1479: Doing a Few Simple Things Every Day to Become Successful with Marx Acosta-Rubio Found

After losing his first fortune, Marx Acosta-Rubio was sharing a bottle of wine with his wife when he asked her, What did she really want out of life? They talked for hours about what truly mattered to


722: How Do You Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be TODAY?

Who is the woman I have to become to become the woman I want to be? And how do I become that woman TODAY?This is a question I am reflecting on today, my 47th birthday. Grateful to be here, and to have


How to Get Started in Podcasting in 2020 (The Right Way!)

Is it too late to start a podcast in 2020? No way! There's never been a better time to create your own podcast. There is still plenty of opportunity to make a podcast and grow an audience. Tune in to


1478: Prioritising Your Capacity Alongside Your Strategy with Lisa Fabrega

Lisa Fabrega is a personal transformation advisor who supports ambitious women as they strive to create a deep and lasting influence on the world. For more than ten years, she has helped entrepreneurs


Why You Don’t Need A Rich Uncle To Succeed In Business and Five Keys To Make Money As An Au

Michael Michalowicz is an American author and entrepreneur, and you may recognize him from the reality television program Bailout.’ By the time Michael was 35, he had built two multi-million dollar bu


#1894 How to build a platform tangentially to cryptocurrency

Joining me is a founder I might have scared off because of my suspicion of Dan Novaes is the founder of Current, an award-based streaming ecosystem. I'm going to keep an open mind. I w


1477: Growing Your Brand Without Wasting Time and Money with Alex Sanfilippo Founder and Co

Alex Sanfilippo is the host of the top 20 podcast, Creating a Brand, and the founder of the Creating a Brand Community, an online for entrepreneurs. Alex is passionat


721: How Partake Foods CEO Denise Woodard Raised $1 Million For Her Dream To Create Healthy

When Denise Woodard’s one-year-old daughter, Vivienne, had a bad allergic reaction to a snack in their family living room, the scary incident changed their family’s life. Just months later, Denise ent


Jeff Spahn Leadership as Collaboration: Simultaneity on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #50

Jeff Spahn Leadership as Collaboration: Simultaneity on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #5008In this episode, creative and forward thinking leader Jeff Spahn takes us through a new form of leadershi


How I Bought My Company for $2 and Generated Over 8 Figures in Revenue

Around 10 years ago, Eric took over a failing agency after buying it for $2. A year past, the agency was down to one employee and the business was continuing to fail. Fast forward to today, that same


The Jeff Bezos Day One’ Defense Strategy (Part 2), With Roland Frasier

If you want to protect your business with the vitality of a Day One’ mentality, Roland unpacksJeff Bezos’s approach and tactics in this two-part series. Make sure you listen to episode 131first. Befor


MBS214 - Scarred: But Not For Life with Kim Mccusker

Kim Mccusker is author of the best selling book: Scarred but not for life which recounts the story of her being brutally dragged 780 metres beneath a taxi, a young woman's inspiring story of surviva


How Supermetrics Transformed From a One Man Show into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Mikael Thuneberg, CEO of Supermetrics, the number one reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social, and web analytics. Tune in to hear about the rapid grow


#1893 Case Study: Software built for Instagram (that brings in recurring revenue)

I was speaking at a conference about 2 years ago when I met a woman who was telling me about this software she built. She told me it was Instagram Management software that allows her customers to edit


1475: The Many Hats of a Business Owner with Katherine Elizabeth Founder and Owner of Kathe

Katherine Elizabeth learnt her craft working alongside well-known milliner Catherine Delaney, in costume. It wasn’t long before she was also working with the renowned hat-maker to the


1474: Helping Your Organization And Employees Successfully Navigate Change with Tammy Lynn

Tammy Lynn Guns has corporate industry experience in auditing, business valuations, business development and healthcare operations. Tammy has served on two Board of Directors and has two award winning


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