The Reply Guys

Greg, Brian, and Colin talk about Nathan for You, a pivot from Cats content, Greg's trip to Iowa (he left this morning), and the recent passage of the Clean Campaigns Act, an ordinance to limit forei


Episode 071 - Cristina Buenaventura

On the 71st episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we chat with Cristina Buenaventura, Bar Manager at Currant Bistro and the winner of the Stranger's Seattle Favorite Bartender. Cristina's extensive c


Patreon Teaser - That's Edutainment!

Brian and Colin soldier on without their intrepid Captain with a news roundup covering property crime, the Amazon Ring, and Boeing, followed by yet another look at the difficult restaurant scene as (m


Send Greg Away (to Iowa)

Do it for Him. Help us send Greg, and possibly more Seattleites, to Iowa.


Ep. 120: Investigative reporter Daniel Gilbert on problems at WA's private psychiatric hosp

Seattle Times investigative reporter Daniel Gilbert discusses his stunning recent series, 'Public Crisis, Private Toll,' which explored the hidden costs of Washington's mental-health industry expansio



Brian and Colin carry on without their Captain talking about the Bernie Sanders rally, the Seattle Times Editorial Board's pleading for civility in the war we must wage with Iran, and a visit from the


Episode 070 - Reda Ali (@bobaeggs)

On the 70th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we chat with foodie and Instagrammer, Reda Ali (@bobaeggs). Reda is the youngest guest we've had on our show to date, but her food photography skills


Patreon Teaser - White Glove Service

Greg, Brian, and Colin talk Seahawks (#BeastMode), a strange televised police memorial simultaneously viewed from an airport and Red Robin respectively, and Jason Rantz's top ten movies of 2019. Subsc


Mad Max: Doomed Planet

Greg, Brian, and Colin are joined by Alex a.k.a Bezostown and Max the Radical Bomb Throwing Teen, to talk about the Democratic field in 2020, the possibile conflict with Iran that conservatives crave,


Episode 069 - Hans Korompis

On the 69th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we sit down with Hans Korompis, Chef and General Manager of the Market Fishmonger in Edmonds. As you're already familiar, we love the Market Fishmong


Patreon Teaser - Revenge of the Socialists

Greg and Colin check in on the Wall Street Journal. Subscribe for access to all our premium episodes.


Podcastical Cats

Greg and Colin discuss the movie event of the season, year, and perhaps even the decade: Tom Hooper's adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's inimitable Cats.


Episode 068 - Torrie Nagendran (@tor601)

On the 68th episode of the Seattle Foodie Podcast, we sit down with Food Instagrammer, Torrie Nagendran (@tor601). Monica and Nelson first met Torrie at the same food event Monica and Nelson met for t


Patreon Teaser - Ring Around the Ice Cream Social

Greg and Brian stare into the darkness of the Amazon Ring once more. Subscribe for access to all our premium episodes.


FROM THE VAULT - Battle in Seattle

In this episode liberated from behind The Paywall, Greg, Brian, and Colin are joined by a star studded panel consisting of Maddy, co-chair of the Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Tommy


Meining 4 Content

Greg and Brian are landlocked in this special potpourri episode of Seattle Sucks. They talk impeachmas, Durkan's new high-tech solution for homelessness, the Stranger's strange recollection of the Dav


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