dems at odds over support for asylum seekers
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Dems at odds over support for asylum seekers

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says the city is struggling to support 110,000 migrants who have arrived there in the last year. He’s called for support from the federal government. Republicans have ta

bidens race for re election approaches new hurdle
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Biden’s race for re-election approaches new hurdle

The choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is a toss-up nationally. Will a possible rematch turn emerging polling trends into a new political reality?The effects of climate change were on full view

call your senator sen gillibrand on migrants term limits corruption in politics more
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Call Your Senator: Sen Gillibrand on Migrants, Term Limits, Corruption in Politics and More

U.S. SenatorKirsten Gillibrand(D NY) talks about her work in Washington including her take on Biden vs. New York on the issue of migrants, term limits for politicians and Supreme Court Justices, what

dispute between spectrum disney
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The Dispute Between Spectrum and Disney

Charter Spectrum has dropped ESPN, as a dispute between the cable provider and Disney (which owns ESPN) heats up.Alex Weprin, media and business writer at The Hollywood why the two p

come for mets stay for food
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Come For the Mets, Stay For the Food!

Citi Field was named as the winner for best stadium food by USA Today readers! Listeners share their favorite menu items at the stadium and compare it to offerings at other sports arenas and concert v

clocking out early or coming in late
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Clocking out Early (or Coming in Late)

Abha Posteconomics correspondent, talks about how hybrid on-site/remote work has changed more thanwherewe work, but alsowhen.

inside biden white house
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Inside the Biden White House

Franklin Foer, staff writer atThe Atlanticand the author ofThe Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden's White House and the Struggle for America's Future(Penguin Press, 2023), talks about his reporting on

how does your garden grow
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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Listeners call in with their farm and garden and reports: What fruits and vegetables are you growing or finding at the farmers market? What had great seasons and what got too much heat or rain to thri

its hottest year ever again
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It's the Hottest Year Ever (Again)

June and July this year have been the hottest on record, and 2023 is on track to be the warmest year in recent history.Zahra Hirji, Bloomberg News climate reporter,talks about the environmental and ec

back to school covid update
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Back to School COVID Update

Daniel Griffin, MD, PhD, infectious disease physician with a PhD in molecular medicine, researcher at Columbia, Optum chief of the division of infectious disease, president of Parasites Without Border

labor day best of how unions win book bans school refusal foods guide
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Labor Day Best-of: How Unions Win; Book Bans; School Refusal; Foods; Guide

For this Labor Day holiday,we've put together some of our favorite recent interviews, including:Jane McAlevey, organizer, senior policy fellow at the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute f

brian lehrer weekend jill lepore new jersey attorney general jouvert
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Brian Lehrer Weekend: Jill Lepore, New Jersey Attorney General, J'ouvert

Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them.Jill Lepore on the Past and Present, the Personal and Political (First) | NJ Attorney General Talks Parental Notification in Schoo

summer friday reading third indictment
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Summer Friday: Reading the Third Indictment

Donald Trump was indicted on August 1 in Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith's probe into the former president's 2020 election interference and Jan. 6, 2021.On this Summer Friday, a speci

will trump lite leave voters wanting more
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Will Trump Lite’ leave voters wanting more?

Vivek Ramaswamy had a strong performance in the first Republican primary debate. It’s too early to tell how it will translate in the polls. Can he connect the party’s base with the next generation of

advice slates dear prudie brian grossed out left out
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Advice With Slate's Dear Prudie (and Brian): Grossed Out and Left Out

In thefinal installment of a summer advice series, Brian andJenée writer and host of Slate's Dear Prudence podcast and column,offer advice to listeners struggling with relationship cha

how colleges are responding to supreme court ruling
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How Colleges Are Responding to the Supreme Court Ruling

As the new academic year gets started,Liam Knox, reporter at Inside Higher Ed covering admissions and about the responses from some of the selective colleges and universities to the S

growing tensions between city state feds over nycs migrant crisis
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Growing Tensions Between the City, State and Feds Over NYC's Migrant Crisis

