Naturalistics 029: Nighthawks and Whippoorwills with Logan Parker

This episode we interview Logan Parker of the Maine Nightjar Project. Logan expounds on the many delightful aspects of his favorite birds, the nightjars. Lots of amazing naturalist stories and perspec


Was There A First Cause?

Was there a first cause?  Can there be a event that started everything?  What would such an event look like?  In this episode Tony and Charlotte discuss the scientific and philosophical


What Caused the Entire Universe?

Was there a first cause?  Can there be a event that started everything?  What would such an event look like?  In this episode Tony and Charlotte discuss the scientific and philosophical


Naturalistics 028: The Whorled of Plants

In this episode, Stefan and Matt take a broad look at the process of learning about the world of plants as a naturalist.


When An Atheist Met A Catholic Theologian

This episode kicks off what I hope will be a weekly posting for the DA Show.  My wife Charlotte is a Catholic theologian and philosopher who has taught me much outside of my scientific realm. &nb


A Cautionary Science Tale: BICEP2 and the Perils of the Nobel Prize

Remember all the commotion about the BICEP2 mission back in 2014? had announced the observation of polarized B-mode waves that, if connected to the universal cosmic microwave backg


Using Nuclear Power for Deep Space Exploration

It turns out that NASA and others have been thinking about the inefficiencies of using chemical rockets to go to the Moon, Mars and the Outer Planets.  One very attractive solution is Nuclear The


Naturalistics 27: The Process Focused Naturalist

Sophie, Stefan and Matt break down the naturalist process. How can we expand our awareness? How does intuition and empiricism play a role?


The Apophis Asteroid: Should You Be Worried?

Let's talk about the potentially hazardous asteroid known as Apophis.  In April, 2029 this 320 meter rock will get so close that it will pass under the orbit of geosynchronous satellites!  A


Naturalistics 026: Stories from the Field Spring 2019

Storytime! Sophie, Stefan and Matt discuss some recent encounters in wild. Listen to the end for some bonus content!


Was the Event Horizon Telescope Black Hole Image a Waste of Time?

In this podcast: an essay on whether the effort that went into making the black hole image in the distant galaxy M87 by the Event Horizon Telescope was worth it; an interview with star mapper Wil Tiri


The Large Millimeter Telescope

This podcast features science and technology from the Large Millimeter Telescope.  Our guests Nat DeNigris and David Sanchez will be on hand to discuss this amazing facility being operated in Mex


Naturalistics 025: Igniting the Naturalist Spark

This month Stefan, Sophie and Matt discuss the entry points to becoming a naturalist. How does one begin the journey? We don't have the answer but we've got some ideas...


Just How Fast is the Universe Expanding EXACTLY? ...and how do we know this?

We've known since Edwin Hubble's time that the universe has been expanding.  What we've only recently learned (like, in the past 10 years or so) is that the universe is accelerating as it expands


Life in the Universe? We May Be It!

I'm not convinced that life is everywhere in the cosmos.  It is entirely possible, based on what we know today, that we are the only life there is.  This episode is a brief d


Women in Science w/ Carol Christian

Welcome to the first in a series of monthly discussions about topics in astronomy with Carol Christian, a colleague and friend of mine that has cohosted Astro Coffee Hangouts with me for years.This mo


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