Sweetheart Swindler: Part 1

Jim spent much of his life building a real estate empire on the West Coast. In the process he became a millionaire, profiled in newspapers and on television. But in 2007, when the recession hit, Jim l


S404: The Bounty Hunter Part 2

Jack Saltarelli is a bounty hunter who also happens to be a former part one of the Bounty Hunter, a judge sentenced Jack to 20 years in prison for a drug offense. After failing to ap


Trump and Deutsche Bank: It’s Complicated

Whispers of money laundering have swirled around Donald Trump’s businesses for years. One of hiscasinos, for example, was fined $10 million for not trying hard enough to prevent such machinations. Inv


Wondery Presents: The Shrink Next Door | 1

Marty Markowitz had his share of problems. His parents had recently died. He had troubles at work. A failing relationship. He needed someone to help him through this rough patch in his life. So he dec


The FBI's Most Wanted Veterans Charity Scammer: Part 3

Bobby Thompson was once a respected fundraiser, generating millions of dollars for his charity, the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. When a Florida journalist uncovers that the charity is a scam, Thomp


Bonus: The Refugee (Wyclef Jean)

A between-season bonus episode in which a hip-hop superstar establishes a charitable foundation to benefit his homeland, the Republic of Haiti. Support the show and receive more bonus episodes at Patr


What We’ve Learned From Trump’s Tax Transcripts

President Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns. He has sued his former accountants and Deutsche Bank to keep them from releasing his returns after they were subpoenaed to do so. And his


The FBI's Most Wanted Veterans Charity Scammer: Part 2

The man known to Washington’s elite and powerful politicians as Captain Bobby Thompson has disappeared. Due it’s been revealed that Thompson’s charity,th


S403: The Bounty Hunter

Jack Saltarelli is a bounty hunter. His job is to hunt down fugitives. Any given day, he’s going after rapist, murderers, and people who skip court. Most bounty hunters carry lethal weapons, but not J


The FBI's Most Wanted Veterans Charity Scammer: Part 1

The U.S. Navy Veterans Association claimed to be a charity headquartered in Washington, D.C. Founded by Bobby Thompson, known to top politicians as a retired lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy Rese


The Government's Bar Tab at Mar-a-Lago

Find “Trump, Inc.” wherever you get your podcasts. This week’s episode examines the intersection of money, presidential access and security, and the push and pull between government spending and priva


Darren Berg: A Ponzi Scheme Mastermind Escapes: Part 2

Darren Berg’s crimes are catching up to him. Through his company the Meridian Group, Berg has been operating Washington state’s largest Ponzi scheme, defrauding investors of more than $100 million. Th


Introducing One Plus One

Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there are flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. Such is the story of Frida Kahlo and Diego Ri


S402: The Soccer Mom

Every night, Marie Walsh had the same nightmare.If only she could roll over and tell her husband the truth. But she can’t. Tonight, she’s going to have to suffer alone.Marie says, I had a dream where


'Harm to Ongoing Matter'

On Thursday, the “Trump, Inc.” team gathered with laptops, pizza and Post-its to disconnect — and to read special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.What we found was page after page of jaw-dropping deta


Darren Berg: A Ponzi Scheme Mastermind Escapes: Part 1

It’s 2009 and Bernie Madoff has pleaded guilty to stock and securities fraud in New York. Covered heavily by the media, Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is front of mind for many Americans. It also has a group o


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