On the Road at the 2020 Victoria Whisky Festival

This week, we're in Victoria, British Columbia for one of the world's best whisky festivals, the 15th annual Victoria Whisky Festival! This year's event also included the 10th anniversary of the Canad


Parnas, Debate, Virginia Gun Laws and Russia

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the impeachment process, the Lev Parnas interviews, the Democratic Debate and proposed gun laws in Virginia. We also discuss the shakeup i


144: The Future of Drinking—On Mars, the Moon, and in Fictional Sci-fi Bars.

Chris Carberry is CEO and co-founder of Explore Mars, Inc. and the author of Alcohol in Space: Past, Present, and Future. We talk about how alcohol has shaped human civilization, and how it might shap


Episode 166

Erin and Joe return to sample Glenglassugh Torfa and Angels' Nectar 5yr Islay Edition.


Climate Change's Impact on Whisky & Farmers

Over the course of this year, we'll be looking at the many ways climate change could affect whisky makers - and whisky lovers. Since whisky always starts with the grain, that's where we'll start - and


Iran, Epstein, CNN, Impeachment and Rooney Rule

Steve and Jim have a spirited and sometimes heated discussion about the politics around the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, the NFL's Rooney Rule and the status of the impeachment process


A Whisky Still Knows No Gender

The last decade was one of progress for women in the whisky industry, with more women than ever working as distillers and blenders. The real change is that women distillers are rarely viewed as a nove


Farewell 2019, Nazi's and Saudi's Oh My

Steve and Jim are together in Studio with Jim drinking his victory whiskey (Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea) while we discuss the shooting in White Settlement, TX as well as the West Virginia Cadets mak


Episode 165

Local improvisers and entertainers Erin Sheppard and Joe Bozic join the full crew of hosts to sample The Macallan #4 and The Glenlivet Code.

Podcast: 2019 Kentucky Owl Rye Tasting and recap

Podcast: 2019 Kentucky Owl Rye Tasting and recap


The Godfather of Australian Whisky

There was no Australian Whisky industry to speak of in 1992 when Bill Lark persuaded the government to give him a license to distill whisky in Hobart, Tasmania. Today, Australian whiskies are found ar


Guilty Pleasure Movies...No Trump

Let's take a break from politics, Trump, talk about movies. In this case bad movies that we hate to admit that we love them. Steve and Jim talk about there guilty pleasures when it


143: 2019 End of Year Whisky Topic Special: The Battle of the Whisky Tasting Notes!

Cam Millar of Highland Park and Glenrothes joins Jamie and Mark on the podcast. In the spirit of the holidays, we have a competition. Mark reads out tasting notes, and Jamie and Cam battle out for whi


Finding a Home in the World of Whisky

Dhavall Gandhi could have been a highly sought after mergers and acquisitions expert, but he set that potentially lucrative career aside to pursue his passion for making whisky. After a stint at The M


Impeachment Update, Tulsi's Present and Watchmen

Steve and Jim discuss the latest impeachment developments. There is a little scrap over the Tulsi Gabbard Present vote. We also discuss President Trump's comments about the late Representative John


142: We celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Jack Daniels is involved.

Frank Sinatra would call Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey the “Nectar of the Gods.” We speak with JD’s official historian, Nelson Eddy, on how closely Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s are intertwined. N


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