summersode balmy vibes seasonal factoids various ologists
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SUMMERSODE: Balmy Vibes & Seasonal Factoids with various Ologists

I NEEDED TO MAKE THIS, OKAY? I needed to get excited about summer wonders. So we toiled over the ultimate Summersode. Kick back for a compliation of snorkling tips, shark statistics, firefly safaris,

smologies corals shayle matsuda
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Smologies #13: CORALS with Shayle Matsuda

Another kid-safe, short episode of Smologies! What IS a coral? Where do they grow and what do they eat and why are they so pretty? What kind of tools do coral scientists use? Why are they so many colo

dipterology flies bryan lessard
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Dipterology (FLIES) with Bryan Lessard

DO NOT YOU SKIP THIS ONE. Listen. Give flies a chance. Everyone loves a bee, but meanwhile flies are out here with all kinds of bodies and adaptations, inhabiting the least inhabitable lands, pollinat

gorillaology gorillas tara stoinski
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Gorillaology (GORILLAS) with Tara Stoinski

Gorillas. These chest-beating, communal living, thick-furred beauties have so many surprises for you. Gorillaologist (IT’S A WORD) Dr. Tara Stoinski has been a gorilla scientist for ne

somnology sleep part two encore dr w chris winter
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Somnology (SLEEP) Part Two Encore with Dr. W. Chris Winter

Have you listened to Part 1 yet? No? Go on, git. Here's a link to it! Go do that.Now if you have, this Part 2 is a bonanza of problem solving from neurologist and somnologist Dr. W. Chris Winter. He'l

smologies eating bugs julie lesnik
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Smologies #12: EATING BUGS with Julie Lesnik

Bugs are cool! But are they lunch? Entomophagy Anthropologist Dr. Julie Lesnik is an expert on bug eating and explains how much more sustainable – and tasty? -- it is than other types

somnology sleep part one encore dr w chris winter
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Somnology (SLEEP) Part One Encore with Dr. W. Chris Winter

Birds do it. Bees do it. Why the hell can't we do it? Called The Sleep Whisperer, neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. W. Chris Winter joins for an updated encore of the thrilling 2-parter about why

conotoxinology cone snail venom joshua torres sabah ul hasan
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Conotoxinology (CONE SNAIL VENOM) with Joshua Torres & Sabah Ul-Hasan

Predatory. Sneaky. Deadly. Lifesavers? You think you don’t care about cone snails. But that’s about to change. Dr. Sabah Ul-Hasan and Dr. Joshua Torres study these spiral-shelled hun

urology crotch parts fenwa milhouse
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Urology (CROTCH PARTS) with Fenwa Milhouse

We’ve done Nephrology, Gynecology, and Phallology — but nothing prepared us for this. Penis implants. Road trip pees. Kegels. Bidets. Squirting. UTIs. Clitoral flim-flam. Elephant bladders. Everyone’s

acoustic ecology nature recordings eddie game
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Acoustic Ecology (NATURE RECORDINGS) with Eddie Game

Insects humming. Birds squawking. Chainsaws buzzing? What does the rainforest sound like? Or the oceans outside of port cities? Is the world getting louder? And what can recording devices detect that

classical archaeology ancient rome encore darius arya
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Classical Archaeology (ANCIENT ROME) Encore with Darius Arya

If you LIVE for drama, you will LOVE dead Romans. Wars, backstabbing, opulence and uprisings: a little something for everyone. Classical Archeologist and TV host Dr. Darius Arya is back for an encore

teuthology squids encore dr sarah mcanulty
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Teuthology (SQUIDS) Encore with Dr. Sarah McAnulty

THE SQUIDMOBILE HAS ARRIVED. Get in losers; we’re talking cephalopods. Yes, she drives a vehicle with squid all over it and encourages people to text her, and we have this encore episode to prove it.

environmental microbiology testing wastewater for diseases amy kirby
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Environmental Microbiology (TESTING WASTEWATER FOR DISEASES) with Amy Kirby

Oh boy. This episode may seeeeem crappy but it is certainly not a waste of your time. We’re not kidding, while the episode is of course wonderful, mostly thanks to our wonderful guests, it is also cer

echinology sea urchins sand dollars rich mooi
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Echinology (SEA URCHINS & SAND DOLLARS) with Rich Mooi

The hedgehogs of the sea: echinoids are spiky, spiny, pokey, be-toothed, venomous, mysterious, gorgeous evolutionary marvels. And Dr. Rich Mooi of the California Academy of Arts & Sciences is one of t

carnivorous phytobiology meat eating plants halia eastburn
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Carnivorous Phytobiology (MEAT-EATING PLANTS) with Hali’a Eastburn

Flesh hungry plants. The world’s fastest hunters. Botany with brains? Seymour, it’s time to feed because we’re doing meat-eating plants with conservation ecologist and carnivorous Hali

life advice for anyone who is tired needs some hacks
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LIFE ADVICE: For anyone who is tired & needs some hacks

