supply demand
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Supply & Demand

We catch up with our friend from last week, David Volodzko, as he continues his newspaper columnist to conservative speedrun. After that, our patrons are treated to some shocking news

dear fremont
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Dear Fremont

Dear Fremont, did you ever sit on your grandad's knee and ask him 'what did you do in the great World War II?' Also, Andrew Lewis prepares to boringly suck his way to reelection.

bypassing squalor
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Bypassing Squalor

This week Munya and Greg discuss their love of the great national passtime of baseball and it's importance about all human consideration, some psycho cop shit, and Greg's new deadly diagnosis (for the

libertarian u
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Libertarian U

Munya is still exploring the bottom of the sea, but Greg and Brian are here to talk Biden’s big Ws at the Supreme Court, the future of colleges, and some crack reporting at the Seattle Times.

krusin divestspd
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Krusin’ with DivestSPD

We bring Justin Ward from DivestSPD to explain to us why our parents are fighting online. After talking Brandi Kruse and Jonathan Choe, Justin sticks around to talk some of the latest SPD scandals and

its just like symbols man
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It’s Just, Like, Symbols, Man… Listen to the episode in its entirety on Patreon
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It’s Just, Like, Symbols, Man…

Listen to the episode in its entirety on Patreon

many trials molly moons
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The Many Trials of Molly Moon’s

Olga Sagan experiences regret as she realizes that she should have lied. Molly Moon’s goes to court, but is it over greed? Or, are they the city’s true #1 crank? And where are we going to put all the

seattle sucks olga sagan edition
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Seattle Sucks, Olga Sagan Edition

Greg and Brian take a Scrooge McDuck-style dive into the gold that is the Seattle City Council election pool. First up is Piroshky dealer and small business tyrant Olga Sagan in District 7. Will she g

im not lonely youre lonely
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I'm Not Lonely, You're Lonely

The boys discuss the Department of Health's new study that says a lot of you – not us – are lonely out there. Then we discuss how WA Democrats just voted to bring back the drug war. Plus, Greg has som

cops on film
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Cops on Film

The gang gets together to go for their annual active shooter training and then hang around to talk about the hobbies of Seattle's new police chief.

good attitude city ii
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Good Attitude City II

The gang gets some startling news in the middle of their draft coverage regarding the show’s current lending institution before moving on to talk about the latest hand-waving around downtown “revitali

retvrn to drug war
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RETVRN to the Drug War

Munya lets us know what our social and political betters are up to in NYC before the gang dives into Washington’s exciting new war on drugs! I’m sure it will definitely work this time!

exciting news
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Exciting News!

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a letter apology
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A Letter of Apology

The gang discusses the final meeting of the panel assigned to assess Seattle PD’s response to the 2020 anti-police protests. We learn about how the police are going to “do better” and how this is defi

ukraine antics chinese
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Ukraine Antics with Chinese

Listen to the episode in its entirety on Patreon

my blue haven
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My Blue Haven

The gang discusses the latest legislation making it through the bowels of the Statehouse in Olympia before casting our gaze out to our neighbor to the east.

trust plan
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Trust the Plan

Pramila Jayapal joins us on the boat to talk about the hottest new trend on the American Left. We also hear from the Seattle Times editorial board on the newest danger to smol-bean landlords.

quantum leap
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Quantum Leap

The boys are back on the digital boat to discuss the new capital gains tax that is making waves from Olympia to Plano. Then we look at the valley that is dying and the new valley that is struggling to

taking an orlando shot
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Taking an Orlando-Shot

The gang is back on the boat to talk about Boeing woes, the fight around a new light rail station, and gaze into the dark abyss of real estate capital.

bail in
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Bail In

The boys are all back on the boat and they are asking the heads of SVB and Signature to join them for a “bail-in.”

jimmy carter sucks
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Jimmy Carter Sucks

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premium nation
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Premium Nation

The boys get together to discuss the hottest new trend for the new year, Will this be the secret sauce that unlocks wonderful new delights here-to-fore unseen? Or is it part of the s

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Munya is mysteriously absent as Greg and Brian don their political science caps and dig into an exciting new way to do politics – minus the politics – brought to us by former Stranger writer Ansel Her

day wheedle died
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The Day The Wheedle Died

Listen to the episode in its entirety on Patreon

ending myth bonus fta at movies w special guest
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Ending the Myth - BONUS – FTA at the Movies! w/ Special Guest

Munya and Brian are joined by a veteran of Hollywood who has worked on such films as Blackhat and Ted 2 to discuss the movies M*A*S*H (1970) and Southern Comfort (1981). They discuss how these movies’

no more party balloons
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No More Party Balloons

The boys are back to breakdown all the highlights and controversy from this year’s Super Bowl. From there they talk UFO sightings, train crashes, and Seymour Hersh’s new article about the Nord Stream

bursting police bubble
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Bursting the Police Bubble

Greg & Brian see what is the latest outrage that has conservatives shitting their pants before diving into some statewide measures that are on the ballot this February.

ending myth ep talkin s
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Ending the Myth - EP 24.5 - Talkin’ 70s

Munya and Brian get together to expand on some of the ideas covered in episodes 22, 23, & 24 as well as answer some listener questions. They talk Richard Nixon, foundational Marxist concepts, where he

same as it ever was
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The Same As It Ever Was

We talk a little football before asking if a car really needs a steering wheel to drive? Then we discuss the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hand of the police and go over the idiot reform ideas that ar

ending myth ep memories vietnam w jerry lembcke
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Ending the Myth - EP 24 - Memories of Vietnam w/ Jerry Lembcke

We welcome esteemed sociologist Jerry Lembcke to talk about how the memory of the Vietnam War was both recreated and used in the 1980s and 1990s to unify public sentiment against the liberatory moveme

r u ready sum foosball
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R U Ready 4 Sum Foosball?

Listen to the episode in its entirety on Patreon

ending myth ep rollback pt neoliberalism
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Ending the Myth - EP 23 - Rollback pt 2: Neoliberalism

This week Munya and Greg discuss their love of the great national passtime of baseball and it's importance about all human consideration, some psycho cop shit, and Greg's new deadly diagnosis (for the3


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