cautionary tales sydney opera house
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553- Cautionary Tales of the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic and distinctive buildings in the world. It took a relative newcomer and architectural outsider to dream it up, but the saga of making this world herita

blood in machine
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552- Blood in the Machine

Brian Merchant is a tech reporter, and he'd been covering the industry for years when he started to notice a term that kept coming up. When he wrote a story that was critical of tech, he'd be accused

whomst among us let dogs out again
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389- Whomst Among Us Let the Dogs Out AGAIN

All kinds of songs get stuck in your head. Famous pop tunes from when you were a kid, album cuts you've listened to over and over again. And then there's a category of memorable songs—the ones that we

office space
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551- Office Space

In most big cities, there’s a housing crisis. And empty office buildings are creating a different crisis known to urbanists as a doom loop.’ Converting an office into housing can solve both of these c

design an international perspective bas govers senior urban mobility co
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Design: An International Perspective – Bas Govers, Senior Urban Mobility Co

Bas Govers, Senior Urban Mobility Consultant, Goudappel, The Netherlands, joins the podcast to share insights on creating sustainably safe and comfortable spaces that promote mobility.

melanie speaks
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550- Melanie Speaks

The story of a voice training VHS tape that helped trans women at a time when other resources were hard to access.The way a person's voice changes over time feels like a simple, and overlooked act of

usa in focus
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USA in focus

We cast our eyes across to the US to review some recent urbanism stories that have caught our attention.See for privacy information.

trail mix track two
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549- Trail Mix: Track Two

Welcome to our second episode of short stories all about what may be the original designed object: the trail. If you haven’t heard the first episode yet you should totally go back and listen. It’s a l

tall stories auroville tamil nadu
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Tall Stories 370: Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Tomás Pinheiro takes us to Auroville, an experimental township mostly in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, to see what lessons we can learn from this “laboratory for humanity”.See

on campus arts districts urban biomimicry
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On-campus arts districts and urban biomimicry

We investigate a new trend at universities in the US as they begin to devote parts of their campuses to arts and culture. We also find out what city planners can learn from nature as we speak to an ex

trail mix
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548- Trail Mix

We deconstruct and examine what might be the original designed object-- the humble trail. We discuss how park trails are designed, what makes a good trail, and...what even is a trail anyway?Trail Mix

tall stories gettysburg pennsylvania
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Tall Stories 369: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Chris Cermak explores the role of Gettysburg – the site of the American Civil War’s most famous battle – in addressing the country’s modern-day divisions.See for privacy inform

health heat resilience
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Health and heat resilience

We explore how the design of healthcare facilities can have an impact on public wellbeing and we speak to Asia’s first chief heat officer about how building better heat resilience is essential in our

cooking gas
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547- Cooking with Gas

Back in January, Bloomberg News published a story quoting an obscure government official named Richard Trumka Jr. He works with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which regulates stuff like furni

tall stories udaan park udaipur
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Tall Stories 368: Udaan Park, Udaipur

Ananya Singhal of Studio Saar takes us on a tour of his firm’s recently completed lakeside pocket park in the Indian city of Udaipur.See for privacy information.

biodiversity in city
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Biodiversity in the city

How important are flora and fauna to a flourishing city? We investigate the merits of encouraging an urban insect population, the benefits of wildlife sanctuaries in city limits and we visit a turtle

country blind
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546- The Country of the Blind

Andrew Leland grew up with full vision, but starting in his teenage years, his sight began to degrade from the outside in, such that he now sees the world as if through a narrow tube. Soon—but without

tall stories baumgarten an der march
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Tall Stories 367: Baumgarten an der March

Alexei Korolyov visits the town where western Europe’s dependency on Russian energy began to see how the attempt to cut ties with Moscow is affecting the village.See for privac

citizen versus developer no its citizen as developer
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Citizen Versus Developer? No! It’s Citizen As Developer.

Recently, an article came out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, reflecting on some development conversations happening within the city, inspired by Strong Towns presentations. When Chuck Marohn read the artic

urban neighbours mid sized cities
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Urban neighbours and mid-sized cities

We find out what major urban centres can learn from their smaller siblings. Plus, why two neighbouring cities have never merged despite their close vicinity.See for privacy inf

shade redux
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545- Shade Redux

This past May, the city of Los Angeles rolled out a brand new, state-of-the art feature for bus shelters. It’s called La Sombrita. La Sombrita is a metal screen that’s intended to provide shade for th

tall stories siam square bangkok
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Tall Stories 366: Siam Square, Bangkok

James Chambers takes us to Bangkok’s Siam Square to see why pedestrians are making good use of this refreshed piece of public realm in the Thai capital.See for privacy informat

summer book club part
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Summer book club, part 2

It’s part two of our summer meeting of The Urbanist book club, in which we examine how cities could be the solution to society’s biggest challenges. Plus, we discuss the changing face of retail throug

four communities are becoming examples change
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Four Communities Are Becoming Examples of Change

Change is not always easy, and without examples, it can be difficult to reimagine how we do things. That’s just one of the reasons Strong Towns decided to launch the Community Action Lab: a carefully

chick tracts
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544- Chick Tracts

In the 1980s, the little Christian comic books known as Chick Tracts were EVERYWHERE. You’d find them in movie theaters and bus station bathrooms, on subways, and all over shopping malls. People would

tall stories le provenal hotel pool giens peninsula
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Tall Stories 365: Le Provençal Hotel Pool, Giens Peninsula

Jessica Bridger investigates an audacious swimming pool in the south of France that has an interesting tale to tell.See for privacy information.

summer book club part
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Summer book club, part 1

We call our summer meeting of The Urbanist book club with two titles that tell stories of American urbanisation, from the suburban boom and Asian immigration to the creation of Chicago’s iconic skylin

antoni gaud la sagrada familia
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106 — Antoni Gaudí 7 — La Sagrada Familia

In the final episode of our Antoni Gaudí series, we discussed his magnum opus, one of the most famous buildings in the world: La Sagrada Familia. However, as is always the case, not everything is as i

in proximity ryan coogler roman mars
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543- In Proximity: Ryan Coogler and Roman Mars

In Proximity is a podcast from Proximity Media about craft, career, and founder Ryan Coogler talks all about podcasts with Roman Mars, host and creator of 99% Invisible, a sound-r

royal portuguese cabinet reading rio de janeiro
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The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, Rio de Janeiro

Mariella Bevan browses a historic library that is helping to preserve the written heritage of the Portuguese language in Brazil.See for privacy information.

creating indias first multi modal public transport app monalisha thakur
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Creating India’s First Multi-Modal Public Transport App, with Monalisha Thakur

Hi friends! In this episode I have a fascinating conversation with Monalisha Thakur, the co-founder and CMO at Tummoc. Tummoc is India’s first multi-modal transport app that provides a

sound spaces
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Sound spaces

All kinds of songs get stuck in your head. Famous pop tunes from when you were a kid, album cuts you've listened to over and over again. And then there's a category of memorable songs—the ones that we3


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