Give & Take: Katie Boué

Katie Boué, part-time road traveler and full-time public lands advocate, has a lot to say about the give and take we engage in as travelers: both in the outdoors as well as in local communities. Becau


Rediscovering A Life Of Adventure With Alastair Humphreys

Today Alastair Humphreys stops by to discuss how he was able to rediscover a new life of adventure after 20 years of extreme adventuring. Hear about his personal struggles that he describes in his new


Teaching by Example: Low Waste Camper and Garden Ranger Cindy Villaseñor

Cindy Villaseñor is an Enrich LA Garden Ranger who strives to live a low waste lifestyle. She also loves camping, gardening outside of work, and eats vegan. Cindy didn’t grow up doing any of these thi

JUMP 115: Travel Photography and Patagonia with Osprey's Dan Holz Show notes at

JUMP 115: Travel Photography and Patagonia with Osprey's Dan Holz

Show notes at


Croatian Mishaps

Just because we consider ourselves travelers doesn't mean that we are immune to travel mishaps, both those in our control and those out of our control, and today's episode will cover our 8 mishaps dur


How Evita Robinson Created a Community for Travelers of Color

When Evita Robinson chatted with Traveler contributor, Diana Hubbell, earlier this year, she made one thing clear: The travel industry needs to work a lot harder when it comes to serving travelers of


140 - Being a Thoughtful Traveller in Denmark: Pre-Trip Thoughts

It's a special episode again - every ten episodes I do something different for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - and listener Justin suggested I record my thoughts about my trip to Denmark with my son a


Six travel experiences before you die

The experiences every traveller should do (at least once in their life).


AT#657 - Travel to Bath, England

Hear about travel to Bath, England as the Amateur Traveler talks to Karen Warren about her new hometown.


When Travel is Your Full-Time Job: Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller travels the world like it’s her job-- because it is. For the past 5 years, she’s been building her business as a marketing consultant and influencer, traveling solo to wherever the glitc


That's Just Not Me

Growing up, Adrienne Lindholm was dead set against having children. She didn’t like kids, and she felt that parenthood would force her to give up the things she loved most in life. But as time went on


The Curvy Kili Crew

For International Women's Day, 20 plus-size women hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. Each had a different reason and background, but they came together to take up space on the highest mountain in Africa. One go


Hitting The Road w/ Marc & Julie of RVLove.com

Do you have an insatiable desire to hit the road in an RV full time? Do you want the opportunity to go on the great American road trip without the need for costly hotels or scary motels? Joining me t


How To Hike The PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)

Today Joe Ferrara from Tri For Travel returns to talk long-distance hiking. You'll learn how to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and get wisdom from the trail. Get the #1 planning tool, learn how mu


Packing Tips from a Maximalist and Minimalist

We have a lot of arguments in the Traveler office about packing: roll vs. fold, carry-on vs. checked, hard shell vs. soft... The list goes on. This week—to add more fuel to the fire—we brought in two


139 - Culture Shock When You Come Home

We're used to expecting culture shock when we travel to a different country but what about when we return home? Sometimes it's a worse shock than when we travel, and we're not always prepared for it.


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