How Travel Taught Me to Love My Body

but especially travel, is often not seen in a glamorous way, says Women Who Travel columnist Laura Delaratoon this week's podcast episode. It's often not seen at all. B

JUMP 131: Sustainable Travel - Featured Episode from Travel Fuels Life Podcast Show notes at

JUMP 131: Sustainable Travel - Featured Episode from Travel Fuels Life Podcast

Show notes at


Best Wines: 2019 Year In Review

We return with Part 5 of 8 in our Year in Review Series!It is the bonus episode all about wine! Instead of grouping coffee and wine together, Heather thought it deserved its own episode and she was ri


Life As An Experiment w/ Jason Robinson

I am so happy to bring on my friend and Location Indie member, Jason Robinson from The Nomad Experiment, to talk about how living life as an experiment can free you, how a small amount of money and a


#259 - 2020

This Week in Travel - Travel News Podcast. Regular hosts Gary Arndt, Jen Leo, Spud Hilton, and Chris Christensen talk about 2019 and 2020.


171 Moving to Another Country

It's one thing to travel to a foreign country, but to completely migrate and move to another country is another level of experience entirely! In Episode 171 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I'm chatti


AT#688 - Travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Hear about travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast as the Amateur Traveler talks to Charles McCool from about this tasty area with great beaches.


How To Go Sailing Around The World

On today's show, we are talking all about sailing (queue Christopher Cross' song 'Sailing') with some of the best experts out there with over a decade of experience. We will be covering how much it co


Best Meals: 2019 In Review

We return with Part 3 of 7 in our Year in Review SeriesCheck out Part 1: out Part 2: Travel Stats If you know anything about us, it's that we love to eat. And boy did we eat a lot in


The Best Books We Read Last Year

Being on vacation and flying to get to you're going to laze on the beach for days or zip around Southeast Asia on the back of a moped—are some of the only long, interrupted times we h


170 How Travel Changed in a Decade

It's 2020 (and arguably not the start of the decade but let's skip that discussion) and I want to look back on the years from 2010 until now. Travel has changed a LOT in that decade - more than I real


The most surprising places to visit in the Middle East

It's one of the most misunderstood regions in the world. Some watch the news and decide that the Middle East is not a place they’d ever want to visit. But those of us who are enchanted by ancien


AT#687 - Travel to Switzerland

Hear about travel to Switzerland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Zack Best about this beautiful country where he has studied and worked.


Critical Learning Period

How do we learn to communicate with one another? On this episode, Oregon-based writer Chelsea Biondolillo shares an essay from her new book, The Skinned Bird. It’s about songbirds learning to sing, an


Travel Stats: 2019 In Review

In this episode, we cover the nerdy statistics of 2019. We'll figure out about how many miles we traveled, how many different places we slept in, and how many new countries we visited plus much, much


Discovering The Hidden Europe With Francis Tapon

Please welcome the amazing Francis Tapon to today's show! Francis has a travel resume that inspires all of us to get out there and explore, he is the author of many renowned books, is an avid backpack


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