octagon house
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498- The Octagon House

99% Invisible producer emeritus Avery Trufelman traveled from New York to San Francisco recently, and took host Roman Mars to see an unusually shaped old building on the west side of the Bay. As it tu

andrea palladio venetian churches
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96 — Andrea Palladio 6 — Venetian Churches

In the final episode of our series on Palladio we discussed four of his great church designs: The facade of San Francesco della Vigna The monastery church of San Giorgio Maggiore Il Redentore Tempiett

tall stories varanasis ghats
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Tall Stories 314: Varanasi's ghats

Geetanjali Krishna takes us to the narrow lanes leading to the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi to investigate how best they can hold on to their heritage.See for privacy inform

harness creativity power shared mobility sandra phillips
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Harness Creativity and the Power of Shared Mobility, with Sandra Phillips

Hi friends! In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast I have another fascinating chat with Sandra Phillips. Sandra is a Shared Mobility Architect and Principal of Movmi, an award-

festivals cities
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Festivals and cities

Not only do festivals bring culture and fun to urban areas but they can also be the driving force behind regeneration – or even grow to define a city. See for privacy informati

where to next for smart cities communities part
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Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 27

Hi I’m back with another bonus episode of the Smart Community Podcast sharing various guests answers to the question, Where to next with Smart Cities and Communities?” And this

hometown village
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497- Hometown Village

Sakhalin is a long, skinny island east of Russia's mainland. Russia and Japan have long fought over the territory, which has left the ethnic Koreans who came to work on the island starting in the earl

rob mcinerney international road assessment program improving global roadway safety with
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Rob McInerney, International Road Assessment Program – Improving Global Roadway Safety with

Rob McInerney, CEO of the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP), joins the ITE Talks Transportation podcast to talk about global roadway safety through the Safe System Approach, Vision Zero, an

tall stories postmans park london
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Tall Stories 313: Postman’s Park, London

David Stevens stops off in one of London’s lesser-known public parks to visit an unassuming memorial with countless stories to tell.See for privacy information.

moving beyond pilot embedding smart communities laura baker nathaniel mason
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Moving Beyond the Pilot - Embedding Smart Communities, with: Laura Baker, Nathaniel Mason,

Hi friends! In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast we are so excited to bring you our very first podcast panel, which was recorded live at the beginning of June 2022. We were j

seeing cities from sky
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Seeing cities from the sky

What can we learn from observing our cities from above? This week we take to the skies, as we talk to veteran British Airways long-haul pilot Mark Vanhoenacker about his new book, Imagine a City’.See

rights rice future nature
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496- The Rights of Rice and Future of Nature

The Ojibwe name for wild rice is Manoomin, which translates to “the good berry.” The scientific name is Zizania palustris. It’s the only grain indigenous to North America, and while it might be called

tall stories restad copenhagen
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Tall Stories 312: Ørestad, Copenhagen

Christian Green visits a new town development in Copenhagen that is struggling to develop a personality of its own and a sense of place for its residents.See for privacy inform

majora carter reclaiming your community
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Majora Carter: Reclaiming Your Community

Success: however you define it, it’s what many of us strive for. Whether it’s success in one’s career, school, family life, or other dreams, no one wants to experience a perceived failure in life.In t

using artificial intelligence to create thriving communities dr mariela alfonzo
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Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Thriving Communities, with Dr. Mariela Alfonzo

Hi friends! In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast I have a very interesting conversation with Dr. Mariela Alfonzo. Mariela is the Founder and CEO of State of Place, an AI-driv

andrea palladio quattro libri
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95 — Andrea Palladio 5 — Quattro Libri

Andrea Palladio's Quattro Libri is one of the most influential and important architectural books ever published. We discuss the four books of architecture, covering everything from masonry constructio

monocle quality life survey
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The Monocle Quality of Life Survey

We explore Monocle magazine’s annual Quality of Life Survey to find out what makes the winning cities tick. See for privacy information.

meet us by fountain
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495- Meet Us by the Fountain

No teenager in America in the 1980s could avoid the gravitational pull of the mall, not even author Alexandra Lange. In her new book, Meet Me by the Fountain, Lange writes about how malls were concept

tall stories mail rail london
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Tall Stories 311: Mail Rail, London

Sophie takes a ride on the Mail Rail, which delivered letters beneath the feet of Londoners until the early 2000s.See for privacy information.

nolan gray exposing arbitrariness zoning codes
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Nolan Gray: Exposing the Arbitrariness of Zoning Codes

Professional city planner and longtime Strong Towns contributor Nolan Gray comes to The Strong Towns Podcast today to talk about his new book, Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and H

a cumberland approach to smart places agenda chris manoski
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A Cumberland Approach to the Smart Places Agenda, with Chris Manoski

Hi friends! In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast I have a great conversation with Chris Manoski. Chris is the Senior Coordinator for Place and Engagement at Cumberland City C

end parking mandates subsidies that are hurting our cities
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End the Parking Mandates and Subsidies That Are Hurting Our Cities

Building community wealth is difficult. There’s a lot of hard work involved, there are tough calls, there is risk. In even the best of circumstances, there’s always a chance your investment (in dollar

monocle quality life conference
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The Monocle Quality of Life Conference 2022

We bring you exclusive interviews and highlights from the latest edition of Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference, which took place this year in Paris.See for privacy informatio

legalizing incremental meet americas housing needs
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Legalizing Incremental Meet America’s Housing Needs

A house is many things. It is shelter, a place to live. It is an investment, a store of wealth. It can be a repository of memories and it can be a dream for the future. “The American Dream,” as a home

your citys accounting is unnecessarily obscure its time to pull back veil
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Your City’s Accounting Is Unnecessarily Obscure. It’s Time To Pull Back the Veil.

Who do we prepare local budgets for, the citizens of a community or distant Wall Street bond investors? Is it more important that an elected council member know what is going on with a city’s finances

flag days unfolding moment
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494- Flag Days: Unfolding a Moment

Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. At least, that's what we were taught in school. But when historians go no proof to be found. In this collaboration with the podcast Sidedoor

america must end highway expansions before its too late
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America *Must* End Highway Expansions, Before It’s Too Late

When we build a highway, we know we have to maintain it. The same applies to a bridge. Every highway or bridge that has ever been built comes with a predictable and easily calculable schedule for main

tall stories xochimilcos chinampas mexico city
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Tall Stories 310: Xochimilco’s Chinampas, Mexico City

Mary Holland paddles between Xochimilco’s Chinampas to explore this centuries old agricultural technique that is helping to feed the city.See for privacy information.

safe productive streets
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Safe and Productive Streets

A street is not merely a place for cars. In fact, the primary purpose of a street has nothing to do with motor vehicles at all. A street is, and always has been, a platform for growing community wealt

giving people tools resources to create change calum cameron
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Giving People the Tools and Resources to Create Change, with Calum Cameron

Hi friends! In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast I have another great conversation with Calum Cameron. Based in Estonia for the last 15 years, Calum is the CEO of Digital Pat

spotlight paris
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Spotlight: Paris

This week we hone in on the French capital and what makes it tick. We meet the team at PCA-Stream architects working on the revamp of the discover the Promeneurs de la Petite Ceinture

where to next for smart cities communities part
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Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 26

Geetanjali Krishna takes us to the narrow lanes leading to the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi to investigate how best they can hold on to their heritage.See for privacy inform3


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