bangkok travels friends
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304 Bangkok Travels with Friends

Bangkok is a city which rewards many repeat visits and my recent trip there proved it! Putting together Episode 304 was a special chance for me to chat with several friends, old and new, who I had the

digital nomad life
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303 Digital Nomad Life

Thank you internet: you've made many things possible, two of them being podcasts, and working as a digital nomad. In this episode on digital nomading, I've got three guests who all bring quite differe

jump truck camper life jackie
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JUMP 167: Truck Camper Life with Jackie

Jackie bought a truck camper! Join us for this solo episode as she dives into full-time truck camper living, including her biggest fear going in and her lessons so far. Get on our emai

chiang rai thailands far north
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302 Chiang Rai - Thailand's Far North

Ah, finally, I've made it to Chiang Rai! I've wanted to visit this most northern part of Thailand my whole life, as my dear late aunty came from Chiang Rai. Spending a few days up there was delightful

book club landlines by raynor winn
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Book Club 19: Landlines by Raynor Winn

This special episode is the audio of the Facebook Livestream of the August 2023 meeting of the Thoughtful Travellers Book Club, talking about Landlines by Raynor Winn with my co-host Justin Watson, an

at travel to svalbard norway
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AT#860 - Travel to Svalbard, Norway

Hear about travel to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cherie Gonzales from about her home no

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301 Tourism

tourism experiences are one of my favourite things to seek out when I travel, and this episode is a great explanation of what CBT is, illustrated with fabulous examples from Thailand,

at travel to galapagos islands ecuador repeat
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AT#755 - Travel to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Repeat) Hear about travel to the Galapagos Islands as Chris Christensen, the Amateur Tra
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AT#755 - Travel to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Repeat)

Hear about travel to the Galapagos Islands as Chris Christensen, the Amateur Tra

thailand first post covid adventure abroad
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300 Thailand: First Post-Covid Adventure Abroad

Thailand was calling, and I had to go!Three and a half years after my last pre-Covid adventure abroad, I finally managed to get out of Australia for a short media trip to Thailand. I'm home again now

at travel to azerbaijan
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AT#859 - Travel to Azerbaijan

Hear about an itinerary for travel to Azerbaijan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Australian journalist Emily Lush who is based in nearby Kutaisi, Georgia. W

van travel
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299 Van Travel

Travelling in some kind of van - a campervan, a caravan, an RV, a motorhome - is a unique and fabulous way to see the world. I was lucky enough to spend many months in a campervan as a child, explorin

at travel to hikone gifu japan
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AT#858 - Travel to Hikone and Gifu, Japan

Hear about travel to Hikone and Gifu in Central Japan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Miyuki Seguchi from the Japan Experts Podcast about he home region of Japan where she is a tour guide. Why should

endless curiosity last episode
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Endless Curiosity (The Last Episode)

This is the last episode of She Explores. In it, we say farewell, reflect on endings, and invite past guests of the show to share the lessons they’ve learned in the outdoors over the last few years. T

conservation travel
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298 Conservation Travel

There are so many ways we can try to do better when we travel, and looking for tours or activities that have a conservation angle is one that, with a little research, can be surprisingly easy. In Epis

at travel to cartagena northern colombia
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AT#857 - Travel to Cartagena and Northern Colombia

Hear about travel to Cartagena and Northern Colombia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Inge from about this South American country that her family fell in love with. Why shoul

jump self guided biking in sardinia
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JUMP 166: Self-Guided Biking in Sardinia

Tune in to our first-ever “PodChat featuring bike touring across Sardinia, plus find out what PodChats are and how you can be part of the podcast going forward. Join us:

learning to swim
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Learning to Swim

Learning something new as an adult can be daunting, especially when it's something that a lot of people have been doing since childhood. On this episode, Naomi Mellor takes us from a beach in Australi

wild swimming phenomenon
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The Wild Swimming Phenomenon

It’s summer, which means we're grabbing every chance there is to hit the beach or dive into a hotel swimming pool. But some travelers are a little more intrepid, plunging into wild, frigid waters for

at travel to albania
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AT#856 - Travel to Albania

Hear about travel to Albania as the Amateur Traveler talks to Norm Bour from about the country where they spent nearly 6 months as expats.

travels in iraq
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297 Travels in Iraq

City names like Mosul, Karbala and Bashrah - and of course the capital Baghdad - are familiar to us all, but not from seeing people's holiday snaps, unfortunately. Tourism in Iraq is a very small-scal

sasheer zamata nicole byer on becoming perfect travel companions
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Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer on Becoming the Perfect Travel Companions

Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata love being best friends, which means they also love traveling together. Lale catches up with the two comedians, whose respective television appearance include Nailed It

first person to travel to every country without flying in single journey thor
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The First Person to Travel to Every Country Without Flying (In a Single Journey) With Thor

Is traveling to every country on your bucket list?Today I’m joined by Thorbjørn Pedersen, the first person to visit every country in the world in a single journey without flying!In this episode, Thor

connecting local people when you travel
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296 Connecting with Local People When You Travel

Making connections - either brief or lasting - with local people when you travel can often be the highlight of a trip. In this episode, three guests tell stories about people they have befriended on t

at travel to lake garda verona countryside
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AT#855 - Travel to Lake Garda and the Verona Countryside

Hear about travel to Lake Garda and the Verona Countryside as the Amateur Traveler talks to Valeria Biasi from Verona Tours about the region she calls home.

traveling while black nanjala nyabola
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Traveling While Black with Nanjala Nyabola

Every now and then, I like to drop an extra episode! This week, I'm pulling one of my favorites from the Nyabola is a writer, humanitarian advocate, political analyst, and author of T

excavating grief
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Excavating Grief

Mykella Van Cooten was angry, and she didn’t know why. It got so bad that she began to feel unhinged. And then, she went to a little cabin in the woods. In this episode, she tells the story of what h

do national dishes really exist
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Do National Dishes Really Exist?

What makes a national dish? And who gets to decide? Lale talks to food writer Anya Von Bremzen about her global quest to find out, which she charts in her new book National Dish: Around the World in S

hitting refresh on your life travel how to move to europe
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Hitting Refresh on Your Life with Travel + How to Move to Europe

Do you feel like it's time to do a 180 on your life? Moving abroad may be the answer!Cepee Tabibian is the founder of She Hit Refresh, a global community for women over 30 who want to break free from

at armenia road trip
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AT#854 - Armenia Road Trip

Hear about a road trip in Armenia as the Amateur Traveler talks to John from about his recent visit to this former Soviet country in the Caucasus Mountains.

my psychedelic retreat experience beckley retreats featuring sonia kreitzer
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My Psychedelic Retreat Experience with Beckley Retreats (Featuring Sonia Kreitzer)

Are you curious about what it’s like to attend a psychedelic retreat?Today I’m joined by Sonia Kreitzer, facilitator at Beckley Retreats, to learn more about her story as a musician and song healer an

gabrielle unions birthday journey across africa
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Gabrielle Union’s Birthday Journey Across Africa

This week, Lale chats with actor Gabrielle Union about her new docuseries, Gabrielle Union: My Journey to 50, a two-part special on BET+. Listen in as Gabrielle shares how she traveled with her family

gabrielle union celebrated turning by visiting ghana zanzibar namibia more
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Gabrielle Union Celebrated Turning 50 By Visiting Ghana, Zanzibar, Namibia, and More

Jackie bought a truck camper! Join us for this solo episode as she dives into full-time truck camper living, including her biggest fear going in and her lessons so far. Get on our emai3


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