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episode bake off drag race sex education roald dahl bad toe
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Episode 68 - Bake Off, Drag Race, Sex Education, Roald Dahl and bad toe.

Welcome to Episode 68, this week we talk about the new seasons of The Great British Bake Off, Drag Race UK, Sex Education, Darren horrible toe, Roald Dahl and more.Follow the podcast on social media a

episode nikki minarg conor mcgregor very rude song more
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Episode 67 - Nikki Minarg, Conor McGregor, a very rude song and more

This week Ian, Damian, and Darren discuss the Nikki Minarg vaccine controversy, Ian doesn't like Conor McGregor (sorry Conor!) and Ian discovered a very (very) rude song.This episode contains some str

episode we meet up at darrens wedding party
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Episode 66 - We meet up at Darren’s Wedding Party

Welcome to episode 66. This week after 66 episodes we finally meet up in person at Darrens wedding party and oh boy is there a lot of fallout.A new episode of The Interviews is out this week as Darren

episode were back from our summer holidays
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Episode 65 - Were back from our summer holidays!

Hello, we are back after our Summer Holidays for a new season of 3 Men and A week Darren goes clubbing, Damian goes to the theatre and Ian visits rude place names and much more.3 Men a

episode mid year best of
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Episode 64 - Mid Year Best Of

We are on our Summer Holidays at the moment and have new episodes from the 6th of September, so here are some best bits from the first half of the year.Hope you're enjoying the

episode were going on holiday
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Episode 63 - We're going on holiday

Welcome to episode 63, and we are off on our summer holidays after this episode. We will be back on September 6th, 2021. So why not go back and listen to our previous episodes during our break. This w

episode damians back
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Episode 62 - Damian's Back

Episode 62 is here and Damian is back. Ian picks his Top5 Wrestlers and much more.Website - Podcast Facebook - Twitter - Media Ltd -

episode just two us
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Episode 61 - Just the two of us

Welcome to episode 61, this week Damian is now with us so it's just Ian and Darren for an old-school chat.It's either congratulation or commiserations follow last night's final of Euro 2020 and we dis

episode return top
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Episode 60 - The Return of The Top 5!

Welcome to Episode 60 and the return of the Top5 with Darren picking his Top5 Quiz Shows and as will be no surprise to you dear listener, it's full of 80's shows and some very dubious picks!Also this

episode darren gets get jail free card
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Episode 59 - Darren gets a get of jail free card.

Welcome to Episode 59 - this week its the last Retro Hall of Fame now, Damian's Bits is worse than ever, Darren gets a Get out of jail free card and much more.Next week the Top5 Returns!Submit a Ret

episode do we have famous listener does damian wear make up
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Episode 58 - Do we have a famous listener and does Damian wear make-up?

Please follow, share and rate the 58, this week do we have a famous listener? It's too hot to sleep, does Damian wear make-up, Darren picks his Retro Hall of Fame and Damian's Bits is

episode damian gets personal trailer zippy picks his retro item
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Episode 57 - Damian Gets a Personal Trailer and Zippy Picks His Retro Item

This week, children's tv legend Zippy picks his Retro Hall of Fame Item, Damian gets a Personal Trainer, Ian has messages for the team, Darren's been on holiday and Damian's Bits is another for legal

episode darren gets massage
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Episode 56 - Darren gets a massage

Welcome to episode 56 of the podcast, this week Darren gets a massage, the retro hall of fame is from puppet master and voice of Zippy Ronnie La Drew - Faceboo

episode one about evil insects moo boxes bad quiz
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Episode 55 - The one about evil insects, Moo Boxes and a Bad Quiz.

Welcome to Episode 55, this week evil insects, Damian's Bits - A Bad Quiz Show, BGT's Steve Royle picks his Retro Hall of Fame and much more.Listen to Steve Royles The Interviews episode out Friday -

episode one tongue twisters
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Episode 54 - The one with tongue twisters

Welcome to episode 54 - The One with Tongue Twisters.This week with talk Army of The Dead, Ian's haircut mishap, grass cutters (yes really), Darren sleep update, Damians Bits is all tongue twisters an

episode damian snores his wife is not happy
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Episode 53 - Damian Snores and his wife is not happy.

