bears like to not welcome
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Bears like to not welcome!

On tap this week: Bears like to party, Bill Gates' foundation trust bets big on Bud Light comeback, Bud Light will spend 'enormous amount' to win back beer drinkers this NFL season, Ultra Right 'woke

there is fly in my beer what to do
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There is a fly in my beer! What to do?

On tap this week: Oscar Mayer is giving away hot dog straws, Help Pizza Influencer that pays $110,000 a year, A study found Beer Goggles are a myth,'Beer girl' Megan Lucky, luck i

live from terrapin brewery spike buckowski chad martin
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Live from Terrapin Brewery with Spike Buckowski and Chad Martin

Last weekend we hung out with the crew at Terrapin Brewery Atlanta for the Live at the Battery beer fest. It was an awesome time filled with BBQ, beer, and great us on the show we

to judging how good restaurant is
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to judging how good a restaurant is.

On tap this week: Eggo is coming out with a special booze, Did Kid Rock commit treason,? The secrets to judging how good a restaurant is, Not all heroes wear capes…Michigan edition, New data shows AI

is august too early for pumpkin beers
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Is August too early for pumpkin beers?

On tap this week: The states where golfers drink the most beers per round, Dunkin is about to introduce . . . spiked coffees?, Brewers Association Midyear results, US Open beer girl returning to chug

is kid rock cool bud light again
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Is Kid Rock cool with Bud Light again?

On tap this week: A look at Coors Light and Miller Light sales combined, Is Kid Rock cool with Bud Light again? A Georgia brewery acquires eight brands from An awkward turnout for Ron

brexit batters british brewers while drunken raccoons terrorize germany
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Brexit batters British brewers while drunken raccoons terrorize Germany

Apparently Germany has a raccoon problem. Drunken ones at that. The population has exploded in recent years and the furry troublemakers are breaking into homes, tearing stuff, and getting lit. They so

foothills brewing
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582 - Foothills Brewing

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have a lineup of beer-flavored beer, especially from a brewery like Winston-Salem, North Carolina's Foothills Brewing! Also, The Electric Company, Yellow Pages

maui brewing leads wildfire relief underwater aging alaska is huuuge
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Maui Brewing leads wildfire relief, underwater aging, and Alaska is huuuge

Maui Brewing is leading efforts for wildfire reliefEarlier this week a fire ripped through the town of Lahaina on Maui. The losses were devastating, a nearly total loss of the entire city. Maui Brewin

vasen brewing co
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581 - Vasen Brewing Co

We're back! Listener and longtime friend of the show Bart Hutt brought us some freshies from Richmond, Virginia's Vasen Brewing Co! Hey, did you know that your body could just randomly decide to eat o

tilrays big buy pairing beer tinned fish
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Tilray's Big Buy and pairing beer with tinned fish

We had to wing it this our guest had a last minute emergency this week and we'll have to reschedule Larry for another time. It's cool, we've got this. We can alway

should minors have ability to order non alcoholic beer
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Should minors have the ability to order non-alcoholic beer?

On tap this week: A.I. Bartenders will be able to recognize regulars? 400 cases of beer for RAGBRAI go un drank,Parents, do you let your kids drink non-alcoholic beer?, Gen Z is not drinking in bars,

marcus baskerville talks black is beautiful national black brewers association
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Marcus Baskerville talks Black is Beautiful and National Black Brewers Association

Black is Beautiful Vol. 2 is comingMarcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing didn't intend to start a movement when he created his Black is Beautiful beer. Intentional or not, the movement ha

is chugging beer sign toxic masculinity
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Is chugging beer a sign of toxic masculinity??

On tap this week: Ready or beers are coming soon, a brewery wins an award that most would be happy about…they are not, Is chugging beer a sign of toxic masculinity, Anchor brewing anno

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580 - Of Montreal

Globetrotting superstar listeners Max and Gillian hit us up once again, this time, with a load of beers from Montreal! This one's got everything: Gaming, death, toilets, cupcake feet, exploding spacec

altered yeast leinenkugel strikes solar powered hops
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Altered Yeast, Leinenkugel strikes, and solar-powered hops

What do you think of GMO yeast in your definitely controversial, but there are some interesting things being done with GMO yeasts like yeast, or yeasts like

greece is word
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579 - Greece Is The Word

We got 4 Greek beers from our buddy Pete for this one! Plus, there's butts, Grant's possessed kid, and a teachable moment about the word quaff, and what it isn't. Seven Island Island Pils Strange Br

hope for anchor brewing beer fests brewing permits hazy gene
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Hope for Anchor Brewing, beer fests and brewing permits, the hazy gene

It's tough to find positive news when looking at beer and brewery stats right now. New permit applications are down, beer festivals are on the decline, and we've all seen the closures of som

best affordable beers in world
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The Best Affordable Beers in the World.

