MBS225 - Avoiding Burnout & Harnessing Stress with Kathy Mann

In this episode, Matt chats to burnout expert Kathy Mann. Kathy wrote her first book about her experience of burnout (Avoiding Burnout: The Seven Principles of Self Preservation). She shares the lesso


#1911 Why did Hunt Club do well in March 2020?

When I see that some businesses are doing well despite the difficult times it gives me hope for my business. I asked on Twitter to find out what companies continued to grow in the month of March and i


1514: Why You Should Not be Everything to Everyone with Waldon Fenster Founder and Owner of

Waldon Fenster is the creator of over 50 startups. Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working with corporations & startups to launch or turn around companies. Skilled in Sales, Entrepreneu


1513: Slowing down to be a Success and Avoiding the Hurry to be a Failure with Victor Green

Victor Green was born in London, England, and from a very young age, he always wanted to know how business worked and how to do everything himself. He was able to assess things quickly and knew what n


Creating The Optimal Brain and Mindset For The Next 90 Days, With John Assaraf

Roland has been doing a series of live zoom calls on his Facebook page this past week. We shared his strategy for surviving in business over the next season in the last episode, so be sure to listen b


#1910 Would you take your product off store shelves to sell direct to consumer?

There's a lot of talk about direct to consumer businesses, but as I walk through Target and other stores, I see what used to be direct to consumer products on the shelves. Like Harry's, for example. T


1512: Finding Your Passion Because Passion Creates Action and Action Creates Results with S

Stephanie Scheller has worked with more than 2500 companies, is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, a two-time best-selling author and founded Grow Disrupt for one purpose: to create busines


What’s The Difference Between High Income Job vs. High-Income Skill?

Growing up, most of us are taught the best way to achieve success is by going to school, getting good grades, and land a good high-income job. But is that the only way to achieve success? In this epis


Isis Jade Escape from Sex Slavery to Empowering Millionaires Globally on The Erica Glessing

Isis Jade Escape from Sex Slavery to Empowering Millionaires Globally on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #5014Isis Jade shares deep secrets of being drugged into sex slavery that nearly killed her.


What To Do To Survive And Thrive The Next 90 Days, With Roland Frasier

Why this is NOT the time to panic… Business is still OPEN. Ever curious what it’s like to be a part of the War Room Mastermind? Here's a look behind the curtain during our recent strategy call. Roland


MBS224 - Thinking Outside The Shoe with Jessica Cox

We are incredibly honored and privileged to have Jessica Cox on this episode of the Matt Brown Show. Jessica holds the Guinness World Record for being the only licensed pilot to fly using her feet. Sh


LU 348: How Christina Stembel Bootstrapped An Online Flower Business to $32M Revenue

Today we have Christina Stembel, the founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers, joining us. After years of trying to raise capital, Christina realized that the only way she could retain the integrity of her


#1909 How to recover from bad advice from an investor

Joining me is an entrepreneur from Turkey. He raised money in Turkey, but his investor said, You've got to just go And so he shifted his business model and went b2b. But it didn'


1510: Finding and Owning Your Voice with Sahar Paz Founder and Owner of Own Your Voice Stra

*(please note, the company name is many who read my bio are inclined to say which is incorrect. I sincerely appreciate if you would take a moment to practice simply


Go on the OFFENSE! - Inspiration for Business Owners

During this health crisis, it is not the time to contract or retreat. Take advantage of this economic contraction and dominate your market! WATCH VIDEO: JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP HE


Business Is NOT About MORE SALES – The One Mistake All Entrepreneurs Make

Most aspiring and existing entrepreneurs think the fastest way to scale their business and generate more profits is to hire a ton of salespeople to make more sales. In this episode, Dan Lok reveals th


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