for your showVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.

why should i care about your show
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Why Should I Care About Your Show?

There are times when we need to be able to answer hard questions about our show. Today we talk about some new posts from Apple, and in addition to ABT, we look at why you keep talking yourself out of

we want to connect people
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We Want to Connect with People

Today I am joined by one of my favorite people in the podcast guru space Matthew Passy from where he offers many different services from podcast audits, launches, editing, a

smart speaker use continues to grow
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Smart-speaker use continues to grow

In Podnews today: Are Spotify checking your podcast stats to launch something to compete with you? And, Veritone buys a new artificial voice companyVisit for all t

new speakers announced for movement
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New speakers announced for Podcast Movement

In Podnews today: In Dallas, see Dallas (Taylor). Apple talks about video podcasts; and happy tenth birthday, Welcome To Night ValeVisit for all the podcasting n

how apple podcasts search works
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How Apple Podcasts search works

In Podnews today: All the SEO details; and research about creators, Google Podcasts blocks LGBT content during pride month, and Acast reportedVisit for all the

setting you up for podcasting success
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220 Setting You Up For Podcasting Success

Podfest and WWDC 2022 takeaways! Clubhouse and Facebook drops, the FTC says disclosure for your ads needs to be in the audible portion, social media influencers distrusted? Last call for the THE AMAZ

how piketon massacre was made
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How The Piketon Massacre was made

In Podnews today: Spotify acquires an AI voice company, and one Acast company is not all they say it isVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our da

fathom launches promising better
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Fathom launches, promising better

In Podnews today: Ask any question, and a podcaster will respond, we're promised. And, Auphonic's new noise reduction for all the podcasting news, and

should i list my on all directories
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Should I List My Podcast on All The Directories?

In Podnews today: The shows turning into TV, and EarBuds highlights true crime showsVisit for all the podcasting news, and to get our daily newsletter.3


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