Discover Nature: Listen for Birdsong at Daybreak

May 24 - May 30 Discover nature this week as bird song at daybreak is at its peak. The end of May is the perfect time to learn bird calls and song. The distinction between songs and calls is based upo


Discover Nature: Eastern Bluebirds

May 17 - May 23 Discover nature and put up a nesting box on your property for the eastern bluebird to use this week as it begins its second nesting season of the year. Missouri is a great state for bi


Discover Nature: Wild Strawberries

Discover nature this week and find some wild strawberry blooms. Wild strawberries will be in bloom from April to May and the berries can be collected beginning in May through June. This plant’s berrie


Discover Nature: Catfish

May 3 - May 9 Discover nature as a mentor this week and teach someone to fish. Male catfish will begin making nests around logs this week. Though many kinds of catfish occur throughout the world, ther


Discover Nature: Black Chokeberries

April 16 - April 22 Discover Nature this week as we learn about Missouri’s Black Chokeberry. Although this plant is listed as endangered in Missouri, if you go out to Holly Ridge Conservation Area in


Discover Nature: Ruby Throated Hummingbirds Arrive in Missouri

April 19 - April 24 Discover nature this week by putting out feeders for the Ruby-throated hummingbirds as they arrive in Missouri as part of their annual 500-mile migration. This hummingbird bridges


Discover Nature: American Toads Fill the Night Sky With Their Musical Trill

Step outside this week and discover nature in the call of the American toad. This most common toad in Missouri will start calling that sustained, high-pitched musical trill this week from area ponds a


Discover Nature: The Luna Moth is Driven by Pure Romance

Step outside this week and discover nature in a six-legged winged symbol of love. This week is the luna moth’s one-week life on the wing as he’s driven by pure romance. Not exclusive to Missouri, or e


Discover Nature: Redbuds Bloom Throughout Missouri

Step outside this week and discover nature as redbuds begin to bloom. The Eastern Redbud lends a quaint charm to the Missouri hillsides in early spring when the pink hues of the flowers are in sharp c


Discover Nature: Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies Grace Missouri Woodlands

Step outside this week and discover nature as zebra swallowtail butterflies emerge and grace our woodland areas. When searching for inspiration, many famous writers step outside to discover nature and


Discover Nature: River Otters Showcase Their Swimming Prowess

His streamlined body maneuvers through the barely moonlit water as he extends those sensitive cat-like whiskers from a silvery muzzle searching for a suitable midnight snack. He is a river otter, who


Almost Yesterday: Red-winged Blackbirds

Step outside this week and discover nature as male red-winged blackbirds arrive and claim their territories. This bird is thought to be the most abundant bird species in North America and nearly every


Discover Nature: Chorus Frogs Announce the Coming of Spring

March 1 - March 6 Discover nature this week as western chorus frogs alert us to the coming spring. Natural “antifreeze” in their blood keeps them from freezing as they overwinter in shallow burrows in


Discover Nature: Invest in Forests

Discover Nature this week as you discover the diverse value of our native trees. As strong as an oak. It's a saying that's spanned generations. Traditionally, we associate oaks and other trees with


Discover Nature: Turkey Vultures Are Valuable to the Ecosystem

February 14 - February 20 Discover Nature this week as turkey vultures begin arriving to our state. I remember seeing these big birds many times as a child and wondering at the size of them as they ci

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