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116 - Dave Meltzer's AEW Heel Turn, Memories of JBL & RVD, Bruce Zimmermann and Butt Rock

The Boys are at 116! The Boys go in: Wrestlemania 2021 Picks, Rock of the 1990s, Workout Music, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and 2021, Tom is an Inspiration, JBL Favorite Moments, NWO, Trojan, AEW w

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115 - Vaccine/Mask Talk, Lil Nas X, NXT Stand and Deliver Picks and Sam is a Lion

The Boys are at 115! The Boys go in: Where is Keith Lee?, Trump and Covid, Anonymous vs Unanimous, New York Giants, Poolhall Junkies, Kevin Nash, Big Daddy V, Gold Bond Lotion read, Reel Big Fish, It'

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114 - WWE Fastlane Review, Five Knuckle Shuffle, The Pretentious Deaf and Lil Jon Hits

The Boys are at 114! The Boys go in: American Sign Language, phallic objects, Pole Vault girls are bout it, Lil Jon. Tom broke his leg, Tom had a date with Brit Baker, burnt Fiend, AEW fans are sensit

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113 - Thunder Rosa/Britt Baker Lights Out Match, The Spectrum of Wrestling, Chefs and Devia

The Boys are at 112! The Boys go in: John Olerud, Ed Kranepool, New York Mets, New York Yankees Core Four (Andy Petitte, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariana Rivera), Superbad, Pat Tillman, Kingfish Ame

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112 - AEW Revolution Review, Uhaa Nation, Megara and '2 Cages, 3 Pages, a Partridge and a P

The Boys are at 112! The Boys go in: AEW Revolution Deep Dive, Pyro and Explosions, Buffet Style Wrestling, Sonic the Hedgehog Brass Ring Ladder Match, It's...It's Christian Debuts, The Inner Circle T

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111 - AEW Revolution Picks, Sam's Midcard Match with Covid, Ricky Likes Poetry and Tom's an

The Boys are at 111! The Boys go in: Traditionally Marginalized, Tom watches ContraPoints, King of Wishful Thinking by Go West, Ricky watches Sharknado 6, Tom's Ad Read, RuPaul's DragRace, Soft White

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110 - Potato Head, Cousin Skeeter, AEW Revolution, Chris D'elia and Black History Month is

The Boys are at 110! The Boys go in: The Miz is WWE champion, Undisputed Era is Nomore, Hey Arnold, Toy Story, Rugrats, Robert Ri'chard, Wild Thornberries, The Brothers Garcia, Mud Mopz Ad Read, Edwar

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109 - Atticus Finch, Idi Amin, AEW Vengeance Day and Sam Hates Banzai Trees & Pasta Salad

The Boys are at 109! The Boys go in: Sammy Guevara in Impact Wrestling, AEW is a vanity promotion, Lacey Evans is pregnant, Ricky is champ, Ash Wednesday, Tom is a 2 legged cheetah, Rick is a war pig,

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108 - Elilingus, Joey Lauren Adams, Bad Bunny, Daytona 500 Picks, and Bruce Springsteen

The Boys are at 108! The Boys go in: Bad Company, Paralympics Commercial, Super Bowl, Woke Culture, Baltimore Breweries, Gina Carrano, NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day, Elimination Chambers, Yacht Rock, Ri

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107 - A Tour of Salisbury, Friends For You, Royal Rumble Review and Arby's Meat Mountain The Boys are at 107! The Boys go in: Super Bowl picks, Romeo's Pizza, Greek Life, Cold Spaghettios
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107 - A Tour of Salisbury, Friends For You, Royal Rumble Review and Arby's Meat Mountain

The Boys are at 107! The Boys go in: Super Bowl picks, Romeo's Pizza, Greek Life, Cold Spaghettios

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106 - Royal Rumble Picks, H.P Lovecraft, Divas Undressed and Ricky was in the Zapruder Film

The Boys are at 106! The Boys go in: Tom is the sanctuary in the stormy sea, Ricky is the King of the ink and quill, Exit 69 to the blast zone, coffee orders, Deviant creep Chad Wheeler, Royal Rumble

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105 - Tommy Big Match, Undertaker on JRE, Biden's Inauguration and The Weird Parts of Canad

The Boys are at 105! The Boys go in: Taker on JRE, Sam hates Standup, Sam the Nihilist, Ricky is a Jesus Freak, Jesus vs Beelzebub in a Ladder Match at Starrcade on B.C. 2, Pod Save America, Tom the I

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104 - Urban Meyer is All Elite, Hungry Man Dinners Ranked and Ricky is a Deviant, Coffee-St

The Boys are at 104! The Boys go in: Tom is a Cliffnotes Guy, Knobbing Off, Substantial, Tom Accepts the moniker of role model, Sam is a Royal Rumble Guy, Jesse Ventura Drew 80,000 in Philadelphia, Ur

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103 - The Eagles Tanked, Wrestle Kingdom 15, Sukihana, Infinite Jest and D.C Capitol Chaos

The Boys are at 103! The Boys go in: Sam in the Viking Helmet, Ricky Caused the Capitol Chaos, Eagles vs Giants, Tom Does His Punishment, Favorite Poets and Novelists.

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102 - Maudlin Joe, Toucan Sam, Mike vs Louie, 'Tom' Waits and 2020 Five Star Wrestling Awar

The Boys are at 102! The Boys go in: Jon Huber Tribute, Week 17 NFL Picks, Wrestle Kingdom 15 Picks, Ricky was Late, Tom Gets the Show Cancelled and New Years Realism

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101 - Geriatric WWE Fans, AEW's Delusions of Grandeur, A Natty Light Buzz and The Four Blon

The Boys are at 100! The Boys go in: The Tenant Movies, Woke Hollywood, Sports Radio, AEW Discussion Roman and They Don't Do Math in Bethlehem


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