The Switch (Flint Water Crisis)

A cost-cutting decision to switch municipal water sources leads to a public health crisis in Flint, The discovery and response to the lead contamination of Washington, D.C. drinking


Stolen Homes: Mortgage Relief Scams

During the housing market crash, homeowners across the United States found themselves drowning in mortgage payments that they could not afford to make. Scammers like Jonathan Herbert took advantage of


The Trump Inauguration’s Unconscionable Contract’

Reporters Ilya Marritz and Justin Elliott have been reporting on Trump's inauguration since 2018. They looked at how the inaugural committee raised a record $107 million (and the big questions behind


Turning Politics Into Money

For generations, the Trump family has used government and politicians as a path to profit. As president, Donald Trump has taken things even further.“This guy is a state capitalist,” said Trump’s first


Good Vs. Evil: Inside the World of an Ethical Hacker

Hackers are thought of as villains who use their advanced computer skills to gain unauthorized access to data and wreak havoc. But “ethical” or “white hat” hackers help companies protect themselves ag


S510: The Joe Schmo Show

The Joe Schmo Show is a real-life Truman Show—where everyone is an actor except one unsuspecting guy. It’s a reality show within a reality show.The series everyone watched on SPIKE TV was called The J


L.A. Times Presents Chasing Cosby | 1

For decades, Bill Cosby brought warmth and laugher across the country, cementing his image as “America’s Dad.” But behind that disguise was the real Bill Cosby – the monster who preyed on women by pro


The Raid

An immigration raid at a kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa uncovers financial crimes committed by the company's CEO, Sholom Thirteen hundred undocumented workers are arrested


The $25 Million Tech-Support Scam

A pop-up appears on your computer screen, freezing the browser. It warns that your computer has been infected with malware and urges you to call a toll-free number for assistance. The number connects



In 1996, an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor and refugee to America sat down with an interviewer from the USC Shoah Foundation to recount what she had we’re not going to tell now, in 20


Bonus: The Promotion (McDonald's Monopoly)

In a scheme that lasted over a decade, Jerome Uncle Jerry Jacobson defrauded fast food giant McDonald's for over $20 million by rigging the promotional Monopoly game.Support the show by becoming a V


Beware the Boardwalk Psychic

TPS Ep 53 – Description Maurine is enjoying the Atlantic City boardwalk with a friend when a youngwoman approaches her. The woman introduces herself as Savannah andoffers to give Maurine a psychic rea


The Sultan (Anthony Gignac)

A lifelong con artist impersonates a Saudi Arabian prince to live a life of Thomas Noe manages the State of Ohio's $50 million rare coin the show by becoming a Value


Million Dollar Movie Ponzi Scheme, Part 2

Beloved Vermont children’s Mac Parker has been raising funds for his film “Birth of Innocence” for nearly a decade. The film has yet to be completed, and what investors we


S509 The Santa Claus Man

A con artist save ChristmasBrian Earl with the Christmas Past podcast shares a Christmas story you’ve probably never heard before.In the early 1900s, children’s letters to Santa Claus never made it to


Introducing Blood Ties

BLOOD TIES: A scripted audio series starring Gillian Jacobs and Josh Gad as Eleonore and Michael Richland. After the sudden death of their billionaire father, disturbing allegations emerge about his d


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