does anybody care that sapporo is buying stone brewing
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Does Anybody care that Sapporo is Buying Stone Brewing?

On tap this week: Sapporo U.S.A. to acquire Stone Brewing, Breaking down the average Fourth of July/Labor Day cookout costs, Miller Lite honors America’s first female brewer, What’s a virtual brewery’

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534 - NYC

A listener from NYC sent us beers from 3 of the 5 boroughs, and we're super excited to try them! Also, never try to launch an impromptu quiz show when you haven't thought it through, and you're wearin

e clowning around bircus brewing
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E325: Clowning Around with Bircus Brewing

It's good to be back. Did you miss us? Brian's feeling all better and it was great to get back in the studio.We're joined this week but the crazy crew from Bircus Brewing in Ludlow, KY. FYI, it's pron

jaega wise lowers barriers to making great pale ales mixed culture beers
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245: Jaega Wise Lowers the Barriers to Making Great Pale Ales and Mixed Culture Beers

Wild Card Brewery head brewer Jaega Wise loves breaking down difficult problems with no-nonsense solutions. An early career in chemical engineering gave her the understanding o

taste future will artificial intelligence replace brewmasters
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Taste of the Future: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Brewmasters??

On tap this week: Let’s spell it out: B.A.R.L.E.Y, Brewery transforms brewing waste into blue jeans, Drinking beer in moderate amounts could have health benefits,’ Science suggests that having a “beer

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533 - Scratch

Rubio found out Pam had never heard of Illinois's Scratch Brewing Company, so he ordered all he could possibly order to give her a proper introduction to their beer. Mere days later, the announcement

eric toft schnramer is fixated on consistency drinkability character
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244: Eric Toft of Schönramer Is Fixated on Consistency, Drinkability, and Character

The Private Landbrauerei Schönram is one of the most lauded breweries in Germany over the past 15 years, with a tall stack of European Beer Star and World Beer Cup medals to show for its excellence ac

those beers people secretly drink curtains closed
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Those Beers People Secretly Drink with the Curtains Closed.

On tap this week: A new breakthrough treatment reduces drinking in “drunk” monkeys, A opossum runs into a bar is no problem for one Canadian woman, Drinkers recover from surgery better than non-drinke

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532 - Monkish

We've heard a lot of hype about Torrance, California's Monkish, but aside of a few collabs, have never had any of their beers on the pod. That changes today! We have 4 of their beers, thanks to listen

wild fields share their winning ways in everything from brown ale to mixed cultures
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243: Wild Fields Share Their Winning Ways in Everything From Brown Ale to Mixed Cultures

Winning medals isn’t everything in brewing, but it sure can help. Seeking out that external validation from a panel of peer judges is often more frustrating than it is rewarding, but that’s by design.

burial beer co
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531 - Burial Beer Co

Burial Beer Co sent us a big box full of their magnificent brews! We're trying 5 of them on this episode. This episode has everything- bicycles for lovers, pee windows, knives, and even Vigo the Carpa

e brewery employee satisfaction report
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E324: Brewery Employee Satisfaction Report 2022

From brewer to beertender, how satisfied are brewery employees with theirjobs?I want to be a brewer. Every homebrewer has had the thought cross their mind. But, once you land that dream job at a bre

episode jos ruffel garage project phantasm muses on new zealand hops thiol exp
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Episode 242: Jos Ruffel of Garage Project and Phantasm Muses on New Zealand Hops, Thiol Exp

New Zealand’s population is smaller than the state of Colorado, but country’s exports have had an outsized impact on craft beer over the past decade. From hops such as Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Riwa

that one beer myth that needs to die
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That One Beer Myth That Needs to Die!

On tap this week: Bad news for University of Georgia football fans, A new beer aims to raise money for Ukraine relief, The beer myth that needs to die, The story behind the iPhone frosty beer app, A m

east coasting it
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530 - East Coasting It

A few weeks ago, our buddy Kay Jay picked up some beers from an unexpected trip to the Eastern US. We weren't prepared. Oh, and completely unrelated- be team bandaid. Every time. Aslin Stating The Obv

e diving into mexican lagers
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E323: Diving into Mexican Lagers

Summer is coming and it's time for some Mexican LagersMexican Lagers are so hot right now. The CEO of Constellation brands even goes as far as saying he believes Modelo is about to become America's fa

edward slingerland argues that beer is an evolutionary adaptation not an accident
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241: Edward Slingerland Argues that Beer is an Evolutionary Adaptation, not an Accident

The human brain is an amazing piece of machinery. It’s uniquely adapted to success in the world we live in, and the result of that success is evidenced by the population spread of humans across the pl

worlds most expensive beer
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The World's Most Expensive Beer.

