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Episode 189

Guest: Shannan 1: Blair Athol 12yr (DS 2: Bothan Bourbon

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Episode 188

Guests: Sam Landman and Derek Lee 1: Glenmorangie Malaga Cask 12yrExpression 2: Wemyss A Matter of Smoke 15yr

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Episode 187

Guests: Sam Landman and Derek Lee 1: Nantou OmarExpression 2: Kaiyo The Peated 2nd Edition Mizunara Oak

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Episode 186

Guests: Angela Fox and Michael 1: Glenmorangie A Tale of the 2: Laphroaig Cairdeas 2020 Port and Wine Casks

a new golden age for scotch whisky
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A New Golden Age for Scotch Whisky?

The Scotch Whisky industry is roaring along, setting new records for sales every year as the global demand for whisky continues to grow. The last golden age for Scotch Whisky is generally considered

hunter trump juneteenth rogan rfk jr titan
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Hunter, Trump, Juneteenth, Rogan, RFK Jr and Titan

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss Hunter Biden's guilty plea, Trump's growing legal problems, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley's Juneteenth Tweets, Justice Alito's receipt of gifts

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Episode 185

Guests: Angela Fox and Michael BloomTheme: MN Single 1: Brother Justus 2: Dampfwerk Batch 1

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Episode 184

Guest: 1: Tomatin Pedro Ximenez 12yrExpression 2: Ballechin Manzanilla 11yr

changing guard at seattles westland distillery
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Changing of the Guard at Seattle's Westland Distillery

Westland Distillery co-founder Matt Hofmann is leaving the Seattle distillery at the end of the month to pursue new adventures. With no specific plans for the future, Matt and his successor as product

trump indictment biden fox minneapolis juneteenth ja
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Trump Indictment, Biden, Fox, Minneapolis, Juneteenth and Ja

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the Federal Indictment of Donald Trump and the media/public reaction. We also discuss the DOJ report on the Minneapolis Police Department

big changes for wyoming whiskey
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Big Changes for Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey marked its 10th anniversary last December, and this April, Edrington took majority ownership of the Cowboy State's first distillery. That ended the run of David DeFazio as Wyoming Whis

trump indictment biden bribery taiwan liv golf pat robertson
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Trump Indictment, Biden Bribery, Taiwan, LIV golf and Pat Robertson

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the pending indictment of Former President Trump and the ancillary events surrounding the indictment. We also discuss bribery allegations

old pulteney shutting down for weeks to protect water supply
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Old Pulteney Shutting Down for 8 Weeks to Protect Water Supply

With some parts of Scotland facing another long, dry summer, distilleries are making plans to cope with expected water shortages from the lochs and rivers that provide essential water for distilling.

debt ceiling trump desantis tom hanks tulsa
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Debt Ceiling, Trump, DeSantis, Tom Hanks and Tulsa

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio after some time off. Topics include the Debt Ceiling, Trump vs DeSantis, Target Boycott, lack of Democratic challengers for Biden, Tom Hanks discusse

another new distillery for campbeltown
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Another New Distillery for Campbeltown

At one time, Campbeltown was Scotland's whisky capital with more than 35 distilleries. That number dwindled to just three over the years, but now, planning approval is being sought for up to three new

celebrating world whisky day
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Celebrating World Whisky Day

Whisky lovers around the world celebrated World Whisky Day Saturday. The holiday was created a dozen years ago by whisky writer and consultant Blair Bowman, and we'll check in with him on this week's

a new era for blended american whisky
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A New Era for Blended American Whisky

Blended American Whisky has been ignored by connoisseurs for many years, largely because the category has been dominated by cheap blends using grain neutral spirits. Now, there's a new era for Blended

trump townhall title nyc aoc gaetz huggins
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Trump Townhall, Title 42, NYC, AOC, Gaetz and Huggins

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the Trump Townhall on CNN, the expiration of Title 42, Immigration, George Santos charged, AOC and Matt Gaetz working together and Bob H

bourbon capital world hits brakes on new projects
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Bourbon Capital of the World Hits the Brakes on New Projects

Bourbon's construction boom in Central Kentucky is raising concerns in Nelson County, home to Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World. County officials have reached a compromise with whiskey mak

a scottish rye rye not
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A Scottish Rye? Rye Not!

Rye hasn't been widely used by Scotch whisky distillers for decades, but Inchdairnie Distillery is doing something different for its first release: A Scottish single grain distilled from 53% malted ry

biden announces trump tucker mtg rip harry belafonte
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Biden Announces, Trump, Tucker, MTG and RIP Harry Belafonte

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss Biden announcing his plans to run in 2024; Trump and DeSantis; Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon's firings; Marjorie Taylor Greene; Steven Crow

experiments in whisky
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Experiments in Whisky

Dr. Bill Lumsden has been experimenting at both Ardbeg and Glenmorangie distilleries. His latest Ardbeg release, Heavy Vapours, involved taking part of the distilling system out of the picture just be

dominion fox oklahoma guns trans society
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Dominion, Fox, Oklahoma, Guns and Trans-Society

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the Fox News lawsuit settlement with Dominion. We also discussed recent shootings in Kansas City, TX, NY and NC, an ugly Oklahoma leaked r

thanks thousand
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Thanks a Thousand

We're celebrating a major milestone this week with the 1000th episode of WhiskyCast! To mark the occasion, Mark went back through the archives to pick some memorable moments and interviews from the pa

cohen trump tn thomas snyder
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Cohen, Trump, TN, Thomas and Snyder

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the Trump lawsuit against Michael Cohen, Tennessee removes black Clarence Thomas's relationship with Harlan Crow and Dani

ultimate whisky glass
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The Ultimate Whisky Glass

Many have tried, but the Glencairn whisky glass remains the preferred choice of whisky blenders and savvy whisky lovers. There's more to Glencairn Crystal than just its iconic glass, though, and we'll

worlds largest whisky club
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The World's Largest Whisky Club

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is marking its 40th anniversary in 2023, and we'll talk with founder Pip Hills on this week's WhiskyCast In-Depth. The 82-year-old Hills started the Society as a cask-sh

waco trump indicted mtg atf lamar
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Waco, Trump Indicted, MTG, ATF and Lamar

Steve and Jim are back together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss Trump's rally in Waco, TX. We also discuss Trump's indictment; MTG being attacked by a whistler; a mysterious death in Russia; an inc

ask distiller
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Ask the Distiller

There's very little Dennis Malcolm hasn't seen in his 62 years of making whisky, and the longtime Glen Grant distillery manager joins us on this week's WhiskyCast In-Depth to answer some of your whisk

whisky lost found
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Whisky Lost and Found

1983 was a very bad year to be in the Scotch Whisky business. Sales had dried up in the face of changing consumer tastes and economic woes, and the industry was sitting on a whisky loch of millions

trump pence tiny d russia ai oscars
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Trump, Pence, Tiny D, Russia, AI and Oscars

John Armstrong joins Jim in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the potential arrest of Donald Trump in NY. Mike Pence speaks out. President Biden authorizes Arctic oil drilling. Ron DeSantis is labeled


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