scaling seo using ai brent payne
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410. Scaling SEO Using AI with Brent Payne

Most entrepreneurs encounter a rocky path to success. In the latest episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, join us as we chat with Brent D. Payne. From Google jail to setbacks, Br

surviving seo in an ai world strategic seo vs checklist seo wsara taher
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128: Surviving SEO in an AI World: Strategic SEO vs Checklist SEO w/Sara Taher

If you’re trying to keep up with AI in the SEO world, while remaining strategic and not just following a checklist, this episode is for you! My guest today is Sara Taher who has been an SEO consultan

from nothing to nine figures suzy batiz
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409. From Nothing to Nine Figures with Suzy Batiz

Sometimes life throws us significant curveballs and we’re left with no choice but to start over. This can feel devastating, but according to today’s Get Yourself Optimized guest, Suzy Batiz, when ever

brian dean method
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#317 - The Brian Dean Method

Brian Dean did something that less than 0.01% of us will ever achieve. He built his site to a staggering DR 90 on Ahrefs, almost entirely on his own. This week, Gael sits down with the

systemize david jenyns
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408. Systemize with David Jenyns

SYSTEMology studies systems and processes in organizations and organizational efficiency. In this episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, we’re thrilled to have David Jenyns, author of Authority Conte

scaling saas company jason morehouse
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407. Scaling a SaaS Company with Jason Morehouse
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407. Scaling a SaaS Company with Jason Morehouse

ultimate new pinterest strategy
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#316 - Ultimate New Pinterest Strategy

Not all social media platforms are made equal, and Pinterest is one that can really drive serious amounts of traffic. In this week's episode, we chat with Tony Hill, who shares insights on exactl

be sales game changer fred diamond
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406. Be a Sales Game Changer with Fred Diamond

and dedication are universally key to successful sales. In this week's episode of Marketing Speak, the incredible Fred Diamond leads us to discover amazing sales game changers! Fred Di

ex forbes employee reveals everything
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#315 - Ex-Forbes Employee Reveals EVERYTHING

How does Forbes keep ranking for EVERYTHING? In this week's episode, we sit down with former Forbes SEO strategist Shawn Hill, to explore the secrets behind Forbes' SEO success.Full show not

story worth retelling luke storey
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405. A Story Worth Retelling with Luke Storey

Blessings abound when you relentlessly pursue achievement, growth, impact lives, and expand the reach of your podcast. This week on the Marketing Speak podcast, the incredible Luke Storey shares his d

dial in your marketing draye redfern
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404. Dial In Your Marketing with Draye Redfern

In marketing, human elements make everything pop. In today’s episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, our guest Draye Redfern shares his life and business challenges. Draye believes in Dr. Sean Stephen

ways to diversify your traffic
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#314 - 11 Ways to Diversify Your Traffic

Waiting in fear for the next Google update to destroy your traffic (again)? While SEO is still by far the best traffic source, we've come to accept that with Google's upcoming search changes

strategic content pamela wilson
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403. Strategic Content with Pamela Wilson

When we think of ourselves as librarians to our content, we can understand the scope and overview of our published content. In today’s Marketing Speak podcast episode, I’m delighted to chat with Pamel

understanding entities dixon jones
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402. Understanding Entities with Dixon Jones

An entity is a concept you can describe and put into a database. In this episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, we’re thrilled to feature Dixon Jones as he discusses entity SEO and how we can leverag

how to build links per month jason malone
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#313 - How To Build 417 Links Per Month with Jason Malone

In this week’s episode, Mark is joined by Jason Malone, founder of the link building agency We Outreach. We discuss the ins and outs of link building in 2023, and Jason gives us a look behind the scen

grow your audience sachit gupta
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401. Grow Your Podcast Audience with Sachit Gupta

Beyond building an audience, podcasting is an amazing collaboration engine. In this week’s Marketing Speak podcast episode, the mastermind behind the Conscious Creators, Sachit Gupta, shares the untap

make better decisions avinash kaushik
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400. Make Better Decisions with Avinash Kaushik

