challenging aew fans balisong xiphos halberd heavy pickaxe
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145 - Challenging AEW Fans with a Balisong, a Xiphos, a Halberd and a Heavy Pickaxe

The Boys are at 145! The Boys go in: Jeff Hardy Released, AEW is still AEW, Tom's Biden Impression, Ghislaine Maxwell, Athletes Death Match Tournament Setup, War Games Review, NFL Picks.

omicron phi psi chi omega mjf cm punk feud nxt war games ultimate cookie
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144 - Omicron Phi Psi Chi Omega, MJF & CM Punk Feud, NXT War Games and the Ultimate Cookie

The Boys are at 144! The Boys go in: Cream, Angels and Demons, Ricky is Going into Ministry, Feminism, Tom is a stallion, Omicron Variant, Black Santa, The Ultimate Cookie, Thanksgiving Talk and Turke

survivor series preview adam sandler movies macbeth rick boogs guitar repertoi
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143 - Survivor Series Preview, Adam Sandler Movies, Macbeth and Rick Boog's Guitar Repertoi

The Boys are at 143! The Boys go in: Adam Sandler Movies, Raunchy and Absurd Movies, What's Offensive?, Theatre, S.O.S Kofi Kingston, The Original New Day, Tempeh, Braces,

travis scott concert terrible horrible no good very bad preview aew ful
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142 - The Travis Scott Concert and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Preview of AEW Ful

The Boys are at 142! The Boys go in: Coffee, Travis Scott Concert, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole Somewhere over the rainbow, Hawaiians, NFL Picks, AEW Full Gear, 'Crosby, Stills, Nash, Crosby'

more wwe releases unvaxxed aaron rodgers scotty mctwinkle toes no
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141 - More WWE Releases, Unvaxxed Aaron Rodgers and Scotty McTwinkle Toes 5’8 No. 7

The Boys are at 141! The Boys go in: Ivermectin, Aaron Rodgers, Vaccine, Venn Diagram, Flu Shots, Room Temperature Water, WWE Releases, Tom's a Poxxer, Scotty McTwinkle Toes 5’8 No. 7, European Champi

manifest cassie fallacies logical paradoxes dystopian ring honor
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140 - Manifest Cassie, Fallacies, Logical Paradoxes and The Dystopian Ring of Honor

The Boys are at 140! The Boys go in: Ring of Honor released their entire roster, Manifest Destiny, Manifest Giants, African Americans in Wrestling, Toxic Attraction swept Halloween Havoc, MSK and Izzy

joy for professional wrestling is gone crown jewel beep smith hard
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139 - The Joy for Professional Wrestling is Gone, Crown Jewel and [Beep] Smith With a Hard

The Boys are at 139! The Boys go in: Crown Jewel, AEW beats WWE in the ratings, Correlation is not causation, Ricky played the Undertale Pt. 1, Halloween Havoc picks, This is Us and the diversity of F

nxts toxic attraction doing laundrie famous sports fans rickys finna thro
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138 - NXT's Toxic Attraction 2.0, Doing Laundrie, Famous Sports Fans and Ricky's Finna Thro

The Boys are at 138! The Boys go in: Gabby Petito and the Laundrie Family, Undertale, Tom is a simulator, Kabeeb Abdul Jabbar, Proof of Vaccination, Toxic Attraction, Boston, Foreign

nxts toxic attraction darwinism seinfeld guam five star wrestlings feature a
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137 - NXT's Toxic Attraction, Darwinism, Seinfeld, Guam and Five Star Wrestling's Feature A

The Boys are at 137! The Boys go in: Puerto Ricans and Cubans, Guam and Bermuda, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Topography, Geology, Geography, Physics, Mathematics

bryan danielson vs kenny omega schrdingers cat rex steiner eli mannings ring
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136 - Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega, Schrödinger's Cat, Rex Steiner and Eli Manning's Ring

The Boys are at 136! The Boys go in: Mott the Hoople's 'All The Young Dudes', AEW Grand Slam, Ricky Caused the Pentagon Terrorist Attacks, Kat Williams, Cat Stevens, Sam is a Taylor Ham Guy, Skin-A-Ma

adam cole bryan danielson cm punk oh my
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135 - Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, OH MY!!!

