byte thor love thunder
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Byte Thor Love And Thunder

From the red carpet thanks to Marvel and EPK.TV are Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Chris Pratt, Karen Gillian, Tessa Thompson, Jaime Alexander, Jennifer and Taika Watiti

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Interview with director Lani Lauritsch and star Julia Franz Richter about a space station in the future orbiting a toxic Earth. They find surviors in protective domes that houses the elites so do they

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Voyagers! (1982-83)

Christopher returns from the 2022 Monsterbash and then he and Tom watch a bunch of episodes of the 1982-82 series, Voyagers! Here is a link to the archive of the Voyager Guidebook website mentioned in

byte ms marvel
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Byte Ms Marvel

Iman Vellani talks playing the Marvel hero. Special thanks to Marvel Studios and EPK.TV for the audio.

episode ring a ding girl
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Episode 143: Ring-a-Ding Girl

This week Dan takes a decidedly different look at an episode of The Twilight Zone Original Series. Ring-a-Ding Girl has been overlooked as it blends into the all too often bland world of 1960's tel

solar podcast
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Solar The Podcast

A chat with co-directors Jenny Curtis and Chris Porter of this popular podcast drama with an all star cast about trouble on the sun.

episode seein iain pay attention
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Episode 1053: Seein’ With Iain: Pay Attention

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono Ben has been reading, and he starts a new series here!

byte matthew donald
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Byte Matthew Donald

Interview with author of Teslanauts featuring Nicholas Tesla in the 1920's

prey directors eric matthew hensman
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“The Prey”: Directors Eric and Matthew Hensman

Directors of The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus, brothers Eric and Matthew Hensman stop by to talk about the creation and making of this indie horror fun fest.What do you like about the man vs monster

byte life rendered
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Byte Life Rendered

Interview with filmmaker Emma Needell about her film about lving in the real and virtual world for a young rancher.

talkcast they call it plastic city bubba
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TalkCast 530 – They Call it Plastic City, Bubba

In this Cast, we speak with Keith Gleason, the guy with many hats. We talk about his podcast Indie Comics Relay with Johnny C (LOVE YOUR COFFEE, man) and we spend some time talking about his own perso

night gallery b eyes live
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372: Night Gallery - 100B - Eyes (Live)

The directorial debut of Steven Spielberg did not let us down entirely. We are joined by a virtual simulation of Frank to also share his opinions. Good start to Night Gallery. Unfortunately for us it’

tz street shadows live
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371: TZ1985 - 318 - Street Of Shadows (Live)

This one is a snooze fest. It has the moral be that robbing and almost murdering a man will lead you to financial and family success. Do with that what you for LIWstudios

emery emery on scientists vs media
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518. Emery Emery on Scientists vs. The Media
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518. Emery Emery on Scientists vs. The Media

emma mcdonald moonhaven
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Emma McDonald Of Moonhaven

She is Bella Sway in the new AMC plus series about a moon colony created to save a polluted and violent Earth. She talks about the series creator, Peter Ocko and working with her co-stars, Dominic Mon

princess thieves chapter confrontation
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The Princess Thieves: Chapter 26 – The Confrontation

Gwendoline finds herself facing up to the people, and staring down Coriolanus. It is time to decide what is best for everyone.· Gwendoline performed by Theo Leigh· Old Meg performed by Maureen Foley·

episode future pizza other listener questions
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Episode 110: The Future of Pizza! And Other Listener Questions

In this special episode, we answer questions from our wondrous Patreon supporters. We discuss how to write convincing non-human characters, where people will live in 10,000 years, and why Dungeons & D

byte visual effects halo
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Byte The Visual Effects Of Halo

Interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Phil Prater

getting closer from radioactive
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Getting Closer From Radioactive

Composer Will Reynolds and Eric Price (Lyrics and Book) have released a new video from their upcoming musicial Radioactive about Marie Curie who discovered radium.

invitation dick cannon amanda bonar cory webster jimmy kehoe
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The Invitation with Dick Cannon (Amanda Bonar, Cory Webster and Jimmy Kehoe)

Adam heads into the Hollywood Hills to talk to the founders of the Blood Red Lantern Company (Dick Cannon's Amanda Bonar, Cory Webster and Jimmy Kehoe) about an amazing week of sales and the ethical q

byte jennifer reeder
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Byte Jennifer Reeder Interview with on her latest work
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Byte Jennifer Reeder

Interview with on her latest work

episode ninety years without slumbering
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Episode 141: Ninety Years Without Slumbering

It's a solo show this week as Dan welcomes Ed Wynn back into the Fifth Dimension. Bonus: hear stories of some recent domestic drama , record hunting, and a garbage picked stereo console from 1965!

episode animated sci fi short film batman versus terminator
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Episode (156) Animated Sci-Fi Short Film Batman Versus The Terminator

Batman Versus The Terminator is an unofficial, animated short film that is a terrific mashup of two iconic, fan-favorite intellectual properties. In the year 2029, an aged Batman uses his vast arsenal

alice krige
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Alice Krige

Talented actor talks about her latest role in She Will playing an aging movie star that goes on a retreat to recover from surgery but discovers the supernatural instead. We talk about her iconic role

british invaders five children it part
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British Invaders 399: Five Children and It (Part 1)

Five Children and It was 1991 BBC serial based on the book by E Nesbit. What will a group of children do when a sand fairy can grant them wishes? Please send us your comments, questions, requests and

food in spec fic
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385 – Food in Spec Fic Delicious crunchies and munchies.
♪ mp3 m3u

385 – Food in Spec Fic

Delicious crunchies and munchies.

byte brad lambert
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Byte Brad Lambert

Hollywood manager who gives his take on an article on him on The Wrap. At the time of the interview, I was not presented any evidence either way.

talkcast anthropodermic bibliopegy for beginers
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TalkCast 529 – Anthropodermic Bibliopegy for Beginers

In this “Cast we get to talk with old friend Mark Leslie and new friend Julie Strauss. Why are they on together? Well, they have collaborated on the newest book in the Canadian Werewolf series, “Lover

indie scifi press play director greg bjrkman
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Indie Scifi: “Press Play” Director Greg Björkman

Greg Björkman is the co-writer and director of the new indie scifi-romance PRESS PLAY, and he stops by to talk about the process of writing and making this movie.Do you enjoy a little (or a lot) of ro

episode kooky christmas he sees you when youre sleeping
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Episode 1052: Kooky Christmas: He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono It's 6 months until Christmas, but Kooky Christmas has returned!

byte guidance
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Byte Guidance

A chat with the film's director Neysan Sobhani about a world where people can tell when your'e lying thanks to Guidance.

laura j mixon author up against it
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517. Laura J. Mixon, author of Up Against It
♪ mp3 m3u

517. Laura J. Mixon, author of Up Against It

Christopher returns from the 2022 Monsterbash and then he and Tom watch a bunch of episodes of the 1982-82 series, Voyagers! Here is a link to the archive of the Voyager Guidebook website mentioned in3


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