Understanding data leverages your engagement with your audience. Today’s Marketing Speak podcast episode is a jam-packed discussion on data solutions, digital experience, and digital performance with

how these sites can adapt to thrive
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#312 - How These 3 Sites Can Adapt to Thrive

AI is changing the game of content creation and SEO, and it's important to adapt your business model to thrive in this new environment. In today's episode, we discuss the impact of AI on the

achieve leverage ryan levesque
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399. Achieve Leverage with Ryan Levesque

The universe's infinite wisdom allows people to reveal more light and make a bigger impact. In the latest episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, the brilliant Ryan Levesque joins us as we dive deep i

are click ai article generators good
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#311 - Are 1 Click AI Article Generators Good?

Wondering whether to use an AI article generator to save time? In this episode, Mark and Gael review some of the AI tools out there and tell you everything you need to know.

make chatgpt your marketing assistant peter swain
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398. Make ChatGPT Your Marketing Assistant with Peter Swain

AI is a systemic shift for business, culture, and humanity. In this episode of Marketing Speak, I’m joined by an incredible guest, Peter Swain. Through our discussion, Peter introduces the fascinating

how to build digital marketing agency stephan spencer greg merrilees
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397. How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency with Stephan Spencer and Greg Merrilees

When you’re true to your mission and commit to changing others’ lives, your business flourishes. In this episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, my good friend and the founder of Studio1 Design, Greg

outsourcing to philippines john jonas
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396. Outsourcing to the Philippines with John Jonas

To achieve greater efficiency as an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s crucial to possess exceptional outsourcing skills. John Jonas joins this week’s Marketing Speak episode to offer insights into

things we learned collecting emails
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#310 - 8 Things We Learned Collecting 241,294 Emails

We've been building our email list for a long time now. Today we discuss how to build your own email list.Full show notes:

achieve operational excellence lloyd thompson
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395. Achieve Operational Excellence with Lloyd Thompson

In business, collective rhythms ensure that progress isn’t attributed to a single individual. Lloyd Thompson joins me in this episode of the Marketing Speak podcast. Lloyd and I discuss fractional exe

create copy that connects converts like crazy jaimee maree
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394. Create Copy That Connects and Converts Like Crazy with Jaimee Maree

Your client is the hero, and you’re their guide. When you combine your superpowers, magic happens. In this episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, we’re thrilled to have Jaimee Maree as our guest. 🎙️

state ai keep up or lose out
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#309 - The State of AI: Keep Up Or Lose Out

The results of our latest AI Survey are in!Find out what the industry really thinks about AI, and how they're using it as we dissect the results in full, as well as provide unique insights that y

build super high authority links john hall
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393. Build Super High Authority Links with John Hall

Through valuable content and strategic actions, we're sharpening our focus to achieve greater results. In today’s Marketing Speak podcast episode with John Hall, we talk about significant points on le

managing your reputation through seo chris silver smith
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392. Managing Your Reputation through SEO with Chris Silver Smith

We are destined to utilize both SEO and search marketing in our businesses. In the latest episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, Chris Silver Smith, the CEO of Argent Media. Chris has extensive exper

dont buy linksdo this instead
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#308 - Don't Buy Links...Do This Instead!

Remember a year or so ago when we went on the record saying that paying for links is the way have changed since then 😬But if we don't think you should pay links, and regular

grow your audience rachel miller
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391. Grow Your Audience with Rachel Miller

Growing an audience is not about numbers, it’s about relationships. This week on the Marketing Speak podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Rachel Miller to discuss digital marketing and how to gr

how to put your business on autopilot mike wolf
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390. How to Put Your Business on Autopilot with Mike Wolf

Sometimes life throws us significant curveballs and we’re left with no choice but to start over. This can feel devastating, but according to today’s Get Yourself Optimized guest, Suzy Batiz, when ever3


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