Welcome to episode 53, this week Damian snores and his wife is not happy, Darren has something to help him sleep, Damian's bits is different again and this weeks Retro Hall of Fame is from Screenwrite

episode st birthday special
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Episode 52 - 1st Birthday Special

It's our 1st Birthday special and we have a bumper episode for you. We look back at some of our favourite clips from the past 12 months, we have special birthday messages from some very special people

episode one about snip
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Episode 51 - The one about the snip

Welcome to episode 51 of the podcast, this week we discuss getting a procedure (well Damian does), going back to the pub after lockdown plus more.The Retro Hall of Fame this week is from XFactors Stev

episode one where you know your getting old
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Episode 50 - The One Where You Know Your Getting Old.

This week, we all decide what action makes you know you're getting old, Damian's Bits and Lee Wylding from The Far North pick his Retro Hall of Fame.Listen to Lee's interview in Fridays episode of The

episode one dave hemingway from beautiful south
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Episode 49 - The one with Dave Hemingway from the Beautiful South

Welcome to Episode 49, we discuss gyms reopening, a tribute to Big Brothers Nikki Grahame, Damian's Bits and the Retro Hall of Fame is from The Beautiful South and The House Martins Dave Hemingway.Lis

episode one brain farts
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Episode 48 - The One with Brain Farts!

Welcome to episode 48, this week brain farts, Damian is not concentrating, swearing old people, Darren's kid learning rude words and he almost gets scammed. This weeks Retro Hall of Fame features Simo

episode one pastor story
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Episode 47 - The One with A Pastor Story

Welcome to episode 47, this week Damian finds old images of Ian, Damian's Bits features a funny story about a pastor and the Retro Hall of Fame comes from Mart Blythe who will be on The Interviews thi

episode one knowen
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Episode 46 - The One with a knowen

Welcome to episode 46 - The One with a KnowenThis week the wonderful Teena Bixkit picks her Retro Hall of Fame, Ian can't speak, Damian spreads his bits and Darren pick a rubbish On The Box.Follow Tee

episode one y fronts
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Episode 45 - The one with Y-Fronts

Welcome to episode 45, this week Lord Michael Cashman picks his Retro Hall of Fame which leads Darren to remember a very funny story, we pay tribute to Murray Walker and Damian's bits is as mad as eve

episode one which didnt start well for ian
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Episode 44 - The one which didn't start well for Ian

Welcome to Episode 44, Darren and Damian wide Ian up at the start of the show but he surprises them with his Retro Hall of Fame.Submit a Retro Hall of Fame by visiting the website below.3 Men and Micr

bonus interviews darren talks to totally tinas justine riddoch
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Bonus Episode - The Interviews Darren talks to Totally Tina's Justine Riddoch

Bonus Episode - Darren talks to Totally Tina's Justine Riddoch.The Interviews Season Two will be launching on its own Podcast feed very soon so look out for more information and how to subscribe very

episode one where damians reveals something personal
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Episode 43 - The One where Damians reveals something personal!

Welcome to episode 43 of 3 Men and Microphone from these3 Media Ltd.This week, Ian debuts his flat cap, Damian reveals a personal detail, Darren has a good story for once and the Retro Hall of Fame is

episode one online dating
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Episode 42- The one with online dating!

Welcome to episode 42 of 3 Men and Microphone from these3 Media Ltd.This week, Ian has the vaccine, Darren still doesn't understand On The Box, Damian's Bits is all about revenge and Anthony (an actua

episode one where we discuss drag
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Episode 41- The one where we discuss drag

Welcome to episode 41 - The One where we discuss drag!Featuring Eliot Kenndy picking his Retro Hall of Fame.Want to pitch a Retro Hall of Fame email Men and Microphone -

episode one lisa appleton from big brother
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Episode 40 - The One with Lisa Appleton from Big Brother

This week we are joined by a very special guest on the show. From Big Brother 9 Ian, Damian and Darren talk to Lisa Appleton.Have a suggestion for the Retro Hall of Fame? Email the show info@these3med

bonus adam rickitt interviews
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Bonus - Adam Rickitt - The Interviews

This week Ian, Damian, and Darren discuss the Nikki Minarg vaccine controversy, Ian doesn't like Conor McGregor (sorry Conor!) and Ian discovered a very (very) rude song.This episode contains some str3


3 Men and a Microphone: a comedy podcast from 3 friends with a combined 40 years in radio. Close to a midlife crisis and in lockdown, and while very very bored, they got chatting. This ongoing contact and conversation re-ignited the banter over various zoom get-togethers.
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