Pomodoro timers! Bullet journals! Apps, tips, tricks and philosophies. Also: the most mellow episode ever, recorded late at night in a guest room. Like a cozy duvet of wisdom, this one is full of life

smologies snails slugs jann vendetti
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Smologies #11: SNAILS & SLUGS with Jann Vendetti

The SMOL version of an ep about smol precious creatures, we're talkin' slimy little angels with bellies for feet... literally! That's what gastropod means! We've got Dr. Jann Vendetti of the Natural H

trains encore matt anderson
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(TRAINS) Encore with Matt Anderson

Trains. Locomotives. Choochoos. Bullet trains. Hyperloops. Subways. How fast can they go? How did they change American history? Why do people love them? What should we do with all that abandoned track

adhd part how to adhd black girl lost keys jahla osborne more
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ADHD Part 2 with How to ADHD, Black Girl Lost Keys, Jahla Osborne + more

Did Part 1 leave you informed and now you need a pep talk? Get ready for an absolute banger of an episode with 5 experts: René Brooks of TEDTalk speaker and How to ADHD YouTuber

adhd part russell barkley
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(ADHD) Part 1 with Russell Barkley

Focus. Productivity. Relationships. Distraction. How do you know if you have ADHD? How can you get others to understand your ADHD brain? What are your treatment options and how can the

cycadology rare plant drama nathalie nagalingum
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Cycadology (RARE PLANT DRAMA) with Nathalie Nagalingum

Gather round fellow nerds, you’re about to learn about the wildest not a fern not a bush not a cactus plant you never knew you never knew about: CYCADS. These endangered ancient plants have been aroun

carnivore ecology lions tigers bears rae wynn grant
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Carnivore Ecology (LIONS, TIGERS, & BEARS) with Rae Wynn-Grant

Ah, charismatic megafauna! Teeth, claws, fur, hibernation, bear hugs, hiking, cougar attacks, nature preserves, and living your childhood dreams with Alie’s longtime -ologist crush, Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant

myrmecology ants encore dr terry mcglynn
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Myrmecology (ANTS) Encore with Dr. Terry McGlynn

You have ants. We all have ants, but do we KNOW ants? Get ready for cult-leader queens, bullet ant stings, kitchen pest hacks, the dynamics of a billion-sister megacolony. Dr. Terry McGlynn sits down

smologies body heat shane
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Smologies #10: BODY HEAT with Shane

Bundle up for a smol, episode with Princeton University evolutionary biologist and Dr. Shane You’ll learn about everything from heat tolerance to

indigenous cuisinology native cooking mariah gladstone indigikitchen
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Indigenous Cuisinology (NATIVE COOKING) with Mariah Gladstone of Indigikitchen

Shoving elk into a dorm room freezer. The wildest tasting rice. Flower bulbs, acorn whoopie pies, frybread debates, mushroom foraging tips, corn magic, puffball mythology, decolonized diets, squash la

screamology loud vocalizations harold gouzoules
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Screamology (LOUD VOCALIZATIONS) with Harold Gouzoules

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… a brand new, screaming hot episode of Ologies. Be warned *slaps the top of this ep* you can fit so many screams in this bad boy. (Seriously though, there’s a l

bovine neuropathology headbutting nicole ackermans
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Bovine Neuropathology (HEADBUTTING) with Nicole Ackermans

Slamming heads together to impress someone: why does this happen? Let’s ask Dr. Nicole Ackermans, whose current job involves receiving sheep heads and painstakingly counting damaged neurons from headb

smologies gaming jane mcgonigal
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Smologies #9: GAMING with Jane McGonigal

Games! Play! Fun! Addiction? Flim-flam? From the origins of tabletop classics to the future of VR, Dr. Jane McGonigal answers our burning questions. This video game developer, TED speaker and bestsell

neuropathology concussions mary alexis iaccarino
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Neuropathology (CONCUSSIONS) with Mary Alexis Iaccarino

Hi, last week I fell down a flight of stairs. Then I went to the hospital. Then I emailed Dr. Mary Alexis Iaccarino, a Harvard Medical School professor and specialist in rehabilitation from traumatic

raccoonology procyonids gaze of
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Raccoonology (PROCYONIDS) with A Gaze of

Here we go: SIX more raccoon experts, because one episode is not enough for the wonders of these terrific trash bandits. Revel in the raccoon love and hear about presidential pets, neuronal density, w

procyonology raccoons suzanne macdonald
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Procyonology (RACCOONS) with Suzanne MacDonald

Tiny hands! Round rumps! Chaos! Compost! Delicious garbage and sweet faces make raccoons as mysterious as they are adored. World class raccoon expert, psychologist and animal behaviorist Dr. Suzanne M

smologies hagfish tim winegard
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

Smologies #8: HAGFISH with Tim Winegard

DO NOT YOU SKIP THIS ONE. Listen. Give flies a chance. Everyone loves a bee, but meanwhile flies are out here with all kinds of bodies and adaptations, inhabiting the least inhabitable lands, pollinat3


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