pectinidology scallops samantha lynch
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Pectinidology (SCALLOPS) with Samantha Lynch

They clap. They swim. They have dozens of eyes and 2 million babies. They are scallops. Dr. Samantha Lynch climbs aboard to share stories of theft on the brackish seas, gossip about sc

smologies mammals danielle n lee
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Smologies #23: MAMMALS with Danielle N. Lee

Here we are with the smol (shorter, cleaner, kid-friendly) version of another Ologies classic, in this case: Mammals. You’re one. Your dog is one. So are giant rats. What do we have in common? I promi

fire ecology wildfires indigenous fire management mega encore gavin jones amy ch
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Fire Ecology (WILDFIRES & INDIGENOUS FIRE MANAGEMENT) Mega Encore with Gavin Jones & Amy Ch

Once again: the world is on fire. As wildfires burn across Canada and their smoke pours down the continent, we thought it would be a good time to encore these Fire Ecology episodes. First, Dr. Gavin J

black american magirology food race culture psyche
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Black American Magirology (FOOD, RACE & CULTURE) with Psyche

What’s the difference between Southern cooking and “soul food?” Is there a correct type of mac and cheese? And whose business is it what you eat? (Hint: no one’s). Culinary historian, scholar of Afric

field trip hollywood visit to writers guild strike line
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Field Trip: A Hollywood Visit to the Writers Guild Strike Line

Jump in, we’re going to the Valley to talk to cool, funny screenwriters about ... Artificial scripts! companies pretending they’re broke! Emmy-nominated writers wi

acaropathology ticks lyme disease updated mega encore neeta pardanani connally a
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Acaropathology (TICKS & LYME DISEASE) Updated Mega Encore with Neeta Pardanani Connally & A

It’s 2-for-1! Ticks AND Lyme: together in one helpful, disgusting, gossipy, This pair of episodes is about tiny, thirsty ticks and the diseases they spit into you is wall to wall wi

invisible photology invisibility cloaks greg gbur
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Invisible Photology (INVISIBILITY CLOAKS) with Greg Gbur

Invisibility cloaks. Transparent frogs. Stealth bombers. Gorilla mischief. Theoretical optical physicist and Invisible Photologist Dr. Greg Gbur joins Alie to chat about light, illusions, secret techn

stem cell biology cells making cells science sam aka samantha yammine
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Stem Cell Biology (CELLS MAKING CELLS) with “Science Sam” aka Samantha Yammine

How do our bodies build our bodies? What does a stem cell look like? How do they know what to do? What diseases could stem cells cure? And why is Canada such a hot place for research? Dr. Samantha Yam

smologies reptiles amphibians david steen
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Smologies #22: REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS with David Steen

This shorter, kid-safe edit of the classic Herpetology episode features frilly gills, frog tornadoes, legless lizards, and reasons to appreciate snakes. Also, why you shouldn’t kiss one. Dr. David Ste

delphinology part dolphins justin gregg
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Delphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Wow. It gets weirder. Military dolphins, dolphins on drugs, sensory deprivation, deciphering dolphin language, the search for alien life, and more with the affable and knowledgeable Delphinologist Dr.

delphinology part dolphins justin gregg
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Delphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Giant brains! Communication mysteries! Infamous sensuality! Dolphins are here to blow your relatively tiny mind with their squeaks, clicks, cliques, history, lore, zany evolutionary path, psychedelic

field trip my butt colonoscopy ride along how to
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Field Trip: My Butt, a Colonoscopy Ride Along & How-To

Come check out my butt with me! 1 in 16 people in the U.S. will have colon cancer, and 0 in 16 want to talk about getting a camera up your guts to check things out. I am one of them, but after losing

chickenology part hens roosters tove danovich
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Chickenology Part 2 (HENS & ROOSTERS) with Tove Danovich

We’re back for Part 2! If you missed Part 1, start there for the chicken basics and then come back for the weird stuff like chickens eating chickens, why chickens bother laying unfertilized eggs, roos

chickenology part hens roosters tove danovich
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Chickenology Part 1 (HENS & ROOSTERS) with Tove Danovich

Yes, Chickenology is a real word. And we have questions. Such as: should you get a chicken?! Chicken-haver and author of “Under the Henfluence” Tove Danovich stops in to recall how her casual backyard

smologies sleep chris winter
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Smologies #21: SLEEP with Chris Winter

A G-rated, kid-safe Smologies edit all about getting your Zzzzzs. Neurologist and somnologist Dr. W. Chris Winter is an expert on sleep, and since his first interview, he’s released a book called “The

domicology abandoned buildings recycled houses ghost towns rex lamore
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What’s inside that boarded up house? Should you explore an abandoned mall? A vacant factory? And how much of an old house ends up in a landfill? The founder of Domicology, Dr. Rex LaMore of Michigan S

chronobiology circadian rhythms encore updates katherine hatcher
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Chronobiology (CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS) Encore + 2023 Updates with Katherine Hatcher

