pod extra transportation sec pete buttigieg sen ed markey on actions government can
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Pod Extra: Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Ed Markey on actions the government can

On Point senior editor speaks with Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the actions the federal government could take to improve the airline

grassroots efforts to spread election conspiracies
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The Grassroots Efforts To Spread Election Conspiracies

Election misinformation has spread beyond the confines of social media to local, grassroots events taking place throughout the country. An NPR investigation explores the role four prominent election d

january th update cipollone to testify
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January 6th Update: Cipollone to Testify

Kyle Cheney, senior legal affairs reporter for POLITICO, talks about the news that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone will testify before Jan. 6th committee.

council members in weeks district julie won
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51 Council Members in 52 Weeks: District 26, Julie Won

The majority of the New York City Council members are new, and are part of a class that is the most diverse and progressive in city history. Over the next year Brian Lehrer will get to know all 51 mem

unfriendly skies will airline service ever improve
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Unfriendly skies: Will airline service ever improve?

A pilot shortage exacerbated by pandemic staff cuts and a mandatory retirement age has led to thousands of flight delays and cancellations. After a $50-plus billion bailout during the pandemic, why do

what does patriotism mean to you
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What Does Patriotism Mean to You?

Listeners call in to share what patriotism, and patriotic symbols like the American flag, mean to them in an increasingly polarized United States.

good that can come from crisis
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The Good That Can Come From a Crisis

Ian Bremmer, president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZero Media, foreign affairs columnist and at TIME magazine, professor at Columbia University's School of International and Publ

ron desantiss higher ed agenda
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Ron DeSantis's Higher Ed Agenda

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed a slate of laws, including the Stop WOKE Act, that have major implications for state universities. Lori Rozsa, reporter covering Florida for the Washington P

does desantiss strength spell trouble for trump
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Does DeSantis's Strength Spell Trouble For Trump?

The crew plays an Independence Day-inspired statistics game and discusses how the most recent Jan. 6 hearing could affect how Americans view former President Donald Trump. They also analyze a new poll

american democratic norms continue to falter as some republicans refuse to concede
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American Democratic Norms Continue To Falter As Some Republicans Refuse To Concede

Republican primary candidates who lost by substantial margins are refusing to concede their races — echoing Donald Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud and potentially setting up lucrative post-elec

nycs dearth public bathrooms
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NYC's Dearth of Public Bathrooms

The lack of easily accessible and clean public bathrooms is a longstanding NYC problem. Listeners call in to trade tips on where to go, and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine talks about a City C

commissioner molina on rikers action plan
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Commissioner Molina on the Rikers Action Plan

The City has until November to show its action plan can improve conditions at Rikers and avoid a federal takeover. Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction Louis Molina explains the

how supreme courts epa ruling will shape government power
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How the Supreme Court's EPA ruling will shape government power

The Supreme Court upended 40 years of deference to agencies like the EPA. They've ruled that the EPA can't aggressively regulate carbon emissions. But the ruling could curb the reach of almost every r

period tracking apps digital privacy
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Period Tracking Apps and Digital Privacy

Kashmir Hill, tech reporter at the New York Times, discusses the digital privacy implications of the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade and heightened abortion restrictions across the country.

president biden popular europe not so much at home
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President Biden Popular Europe, Not So Much at Home

Jonathan Lemire, host of “Way Too Early on MSNBC and Politico White House bureau chief, talks about the latest political news,including President Joe Biden's political wins during the G7 and NATO Sum

being american in praise core curriculum marine extinction puzzles
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Being American; In Praise of the Core Curriculum; Marine Extinction; Puzzles

For this Fourth of July, enjoy some of our favorite recent Gest, associate professor of Policy and Government at George Mason University and the author of Majority Minority (Oxfor

rebroadcast historian jon grinspan on last time americans fought for democracy
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Rebroadcast: Historian Jon Grinspan on the last time Americans fought for democracy

Rebroadcast: Historian Jon Grinspan says Americans in the past fought to fix democracy. But what does that mean for Americans today? Many of our problems have, if not identical moments in the past, p

skepticrat unborn on th july edition
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177: Skepticrat177 - Unborn on the 4th of July Edition

On this week's episode: Rudy Giuliani hires Jussie Smollett as a very specific acting coach ... Florida will take all your “couldn’t be any stupider” jibes as a challenge ... And Donald Trump has a re

planet money whats causing inflation
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Planet Money: What's Causing Inflation?