On tap this week: Bubba Beer Challenge, Do people still drink Belgian beers anymore, Craft Beer consumption is up, The best beers in the world you can afford, Properly securing beer during transit, Hu

vermont tour part
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578 - Vermont Tour Part 4

We're doing our 4th and final (for now) dip into Vermont beers! Rubio tells a story about an unfortunate high school football player, Mark sucks at hurdles, and Pam gets attacked by a poltergeist in E

rip anchor brewing on high seas stupid beer trends
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RIP Anchor, brewing on the high seas, and stupid beer trends

It's been a sad week for craft beer lovers. A story we couldn't skip, Anchor Brewing is closing after 127 years in business.This one hits you right in the nostalgia as a craft beer drinker,

vermont tour part
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577 - Vermont Tour Part 3

Ok, so a listener called us out for having filthy potty mouths, so we decided to do this Vermont episode so clean you could eat off of it. So gather the kids, keep the earmuffs off, let's gooooo! Weir

drinkflation debate new jersey brewery laws how not to handle pr disaster
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The Drinkflation debate, New Jersey brewery laws, how not to handle a PR disaster

With rising costs for everything would you rather your favorite beer lose a bit of ABV or see the price go up a bit? According to our Twitter poll, about 75% of you would rather pay a bit more for you

can chatgpt brew better beer than humans
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Can ChatGPT brew a better beer than humans?

On tap this week: Bad ideas in Cricket Beer, Can ChatGPT brew a better beer than humans?, Arizona Iced Tea has a new alcoholic version, Bud Light launches 'Biggest Summer Campaign Ever

freak folk bier vermont tour part
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576 - Freak Folk Bier - Vermont Tour Part 2

It's our 2nd Vermont show in this series- this time focusing on Freak Folk Bier! Thanks again to listener Justin Berlin for the lineup! Texas is stupid, Mark is a square, and Rubio wants out. Pronghor

summer beers backyard barbecues
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Summer Beers and Backyard Barbecues

It's hot, Y'all. So hot. Summer beers are here to save the day.Now you know we're not scared to go dark in the Summer, but we do enjoy the lighter, crispy, refreshing beers that Summer

do people prefer using qr codes for restaurant menus
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Do people prefer using QR codes for restaurant menus?

On Tap this week: The Two Beers and a Puppy Test is a quick way to figure out if you want someone in your life, A new beer is out just in time for summer, Do people prefer using QR

vermont tour part
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575 - Vermont Tour Part 1

Rubio's finally healed up from his first bout of COVID, and just in time for a Vermont show! We're all back in the studio for this one, and listener Justin Berlin's got the VT hookup for the first of

firestone walker lawsons breakside discuss brewing modern west coast style ipas
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309: Firestone Walker, Lawsons, and Breakside Discuss Brewing Modern West Coast-Style IPAs

As part of the recent Craft Beer & Brewing Brewer’s Retreat, hosted by Russian River in late May 2023, Jamie moderated panel discussions before a live audience of attendees and featured brewers. This

discovering belgian beers bold monk three taverns brewery
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Discovering Belgian Beers with Bold Monk and Three Taverns Brewery

There's a lot to love about Belgian beers.Once upon a time, many craft drinkers in America turned to Belgian beers for their quality and complexity. Either for a break from the limited American b

bud light has been officially dethroned
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Bud Light has been officially dethroned.

On tap this week: A bar is apologizing for offering women free drinks based on bra size, Samuel Adams is selling a beer can Magic 8 Ball,” Anchor Brewing slashes distribution, Garth Brooks is set to

brewers retreat panel on wine beer hybrids russian river side project hana
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308: Brewer’s Retreat Panel on Wine-Beer Hybrids with Russian River, Side Project, and Hana

Last weekend we hung out with the crew at Terrapin Brewery Atlanta for the Live at the Battery beer fest. It was an awesome time filled with BBQ, beer, and great us on the show we3


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