adult onset hunting
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Adult-Onset Hunting

The number of Americans hunting and fishing is declining, but women are bucking the trend. On this guest episode from The Modern West podcast, journalist Melodie Edwards finds a sisterhood at an all-w

living off beat life w debbie arcangeles
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Living The Off Beat Life w/ Debbie Arcangeles

What type of lifestyle do you strive to create? Today I am joined by digital nomad, fellow travel podcaster, and founder of The Offbeat Life, Debbie Arcangeles, to discuss how and why she ditched the

big travel mistakes that everyone makes
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The big travel mistakes that everyone makes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time traveller or an absolute expert, all of us make mistakes on the road. And in fact, all of us make the same mistakes. Or at least the same sorts of mistakes. On

at travel to south iceland
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AT#802 - Travel to the South of Iceland

Hear about travel to the South of Iceland as the Amateur Traveler talks to hotelier Friðrik Pálsson about his native land.

king tutankhamun
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- King Tutankhamun

A sample episode of my friend Gary Arndt's podcast

destination bonanza w chris christensen
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Destination Bonanza w/ Chris Christensen

What is your favorite part of learning about new I am joined by my friend and fellow travel podcaster, Chris Christensen to explore some of our favorite destinations. As host of the

at tennessee road trip
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AT#801 - Tennessee Road Trip

Hear about a Tennessee Road Trip as the Amateur Traveler talks to Stephanie Craig from about a recent family trip across the Volunteer State.

beach bum
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Beach Bum

It’s healthy to know who you are. But sometimes, defining yourself too rigidly can be problematic. On this episode, Bo Jensen takes us from the Gulf of Mexico to the Camino de Santiago and explores wh

voyage to montral from not lost
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Voyage to Montréal from Not Lost

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live like a local in the destinations you visit?This week we are bringing you a bonus episode with a special preview of Not Lost, a new podcast about finding y

adventures in urban exploration w greg abondoned
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Adventures In Urban Exploration w/ Greg Abondoned

Have you ever had the urge to explore the world beyond the boundaries of guest, Greg Abandoned, shares his passion for urban exploration including stories of some of his most challengi

europe but not as you know it
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Europe, but not as you know it

On this episode, we're going deep into the Europe you may not know: the off-the-beaten track destinations, the affordable, quiet countries, regions and cities that have so much to offer intrepid trave

travel to alaska in winter
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Travel to Alaska in Winter - Episode 800

Hear about travel to Alaska in winter as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott from about the state that has captured her heart.

introducing not lost
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Introducing Not Lost

Here’s a special preview of Not Lost, a new podcast about finding yourself in places you’ve never been from our friends at Pushkin Industries. Host Brendan Francis Newnam takes us around the world, le

sustainable travel how to be better traveler w richard hammond
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Sustainable Travel 101 (How to Be A Better Traveler) w/ Richard Hammond

Have you ever wondered how you can lessen your environmental impact during your next adventure?This week I am joined by Richard Hammond, who has devoted his life to helping others understand their env

at travel to bosnia repeat
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AT#711 - Travel to Bosnia (Repeat)

Hear about travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kenan from Highlander Adventures about his country.

makeup muckboots in field
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Makeup and Muckboots in the Field

How do you navigate your femininity in a male-dominated space like environmental fieldwork research? For Julia Bingham, it's been an exploration of self.Julia is an marine scientist

never enough
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Never Enough

When we lose a loved one, many of us seek healing from the outdoors. But what happens when the weather is bad, and your happy place is miserable? Today’s story takes us to “the most beautiful beach in

from wall street to nepal life changing moments what it means to have enough w james
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From Wall Street To Nepal, Life Changing Moments, And What It Means To Have Enough w/ James

How has your life changed direction from traveling?This week I am joined by Poet, Entrepreneur, and retired Stockbroker, James C. Hopkins, to learn all about how he made the transition from a hectic l

airport disasters when it all goes wrong
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Airport disasters: when it all goes wrong

Travel really is back – the good bits, but also the bad. The airport delays. The flight cancellations. The monumental like we saw in Sydney over Easter. It’s not what we missed, exactl

at travel to yosemite national park
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AT#799 - Travel to Yosemite National Park

Hear about travel to Yosemite National Park and the region as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer and California native Jill Robinson about her experiences in the park.

women in weed are breaking stoner guy stereotype
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Women in Weed Are Breaking the 'Stoner Guy' Stereotype

“If women make 80 percent of the spending decisions in the American household, if we buy the beer and the food and the clothes, we're going to buy the weed,” says this week's guest Nidhi Lucky Handa.

introducing dynasty
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Introducing Dynasty

Unimaginable secrets. Unyielding power. Devastating rifts and shocking allegiances. With surprising new interviews as well as historic sound, Vanity Fair’s DYNASTY examines the ties that bind the most

live life now w jeff jenkins from chubby diaries
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Live Life Now! (w/ Jeff Jenkins from Chubby Diaries)

Have you ever had an important life goal that you keep putting off?Today I am joined by, digital nomad Jeff Jenkins, the founder of Chubby Diaries, to talk about why it's so important to live life now

travel gives you confidence
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272 Travel Gives You Confidence

Whether you're hitchhiking, making new friends or buying a train ticket in India, all of these things take confidence.We talk often on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast about the myriad ways travel helps

at travel to cyprus
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AT#798 - Travel to Cyprus

Hear about travel to Cyprus as the Amateur Traveler talks to Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll of about their active Cyprus itinerary.

how to make your wellness vacation actually relaxing
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How to Make Your Wellness Vacation Actually Relaxing

There is little worse than coming home from your vacation feeling like you need an entire additional vacation to destress from your trip. So whether it's prepping at work beforehand to make sure you (

measuring up
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Measuring Up

It’s easy to measure achievements based on what other people are doing. But how do you know what you should really expect from yourself? This episode takes us from a mountain in Arkansas to an attempt

how to get yourself moving after winter hibernation
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How to Get Yourself Moving After a Winter of Hibernation

If you're anything like us, this past winter has been a season of hunkering down and staying mostly inside—even if it was inside a bar, restaurant, or museum. But if the weather (and our seasonal alle

six years thoughtful travel podcast
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271 Six Years of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Can you believe this - because I almost can't - that The Thoughtful Travel Podcast turned six years old recently?! Unfortunately, my household were all suffering with Covid on its actual birthday, but

beauty around world w yari coello
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Beauty Around The World w/ Yari Coello

When you hear the word “beauty” what is the first thing that comes to mind?Today I am joined by ex-pat and blogger, Yari Coello, to discuss why it's important to find beauty in unexpected ways, how to

new rules international travel
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The new rules of international travel

International travel is back, but everything has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic: how you plan your trips, what you pack, what you do at the airport, what you do at your destination, even how you

at travel to wellington new zealand
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AT#797 - Travel to Wellington, New Zealand

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time traveller or an absolute expert, all of us make mistakes on the road. And in fact, all of us make the same mistakes. Or at least the same sorts of mistakes. On3


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