Ahh, Daylight Savings Time: does it mess up your brain? What time should you go to bed? Are you sleeping enough? Is shift work really that bad? How dark is dark enough? The wonderful and hilarious Dr.

smologies fishes chris thacker
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Smologies #20: FISHES with Chris Thacker

Ichthyology is not easy to say, but fish are easy to love. Dr. Chris Thacker will get you so thrilled to stare into a pond or look up pictures of silvery sea fish c

detroitology detroit aaron foley
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Detroitology (DETROIT) with Aaron Foley

Why an episode on Detroit?! It’s got a great story. Standalone, this episode is a fascinating look at a metropolis that swelled and thrived during the auto boom, then declined, and is navigating a roc

field trip an airport full of
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Field Trip: An Airport Full of

I’m at the airport and there are hundreds of brain scientists everywhere. So I swallowed my and approached strangers about the neuroscience they do. The result is a bushel of info on c

environmental toxicology poisons train derailment kimberly k garrett
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Environmental Toxicology (POISONS + TRAIN DERAILMENT) with Kimberly K. Garrett

Chemical spills, historical disasters, water quality, airborne toxic events, clear gasses, White Noise, dead fish, dark clouds, chemistry tests, trench coats, PFAS, phthalates, and the Ohio train dera

melaninology skinhair pigment tina lasisi
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Melaninology (SKIN/HAIR PIGMENT) with Tina Lasisi

Skin color! Hair texture! Biological anthropology! The incredibly informed and infectiously funny Dr. Tina Lasisi joins to chat sunscreen, ashiness, redheads, light skin, dark skin, in-between skin, b

scotohylology dark matter flip tanedo
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Scotohylology (DARK MATTER) with Flip Tanedo

It’s invisible. It’s mysterious. It’s all around us – and no one knows what it is. Let’s have a fun existential crisis by pondering Dark Matter! The world’s most affable and endearing theoretical part

laryngology part voice boxes ronda alexander
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Laryngology Part 2 (VOICE BOXES) with Ronda Alexander

Part 2 is here! Pull up a seat for singing techniques, baby talk, baritones, whistle notes, stroke recovery, vibrato, Julie Andrews, crying jags, throat singing, accents and much more with your new fa

laryngology part voice boxes ronda alexander
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Laryngology Part 1 (VOICE BOXES) Ronda Alexander

Voices! Singing! Anxiety busters! Breathing! The absolutely magnetic, charismatic Laryngologist and surgeon Dr. Ronda Alexander makes her long-awaited Ologies debut to chat about why we sound the way

aperiology macro photography encore joseph saunders
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Aperiology (MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY) Encore with Joseph Saunders

Lights! Cameras! Arachnids! And lizards and bees and beetles. Macro photography is like magic: curved glass gives an entirely new take on the world, from dust on a cricket’s brow to a curious mantid s

oneirology part dreams g william domhoff
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Oneirology Part 2 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

Part 2 is here: Lucid dreaming! Teeth falling out! Medications and dreaming! The source of creativity! Even how to clean your brain. Dr. G. William Domhoff has studied dreams for decades and returns t

oneirology part dreams g william domhoff
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Oneirology Part 1 (DREAMS) with G. William Domhoff

WHY do we dream? What do dreams mean? What parts of our brain are working after-hours? We sought out UC Santa Cruz researcher and professor Dr. G. William Domhoff, a world expert on the topic, for thi

bonus secrets advice
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Bonus Episode: Secrets, Advice +

It’s a weird rambling bonus episode for the lonely week between the holidays and New Years! I thought I’d serve up a mellow hang full of secrets, a retrospective of the things that kept me relatively

smologies evolution john mccormack
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Smologies #19: EVOLUTION with John McCormack

Another G-rated edit of a classic! This Smologies with Dr. John McCormack of Occidental College is all about evolution, Darwinism, birds, bacteria, natural selection and how our mutations can be our g

p life death an la cougar miguel ordeana beth pratt
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P-22: The Life & Death of an L.A. Cougar with Miguel Ordeñana & Beth Pratt

Very special episode for a very special cat. The day after the legendary Los Angeles mountain lion P-22 took his last breath, we talked with Natural History Museum wildlife biologist Miguel Ordeñana a

meteorology weather climate marshall shepherd
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Meteorology (WEATHER & CLIMATE) with Marshall Shepherd

Once again: the world is on fire. As wildfires burn across Canada and their smoke pours down the continent, we thought it would be a good time to encore these Fire Ecology episodes. First, Dr. Gavin J3


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