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Unlock a Day Trip - Navigating Through, Episode 1

You don’t have to head out on a multi-day road trip to enjoy the benefits of time away: a can be just what you need to help you reset in your own backyard. Host Gale Straub heads out f

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Building Bonds with Family - Navigating Through, Episode 2

In more ways than one, our circles have tightened in the last year. And while for some family has been out of reach, for others, it's been a constant. In this episode we hear from a new mom, Aly Nickl

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Recharging with Purpose - Navigating Through, Episode 3

Running a nonprofit, doing advocacy work, challenging the dominant narratives of what it means to recreate outside - it all takes a lot of energy. This episode highlights filmmaker Faith Briggs and ph

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Getting Creative - Navigating Through, Episode 4

We love finding inspiration in the outdoors. Nothing gets us out of a creative rut like a change of scenery: it helps provide a new perspective, a fresh way of looking at the world. Amidst the stress

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How to Shop for Meaningful Souvenirs

As travel begins to open up for vaccinated Americans and we start making the trips we’ve been dreaming about a reality, Lale and I wanted to reshare an episode we recorded last July. Joined by the rec

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Saying “Yes” To Full Time Travel w/ Christina McEnvoy

Getting on the plane with a one-way ticket...wow this is real, this is real!!!”When Christina was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer she was told she had a 10% chance of survival.After conquering the disea

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5 Ways Travel Will Change Post-Pandemic

What do you think will be the changes we see in travel in a post-pandemic life? How do you see it affecting the way you travel?We have had quite some time to think about life post-pandemic but now tha

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234 Cultural Blunders

Much of the fun of travelling is about bumping up against other cultures and habits - and these days as thoughtful travellers, we usually try to be prepared for this and learn what we can before we ar

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The greatest adventure in travel

Have you ever dreamed of moving overseas? Have you fantasised about picking up your life and shifting it to a foreign country, immersing yourself long-term in a completely different world? These two t

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AT#750 - Travel to the Azores

Hear about travel to the Azores as the Amateur Traveler talks to Maria Lawton from Azorean Green Bean about these Portuguese islands that her family has called home for 500 years.

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The Right to Complain

In 2015, Australian journalist James Bennett moved to India, to take up a long-coveted role as a foreign correspondent. James was an outdoorsy type: he liked to cycle, surf, camp, and fish. So he knew

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Bonus episode: the NZ travel bubble

International travel is back! Following the announcement of the New Zealand travel bubble with Australia, this bonus episode examines what the bubble is, what it means, how it will work, and which cou

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Slowing Down for Wildflowers: Doris Lance

Doris Lance is an avid hiker and wildflower photographer who happens to be over the age of 75. She’s also the author of the book Botanical Reflections––a book to “Explore feelings, reduce anxiety, and

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JUMP 148: Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula: A MUST DO Remote Adventure

Join us as our guide Tess leads us through the uppermost part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, exploring endless outdoor activities, historical sites, mind-blowing geology and more - this is an adventur

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Top 20 Songs

What are your go-to jams? Who are your favorite artists that you can listen to over and over again? Are you a top hits listener or a whole album Heather & I will be diving into our top

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What Is “Happiness”? Discovering Meaning On The Silk Road w/ Will Rickard

What is your current relationship with 'happiness'? How does travel affect your happiness and why? What roles do contentment, purpose, & gratitude play in your daily may feel like th


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