episode for one final time
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Episode 100 - For One Final Time

For one final time join Ian, Damian, and Darren as they meet in person for only the second time to record the last ever episode of 3 Men and A all of us on the show, a massive thank yo

episode weird searches darren doesnt know time
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Episode 99 - Weird searches, Darren doesn’t know time

It's our penultimate episode and this week we discover after 99 episodes that Darren doesn't know how time works, Damian READS a list and fine out what annoys us in the summer.Next week is the final e

episode darrens thief
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Episode 98 - Darren’s a thief!

Welcome to episode 98. This week Darren's a thief, eating away and (yes really) we talk sandwiches.Did you know you can listen to past episodes of the podcast every weekend on Podcast Radio Sat 6am &

episode end is nigh
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Episode 97 - The End is Nigh

This is an emotional episode this week and we have a big announcement to make.We are ending the podcast at our 100th episode. Listen to find out our reasons, but we still have 3 jam-packed episodes to

episode getting caught netflix heartstoppers alan partridge ah ha
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Episode 96 - Getting caught, Netflix Heartstoppers and Alan Partridge ”Ah ha”

This week no Darren (again we know Ian and Damian have their suspicions on where he really was), Ian and Darren talk the Westminster Porn video, getting caught, Pier Morgan. Then Damian went to see Al

episode rude frozen oscars odd accents
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Episode 95 - Rude Frozen, Oscar’s and odd accents.

We are back after our Easter holidays. This week, ruining a child favourite film, that Will Smith Oscar moment, Liam Paynes odd accent, false teeth and much more.Did you know you can listen to past ep

episode cat attack puddings misheard movie quotes
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Episode 94 - Cat Attack, Puddings and Misheard Movie Quotes

Welcome to episode 94, this week's funny cat attack, puddings and misheard movie quotes, we are going on a break for the next two weeks but don't worry we will be back on Monday 25th April 2022.Become

episode conspiracy grossest words is darren heading for replacement
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Episode 93 - Conspiracy, Grossest Words and Is Darren heading for replacement?!

Welcome to episode 93, this week the grossest words list from Damian (yuk!), conspiracy theories and is Darren being replaced by Stephan?Become a the podcast? Love the unpredictable co

episode one guest presenter
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Episode 92 - The One With A Guest Presenter

Welcome to episode 92, no Darren this week, but he will be back next week. So we are joined by a special guest presenter Stephan Bessant (yes we know he was only on a few weeks ago but we need a quick

episode wednesday club including live track
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Episode 91 - The Wednesday Club including a live track

Welcome to episode 91 of the podcast and this week is a first for the show as we are joined by a band on the show. The Wednesday Club are on to talk about thier first EP, we have two tracks to play fr

episode things are getting smaller darrens getting sleeped on ians being condes
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Episode 90 - Things are getting smaller, Darren’s getting sleeped on and Ian’s being condes

Welcome to Episode 90 - Escape the troubles of the world for the next 45 minutes as we take you on the unpredictable conversation, this week Ian has a new car, Darren's been to see John Bishop and Dam

episode peaky blinders special guest
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Episode 89 - Peaky Blinders Special Guest

Welcome to Episode 89, did you watch last nights Peaky Blinders season 6 opener? Do we have a treat for you, friend of the show and playing George in Season 6 Stephan Bessant joins on the show to talk

episode biting children manbags storm eunice winter olympics
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Episode 88 - Biting Children, Manbags, Storm Eunice and the Winter Olympics

Welcome to Episode 88, this week Darren's child problems, manbags, Storm Eunice, the Winter Olympics and a TV Theme Game.(Winter Luge video audio from @boysgonewild on TikTok)Did you know you can list

episode london visit superman an angry ian
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Episode 87 - London Visit, Superman and an Angry Ian

It's episode 87 of the unpredictable conversation and Ian left his house and gets angry during the recording (again!), we discuss lots of TV and some topical items.Did you know you can listen to past

episode man eats raw meat final peston watch more
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Episode 86 - A Man Eats RAW Meat, The Final Peston Watch and More

Welcome to episode 86, no Darren this week (hopefully, he will be back next week and he can let us know what the swingers club was like 😁), in this episode another Peston Watch, yes really! We test ou

episode still no sue gray you eat pringles how preston watch waffles yes reall
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Episode 85 - Still no Sue Gray, you eat Pringles how?, Preston Watch and Waffles (yes reall

Welcome to the Unpredictable Conversation that is 3 Men and A Microphone the perfect way to brighten up your podcast feed.This week, we are still waiting for the publication of the year (or a decade a

episode bbmb on maamp big brothers marcus bentley is on show
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Episode 84 - BBMB on the 3MAAMP! Big Brothers Marcus Bentley is on the show!

