mwa joel paul interview
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MWA405 - Joel Paul Interview

Joel Paul (aka, the "Punk Rock Shaker"or drops by on this episode of the MWA Podcast. This is a captivating discussion about green woodworking, David Fisher bowls, W

stl how we absorb woodworking information
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STL269: How we absorb woodworking information

Mike, Vic, and Ben discuss how they find information they need to learn a new technique and the impulse buys that they just can't walk away from. This episode is sponsored by the Society of American P

mwa amanda russells favorite techniques
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MWA404 - Amanda Russell's 5 Favorite Techniques

Amanda returns to share her 5 favorite Woodworking Techniques. There are some real gems on this episode. Including a couple of re-sawing techniques we're sure everyone will use. Check it out!

mwa amanda russell interview
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MWA403 - Amanda Russell Interview

We catch back up with Amanda Russell (aka, sawdustwoman) on this episode. It's a fascinating discussion about her journey as a professional woodworker, her latest and her "p

stl what flavor are your chisels
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STL268: What flavor are your chisels?

Mike, Barry, and Ben discuss working with thin stock, combination milling machines, chisel handles, and Barry and Ben get a little too close to being fired on air. This episode is sponsored by Woodcra

mwa crew show
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MWA402 - Crew Show

On this episode we explore the Furniture Record Project that Mark is developing. This is an outstanding and innovative initiative for documenting your WWing projects. Check it out!

shannon talks lot
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529 – Shannon Talks a Lot

Using dye on Walnut, card scraping a cutting board, and Making boards longer.

mwa megan fitzpatrick interview
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MWA401 - Megan Fitzpatrick Interview

The one & only Megan Fitzpatrick joins us on this episode. We delve into her new job as Editor for Lost Art Press (and its open ended job description), the classes she teaches, her home restoratio

stl router queen
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STL267: The router queen

Larissa Huff wows Vic and Ben with her harrowing tales of freehand letter routing and many other woodworking feats. This episode is sponsored by Shaper and Pony/Jorgensen 0:00 - Intro 15:23 - Differen

mwa josh pinkston answers questions
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MWA400 - Josh Pinkston answers the 5 Questions

On this 400th episode of the MWA Podcast, Josh Pinkston returns to answer the 5 Questions. We find out about his 4 favorite tools, and how cartoons ruined Roy Underhill. Check it out!

final shop
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528 – The Final Shop

What we look for in an ideal shop space, diamond saw files, dealing with a wife that oversteps her bounds, and owning multiple sets of tools.

mwa josh pinkston interview
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MWA399 - Josh Pinkston Interview

On this episode, Josh Pinkston joins us to discuss his passion for hand tool woodworking, Mackintosh side tables, and tulip carving. We also get learn a little bit about his day job as a Professor of

stl pro day hiller farrington
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STL266: Pro day with Hiller and Farrington!

Links from this episode can be found here Sign up for the Fine Woodworking weekly eLetter Sign up for a Fine Woodworking Unlimited membership -finewoo

mwa sean wood answers questions
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MWA398 - Sean Wood answers the 5 Questions

Sean Wood of MorningWorks Studio returns to answer the 5 Questions. His 4 favorite tools and architectural influences are worth the listen alone. Check it out!

shaving round bottoms
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527 – Shaving Round Bottoms

Refining curves with a spokeshave, dining table design conundrum, and Random Orbital Sander Speeds

mwa sean wood interview
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MWA372 - Sean Wood Interview

Sean Wood of MorningWorks Studio joins on this episode. It's a fascinating discussion with one of the premier contemporary seating designers and furniture makers. We delve into in his beginnings

stl ca glue is new hide glue
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STL265: CA glue is the new hide glue

This episode is sponsored by Triton Tools 0:00 - Intro 7:25 - Segment potpurri 12:40 - Shop flooring 20:17 - The carriage maker's plane 22:41 - Workbench height 34:08 - Milling lumber in advance 48:23

mwa david douyard interview
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MWA396 - David Douyard Interview

David, a great friend of the podcast, joins us again to talk about all he's been up too. From his spectacular recovery from major surgery just a few months ago, to his new designs, and outstandin

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526 – Missouricans

Getting old sucks, changes for Marc, skewed plane blades, and are cantilevered drum sanders worth it?

mwa evan court answers questions
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MWA395 - Evan Court answers the 5 Questions

Evan returns to answers the 5 Questions. Find out about his favorite plane, his attention to detail, and how he got his start in the craft. Check it out!

stl this doctor prescribes japanese tools
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STL264: This doctor prescribes Japanese tools

Wilbur Pan wears many hats. It's just that sometimes those hats are a white coat, or a community organizing pin, or a shop apron. A full-on M.D., Ph.D, Wilbur's spent over 20 years in oncology, includ

mwa evan court interview
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MWA394 - Evan Court Interview

The outstanding designer and professional woodworker Evan Court joins us on this episode. We talk about his background at NBSS, his fabulous projects, his recent move to Dallas, and his love of PBR. I

not sponsored by russian mafia
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525 – Not Sponsored by the Russian Mafia

Russian Birch plywood, putting a project on pause, and what’s the difference between quilting and curl?

mwa josh nava answers questions
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MWA393 - Josh Nava answers the 5 Questions

Josh Nava returns to answer the 5 Questions. From Roy Underhill to an obsession with calipers, this episode further explores Josh's foundation in the craft. Check it out!

stl new fww shop
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STL263: The new FWW Shop

Thanks to our shop launch partner Grizzly Industrial for sponsoring this episode. This episode was also sponsored by Pony/Jorgensen For more information on our newest online course:

qa bonus show
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524 – Q&A Bonus Show

Just because we love you all so much it's time for a rapid fire question and answer edition of WoodTalk.

mwa josh nava interview
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MWA392 - Josh Nava Interview

Josh Nava joins this week to discuss the 1001 things he is up to. This is a great conversation with a true learner and educator in the craft. We touch on his recovery, but more importantly delve into

unanimous poo pooing
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523 – Unanimous Poo Pooing

Unsolicited advice, plywood vs solid wood, and milling boards in real time, and sanding to high grits.

mwa brian obst answers questions
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MWA391 - Brian Obst answers the 5 Questions

Brian Obst returns to answer the 5 Questions. From his tool chest to a certain gracious chairmaker, Brian's ongoing woodworking journey is fascinating. Check it out!

stl old tool trinity
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STL262: The old tool trinity

Sponsored by the Northwest Woodworking Studio's Online Mastery Program: Bill Pavlak's blog: 0:00 - Intro 1:18 - Random


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