Listener Appreciation Episode

Happy Brewsday Tuesday everyone! Today is a very episode because I get to talk with... ALL OF YOU!! I am so grateful for all of your love and support over the years and I wanted to take today to answe


A Look at the Australian Craft Beer Scene.

On tap this week: What your favorite kind of beer says about your personality, A expensive touchdown celebration, Top 10 cities for beer drinkers, LSU Fans Can Drink, Beer crisis has been avoided in a


The Beerists 412 - Hoppy, Rustic and Wise

After a week of meeting with a bunch of listeners who were in Austin, we nuzzle up to some of the beers they brought for us– 3 from Chicago, 1 from California, and 1 from Florida. Rubio also gives Mik


Episode 118: The Ale Apothecary's Paul Arney on Brewing Naturally and Artfully

Most brewers launch a brewery with the goal of producing specific types of beers. For Paul Arney of The Ale Apothecary the founding principle was different—he knew how he wante


Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting and Georgia's Next Breweries

Despite Mother Nature's best efforts, the 16th Annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting was a huge success It was an unusually warm day for the 16th Annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting and this brought with it som


Beer Trend Predictions for the Next Decade!

First live show of 2020 Broadcasting from 8th Wonder Brewery. On tap this week: Beer Trend predictions for the next decade, Lone Star Brewery owner files for bankruptcy, Is homebrewing dying a slow de


The Beerists 411 - Adjunct In The Trunk

Mangoes! Strawberries! Chocolate! Cherries! Blackberries! Coconut! Coffee! Tons of lactose and... gumbo roux?!? Yup. Mike on a bike, this episode has all of that in the seven- SEVEN beers we review! S


Episode 117: 3 Sons Brewing's Corey Artanis on Maximum Impact from Flavor Ingredients

3 Sons Brewing was a proof of concept a long time coming. They started slowly and deliberately, brewing one barrel at a time at a licensed commercial brewery, while focusing on ho


Bottleshare - Raising Glasses, Raising Hopes

Bottleshare founder Christopher Glenn lives to help those in need Last week we sat down at Bottleshare Benefit Bash Vol. 1 to talk with Bottleshare founder Christopher Glenn as well as his collaborati


Brick Store Pub

Today I sit down with Erin and Lucy from the famous Brick Store Pub located in one of my favorite neighbors to Atlanta, Decatur, Georgia! Brick Store Pub has been a staple in the Atlanta area for deca


The Beerists 410 - Aslin Beer Co

We're back, and we're sampling beers Laura got from her visit to Virginia's own Aslin Beer Co! Also, Mike tells a tale of a missing dog, Rubio warns Laura about Cats, and we end in a soup of paranoid


Episode 116: Green Bench Brewing's Khris Johnson Talks Lager Brewing, Mixed Culture Ferment

St. Petersburg, Florida's Green Bench Brewing toes a delicate line with sophisticated beers in a beer state, but from the looks of the crowds, they're on to something big. In this con


Episode 115: Cycle Brewing’s Doug Dozark on the Choices That Matter When Barrel-Aging (and

Over the past decade, Cycle Brewing (St. Petersburg, Florida) has made a name for themselves with big barrel-aged stouts. These stouts make up more than half of the brewery’s yearly


Best of Georgia Beer 2019 - The Winners

Results from our Best of Georgia Beer Readers' Choice Awards for 2019. Highlighting the best Georgia beer, breweries, brewpubs, homebrewers, beer bars, bottle shops, and more. BEST OF GEORGIA BEER CA


Big Year for Small and Independent Beer in 2019!

Broadcasting from Brazos Valley Brewing Co. On tap this week: OK, Boomer Beer exist, Does tapping a beer can stop it from foaming?, A Nebraska Furniture Mart has the right idea, Big year for small a


The Beerists 409 - Blind Holiday Spectacular 2019

Andy Saint Richter Claus came through with another box of 6 mystery beers for us to blind taste! Will we flourish, or will we fail? And what was with that one beer blew our brains apart at the reveal?


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