The Adams administration is still struggling to deal with the influx of migrants coming to the city. Elizabeth Kim,Gothamist and WNYC reporter, and Jeff reporter and co-author of the N

jill lepore on past present personal political
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Jill Lepore on the Past and Present, the Personal and Political

Jill Lepore, professor of American History at Harvard University, staff writer at The New Yorker, host of the podcasts The Last Archive and Elon Musk and the author of several books, including These T

medicare drug price negotiations edge closer to beginning
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Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Edge Closer to Beginning

The Biden administration announced which drugs that will be part of its price negotiations for patients on Medicare. Jonathan Cohn, senior national reporter at HuffPost, lecturer at the University of

jouvert experience
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The J'ouvert Experience

With the J'ouvert and the West Indian Day Parade coming up this weekend, Sandra Bell,producer and production stage manager for JouveyFest Collective, CEO of JourneyAgents, and a curator of the exhibit

latest on police killing eric duprey
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The Latest on the Police Killing of Eric Duprey

Last Wednesday, Eric Dupreywas killed when a plain clothes NYPD officer knocked him off a motorbike by throwing a picnic cooler at his head during what news outlets are saying was a drug bust gone wro

its not just you spotted lanternflies are everywhere
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It's Not Just You, Spotted Lanternflies Are Everywhere

The spotted lanternfly has returned to New York City and the surrounding area.Jessica Ware, entomologist and associate curator in invertebrate zoology at the American Museum of Natural History and vic

rights new favorite country song
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The Right's New Favorite Country Song

Greg Sargent, Washington Post columnist, talks about why Republicans love the country singer Oliver Anthony's song Rich Men North of Richmond, and how policy moves could actually address some of the

teaching climate change social justice
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Teaching Climate Change and Social Justice

Tom Roderick, educator and activist who retired after 36 years as the founding executive director of Morningside Center for Teaching Social and the author ofTeach for Climate Justice:

nj attorney general talks parental notification in schools more
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NJ Attorney General Talks Parental Notification in Schools and More

New Jersey Attorney GeneralMatthew Platkintalks about the priorities of his office and some recent issues, including parental notification and mental health interventions.

post civil rights reality
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The Post-Civil Rights Reality

Kyle Moore, economist with the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy,talks about a new report from EPI that examines the economic impact of Civil Rights-era legislati

history march on washington
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History of the March on Washington

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place in Washington on August 28, 1963. William Jones, historian at the University of Minnesota and the author of The March on Washington: Jobs, Freed

monday morning politics mug shot freedom more
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Monday Morning Politics: The Mug Shot; 'Freedom'; and More

Jonathan Lemire, host of “Way Too Early on MSNBC, Politico White House bureau chief, and the author of The Big Lie: Election Chaos, Political Opportunism, and the State of American Politics After 202

what to expect from new dsny guidelines
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What to Expect From New DSNY Guidelines

As the New York City Department of Sanitation plans to ramp up its fines for restaurants and residential Chang, WNYC/Gothamist down the new guidelines and their deadli

brian lehrer weekend student loans campsickness sibling relationships
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Brian Lehrer Weekend: Student Loans; Campsickness; Sibling Relationships

Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them.New York Times finance reporter Stacy Cowleyunpacks changes to the student loan repayment system (First) | On the sadness of retur

summer friday why rent is still so high end summer updating animal rights summe
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Summer Friday: Why the Rent is Still So High; End of Summer?; Updating Animal Rights; Summe

On this Summer Friday, we've put together some of our favorite recent interviews, including:Greg David, contributor covering fiscal and economic issues for THE CITY and director of the business and ec

gop candidates fight to fill trumps absence
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GOP candidates fight to fill Trump’s absence

U.S. SenatorKirsten Gillibrand(D NY) talks about her work in Washington including her take on Biden vs. New York on the issue of migrants, term limits for politicians and Supreme Court Justices, what3


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