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Celis Beer: BORN IN Belgium, BREWED IN Texas!

Special guest Jeremy Banas, author of Celis Beer, calls in and talks about the impact Pierre Celis had on the beer industry and what he learned while writing this book. Plus we bring you an interview

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How much beer do you REALLY consume a week?

On tap this week: How much beer do you consume a week?, One state gets own beer as Budweiser pokes fun at state 'swear' words, A real Emotional Support Beer, Brewers Association releases Annual craft

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475 - Cellar West

Colorado's Cellar West was super kind to send us a box of their beer for this episode! Also, Grant got those tattoos, a vaccine, and some prejudice; Rubio’s had some fun Easters; and Mike gets his hea

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Episode 182: Sam Pecoraro of Von Ebert Writes the Beer Description Before the Recipe

Portland, Oregon’s Von Ebert has built a reputation for quality beer in a city full of great beer. From GABF medals to a Craft Beer & Brewing Beer of the Year

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474 - Burial

A tetrahedric digital offering, a sanguine starling etched in tessellate digital marrow. Burial, in vitro hemispheres, cresting orificial event horizons, passing into our moisture, bending liminal gho

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Episode 181: Jeff Wiederkehr of Burning Beard Believes Authenticity is the Best Policy

“Be your authentic self, and they will come to you,” says Burning Beard cofounder Jeff Wiederkehr. It’s not about marketing calculus or cynically appealing to here-today, gon

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Ten Cent Beer Night!

Broadcasting from No Label Brewing Co. On tap this week: A brewery hopes to be recognized as having world's hottest beer, Brewery offers 10 cent beer to those vaccinated, “Free Beer” sign helps new ho

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473 - Thimble Island

The TX freeze caught us all by surprise, and the poor box of beer Byron sent over got caught smack in the middle of it- but we're trying it anyway! Rubio gets a cursed sandwich, Grant makes the worst

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Episode 180: Colin Castore and Colin Vent of Seventh Son Brewing Balance the Normal With th

For Collin Castore and Colin Vent of Columbus, Ohio's Seventh Son Brewing, the focus has always been on quality and constant improvement over hype, and eight years lat

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Spring Break 2021 from The Backyard Grill!

Broadcasting from The Backyard Grill! On tap this week: Getting caught drinking during a Zoom meeting, Boston Beer is giving away bitcoin, Beer company giving away ice shanty,’ year of free beer, Cadb

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Smoked Beer and More with Switchback Brewing's Bill Cherry

Switchback Brewing is going to smoke all the beers Switchback Brewing founder Bill Cherry has a passion for smoked beers. He approaches smoke from a culinary standpoint, not to overwhelm the beer wit

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Episode 179: Chris Davison of Wolfs Ridge Still Tinkers Like a Homebrewer

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing started as a cramped basement brewpub setup below one of the best-regarded restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. On Chris Davison’s watch since 2014, the brewery

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Senator Parent Explains Senate Bill 219

Great News Everyone!! Senate Bill 219 PASSED! Yayyyyy..... Uh so now what? Senator Parent stops by Bitch Beer Podcast to explain the details of SB 219, how it passed, what it means and what is coming

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Coming up with BIG ideas after a few beers!

On tap this week: Brewers Association releases 2021 beer style guidelines, Which baseball fans drink the most during games?, America's favorite cheese and beer, Alamo Drafthouse troubles, A San Antoni

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471 - Grocery Store Haul

It’s been a while since we’ve scoured the grocery store shelves for show beers, but we got some! We also talk about our upcoming LIVE DRINK-ALONG SHOW! It’s gonna be a thing! But for now, let's get gl

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Episode 178: Altstadt Brewery’s Craig Rowan Can Taste the Hard Work in His Beer

Alstadt Brewery in Texas is a remarkable creation—a gleaming brewery, taproom, restaurant, and event space designed in the form of a European-style chateau, plopped


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