Welcome to episode 84, and this week we are very excited to be welcomed by Big Brother legend Marcus Bentley. We talk Big Brother, getting started on the show, highlights and lowlights and much more.

episode boris borrowers bad language brother all announcements
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Episode 83 - Boris, Borrowers, bad language and a Brother of all announcements.

Welcome to episode 83 of 3 Men and A week, Boris, Borrowers and bad language plus we have a very exciting guest coming up on next week's show, listen to find out who it might be and do

episode new season happy new year selling odd things lapland more
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Episode 82 - New season, Happy New Year, Selling odd things, Lapland and more

Hello and welcome to Ep 82 of 3 Men and A Microphone from these3 Media.We are back after our Christmas break and we have a lot to discuss, Darren's been to Lapland, Damian gets his staff to wrap his p

episode best season
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Episode 81 - The Best Of Season 3

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Best of Season 3 for 3 Men and A episode has all the best bits of season 3 and is bumper packed with funny stories guests and more.We are back with new e

episode big christmas quiz teena bizkit
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Episode 80 - The Big Christmas Quiz 2021 with Teena Bizkit

Merry Christmas from everyone at 3 Men and A Microphone, join us for the Big Christmas Quiz 2021 with Teena Bizkit.Grab yourself a pen and paper and play along with our Festive Pub Quiz we even have a

episode top returns for christmas special
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Episode 79 - The Top 5 returns for a Christmas Special

From Ian, Damian and Darren Merry Christmas!This week the Top 5 returns with our Top 5 Christmas Presents. From skateboards to Paul Daniels Magic Tricks some very surprising and funny picks.Next Week

episode that no party is die hard christmas film
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Episode 78 - That No10 Party and Is Die Hard a Christmas Film

This week, that No10 Christmas Party, Damian's work party and is Die Hard a Christmas Film?Want to be in the audience (virtually) for the Big Christmas Quiz Special 2021 which we are recording on Wedn

episode darrens got covid
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Episode 77 - Darrens got covid!

Welcome to episode 77, this week Darren's got Covid, Damian forces us to improvise and we speak to Teena Bizkit ahead of our special Christmas Quiz Show on the 15th December.Want to be in the audience

episode damians late again christmas decoration boris in trouble more
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Episode 76 - Damians Late again, Christmas Decoration, Boris in Trouble and more.

This week Damian is late again for the show and Ian is not pleased. Plus we talk about Christmas decorations going up early, Boris getting told off in the House of Commons and Damians interview on Pod

episode retro radio fun special guest sienna keera george keywood quantum lea
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Episode 75 - Retro Radio fun, special guest Sienna Keera and George Keywood and Quantum Lea

Welcome to Episode 75 of the podcast, this week we are joined by TikTok stars Sienna Keera and George Keywood (BBC Three's People Just Do Nothing) talking about their relationship, social media and th

episode delicate advise cop complaining more
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Episode 74 - Delicate advise, COP26, complaining and more

Welcome to Episode 74, this week we cover a lot. The clocks changing, neighbour WhatsApp groups, Darren asks us for some delicate advice, should we complain at a restaurant, little things that annoy u

episode waitwhat join us
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Episode 73 - The Wait...What podcast join us

This week we discuss that clip from The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), a Halloween surprise and we are joined by the Wait...What Podcast Trio who pick their Retro Hall of Fame Items.What to be part of

episode unintended food special
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Episode 72 - The Unintended Food Special.

This week for some reason we had an unintended food special. It starts with talking about his very mid-life planned visit to a Cheese Festival, Darren has a too much information moment about what he

episode adele squid games eyebrows wisdom teeth
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Episode 71 - Adele, Squid Games, eyebrows and wisdom teeth

No Darren this week but Damian and Ian are here and this week we talk about Adele's new single ahead of her new album 30, Damian has finally watched Netflix's Squid Game. Ian has wisdom teeth issues (

episode neil saffron bently are on show
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Episode 70 - Neil and Saffron Bently are on the show!

Welcome to episode 70 and a warning for very strong language (but it's very funny) during this episode of the show as we are joined by Neil and Saffron Bentley from the 40 and F****d podcast, we talk

episode just two us again
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Episode 69 - Just the two of us again!

Welcome to episode 98. This week Darren's a thief, eating away and (yes really) we talk sandwiches.Did you know you can listen to past episodes of the podcast every weekend on Podcast Radio Sat 6am &3


3 Men and a Microphone: a comedy podcast from 3 friends with a combined 40 years in radio. Close to a midlife crisis and in lockdown, and while very very bored, they got chatting. This ongoing contact and conversation re-ignited the banter over various zoom get-togethers.
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