On tap this week: It's Griller Time..Miller Lite new beer-infused charcoal, Serial killer-branded beer receives backlash, Coors comes out with a vegan barley milk, A Finland brewery launches beer with

yo ohio
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529 - Yo Ohio

On this second episode with the new cast, we're trying some Ohio brews sent to us by our beloved listener Joey Borders! I'm not sure what else I can spoil about this one, but Grant has lice. Masthead

e hip hops to hops atlantucky brewing
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E322: Hip Hops to Hops with Atlantucky Brewing

Craft Collaborations inspire Nappy Roots to open Atlantucky BrewingIf you're a regular listener of the show then you've heard us talking with the Nappy Roots crew a few times before. We met the guys b

eric larkin cohesion approaches lager expression through limitation
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240: Eric Larkin of Cohesion Approaches Lager Expression Through Limitation

Eric Larkin enjoys constraints. Through his brewing career, he’s been drawn to breweries that have set up their own guardrails around the styles of beer they Belgian style focus, or th

are slushy beers killing off trappist breweries
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Are Slushy Beers Killing Off Trappist Breweries?

On tap this week: Do swim up bars help tourism?, Did Slushy Beer kill a Trappist Brewery(?), Are golf courses expensive or cheap for beer drinkers (?), The world’s first Holy Water Seltzer, and the ha

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528 - Reboot

We're back, and we're ready to introduce you to the new lineup of Beerists co-hosts! We're drinking a mix of beers on this one, one of which was brewed specifically to eulogize our dearly departed Mr.

e diving into snafu brewing co
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E321: Diving into Snafu Brewing Co.

Snafu Brewing Company is your new favorite dive barIf you love a taplist full of classic beer styles then this episode is not for you. However, if you're intrigued by the R&D department of a brewery i

roaring table brews for elegance simplicity texture in hazy ipa pilsner mi
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239: Roaring Table Brews For Elegance, Simplicity, and Texture in Hazy IPA, Pilsner, and Mi

Sometimes success comes quickly, and sometimes it’s the result of years and years of working, training, and improving to get to the point where that success comes. In the case of Roaring Table (roarin

will alexa siri or their ai cousins be future beer judges
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Will Alexa, Siri, or their AI Cousins be Future Beer Judges?

On tap this week: Firefighters turn fire truck into beer truck’ AKA Thirst Responders. Sierra Nevada Beer Camp returns, Researchers generate AI capable of reviewing beer without actually tasting it. A

e kros strain brewing co
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E320: Kros Strain Brewing Co.

Kros Strain Brewing Co. shows us what's happening in Nebraska beerWe met the crew from Kros Strain Brewing Co. when they visited Atlanta for The Juice Strikes Back festival in 2019. This invitational

laura burns omega yeast offers an expert approach to stable beer haze
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238: Laura Burns of Omega Yeast Offers an Expert Approach to Stable Beer Haze

Brewing isn’t a typical career path for research scientists with doctorate degrees, but for Laura Burns it was a practical way to apply academic learning in a creative environment. After finishing her

crafted for action jen price
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Crafted For Action with Jen Price

Surprise! Today is a very special BONUS episode with long time friend of the podcast, Jen Price! Her craft beer conference Crafted For Action is BACK for a second year with so many virtual and in pers

bitch beer dr j is back
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Bitch Beer Podcast - Dr J is back!!!

Happy Brewsday Tuesday everyone! I am happy to announce that the famous Dr J is back! We have a great conversation about her role at the Brewers Association, how things have changed for the better in

watch your beer at ballpark
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Watch Your Beer at the Ballpark!!

On tap this week: Beer consumption in the U.S….Which states drank the most beer, and what was their preferred brand? Michigan 'gray area drinkers,’ The price of a beer at your home Major League Baseba

e san diegos original brewing co
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E319: San Diego's The Original 40 Brewing Co.

It's good to be back. Did you miss us? Brian's feeling all better and it was great to get back in the studio.We're joined this week but the crazy crew from Bircus Brewing in Ludlow, KY. FYI, it's pron3


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