The last few months have made us acutely aware of inflation. We all agree that it's making our lives harder, but economists disagree about what's causing it. A special episode from our friends at Plan

as supreme court ends its term christian nationalist right keeps winning
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As The Supreme Court Ends Its Term, The Christian Nationalist Right Keeps Winning

The Supreme Court ends its term and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson takes the bench. And how does the Christian right keep securing political wins even as the share of like-minded Americans dwindles?Thi

brian lehrer weekend abortion rights heritage language summer travel
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Brian Lehrer Weekend: Abortion Rights; Heritage Language; Summer Travel

Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed for Abortion Rights After the Overturn of Roe v. Wade (First) | Learning Your Heritage at 27:25) | Summ

rebroadcast whos to blame for americas polarized politics tom nichols says all us
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Rebroadcast: Who's to blame for America's polarized politics? Tom Nichols says 'All of us'

Who's to blame for America's polarized politics? The government? The media? Special interests? Tom Nichols says the problem is 'all of us.' Tom Nichols and Jack Beatty join Meghna Chakrabarti.

combatting post pandemic food insecurity climate dread some good news school diversity
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Combatting Post-Pandemic Food Insecurity; Climate Dread & Some Good News; School Diversity

On this Summer Friday, enjoy some of our favorite recent Abiola, executive director of the Tisch Food Center and associate research professor in the department of health and behavio

supreme rulings from supreme court
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Supreme rulings from the Supreme Court

This week, the Supreme Court wrapped up its term after issuing opinions that dramatically alter Americans’ abilities to confront climate change, our constitutional rights, and faith in the high court

why havent there been more cassidy hutchinsons
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Why haven’t there been more Cassidy Hutchinsons?

The question of why so few Republicans have stepped forward to testifyabout what they heard and saw in the Trump White House, is very much atthe heart of much of the House Jan. 6 committee’s work — an

gabfest live grab steering wheel edition
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Gabfest Live! Grab the Steering Wheel Edition

This week, David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson are live at Sixth & I in Washington, DC discussing the new insurrection revelations; the overturning of Roe; and the legitimacy of the U.S. Sup

supreme court curbs environmental protection agencys power to protect environment
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Supreme Court Curbs Environmental Protection Agency's Power To Protect Environment

The Supreme Court limited the ways in which the EPA could regulate greenhouse gas pollution from power plants, jeopardizing President Biden's goal for an emissions-free power sector by 2035.And the hi

noncitizen voting is illegal in nyc
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Noncitizen Voting is Illegal in NYC

Theodore Moore, vice president of policy at the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), joins to talk about how a Staten Island Supreme Court judge declared noncitizen voting, which would have given ab

scotus finale
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Aziz Huq, professor of law at the University of Chicago School of Law and the author of The Collapse of Constitutional Remedies (Oxford University Press, 2021), and Emily Bazelon, staff writer for The

forecast is live model talk returns
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The 2022 Forecast Is Live And Model Talk’ Returns!

The 2022 midterms forecast is live, and it shows that Republicans are strong favorites to win the House while the Senate is a toss up between the two parties. In the first Model Talk

what cassidy hutchinsons testimony reveals about truth behind jan th
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What Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony reveals about the truth behind Jan. 6th

As January 6th rioters closed in on the Capitol, the Trump White House did nothing. Cassidy Hutchinson, former senior aide to then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows went to Meadows' office and f

fed up americans who move abroad
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The Fed Up Americans Who Move Abroad

Kyle Cheney, senior legal affairs reporter for POLITICO, talks about the news that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone will testify before Jan. 6th committee.3


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