The Boys are at 135! The Boys go in: Hit the Music!!, Missouri Job Fair, African American Vaccinated, 'Artist' Kids, Kamela Harris, New Jersey, Rainman, SAWFT, Ricky's Freudian Slip, Charlie Sheen's T

return cm punk ppv picks sam parker ricky brady toms on roll
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134 - The Return of CM Punk PPV Picks, Sam Parker, Ricky Brady and Tom's on a Roll

The Boys are at 134! The Boys go in: Pleasure, Draculers, 30 Days of Night, Kangeroos, Eureka Moments, David Alan Grier, Sam watches the Parkers, Ricky watches the Brady Bunch, Classic Sitcoms, AEW Pi

neon lights nobel prize when leader speaks that leader dies
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133 - Neon Lights! Nobel Prize! When a Leader Speaks, that Leader Dies!

The Boys are at 133! The Boys go in: Patreon, Armageddon, Jethro Tull, Non-Band Instruments, Mick Foley, Tom's Awful Impressions, Vaccinations, Saquon Barkley is back, Gay Jesse Ventura, Becky Lynch's

five star wrestling live summerslam special
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132 - The 2021 Five Star Wrestling Live Summerslam Special

A Special Edition of the show with everyone in town to watch Summerslam! The Boys go in: Studio T live podcast recording from the great state of PA, Duke be humpin, Men going their own way and Sigma M

hulk hogan porno for pyros cm punks landing spot ricky is dark g
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131 - 2002-2003 Hulk Hogan, Porno for Pyros, CM Punk's Landing Spot and Ricky is the Dark G

The Boys are at 131! The Boys go in: Progressives looked different in the 1920s, Demisexuals and Pansexuals, Hulk Hogan, Margaery Tyrell, The Parkers and Moesha, Black Sitcoms, Adam Carolla, The Podca

bray wyatt released altruism cthulhu ringo starr jon stewarts squash match
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130 - Bray Wyatt Released, Altruism, Cthulhu, Ringo Starr and Jon Stewart's Squash Match

The Boys are at 130! The Boys go in: Manti T'eo, CZW Tournament of Death Winners, NAMBLA, God and gods, The Blue Meanie, Liam Neeson, African American female wrestlers, H.P. Lovecraft, NFL is back!

simone biles room raiders aew is now mudd show man i feel like woman
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129 - Simone Biles, Room Raiders, AEW is now a Mudd Show and MAN! I Feel Like a Woman

The Boys are at 129! The Boys go in: Ricky gets shamed kinda, Ricky's Terrible Audio the first 12 minutes, Giannis Antetokounmpo Pappis, CDC's new mask and vaccine guidelines, Brisket Debate, Room Rai

deep blue sea phil brooks king sam prince leo paupers at black bbq john cen
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128 - Deep Blue Sea, Phil Brooks, King Sam, Prince Leo, Paupers at a Black BBQ and John Cen

The Boys are at 128! The Boys go in: Draculers and Gorillers, Actor Talk, Money in the Bank Review, Deep Blue Sea, Semantics, Agnostics, Tom's YouTube Channel Tom Pulls Out, YouTube Algorithm, Black

money in bank pickems bud light vs coors light magic hands tom demise o
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127 - Money in The Bank Pickems, Bud Light vs Coors Light, Magic Hands Tom and The Demise o

The Boys are at 127! The Boys go in: The Black BBQ vs White BBQ Tourney continues, Trading Card Shark Tom, Black Baseball Players vs Black Dominican Baseball Players, Fox on the Run by Sweet, McDonald

black bbq vs white bbq july th food tournament sasha banks jr bobby flay
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126 - Black BBQ vs. White BBQ July 4th Food Tournament, Sasha Banks, J.R., and Bobby Flay

The Boys are at 126! The Boys go in: The Top 8 Meats and Sides at a White (Sam and Tom) and a Black (Ricky) No Mask Sasha Banks, Recent NXT Releases, and J.R. being blasted for his W

wwe hell in cell review sams pen name critical race theory manosphere s
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

125 - WWE Hell in a Cell Review, Sam's Pen Name, Critical Race Theory, The Manosphere and S

The Boys are at 125! The Boys go in: Ricky's Day in Chincoteague, Ricky Bought A Marx and Nietzsche Book, Alphas and Betas, Sam Shaved His Head, WWE Hell in a Cell, Sam's Recruiting During the End of

death taxes roman reigns cody rhodes hell in cell three six mafia tr
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

124 - Death. Taxes. Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes. (with Hell in a Cell, Three Six Mafia and Tr

The Boys are at 124! The Boys go in: Bad Boy Summer, Tom's New Bed, Canada, Call Her Daddy's $60 million Deal, Sam Took German, St. Thomas Aquinas, Mary Audible Books, Adam Corolla, Ad

nxt takeover in your hour picks blm susan g komen colt cobana tom capital
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

