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Google Podcasts hits new installation milestone

Amazon Podcasts launches to another 1.5bn people. RØDE adds new software. Poductivity enters alpha mode. Who killed the radio star? Visit for all the link

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WTF - an award at The Ambies

Libsyn has been shopping again; a podcast-format UpFront from Sounds Profitable; Audioboom signs more agreements Visit for all the links, and to get our new

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Bonus: Glow!

Another BONUS episode and another acquisition! Libsyn has acquired Glow.FM and we have Founder Amira Valliani with inside scoop on what it is, who it’s for and why Libsyn! LINKS LINKS LINKS! Crowdcast

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Stay Tuned for a new Vox Media acquisition

The 36% of shows with more than 10 episodes. Audioboom's finances. Podcasting in France. Value4Value takes off Visit for all the links, and to get our newslett

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Impacting People From Your Bedroom: Collin From Pet Sitter Confidential

Billie Eilish (super famous singer - especially to young teenage girls - records her music with her brother in their bedroom. She currently has 44 million followers on Spotify and 81 million followers

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One and Done

We are back from a quick hiatus and having a great time. There were some interesting articles on the number of podcasts in Anchor that only have one episode. SPONSOR: If you need ar

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Union agreement at Gimlet, The Ringer

Podcasting is bigger than Pandora or Spotify; and a new Clubhouse-like app Visit for all the links, and to get our newsletter.

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660 – Which Do You Prefer… A Grievance Or A Miracle?

With every challenging experience that we have in life, we have a choice to either have a grievance or experience a miracle. By miracle, I mean that we have the option to allow for the experience to l

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257 Kimi Culp - Everyone’s Hiding A Little

06:00 – Harry welcomes Kimi Culp to the show to discuss her background in journalism, the importance of cultivating friendships and her love of love15:12 – Kimi reflects on her time at NBC, including

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79: Big Ben

Tim and Brady discuss our weird behaviours, coathangers, a new piece of merch, righting a podcast wrong, another spoon, a stakeholder idea involving plushies, and a grand performance of the Sofa Shop.

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New features for the RØDECaster Pro

The NYT looks for student podcasters; Spotify removes more Joe Rogan shows Visit for all the links, and to get our newsletter.

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Time to rename the Apple Podcast Chart?

Google Podcasts tests 'heart' buttons for Breez makes Bitcoin from your podcast a little easier; Casted raises $7m Visit for all the lin

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190 It's all About Us

All the Libsyn news! Libsyn 5 beta is released, Libsyn acquires Advertisecast, Samsung Podcasts are in the house 🔥 Plus Apple teams up with Common Sense Media, Audacy, email worst practices, breaking

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The illusion of 2 million podcasts

Do we really have 2 million podcasts? Should we be counting shows with just 3 episodes or fewer? Visit for all the links, and to get our newsletter.

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More Podcast Namespace Talk with Andy Lehman – PHD160

I love it when people correct me! Andy Lehman tells me all about what I didn't get quite right about the Podcast Namespace.

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Wondery to double in size this year

Reviews for good returns; Canadian Podcast Awards open; Spotify launches Daily Drive (without the drive) in France Visit for all the links, and to get our newslett


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