Throw out your diary, Jour is a new app for guided journaling

Since Jour, a new app for private and portable journaling, dropped on the App Store two months ago, it’s racked up 80,000 users. No paid marketing or public announcements. Just organic interest in dis


Fri. 05/24 - iFixit Tears Down the MacBook Keyboard Tweaks

The Facebook cryptocurrency could be here in about six months, SpaceX launches its first batch of internet satellites, iFixit tears down the MacBook keyboard tweaks, the robots are coming for MLB umpi


Ep020: Slaying the Dragon of EL, Siege Weapon Physics, Dis-entangled Charlieplex, Laser Int

Join editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys as they unpack all the great hacks we've seen this week. On this episode we're talking about laser Internet delivered from space, unwrapping the complexity


Facebook’s former security boss Alex Stamos and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams (Live)

Alex Stamos, the former Chief Security Officer at Facebook, and Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Medium, talk with Recode's Kara Swisher in these live interviews from the 2019 Collisi


The T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Apple tweaks the Macbook keyboards, and Huawei vs. Trump

The Verge's Russel Brandom joins the show to decipher the Huawei ban as well as its larger implications. Second half of the show, Dieter Bohn explains how Apple is tweaking its troubled keyboard desig


Elon Musk's wild space internet plan

Coming up today: Huawei’s very bad week; Elon Musk’s space internet; and a psychedelic experience without the psychedelics.


Future launches $150/mo exercise app where real coaches nag you

The only way to beat laziness is with guilt, and so that’s what Future sells. It assigns you an actual human trainer who builds personalized workout plans and message you throughout the day to make su


Thu. 05/23 - An Indie Game Boy for the 21st Century

The Playdate is a Game Boy for the 21st Century, GitHub launches a Patreon for open source developers, Amazon is working on a health app that can monitor emotions, Door Dash is emerging at the leader


Quadric.io raises $15M to build a plug-and-play supercomputer for autonomous systems

Quadric.io, a startup founded by some of the folks behind the once-secretive bitcoin mining operation “21E6,”has raised $15 million in a Series A round that will fund the development of a supercompute


Wed. 05/22 - The Huawei Mess Metastasizes

The Huawei mess metastasizes, the EU goes after Google again, Qualcomm loses to the FTC, and all getting into health


#127 - Vidit Aatrey and Adora Cheung

Vidit Aatrey is cofounder and CEO of Meesho. Meesho is a platform in India that allows people to resell products using their social networks. They were in the Summer 2016 batch of YC and you can check


Anand Giridharadas on the phony philanthropy of tech billionaires

Winners Take All author Anand Giridharadas talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher in this live conversation recorded at Made By We in New York City. In this episode: Why Giridharadas wrote the book; th


Identity platform Auth0 raises $103M, pushing its valuation over $1B

Auth0, a 2013-founded identity and authentication platform, has pushed into unicorn territory with a $1 billion valuation after raising $103 million in its latest Series E round. The round was led by


Tue. 05/21 - Has Apple fixed the MacBook keyboard problem?

Has Apple fixed the MacBook keyboard problem? Huawei gets a 90 day reprieve, Instagram wants to copy Snapchat AND TikTok, the first self-driving mail trucks, and why would your smart car want to tell


Huawei, 5G, and Robocalls with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks stops by to discuss Huawei, regulating robocalls, net neutrality, the race for 5G and more with The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Makena to the Vergecast her


Credder offers Rotten Tomatoes-style ratings for the news

In an age of online misinformation and clickbait, how do you know whether a publication is trustworthy? Startup Credder is trying to solve this problem with reviews from both journalists and regular r


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