157: In Praise Of Pip (TZ 501)

We are joined by Adam of Raiders Of The Lost Flicks to discuss In Praise Of Pip. A touching episode that made you cry but not us. Nope not us at all. That was all you weeping like a


Sci-Fi Party Line #337 Terminator: Dark Fate

Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl 10 years later, discuss Terminator again but this time :Dark Fate. Listen to Cat and Carl’s very first episode, Terminator: Salvation!


Scifi Diner Podcast 377 – Our Interview with Alex Mallari Jr (Dark Matter)

Scifi Diner Podcast 377 – Our Interview with Alex Mallari Jr (Dark Matter) Alex Mallari Jr is an actor known for Dead Genesis (2010), Robocop (2014) and Debug (2014). Alex


Charlene Amoia

Actor who plays Huntress' mom in Birds Of Prey talks to me about that role and her role in How I Met Your Mother and her new horror film.


Seven Worlds, One Planet - Chadden Hunter

There maybe seven worlds but there's only one Chadden Hunter, of landmark BBC Natural History series like Frozen Planet, Planet Earth 2 and the stunning Seven Worlds, One Planet.On a


The Worst Sports People

This week we draft the worst people in North American sports. The list includes some awful Detroit Lions, French Canadien jerks, 1980's NFL scabs, and the worst state in the union, cough cough O-H-I-O


Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2: (with RONALD D. MOORE)

Welcome back to Battlestar Galacticast! Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin kick off their Season 3 discussion with a very special guest: the man responsible for most of all of this: executive producer R


The Thirteenth Floor: Yo dawg I heard you liked the simulation hypothesis

This movie Yo dog, I heard you liked simulations. Server-room LAN rave parties. choosing your simulated period for fun, profit, and lack of complications. Simulation Plato’s shadows on a cave wall. Ma


Episode 782: Our Favorite Movies From Every Year: The 1970s

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono In this episode we take a look at all of the movies that we've seen that were released in the 1970s, and then pick our favorite movie from...


The Twilight Zone Podcast: Earl Holliman Interview

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the first actor to ever appear in The Twilight Zone. From the episode Where is Everybody, the great Earl Holliman... The post The Twilight Zone Podcast: Earl


Byte The Turning

Brooklyn Prince, Finn Wolfhard, MacKenzie Davis, and Scott Bernstein talkabouth this Haunted House movie.


Hereditary with Greg Hess

This week Greg Hess (from the podcast Mega) sits with Adam to reminisce about their earlier days in the comedy scene before he introduces us to a UDOT worker in charge of the roadways and signage from


Episode (85) Sci-Fi Short Film MIRRORED

In the sci-fi short film Mirrored, human cloning is a reality in the future. Though illegal, wealthy clients can pay to have copies of their consciousness stored and in the event of their death, their


Ann Hornaday

The Chief Film Critic of The Washington Post and I talk about Bombshell and the three powerful women actors and riff on the Oscars, Mavel Vs Dc and more.


Episode 64: Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

On the sixty-fourth edition of twilight zone podcast 'IMAGINE IF YOU WILL' ; Dan is Cooking up some hipster diner Alien food and Talking about The Twilight Zone Original Series Episode, Will the Real


Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #175 – #EarpSoon Earp Shot

On this episode, Kevin introduces everyone to our new Earp Shot podcasts and it's only fitting that our first Earp Shot episode is about our cast and crew being back in Calgary and filming season 4 of


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