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An Anniversary Year Late

Bourbons Bistro had everything ready to go for its 15th anniversary dinner in April...of 2020. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the Louisville landmark to cancel its plans, and there were times

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Chauvin, Hunter, BLM, NRA and DMX

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the latest in the trial of Derrick Chauvin. We also discuss the Hunter Biden pictures, Matt Gaetz, an incident involving police and a blac

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A Sustainable Future for Whisky Distilling

Distillers are always looking to the future. After all, many are laying down casks of whisky for future generations to bottle. Now, more distillers are looking ahead for a different reason...to make s

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Bonus Episode with Market Ben

Market Ben calls in to the market following recent economic and political

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Chauvin, Gaetz, Capitol Attack, GA and Satan Shoes

Steve and Jim discuss the Derek Chauvin trial, the drama surrounding Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, the attacks on the Capitol Building, TYT attacking Marjorie Taylor Green for her bad crossfit form,

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Live Whisky Events Are We Ready?

Virtually every major whisky event worldwide in the past year has been cancelled, postponed, or gone virtual because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, live events are returning in Florida, Texas, and Nev

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Guns, Biden, Suez, the Bible and Naked Romanians

Steve and Jim are together again in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the recent mass shootings and the repeated calls for gun legislation. We also discuss President Biden's statements about gun control

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Is Whisky Art or Science? Roe & Co.'s Lora Hemy Says Yes

Distilling is one of the oldest chemical processes we know of, and many people have made great whiskies without formal training in chemistry. That doesn't necessarily make it an art, though...and Diag

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Biden, Putin, Tariffs, Scotch, Conspiracies and DeShaun Watson

Jim is joined by Ben from My Whiskey Den to discuss the impending US withdrawl from Afghanistan. We also discuss President Biden call Russian President Putin a killer and several other topics related

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A More Inclusive Whisky World? Not Quite Yet...

Women make up a growing percentage of whisky industry leaders, from distillers and blenders to spirits company executives. However, a new study from OurWhisky.com shows that women still have a long wa

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Royals, Arbery, Chauvin, Carlson and SCOTUS

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss the Meghan Markle interview with Oprah and the response from the British Royal Family. We also discuss the potential changes to the Georgi

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New Zealand's Whisky Boom

It's been a year since we took WhiskyCast to New Zealand for the first time to do the show from Whisky Galore's DramFest in Christchurch just before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down worldwide travel. S

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Cuomo, Jan 6th, Mar 4th, Syria, Biden and Dr. Seuss

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and the latest developments in the investigation into the Jan 6th insurrection. We also talk about Trump appointee Fed

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Silicon Valley's Single Malts

Silicon Valley is the technology center of the world, but Virag Saksena has made the switch from mashing together code to mashing barley. He's a former software engineer and Oracle executive who found

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CPAC, Golden Trump, Coke and LeBron

Steve and Jim are together to discuss CPAC and the Golden Trump Statue (some might call it an idol). We also discuss the vilification of anti-Trump republicans by their own party,; Coca Cola's trainin

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A Solution to Japan's Whisky Conundrum

Japan's whiskies have been getting more attention on the world stage. While some Japanese Whiskies are rightly winning awards in major competitions, others with the same label are often Scotch or Ca


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