Courtney & Tia Hale: Chief Hope Dealers of knowledgeBANK

Grinding through a illness... Persevering through a challenging diagnosis for their daughter... AND starting a successful business that helps others... THAT'S what this Power Couple d


More Power For The Hour!

In this BONUS PowerBoost, we navigate through a Conversation so you can plan your Hour Of Power together as a Power Couple.  We discuss the pitfalls and sensitive areas that you


Hour Of Power!

Start your 2020 marriage dreams and goals off right by planning your Hour Of Power The Hour Of Power gives you a major key to WIN in your marriage, so hit that play button and find out


Dr. Dwayne Buckingham: Keeping It R.E.A.L.!

Did you ever wonder what it was like to sit down with a Don't be scared, be BLESSED!  Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham is President and Chief Executive Officer of R.E.A.L. Horizons


Drs. Richard & Nephetina Serrano: The Marriage CEOs

Drs. Richard & Nephetina Serrano are the Co-Founders of Covenant Marriages, Inc., Covenant Rescue 911, and Covenant Marriages Their amazing story is one of overcoming substance ab


Sean & Lori Chrysostom: The Strategy For Generational Wealth

We all know the RULES when it comes to financial matters, but we don't know the If you are a married couple that needs to setup or refine your plan for your 4th season of life - this


Happy Birthday Katherine! - A Commitment To Love

It's Katherine's Birthday, and what better way to celebrate her life than to have Carlos pay tribute to her by rallying some of the most important women in her life to speak about what she has meant t


Dr. Joel & Naomi Mitchell: Investing In a Shatterproof Marriage

We're blessed to have been joined by the founders of The Marriage Dr. Joel & Naomi Be inspired and encouraged by them as they tell their story of faithfulness in


Drs. George & Candace James: The Power, Purpose & Passion of Friendship

The exclusive Eusebeia Weekend Experience podcasts continue as Carlos & Katherine have an intimate conversation with licensed marriage and family therapists, authors and recognized speakers Drs. G


Our Favorite Things!

Announcing the launch of something EXTRA special:  The Power Couples Rock Shop!  You can listen to this podcast - but also watch this being filmed live on YouTube!  Not only that, we


The Heart Of Finance

Many couples get uneasy when it comes to managing their money - but when you get to the HEART of financial matters, you will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine!  In this PowerPod, the


Paul & Virginia Friesen: God's Design For Marriage

In what promises to be one of the most profound and eye-opening PowerPods yet, Carlos & Katherine chat with the founders of Home Improvement Paul & Virginia Friesen.  H.


Gerard & Tonya Breland: One Flesh

While at the Eusebeia Weekend Experience, Carlos & Katherine were blessed to be able to chat with the amazing husband and wife music ministry team of Gerard & Tonya Breland.  Their story


Surround Yourself With Champions: PowerBoost #4

It's critical as Power Couples that we seek out other married couples that we can model and be inspired by in order to develop marriage mastery!  Carlos & Katherine discuss the Champions in t


Eusebeia 2019: Clean! - Dr. Harold & Dalia Arnold ft. Dr. Ray Charles

Buckle up, because Carlos & Katherine sit down with the founders and visionaries for Eusebeia Weekend Dr. Harold & Dalia Arnold as well as special guest Dr. Ray Charles. 


Your Marriage Was Designed To Bless You: PowerBoost #3

Carlos discusses the amazing benefits of marriage that you may not be aware of in this Get that quick boost for your day and get your marriage boosted and know that the Grand Desig


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