Discover Nature: American Goldfinches

January 31 - February 6 Discover nature this week as you witness male American goldfinches molt into their bright breeding plumage. In nature, there are beauties and there are annoyances. Sometimes it


Discover Nature: Snowy Owls

January 24 - January 30 Discover nature this week as you watch for a lucky glimpse of snowy owls in this last full week of January. If food is scarce in the arctic, you just might see them. Known to b


Discover Nature: Bald Eagle Populations Peak in Missouri During Winter

January 17 - January 23 Discover Nature this week as the Bald Eagle population peaks near open water and big rivers throughout Missouri. Our state welcomes record numbers of bald eagles each winter an


Discover Nature: Look for Signs of Wildlife

January 10 - January 16 Discover nature this week as you explore the New Year with a winter hike through the woods. The morning after a new snow is the best time to look for tracks, but a good rain wi


Discover Nature: Watch for Red-Tailed Hawks

January 3 - January 9 Discover Nature this week as you watch for red-tailed hawks perched along highways, and consider what their presence says about other resident wildlife. Identifying the red-taile


Discover Nature: The Blue Jay is a Native Missouri Songbird

Found across the Eastern and Midwest portion of the United States, the blue jay is a native Missouri songbird. It's a wonderful bird to start with when learning bird especially for chi


Discover Nature and Evidence of Beavers in Your Area

December 20 - December 26 Discover nature this week and watch for evidence of beavers in your area. Measuring up to feet long and weighing up to 90 pounds, these animals are classified


Discover Nature: Learn to Identify Christmas Ferns in Missouri's Landscape

December 13 - December 19 Discover Nature this week as you learn to identify the Christmas fern in Missouri’s landscape. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, Christmas ferns will be m


Discover Nature: Who Hibernates ... and Who Doesn't?

December 6 - December 12 Discover Nature this week as Missouri’s wildlife den up or hibernate to avoid the cold. Winter is a challenge for wildlife and many species have various methods of surviving t


Discover Nature: Turkeys - A Conservation Success Story

Discover Nature this week and your Thanksgiving turkey. Chances are a turkey will land on your table this week -- a bird simmered in American tradition. The turkey was once so common in America and so


Discover Nature: Lichen - A Natural Mystery

Discover Nature this week and a natural mystery called lichen. United we stand, divided we fall. And so it is with lichens. A lichen is made up of two unrelated organisms: a fungus and an algae. If


Discover Nature: Bird Feeders Bring Enjoyment

November 15 - November 21 Discover nature this week by making something that will keep you discovering nature all winter long – a bird feeder. According to a Missouri Department of Conservation survey


Discover Nature: Watch For Frost Flowers During Early Autumn

Take an early morning hike in the late autumn air this week and Discover Nature in Missouri’s most fleeting flower - that isn’t really a flower at all. Frost flowers are delicate white blossoms that o


Discover Nature: Got Squirrels? Here's How You Can Keep Them Out Of Your Attic

This week we can Discover Nature through conflict management. Fox and Gray squirrels are among the most commonly observed Missouri animals. Because they populate as many towns and cities as they do fo


Discover Nature: Snow Geese Populations Peak in Missouri's Wetland Areas

October 25 - October 31 Discover Nature this week as Snow goose populations peak at Missouri’s wetland areas. Snow geese travel through Missouri during their migration from the subarctic and arctic tu


Discover Nature: Tupelo and Bald Cypress Add Their Colors to Missouri's Fall Landscape

October 18 - October 24 Discover Nature this week as bald cypress and tupelo gum trees add their colors to Missouri’s fall landscape. Both the bald cypress and the tupelo are romantic trees, often ass


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