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Countdown to JWST #1: Finally Ready to Launch?

Here's the first installment of Countdown to JWST, a podcast that will track the mission up to launch (hopefully) later this year.  Let's light this candle!

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Cervidology Part 2 (DEER)with Rhiannons Jakopak & Kirton

The spirited, laughy chatter with a duo of deer scientists named Rhiannon continues in the thrilling conclusion with Part 2. Buckle up for listener questions addressing everything from social structur

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Cervidology (DEER) Part 1 with Rhiannons Kirton & Jakopak

What IS a deer? And an elk? And a moose? And a Rhiannon? One thing they all have in common: cervidology. Buckle up for some spirited, laughy chatter with a duo of deer scientists. They dish all about

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Dasyurology (TASMANIAN DEVILS) with Em Dale

Tasmanian devils! Quolls! Carnivores! Wait … what is a quoll? In what will become an new episode, Dasydurologist and Australian critter scientist Em Dale joins from Down-Down Under to

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Oceanology (THE OCEAN) with Ayana Johnson: Encore Presentation

With some fresh updates, ocean and policy expert Dr. Ayana Johnson guests in an encore presentation of a fan favorite episode. Hear updates from her, learn about her new podcast “How to Save a Planet,

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Experimental Archeology (OLD TOOLS/ATLATLS) with Angelo Robledo

Spears! Sharp rocks! Ancient blades, bows and arrows and ...atlatls? What’s an atlatl? Experimental archeologist and decades-long ancient tool enthusiast Angelo Robledo is as passionate as an ologist

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Toxinology (JELLYFISH VENOM) with Anna Klompen

Jellyfish stings: what are they and why do they hurt? And who studies them? Toxinologist Anna Klompen, that’s who. Speaking from her lab in Kansas, surrounded by jellies, the self-described profession

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Medusology (JELLYFISH) with Rebecca Helm

What even *is* a jellyfish?! How do they eat? What are they made of? Can we eat them? Your new favorite Medusologist, Dr. Rebecca Helm, is a ray of human sunshine in the depths of the deep sea. Truly

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Minisode: Listeners Interview Alie

It’s been a rough week for ol” Dadward VonPodcast, including a technical difficulty that left her behind, so she asked listeners if they would rather have a bizzaro minisode that involved a 30-40 minu

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Aperiology (MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY) with Joseph Saunders

Lights! Cameras! Arachnids! And lizards and bees and beetles. Macro photography is like magic: curved glass gives an entirely new take on the world, from dust on a cricket’s brow to a curious mantid s

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Agnotology (IGNORANCE) with Robert Proctor

Yes, there is an -ology for that. Dr. Robert Proctor is a Stanford professor of the History of Science and co-edited the book “Agnotology: The Making & Unmaking of Ignorance,” having coined the word 3

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Bryology (MOSS) with Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

An instant classic. You’ll listen on repeat as world-renowned author, botanist, Indigenous ecology professor and bryologist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer talks about her passion for moss. Cozy up for the mo

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(SEX & GENDER) Part 2 with Daniel Pfau

The wonderful neuroscientist and endocrinology researcher Dr. Daniel Pfau is back for Part 2 to answer listener mail about how hormones affect our moods, the variation of gender expression, queer liza

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(SEX & GENDER) Part 1 with Daniel Pfau

How many genders are there? How do you know if you’re queer? Is sexual orientation biological, and if so, how? The amazing Michigan State University neuroscientist and endocrinology researcher Dr. Dan

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Very Special Episode: BlackAFinSTEM with various Ologists

The most ologists in one Ologies. And maybe my favorite episode ever. was such a force that we wanted to keep the energy going by spotlighting not one, but 30 ologists. You’re about

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Pelicanology (PELICANS) with Juita Martinez

Spine mysteries, saggy sacs, limericks, flim flam, flags, sandals, divebombs, porcupine espionage, ice cream sandwiches and more! The warm and wonderful pelicanologist Juita Martine


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