123 - NXT Takeover In Your Hour Picks, BLM = Susan G Komen, Colt Cobana and Tom The Capital

The Boys are at 123! The Boys go in: The Mets, Lamar Jackson Catching Punts, Bruce Zimmermann Rookie Card, Our Dream Millionaire Room, Buying Patents, All Women's NWA Event, Colt Cobana, Expensive Pai

who marcus stromans durag jagwars braun strowman released who is eddie ki
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122 - The Who, Marcus Stroman's Durag, JaGwars, Braun Strowman Released and Who is Eddie Ki

The Boys are at 122! The Boys go in: The Beatles, Radiohead, The Who, The White Stripes, Timmy from South Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, YouTube Influencers, Marcus Stroman Durag Comment, LGBTQAI

buddy murphy crying tokenism aew double or nothing picks sam institutes prima n
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

121 - Buddy Murphy Crying, Tokenism, AEW Double or Nothing Picks and Sam Institutes Prima N

The Boys are at 121! The Boys go in: Ricky Acknowledges Sam As the One and Only Rightful Champ, R.I.P Larry Steve, Cat Ladies, The Denver Bronco's Tall Quarterbacks, Sam's New Apartment, Jordan Peters

rickys black truffles sams macronutrient splits toms underrated dump em out d
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

120 - Ricky's Black Truffles, Sam's Macronutrient Splits and Tom's Underrated Dump Em Out D

The Boys are at 120! The Boys go in: BPT Time, Fiddle Faddle Triflin, Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green, Indians, Moxley's New Theme Wild Thing, Sam and Tom vs The Young Bucks, Young Bucks are Shock Jocks,

brian pillman jose canseco cassie lee caitlyn jenner kadarius toney jinder ma
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

119 - Brian Pillman, Jose Canseco, Cassie Lee, Caitlyn Jenner, Kadarius Toney and Jinder Ma

The Boys are at 119! The Boys go in: hhWhite is Beautiful, AEW Blood and Guts, Ricky is a Poet and a Polymath, Southern Hospitality Hip Hop Poetry, Jinder Mahal Championship, Wrestling Has Been Bad, N

nfl draft alt right drake wuertz tony tiger jason sehorn strip clubs
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

118 - The NFL Draft, Alt-Right Drake Wuertz, Tony The Tiger, Jason Sehorn and Strip Clubs

The Boys are at 118! The Boys go in: The NFL Draft Preview, Last Podcast on the Left, Jesse Ventura Visits the Show, Sam's Birthday Extravaganza, Songs That Are Better Than Movie, UFC 261 Knockouts, A

wwe releases rotc kyle oreilly nomenclature coming age movies top gorill
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

117 - WWE Releases, ROTC Kyle O'Reilly, Nomenclature, Coming of Age Movies and Top 5 Gorill

The Boys are at 117! The Boys go in: Tuna Lives Matter/All Fish Matter, Eddie Guerrero Shimmer, Sam is the Big Cat, Crockpot Tacos, New York Strip Steak Preparation, Court Cases, Where's our 10 Grand,

dave meltzers aew heel turn memories jbl rvd bruce zimmermann butt rock
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

116 - Dave Meltzer's AEW Heel Turn, Memories of JBL & RVD, Bruce Zimmermann and Butt Rock

The Boys are at 116! The Boys go in: Wrestlemania 2021 Picks, Rock of the 1990s, Workout Music, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and 2021, Tom is an Inspiration, JBL Favorite Moments, NWO, Trojan, AEW w

vaccinemask talk lil nas x nxt stand deliver picks sam is lion
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

115 - Vaccine/Mask Talk, Lil Nas X, NXT Stand and Deliver Picks and Sam is a Lion

The Boys are at 115! The Boys go in: Where is Keith Lee?, Trump and Covid, Anonymous vs Unanimous, New York Giants, Poolhall Junkies, Kevin Nash, Big Daddy V, Gold Bond Lotion read, Reel Big Fish, It'

wwe fastlane review five knuckle shuffle pretentious deaf lil jon hits
▶ play ♪ mp3 m3u

114 - WWE Fastlane Review, Five Knuckle Shuffle, The Pretentious Deaf and Lil Jon Hits

The Boys are at 143! The Boys go in: Adam Sandler Movies, Raunchy and Absurd Movies, What's Offensive?, Theatre, S.O.S Kofi Kingston, The Original New Day, Tempeh, Braces,3


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